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43 Best Vampire Books For Adults & Teens

Welcome the ultimate guide to the best vampire books and vampire book series for adults and YA readers from around the world. You will find here some of the best romantic vampire books, dark vampire book series, new vampire books, and some of the best gothic vampire novels.

Some of these books are filled with tales inspired by folklore and myths. Some of these steamy and bloody books are mainly for adults since they get more than a bit scary and touch serious and in cases triggering subjects. Which is great for those who are looking for deeper and thought-provoking reads.

However, you’ll also find here thrilling vampire graphic novels, mangas, adventurous fantasy vampire books, and fun novels with vampires for teenagers and adults that’ll make you laugh out loud throughout many books.

Get lost in the bloody but entertaining world of eerie vampire novels from all over the world by popular and diverse writers who often embraced not only their imagination but the stories of their own cultures about vampires which made each and every novel even more unique.

These must-read vampire books are perfect for those who are looking for lesser-known vampire books and classic vampire novels just as well as for those who want to read YA vampire books like Twilight that’s filled with romance.

No matter what genre you like to read you’ll find here a new vampire book you won’t be able to put down.

In case you’re looking for more magical fantasy books you should check out our book guides and book lists or visit our online book nook where you’ll find the best less-known novels, must-read classics, and new book releases from around the world you want to put on your TBR.

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​Best Vampire Novels & Book Series About Vampires You’ll Love Reading Deep Into The Night

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43| The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix | Published: 7 April 2020 | Southern Fiction Thriller Vampire Novel

The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix Published 7 April 2020 Southern Fiction Thriller Vampire Novel
This spooky vampire novel became an instant favorite and many book club’s go-to vampire book. Why? Because The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires truly has it all.

It has mystery, vampires, and a kick-ass literary group filled with ladies who are not afraid of anything. Not even the supernatural.

We follow Patricia a Charleston mom who enjoys reading mystery novels with her friends. However, when a new neighbor arrives who likes to keep things to himself the speculations begin.

Things turn dark when children start missing and the book club realizes after some investigation that they’re the only ones capable of stopping the monster responsible for these terrible crimes.

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires is a must-read thriller vampire book for adults who enjoy mysteries and novels set in charming US towns.

42| Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer | Published: 4 August 2020 | YA Romance Vampire Book

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer published 4 August 2020 YA Romance Vampire Book (Small)
Without a doubt, Midnight Sun is 2020’s most anticipated romance vampire novel. Stephenie Meyer sure let us wait for a few years. But, it’s finally here. The whole world was taken by Edward and Bella’s love story and it quickly became the world of vampire fiction’s most known love story.

In Midnight Sun we meet all the beloved characters, get the same atmosphere readers fell in love with but we also get to meet a couple of new and exciting characters.

This book gives a bit better world-building than the Twilight series but it comes with just as much brooding and romance. If you loved Twilight you will love Midnight Sun.

Midnight Sun is 2020’s most popular YA romance vampire book where we can finally see inside Edward’s head.

41| Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite Book by Natalie C. Parker, Zoraida Córdova & More | Published: 22 September 2020 | YA Vampire Anthology

Vampires Never Get Old Tales with Fresh Bite Book by Natalie C. Parker, Zoraida Córdova More Published 22 September 2020 YA Vampire Anthology (Small)
Are you into short stories? Then Vampires Never Get Old is a must-read vampire book for you.

It has just the right amount of fun and spooky and the stories are written by talented writers. You’ll find inside this book short stories by Zoraida Córdova, Natalie C. Parker, Samira Ahmed, Dhonielle Clayton, Tessa Gratton, Heidi Heilig, Julie Murphy, Mark Oshiro, Rebecca Roanhorse, Laura Ruby, Victoria Schwab, and Kayla Whaley.

However, it doesn’t matter if you know these writers or not. You’ll find here stories about modern vampires, and steamy romance vampire stories, just as well as spooky tales with the most powerful creatures of fiction.

Vampires Never Get Old is a super fun and spooky vampire short story collection from some of the most talented writers in fiction.

40| Wicked Deal (Shadow Guild: The Rebel #2) by Linsey Hall | Published: 19 May 2020 | Paranormal Vampire Book Series

Wicked Deal (Shadow Guild The Rebel 2) by Linsey Hall Published 19 May 2020 Paranormal Vampire Book Series
If you’ve been looking for a new vampire book with magic, steamy romance, and mysteries you should pick up Wicked Deal.

You don’t really have to read the first book before you get started with this one. However, you’ll want to right after you finished this one.

Wicked Deal will transport you to a secret part of London called Guild city. This is where readers meet Carrow a misfit in the human world and even in the magical world. Why? Because she has too much magic and if that wasn’t enough she doesn’t exactly know how to use it.

Devil her super sexy vampire soul mate agrees to help and train her if she works for him. This way hopefully escaping the wrath of the Council of Guilds who control Guild city.

The Wicked Deal is a fun new paranormal book series with vampires, magic, mysteries, and romance set in London.

39| A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (Blood and Ash #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout | Published: September 2020 | YA Paranormal Romance vampire Book Series

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout Published September 2020 YA Paranormal Romance vampire Book Series
One of 2020’s must-read is certainly A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire. This new fantasy book is already stolen many hearts and if you love complex fantasy stories with fascinating characters yours will soon join the list.

While it’s a young adult book series it’s a fun read for adults too. Let this magical novel take you to Atalanta where you can join Poppy in her unforgettable adventures.

The second book picks up where the first one left off and it’s not a must to read the first one but it is highly recommended.

We’ll follow Poppy and Casteel as they both try to fight for a better future while also have to protect their own hearts from harm.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire is an exciting YA Fantasy Book with vampires, gods, and an unforgettable romance.

38| Spells for the Dead (Soulwood #5) by Faith Hunter | Published: 28 July 2020 | Paranormal Vampire Romance Book Series

best vampire books for adults
Set in the same world as Faith Hunter’s USA best selling Jane Yellowrock series, we got to meet Nell Ingram, who finds her true calling when meeting Jane.

Zealous fans can finally rest, or get even more excited, because the fifth book of the Soulwood series is due to be out at the end of July 2020. Nell just started working as PsyLED agent to solve paranormal crimes.

When she is called to an assignment in Tennessee, terrifying sights welcome Nell and her team. They quickly have to realize dark forces are at work and they have to find out, who would cast such cruel death magic.

Readers who love magical worlds and various fantastic have just found the best addition to their 2020 reading bucket list.

Spells for the Dead by Faith Hunter is going to be the darkest of all new vampire book series published in 2020 with great twists, vampires, and all kinds of magical creatures.

37| Archangel’s Sun (Guild Hunter #13) by Nalini Singh | Expected on: 24 November 2020 | Urban Fantasy Vampire Book Series

Archangel's Sun by Nalini Singh - vampire books for adults and Ya book lovers
We have already written about Fiji born Nalini Singh to praise her Guild Hunter series. If you enjoy well crafted urban fantasy books with an angelic twist, then you have to jump into the series.

Good news, once you get hooked, there are quite a lot of books to fulfill your desires, it may be the 13th book, but Singh had written additional books in between, so a good few weeks are ahead of you.

In this installment, Titus the archangel of Africa is trying to wipe all evil out from the continent to save the world. His epic struggles are impressive, but luckily he is not alone in the fight. He has the Hummingbird on his side fighting devilish vampires.

Archangel’s Sun by Nalini Singh is yet another superb addition to the great paranormal vampire book series ‘The Guild Hunter’. It is full of action and the world-building is just as great as we got used to by Singh, making it one of the best vampire books in 2020.

36| Dawn Caravan (Elemental Legacy #4) by Elizabeth Hunter | Published 16 June 2020 | Paranormal Romance vampire Book Series

Dawn Caravan (Elemental Legacy 4) by Elizabeth Hunter - best vampire books for adults
Best selling author Elizabeth Hunter’s Elemental Legacy series finally got its fourth chapter (overall 8th book).

After a productive 2019 (Hunter published three books in the series), finally, get another one of these great vampire novels. The much anticipated paranormal fantasy continues to follow Ben Vecchio and his old companion Tenzin as they cross paths once again.

This time they are heading to Romania, where a mysterious assignment awaits.

As much as Ben would love to leave it all behind and start a new life, this job just cannot be passed on, he has to solve Radu’s mystery.

The new addition to the series will not disappoint fans, and if you are new to the Elemental Legacy, then you are lucky because you get read eight superb vampire books for adults.

Dawn Caravan by Elizabeth Hunter is unquestionably among the best romance vampire books published in 2020 that takes to you some uncharted territories in Romania.

35| Hellsing, Vol. 01 (Hellsing #1) by Kohta Hirano |  1998 | Horror Vampire Manga

Imagine the tough life of the English Queen’s secret service and the things they have to endure. Now multiply it by a hundred and you are almost there. Hellsing is the Knight Order which really does the job when it comes to protecting the queen and family.

In a world, where vampires and other bloodthirsty creatures threaten the life of the English monarchy’s head, a group of well trained, experienced Protestant Knights with a strong stomach are in higher need than ever.

Meet Alucard, who is never afraid of a little bloodshed; when the time comes he will most certainly blast some skulls. As the name implies (Dracula backward), he is Count Dracula, but not all bad. He is in service of Integra Hellsing, the famous vampire hunter’s granddaughter.

There are some comedic murder scenes and probably if you hear the words Nazi and Vampire together, you get skeptical quickly.

Well, if you are not planning to take this Manga series bloody seriously, then it will be a mind-blowing experience.

You will get some serious bloodshed with some humor and of course plenty of dark visuals. If you are done with the Manga, feel free to check out the anime, we have included this in one in our best dark anime characters & shows list.

The Hellsing horror vampire manga novels will definitely take some weight off after a long day at work or school taking you to a blood-dripping journey in London.

34| Necroscope (Necroscope #1) by Brian Lumley | 1986 | Vampire Novel Series

Great news vampire and horror lovers! Brian Lumley was inspired enough to write all together 18 books, most of them are about the intrepid hero Harry Keogh.

He is able to speak to the dead and in this book, he is up against the most feared necromancer of all times, Thibor Ferenczy, a strong vampire locked up in between life and death in the mountains of Romania.

Thibor uses a human as a tool, Boris Dragosani a soviet super-spy, who is open to all darkness and evil making him the best pupil and servant Ferenczy could wish for.

Boris, however, has another motivation for becoming strong and powerful; he wants to rule the world and hold everyone in his hand.

Necroscope is an epic horror book series about vampires that is definitely one to pick up and read to the end. If you are looking for a well-crafted fantasy world with outstanding characters and background stories, Brian Lumley’s works are certainly great picks.

33| Carpe Jugulum (Discworld #23) by Terry Pratchett | 1998 | Young Adult Fantasy Book Series with vampires

Terry Pratchett was an oddly delightful author, who probably has a book on every topic one might be able to think of. Fortunately, he was very productive, which means whenever you need some cheering up, there is a perfect book for the occasion by him.

The Discworld series is connected, but it is not the end of the world if you pick this one up without reading the others before. Of course, your loss, but Carpe Jugulum will be a piece to remember anyway. It is great for adults but could recommend it as a teenage vampire book too.

If you are familiar with the Witches’ sub-series, then some of the characters will ring a bell and bring a smile to your face straight away.

We are in the Kingdom of Lancre and in order to strengthen their diplomatic connections with the Magpyrs, Uberwald’s undead, King Verence invites them over for a feast and a couple of days.

Things don’t go as planned, the Vampyrs are feeling just great in Lancre and don’t intend to leave soon.

The kingdom is in need of heroes, and as we should have known, Pratchett’s heroes are no ordinary ones. A shaky priest and a coven of witty, odd witches are here to serve and protect.

Carpe Jugulum is unquestionably one of the most hilarious vampire books with superb characters, each with their eccentricity that never disappoints.

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32| Triad Blood (Triad Blood #1) by Nathan Burgoine, 2016

If you are looking for a truly new perspective to a fantasy world that seems to have been turned in and out enough times, then Nathan Burgoine’s Triad Blood series with vampires will definitely make you feel alive again.

The law of three is the oldest one, no one has broken before. Three vampires make a coterie, 3 wizards are a coven and 3 demons gather in a pack.

Our new favorite heroes did not give in to the traditions and found a quite unlikely group. Meet Luc, a wise vampire, Anders, the fighter demon and Curtis, the compassionate wizard.

Their friendship is stronger than anything, sort of forging into a romantic relationship. They can always rely on one another, with different personalities, that does often create some awkward and funny moments.

They have to fight the powerful vampire, Renard, who wants to bring death upon them.

It is not a typical series of romantic vampire books, however, the three men’s relationship is one of the best bromance stories you’ll read. Reading through you are going to explore a love that cannot be compared to others.

Triad Blood is a light humorous story with fantastic world-building that should soon put these lesser-known books among the most popular vampire book series.

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31| Vampire Knight, Vol. 1 (Vampire Knight #1) by Matsuri Hino, 2005

The Vampire Knight series is another eye-catching manga with a bad-ass girl as the lead. Our heroine, Yuki Cross was adopted by Cross academy’s headmaster after she was saved from a vampire attack.

She has no recollection of her life before the attack and now she is one of the guardians of the mysterious boarding school.

The school is open all day as there are students attending the Day Class and there are some going to the Night Class.

With Zero Kiryu, her task is to protect the school’s big secret; many of the Night Class students are Vampires.

Vampire Knight Memories is a beautiful and thrilling vampire manga with a little romance, secrets, and just enough vampire action to feed your cravings.

30| Wayward, Vol. 1: String Theory (Wayward #1) by Jim Zub, 2014

After Buffy, the Vampire Slayer many of us have been helplessly hoping for a kick-ass teenage girl to come and save the world. Well, you cannot label Rori Lane as Buffy, the two are not much alike, still, it is great to have our asses saved by another awesome teenager.

Rori is a half Irish half Japanese girl, whose father sends her to live with her mother in Tokyo. Things couldn’t be more difficult, Rori is already depressed with a self-harm behavior disorder.

Finding her feet in this new city isn’t a piece of cake. Her life takes a turn when she realizes her special powers and that Tokyo is full of supernatural surprises.

She makes new friends, who are by far not the ordinary kids you would first think of. There is Ayene, the catgirl formed by Japanese stray cats’ spirits, Nikaido Kazuaki, a homeless boy, who absorbs and transforms emotions into either a destructive force or a calming wave and tech boy Segawa Touru who can control machines with his mind. Quite a team.

There is a little humor release to make this ride even more enjoyable. Wayward Vol 1: String Theory is becoming one of the best teenage vampire graphic novels to read.

29| Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon | 2002 | Paranormal Vampire Romance Book Series

Kyrian of Thrace is one of the good guys living in the shadows, chasing creatures that hunt humans in the dead of night.

He is a loner, living the life of an outcast despite being so many people’s savior, hero.

His lifestyle and distrust don’t allow him to engage in any sort of relationship, but this day he is shaking the core of existence. He wakes up handcuffed to an accountant. The worst he could think of.

Life may gain a new meaning for him and there is a chance he is willing to take a risk to see whether he can trust someone once again.

But there is more to Amanda Devereaux, Kyrian’s newfound passion; a vampire with unimaginable strength is after her.

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Night Pleasures is an entertaining and engaging urban fantasy novel that is definitely among the best vampire romance books.

28| Mexico, 1850 (Vampire Plagues #3) by Ben Jeapes, & Sebastian Rook | 2005 | Fantasy Vampire Books

The Vampire Plagues historical fantasy series will take you on armchair travels you only dream to finally be part of.

The first book is set in London, the second is in Paris and the last book of the trilogy leads us to Mexico in 1850.

An ancient vampire god with extraordinary powers awakens in the Mayan jungles and after rummaging through Europe, its way leads to Mexico, where the last piece of an amulet is found.

If Camazotz with his vampire band hunts down the last piece and assemble the amulet, he will gain powers of otherworldly measures and becomes unstoppable.

Our heroes Jack, Ben, and Emily are on the way to cross Camazotz’s path and stop him from becoming an even more powerful creature.

But unfortunately fighting him is not going to be an easy task… Will they be able to defeat an ancient vampire of such powers?

Mexico, 1850 is certainly one of the best fun YA fantasy book series about vampires that’s perfect for adults and younger readers as well.

27| Blood Ninja (Blood Ninja #1) by Nick Lake | 2009 |  Vampire Book Series

In a quiet village lives Taro, a fisherman’s son. His life is pretty simple, nothing too much to worry about apart from the weather. And it looks like dark clouds are gathering on his sky.

His little, still pond is stirred up badly when his father is killed in front of him and a mysterious ninja takes him away to save his life.

Taro has taken a life-threatening hit, which demands a difficult choice; is he going to die or become a vampire?

On their journey toward safety with the ninja called Shusaku and his best friend, Hiro, they are facing incredible dangers in the wars of power-thirsty lords in Imperial Japan.

Taro even begins training to be a ninja, which is by not of his liking.

This is a book full of excitements, twists and beautiful moments on the road throughout the majestic lands of Japan.

Nick Lake could also take up a vocation as a Japanese history professor as he seems to have done quite a research of the era.

Blood Ninja is surely among the best vampire books for adults and Japanese history enthusiasts.

26| A Living Nightmare (Cirque du Freak #1) by Darren Shan | 2000 | Young Adult Vampire Book Series

Darren Shan’s name became known quickly at the turn of the millennium by his adventurous and not at all reserved hero of the Cirque du Freak series named after him.

As the name suggests, Cirque du Freak is a circus of freaky creatures. Driven by curiosity, Darren and his friends manage to get two tickets for one night at the mysterious attraction.

The four friends leave it to luck to decide which two of them get to use those tickets. Darren and Steve end up entering and the adventures begin.

This dark and unexpected place rapidly changes the lives of the two boys. All the freaks Darren would have never imagined existed most likely will stay with him until the end.

Our hero cannot resist taking the trained spider with him, who happens to belong to a terrible vampire.

The bone-chilling adventures start and it is just the beginning.

There are quite a lot of grim scenes with no sparing of details, which makes one think of it is really for children. There are many topics it deals with, death for example, which is useful for youth development, however, there are things parents would prefer to avoid introducing to their little ones at a young age (under the age of 13).

A Living Nightmare is certainly one of the best and most popular YA vampire books and Cirque du Freak is a spooky vampire book series for young adults and adults alike.

25| Vampire Stories from the American South (American Vampire) by Lawrence Schimel, 1997

Get ready to be spooked out of your cozy reading corner. Lawrence Schimel invites us to the vampire ruled Southern USA.

What really makes this collection of gruesome vampire stories terrifying, is the way Schimel put these fictional creatures into well known historic events with public figures we all loved.

You will read an alternative to the King, Elvis Presley’s death and life, he may still be among us, who knows.

Not leaving out any of the southern states, wherever you go, there are supernatural bloodsucking creatures lurking in the darkness.

The American Vampire is a lesser-known vampire book series, which would definitely deserve more recognition.

24| Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1) by J.R. Ward, 2005 | Urban Vampire Romance Books

J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series was already included in our best romantic fantasy books list because we think it is a great read for romance and fantasy addicts, who like to spice things up with a handsome, powerful vampire.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is led by the only purebred vampire on the planet. The name Wrath is known to all who are familiar with the underworld.

Fighting bravely for the future of the brotherhood, one day Wrath’s most trusted fighter is killed and his half-breed daughter, Beth is in need of his protection.

He takes the beautiful woman away to a much safer environment and the two begin experiencing an irresistible attraction towards each other. Despite Beth knowing about the dangers of being involved with the only purebred, she just cannot say no to her body.

Dark Lover is one of the hottest and most captivating romantic vampire books for adults.

23| Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris, 2001 | Young Adult Vampire Book series

Dead Until Dark is a must-read if you are a helpless romantic who is a sucker for stories of unlikely couples.

The first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series inspired the hit vampire series True Blood. The average looking blonde girl, who works as a waitress in a diner has some surprises for you. She has telepathic abilities.

We are in a fictional small town in Louisiana in a world, where thanks to an invention, vampires and humans are not separated, one doesn’t hunt the other anymore.

It is Tru Blood, a blood replacement that vampires can consume, therefore hunting is redundant from now on. The two species can mingle freely, and one really handsome specimen walks into Sookie’s diner, changing her life forever.

Charlaine Harris’ vampire novels take romance in the fantasy world to the next level. We are convinced, Dead Until Dark is one of the best YA vampire romance books that going to steal your heart too after a few pages.

22| A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1) by Deborah Harkness, 2011 | Contemporary Vampire Romance Books

If you are starving for magic, Deborah Harkness has the medicine for you. The All Souls Trilogy is a series full of action and magical creatures.

Young scholar Diana Bishop is doing her research in the miraculous Bodleian Library in Oxford.

She comes across a mysterious manuscript, that seems to be of some kind of magic. Diana is not interested in magic, leaving the alchemical document in the stack of books.

She doesn’t know however, that only by finding it, she has already restarted an ancient process that brings all sorts of supernatural creatures over to our world.

Soon Diana has to come to the realization; she is the only one who can send those dark and terrible creatures to the otherworld because she is the descendant of a powerful witch family.

With the help of vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont, she begins the fight for humanity’s survival.

A Discovery of Witches and the whole ‘The All Souls Trilogy’ is a very exciting vampire book series about vampires with romance that fulfills all needs.

21| Twilight (The Twilight Saga #1) by Stephenie Meyer, 2005 | YA Vampire Romance book Series

Stephanie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga is one of the most popular vampire series that made many people hope for a knightly vampire to show up in the neighborhood.

Well, it isn’t very likely, unfortunately, leaving only the series and the movies to dream.

Bella is an average girl, who is a bit of a loner, with a good sense of humor and often spending her free time with reading. One day, a very handsome boy shows up, whom she cannot resist but be drawn to him.

He is polite, kind and protective.

As they get to know each other, it turns out Edward is actually a vampire. The best kind of vampire; he doesn’t drink blood.

Not long after getting to know each other, they fall deeply in love. Their love has some obstacles they are willing to overcome for eternal love.

Twilight is an entertaining YA vampire romance book series that’s a perfect read when you’re in need of a little romance boost.

20| Straight Outta Fangton (Straight Outta Fangton #1) by C.T. Phipps, 2017 | Urban Fantasy Vampire Books

After bloody battles and excruciating hunts, steamy and innocent vampire romance it is time to cheer up a little. The Straight Outta Fangton series are here to lighten the mood in the dark and merciless world of vampires.

This lesser-known urban fantasy vampire book series with dark humor is just what you need on a gloomy day to make things much more enjoyable.

Peter Stone is a vampire in New Detroit and since vampires are openly living among humans, his life hasn’t changed for the better. He is working a minimum wage job at a gas station despite the high hopes of being a member of the undead elite.

His life just doesn’t get easier when a freshly-transformed vampire lays on the restroom floor. It is a hilarious vampire series with lots of action, twists and plenty to giggle about.

The Straight Outta Fangton series is a truly humorous must-read fantasy vampire book series with a bit of a twist.

19| Bloodsucking Fiends (A Love Story #1) by Christopher Moore, 1995 | Urban Fantasy vampire Books

Once your mood is set for a good laughter, do not stop reading just yet. Here is another superb series of vampires, romance and endless fun.

Most people are familiar with the amazing works of Christopher Moore and the A Love Story trilogy will not make loving him more difficult.

It was time to find a vampire comedy written by Moore and you are not going to regret spending time with these vampire books.

Attractive red-haired Jody is living the usual, nine-to-five kind of life and she is absolutely satisfied with all that surrounds her. There is, however, a little bit of a pickle. After waking up in a dark alley, she feels something has changed. She was turned to be a vampire.

In the shifting process from her working life to a night hunter, Tommy, a 19-year old aspiring writer, who works at a grocery store becomes her human helper.

Blood Sucking Friends: A Love Story is one of the most fun and popular comedy vampire book series.

18| Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Omnibus, Vol. 1 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus #1) by Christopher Golden, 2007 | Vampire Graphic Novels

Buffy the Vampire Slayer still enjoys popularity prompting creative minds to come up with ways we can get more of this kick-ass girl and her friends. After the show was canceled in 2003, the admirers of the fearless girl have all been devastated.

Thanks to Christopher Golden, there are another few pieces of the story to carry on for a short while.

The first volume is vastly built on Josh Whedon’s hit TV show. It is the beginning of the newly chosen slayer’s journey that takes her to the seemingly quiet town of Sunnydale.

Most of the characters are introduced and we are shown around the world of vampires and dark creatures. Get to know the British librarian once again and get lost in the world of this remarkable urban fantasy graphic novel.

It is a great way to relive the best moments of the show, which probably you have already re-watched a hundred times.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Omnibus series is an outstanding vampire graphic novel series that also have stunning art.


17| Covenant with the Vampire (The Diaries of the Family Dracul #1) by Jeanne Kalogridis, 1994 | Fantasy Vampire Book

Jeanne Kalogridis is definitely going to be on the vampire scene for a while as she seems to have a great vision of this dark world.

Her first book, the Covenant with the Vampire is a very interesting take on Bram Stoker’s classic vampire novel, Dracula. It is the prequel of the outstanding story, and it is certainly a piece you will not be able to put down that easily.

You are going to read the diary of Count Dracula’s great-nephew, Arkady, who has been tasked with looking after his great-uncle.

At first, it seems to be an honorable responsibility, however, over time it turns out to be a rather terrifying chore. Arkady’s duties include finding unsuspecting prey for his great-uncle to feed on.

Not wanting to be an accessory to such evil acts, he has to find a way out, but his loved ones are at risk.

You are going to genuinely feel for the protagonist, while sitting on the edge of your seat, not knowing what’s going to happen next.

Covenant with The Vampire is certainly a great read, even if you are not a huge fan of the over hundred-year-old classic horror novel, Dracula, that inspired this vampire book series for adults.

16| The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries #1) by L.J. Smith, 1991 | YA Romance Vampire Books

The Vampire Diaries series were so popular, a hit TV show brought the outstanding lines of the books to screen.

J. J. Smith wrote a series that probably hit everyone because even if you cannot relate to the man’s character perfectly, there are parts for everyone to see themselves in.

High school girl Elena has a fairly easy life. She doesn’t know the word no, everything she wants is hers. If she decides to go out with a boy at school, that takes just a snap of the finger and he is at her disposal. Apart from one curious boy, Stefan. For Elena’s biggest surprise he doesn’t show any interest in her.

The reason will shock the core of her existence; Stefan is a vampire. Things just get even more complicated when his brother, a real bad boy Damon appears in town. Damon is the source of some menacing troubles, that seem to just get worse with Elena’s involvement.

This is a must-read captivating YA romance vampire book series for adults and teens who enjoy stories full of secrets, troubles, and a love triangle. If you’re looking for vampire books like Twilight you should check it out.

15| Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1) by Jeaniene Frost, 2007 | Urban Romance Vampire Book Series

Halfway to the Grave is a romantic vampire book that was also on our best romantic fantasy books list since this book is going to make you want to keep searching for the one.

Catherine Crawfield is a half-vampire with a burning grudge against her father whom she never knew. The hatred comes from being such a terrible person to her mother, whose life is now in ruins.

Not knowing fear, she is not hesitating about going down in the dark underworld to slay some of those sickening creatures hoping to find her father to finally take her revenge.

As she wanders through the frightening corners of the vampire infested world, she is captured by a vampire bounty hunter called Bones.

After a little bit of a haggle, they agree to help each other out. Bones will help with finding Cat’s father and she is going to train with him.

Our heroine’s opinion is soon about to change about vampires as she begins to feel irresistible lust towards Bones, while their adventures take them to unexpectedly dangerous places.

It is among the best vampire romance books because it is not all out erotics and love, but a lot of action and surprises also happens which makes the book really exciting.

Halfway to the Grave is a fun urban fantasy vampire book series for adults with a spicey romance theme and entertaining characters.

14| Captive (Beautiful Monsters #1) by Jex Lane, 2016 | Romane Fantasy Vampire Books

Captive is an enthralling MM romance book (fantasy book with male romance in focus) that takes adult vampire fantasy book lovers to a sometimes agonizing but a truly passionate journey.

It is not a story for YA readers, that is not a question. However, if you love dark erotic stories you probably won’t be able to put down this creatively written vampire novel series.

Meet Matthew Callahan, who has been torn by his desires for human blood and his intentions of not harming anyone. For seven years, he has been living in solitude trying to shut all temptations out of his days.

His days of freedom are limited though. High Lord General Tarrick is eyeing this powerful vampire. He manages to capture Matthew by setting a trap and holds him captive. The High Lord feeds off sexual energy to become more and more powerful.

Matthew is once again in a terrible struggle; he wants to get out of captivity to end the slaughter of his own kind. Despite being a tool against his people, he just cannot escape as he is inexplicably attracted to his captor, his new Master.

If you are a fan of dark MM romance and vampire novel series for adults, then you have just found your new favorite.

The Beautiful Monsters series is still not complete, we are waiting for the 5th book, Blood Prince, to hopefully be available in 2020.

13| Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs, 2006 | Urban Fantasy Vampire Books

The Mercy Thompson series will take you to the adventures of a strong, independent woman, who kicks ass hard.

Patricia Briggs’ works got a spot in our best romantic fantasy books that inspire travels list, but not because it is an all-out romantic story. On the contrary, we actually thought to include a book that has a little, very little romance, but it rather focuses on the fascinating world and life of Mercedes.

She is a Volkswagen mechanic in a world that is full of fantastic creatures. Mercy herself can shift into a coyote, while she has werewolf and vampire neighbors.

She is no longer part of her pack because of forbidden love, therefore she has to be strong and creative on her own to survive.

Life forces Mercy to look for her once family to help a freshly changed werewolf boy, who asks for support in a completely new life.

Moon Called is a really exciting read with lots of details of this world that make it outstandingly realistic. It is one of the most enjoyable fantasy vampire book series with diverse characters that are full of action and it never gets too dark.

12| Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1) by Richelle Mead, 2007 | YA Vampire Book Series

Good news future fans of the Vampire Academy series; there are ten books of the series, with two additional books of stories you do not want to miss.

Richelle Mead brings a world to us where there are mortal and immortal vampires.

Lissa Dragomir is the precious princess of the Moroi vampires, who is under constant protection as her life is threatened by the bloodthirsty immortals, the Strigoi.

Craving freedom, Lissa roams free with her best friend, a dhampir, half human half vampire protecting the princess, for two years. Only until they are caught and taken back to St. Vladimir’s Academy, the school of royals.

Her family and servants think she is the safest in the academy, but the enemy is everywhere. Lissa’s life is at risk, can they overcome all the obstacles to survive?

Vampire Academy is a light read and a great teenage vampire book series for YA readers.

11| A Hidden Fire (Elemental Mysteries #1) by Elizabeth Hunter, 2011 | Romance Vampire Book Series

Elizabeth Hunter’s urban fantasy investigative vampire novel is a great read for those in need of a good old slow burn romance book.

Dr. Giovanni Vecchio receives a call about his old research he has abandoned long ago. His freshly hired young librarian seems to have discovered something remarkable and world-shakingly dangerous.

Beatrice de Novo and Dr. Vecchio are on the search of centuries-old secrets that take them back renaissance Florence and things become seriously life-threatening.

The two heroes’ attraction towards the other grows stronger until they are unable to hold back.

It is a fantastic book of historical secrets, attraction, vampires and supernatural beings.

If you enjoy mysteries and detective fiction with vampires and romance, you won’t be disappointed in ‘A Hidden Fire’.

10| Minion (Vampire Huntress, #1) by L.A. Banks, 2003 | Urban Vampire Book Series

Minion has a pretty cool story and a main character that Buffy fans will especially love.

The story follows a Vampire Huntress named All Damali Richards’ struggles as she stands between humanity and the monsters of the night. In this gripping world a Vampire Huntress is born every thousand years and this time it was Damali’s fate to lead the Warriors of Light in the fight against the Dark Realms.

Damali’s passion was music, she wanted nothing more than to create songs that people can enjoy and love. And while she can do this as a day job she became one of the top artists of the Warriors of Light Records she still has to fight and hunt vampires, demons, and all kinds of monsters during the night.

Along with her team, she does her best to keep our world in order. She has to up her game when her fellow artists are being slaughtered at Warriors of Light Records and at the rival studio, Blood music.

While she is a confidant and great fighter she has to face new sinister challenges as strange attacks erupt around town. The chase begins and Damali has to show what kind of heroine is she.

Minion is a kick-ass paranormal horror fantasy vampire book series about an awesome Vampire Huntress.

9| The Interceptor (Interceptor #1-5) by Donny Cates, 2019 | Vampire Graphic Novel Series

Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett created a visually stunning comic about vampires, androids, and space travel.

The story mainly takes place on earth where vampires have taken over the control and an android-like woman is sent to the rescue from humanity’s new homeworld.

On earth, she meets a small but kind of always angry companion and together they get into dangerous but also fun adventures.

This lesser-known vampire comics by the cray creator surely deserves a lot more attention. It is a mini-series with only five volumes, so, unfortunately, the mind-blowing fun ends quite quickly.

There are awesome characters with bad-temper, unstoppable drive, and hilarious lines.

The story is pretty crazy, with so many unlikely turns and developments.

The Interceptor has a fresh angle, fun characters, and beautiful artwork which make it one of the best vampire comic books to read.

8| Night Watch (Watch #1) by Sergei Lukyanenko, 1998 | Horror Vampire Book Series

Russian Sci-fi and fantasy author Sergei Lukyanenko is appreciated world-widely as his works all have a unique voice and special setting.

Set in current Moscow, where all sorts of extraordinary beings such as vampires, sorcerers, and shapeshifters menace humanity. An ancient order of humans called the Other keeps the balance.

The guardians are of two groups; the Night Watch looking out for people at night and the Light, keeping things in order during the day.

Their agents have lived in peace for a thousand years, but a prophecy destines this balance to fall. This prediction is about to become reality when one of the Night Watch agents finds a powerful Other girl baring terrible curses.

She doesn’t belong to any of the groups, starting a terrible war between Night and Light potentially bringing decay to the whole world.

The Night Watch series is astoundingly engaging and full of little pieces that make this book memorable for life.

It is not necessarily a book series about vampires, however, there are enough of those fanged creatures to consider this an urban fantasy book worthy of this list.

Night Watch is an eerie horror vampire book about power, freedom, and the responsibility that comes with it.

7| The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1) by Julie Kagawa, 2012 | Vampire Horror Books

The Immortal rules follows the story of the young orphan girl Allie who struggles to stay alive in a dystopian world that’s ruled by vampires.

Life is about being cautious and finding enough food to survive for Allison Sekemoto and her crew. Their lives are hanging on a thread with every day being another quest to survive. On the edge of the city, they try to gather enough food and useful items during the day to try to survive the dreadful night.

Most days the only thing that keeps Allie going is her hatred towards vampires who only keep humans for their blood.

However, everything changes on the day when Allie dies and becomes a vampire herself.

She flees the city while trying to pass as a human and joins a group of pilgrims who are seeking a legend that promises a cure for the terrible disease that killed off most of civilization and created the rabids. Rabids are terrible and strong enough monsters to be able to easily kill off humans and vampires as well.

Allie has to embrace her darkness and decide who’s and what’s worth fighting for.

The Immortal Rules is one of the darkest and scariest vampire horror books you’ll read.

6| My Soul to Keep (African Immortals #1) by Tananarive Due, 1997 | Sci-fi Horror Vampire Novel

Everything feels great; Jessica is living in a happy marriage with David and their daughter is healthy. Despite all the good things, somehow, she cannot express how something is not right.

After a series of violent deaths of people close to Jessica, David opens up about his past. The truth about Jessica’s husband is shocking. He was born in Ethiopia over 400 years ago. He is immortal but not because of a biological change.

As part of a brotherhood, or sect, they traded their souls in exchange for immortality. Most of the members do not mix with mortals, they prefer to keep away from emotions and attachments.

Now, his brotherhood orders him to abandon everything that is dear to him and return Ethiopia.

Torn in the dilemma, he is trying to find a way to remain close to his wife and daughter and avoid getting killed for disobeying the orders of the sect.

This is a tormenting story full of surprises, action and mortifying scenes. While reading these books you are not going to be able to step out on the street alone.

Many compare this book with Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire.

My Soul to keep is a thrilling horror vampire novel that has a unique story and an unforgettable climax.

5| Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter, #1) by Nalini Singh, 2009 | Paranormal Romance Vampire Book Series

Angel’s Blood is a stunning story of beauty and bloodlust and will surely make your heart pound stronger if you love your romance story with vampires and angels.

We get to know the hardcore vampire hunter Elena Deveraux, who doesn’t even try false modesty. She knows she is the best. She has a name in the industry and for a good reason.

The story follows Elena who is hired by one of the most beautiful Archangel’s, Raphael, the most dangerous and lethal of all angels.

Elena has no choice but to take the job and failure is not an option even though she’s afraid that this task exceeds even her capabilities.

Elena embarks on her journey to track something much more dangerous than a wayward vamp. She has to get a powerful archangel this time who has gone bad.

She not only has to stop a killing spree that’s never been seen before but also has to stop herself and stand against Raphael’s seductive touch.

Angel’s Blood is a paranormal romance fantasy vampire book series with angels where angels hold sway over vampires… and humans.

4| Vampire Hunter D (Vampire Hunter D #1) by Hideyuki Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Amano (Illustrator), 1983 | Horror Vampire Manga

It is time to take a peak into the far future; as far as year 12090. Things are not looking as bright we might hope. One of the most respected and beloved Japanese horror writer Hideyuki Kikuchi and acclaimed artist, who also worked on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Yoshitaka Amano have created something intoxicatingly special.

As mentioned, we are in the far future and things aren’t the most desirable. Amid the 300-year oppression of humanity, they are finally about to overcome the vampire dominance. The civilization we can imagine to be at that time is in ruins, there are no cities or towns, mostly just small villages.

Each of them hopes for a vampire hunter to protect them and clear the area from the remaining of the Nobility- how the vampires call themselves.

Vampire Hunter D is one of the best, whose sword and laser gun had slain hundred if not thousands of those creatures.

D stands for dhampir, meaning he is a half vampire-half human.

This vampire manga series will definitely leave you speechless and want to read more about this dark yet fascinating dystopian world.

Vampire Hunter D is a horror fantasy vampire light novel for adults that can be a great and enjoyable read for those too who usually don’t read manga or graphic novels.

3| Storm Front (The Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher, 2000 | Mystery Vampire Book Series

Storm Front is the first book of The Dresden Files series and it tells the story of a powerful professional wizard and kind of an occult private investigator, Harry Dresden.

He’s a pretty arrogant guy but no one can blame him; he’s the best at what he does, more so, he is the only one who can actually do it.

Harry’s world is filled with strange and magical things that don’t usually play well with humans. That’s when they call Harry to solve the problems and catch the evil who caused the problems but it doesn’t really pay so well.

However, when the police want his consulting services on a gruesome double murder committed with black magic he finally sees a bigger paycheck in his future.

His new adventures start after he agrees to work together with the Chicago P.D. to solve the new gritty case that’s unsolvable by mortals.

Unfortunately, there is a powerful mage behind the murders who now knows Harry’s name which makes everything much more difficult for Harry but also a lot more entertaining for us readers.

We have also included this book in our best fantasy audiobooks list, as it is one amazing ride even if you just listen to the story.

Storm Front is a dark sci-fi horror vampire book series for adults with a brooding wizard.

2| Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #1) by Laurell K. Hamilton, 1993 | Urban Romance Vampire Book Series

Guilty Pleasures follows Anita Blake who is a small, funny and dangerous Vampire Hunter who gets into new troubles in the first book of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series.

She works in the city of St. Louis and her job is to re-animate the dead and kill the undead who causes trouble.

Everything goes smoothly until one day the city’s most powerful and sexy vampire is asking for her help.

Anita not only has to solve the case of the vicious slayings but also has to confront her undeniable attraction to master vampire Jean-Claude, one of the monsters she is sworn to kill.

The story flows really well and the romance is not overwhelming so it’s a fun quick read for those too who usually don’t enjoy romance or erotic novels but want to read a story with a strong and interesting female main character and vampires.

However, if you’re in it for the romance and erotica you’ll have to wait for many books until the two finally get together (wink, wink) but it certainly worth the wait.

Guilty Pleasures is a horror and mystery vampire book series for adults with a kick-ass vampire hunter and a blood boiling hot vampire.

1| Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles #1) by Anne Rice, 1976 | Gothic Vampire Novels

Interview with the vampire is the first book of the world-famous The Vampire Chronicles series and probably the most popular one as well.

The book’s main character is Louis, who during an interview tells about his journey through mortal and immortal life to a lucky writer.

Louis tells the story of how he became unwillingly a vampire by the charming but sinister Lestat, his discovery of Claudia, and their journey through centuries and continents.

As opposed to Lestat, Louis is not willing to kill humans and tries to refrain from drinking the blood of a human. After four years of constant hunger, Louis finds the dying, about 5 years old little girl, Claudia next to her dead mother’s body. After some unfortunate events, Claudia is also turned by Lestat.

The three lead a comfortable life in New Orleans but not without troubles and constant loneliness. One day their ever-growing hatred towards Lestat forces them to try and kill him and then flee to Europe.

While Louis and Claudia are desperately trying to find a new home where they can belong they finally stumble upon an odd theatre group in Paris. They meet Theatre des Vampires – A Theatre of Vampires and Armand a vampire who introduces them into a whole society of vampires.

However, finding creatures similar to them just cause more dangers and pain than life on their own.

Interview with the Vampire is a must-read gothic vampire book series for adults about loss, sexuality, power, and the torments of eternal life.

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