18 Best Dark Anime Characters & Shows That Are Brilliantly Terrifying

These best dark anime characters will prove that it’s fairly easy to get nightmares even because of creepy animated characters. We collected some of the best villains of anime history from the most popular shows to some of the lesser-known but quality shows.

You will find here anime characters who were once good but turned to the dark side and many who were just born plain crazy and evil. One thing is for sure, these characters are truly amusing. And even though they’re dark they can also be charming and witty who more often than not have a fairly good reason for going dark.

Who knows? You may end up rooting for them.

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Best Dark Anime Characters

18 Mei Misaki – Another

Misaki is one of the scariest dark anime girl characters and Another is undoubtedly one of the darkest and most terrifying animes ever.

This dark anime is filled with secrets, mysteries, and of course lots of blood and death. Another is one of the best a dark and gritty animes you can also watch on Netflix.


17 Yuno Gasai – Future Diary

Yuno Gasai is one of the best dark anime characters and one of the best Yandere Girls in anime ever.

While her cute pink hair probably misleads you she is nothing but a crazy psychopath you don’t want to mess with.

Future Diary is a dark anime that has an interesting story. Its main character is Yukiteru who is just another school student until a day when he is forced into a type of Battle Royale 11 others who are each the holders of powerful future diaries.

Yuno will be your favorite dark anime girl characters with cute pink hair. It’s a weirdly perfect match in this surprisingly dark anime.

16 Rena – Higurashi When They Cry

Rena may seem like an innocent schoolgirl but don’t be fooled because she is one of the most twisted and dark anime characters you’ll ever have the pleasure meeting on screen.

When they cry is a terrifying anime show that has a great plot, some truly creepy anime characters, and a chilling tone.

The story is about Keiichi who moves to a quiet small town that seems like a sweet little place at first glance. However, Keiichi soon discovers the town’s dark curse and that’s when everything takes a horrifying turn.

15 Lelouch – Code Geass

Despite the fact that Lelouch has the physical strength of an everyday teenage boy he’s able to control anyone with the mythical power of Geass. The Power of the King or Geass was given to him by C.C.

He is arrogant, self-centered and cares only about only himself and direct family members. However, as the show moves forward and becomes more complex so does his character. Lelouch is pushed to the point of insanity and even kills one of his closest family members.

While he does many good things especially during the beginning of the series at the end he becomes the greatest evil on earth.

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14 Shiro – Deadman Wonderland

Shiro’s character is one that you can’t help but sympathize with, no matter what terrible things she does. Because of various experiments been done on her, she became the first ‘Deadman’. Her body would often deteriorate causing both her arms and legs to fall off and needs to be sewn back together with her body. 

Because of these excruciatingly painful nanomachine experiments, she developed a second personality called the ‘Wretched Egg’ or ‘Red Man’ to help her cope with the mental and physical pain. While Wretched Egg protects Shiro, she is also the cause of thousands of deaths including a natural disaster.

Even though it’s easy to sympathize with Shiro/Wretched Egg she’s still an unpredictable and highly dangerous dark anime character.

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13 Seishin – Shiki

Seishin is another character but one whose village I would really prefer not to live in … or near. While he’s forced in a life he hates and his family’s death was traumatic for him he still makes some pretty dark decisions.

He’s a perfect example of how we can rationalize even the darkest of things until the point when they become the norm.

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12 Inga – Un-Go

Inga is probably one of the most interesting anime characters on this list. Inga starts out in the series as a young boy (around 14 years old). However, as the seasons passed she became one of the most amazing female anime villains ever.

Inga can transform into his adult female form so he can more easily find out about the truth. The adult Inga is manipulative, sadistic, and doesn’t shie away from violence to find out the truth. Talk about animated femme fatale.

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11 Alucard – Hellsing Ultimate

Even though Alucard is capable of human emotions he’s still one of the most sadistic and cruelest (often to an extreme length) vampire who likes to humiliate his opponents.

While he often fights for good he does it so in such a gore way that definitely deserves to be on this list. Alucard is many anime watchers favorite and certainly one of the top dark anime characters everyone should know about.

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10 Madara Uchiha – Naruto ShippĹ«den

Madara is another perfect antagonist who clashes perfectly with the hero. While his goal is good – he wants to achieve peace – his methods are evil, cruel and he wants to force people into peace by taking away free will and basic human rights.

Naruto also has one of the best dark anime OST ever and is an entertaining dark action anime that will get you hooked on the show in no time. If you want to check out other amazing anime music then here is a link .

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9 SĹŤsuke Aizen – Bleach

One of the darkest but most beautiful villains. I mean, just look at the photo above. He is also one of the smartest and calmest villains on the list.

He killed countless people during his experiments and he stops at nothing to achieve his goals. Sosuke is also mad arrogant just like a supervillain should be. He is cutthroat who wants to change society’s faults but like all villains chooses to do so in a very wrong way.

8  Gaku Yashiro – Erased

Gaku is a tulry dark anime guy and one of the most insane anime characters on the list. I think it makes him one of the creepiest too since he is a type of character who can be found too easily in our world as well.

What’re his bad deeds? Gaku is not only a teacher turned politician but also a serial killer who mainly aims children.  I don’t think we need more explanation.

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7 shogo makishima – psycho – pass

Shogo has no patience towards humanity. He considers humans worthless and replaceable. He hates that his society is dependant on the Sibyl System. So, he chooses to force people into “thinking right”.

While he believes in something that is considered good – he wants to alert people to start living their lives based on their own will – he goes to pretty dark extents with this idea.

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6  ragyo kiryuin – Kill la Kill

Ragyo is one of my favorite female anime villains. She enjoys dominating others, she has a strong lust for power and enjoys cruelty. She’s also fairly sexually adventurous and doesn’t shy back even from sexually assaulting others.

Ragyo turned evil when she discovered the life fibers and from that point, she stops at nothing to achieve her goals. She turns into a maniac who brutalizes and manipulates whoever she pleases. She’s most certainly one of the most interesting and dark anime characters out there.

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5 Griffith — Berserk

Griffith is one of the most gorgeous good anime characters who turned evil. He is narcissistic who believes he’s worth more than the people around him and he treats them accordingly; disposable.

To achieve his goal of becoming a god/demon like figure he ends up not only sacrificing his comrades but his last shred of humanity in himself as well.

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4 Frieza – Dragon Ball Z 

He is probably one of the most famous scary anime characters of them all. Dragon Ball took the world by storm and became the favorites for many, even for those who normally don’t watch anime.

While Frieza has an eloquent nature who has a pretty impressive dark humor and likes to taunt his opponents before killing them. He’s not only ready to kill anyone who stands in his way but clearly enjoys to do so. Frieza is definitely the most entertaining, fun but cruel anime villains ever who will make watching Dragon Ball even more exciting.

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3 Hisoka Hunter x Hunter

Hisoka is the single most fun villain in anime history. He is self-absorbent who cares about nothing but himself, while in the meantime, he likes to find equally strong opponents who can challenge him. However, he’s fairly sadistic too, who gravely enjoys causing great pain and humiliate everyone before killing them.

Hisoka is a manipulative murderous sociopath who will make you get hooked on Hunter X Hunter which is easily one of the darkest anime series.

Hunter X Hunter is one of the best dark animes on Netflix that will make you want to leave the lights on.

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2 Shou Tucker – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Creepy, insane, dark… the list is pretty much endless. While Shou has only a short appearance in the FullMetal series it’s probably one of the most memorable and vile ones on the show.

He’s a soft-spoken alchemist whose obsession pushes to extreme lengths and eventually, he commits one of the most disturbing and immoral acts in the series against his own little girl.

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1 Light Yagami/First Kira – Death Note

Death Note is the best psychological and dark anime show you can start watching even if you’re new to anime. This show is one of the most famous and beloved anime you can find. However, that’s not why Light Yagami is on the first spot on this list.

While Light Yagami starts out as a good character he quickly becomes a madman with a god complex because of the new power Death Note gives him. He tries so hard to shape a world to his own liking and ideals, that he gets completely lost and turns dark for good.

He’s a perfect villain because it’s scarily easy not only to understand his reasoning but even to agree with him at most parts. Light serves as a mirror to humanity’s darker nature and reminds us of how easy it is to erase the line between good and evil.

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