10 Best Shows About Witches on Netflix in 2019

Check out some of the best shows about witches on Netflix to bring some well-deserved magic into your life. You’ll find on this list some new shows about witches, classics, and the, of course, the best binge-worthy series with witches, warlocks, and all the enchantment you desire.

Lucky for the lovers of witchery Netflix always has some spellbinding shows for us to stream. No matter what age you’re or if you prefer dark and broody shows, comedies, animated series or family witch shows you’ll find a magical show on Netflix that will fly you to another world without the help of a magical broom.

Best shows about witches on Netflix

10| The Worst Witch

Let’s start with a sweet, goofy, and fun family show about witches. While the show aims younger audiences it’s a perfect fit for those young at heart. The series is based on the books ‘Worst Witch’ by Jill Murphy and is also a reboot. The original ‘The Worst Witch‘ ran from 1998 til 2001.

This new charming reboot is just as magical if not even more. The story follows young Mildred Hubble who lives a rather ordinary life until one day Maud Spellbody crashes her broomstick into their balcony. Maud and Mildred quickly became friends and Maud introduces Mildred Cackle’s Academy – a school for young witches where she gets to enroll and begin her training.

However, no matter how hard Mildred tries something always goes wrong with her spells causing chaos and of course fun adventures.

You will meet delightful and spirited characters and empowering messages. The Worst Witch is for sure a perfect witchy entertainment for the whole family.

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9| Supernatural

Supernatural probably needs no introduction but in case you’re not already watching this show then you’re in luck because you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Supernatural is one of the longest-running shows and while the Winchester brother’s story will come to an end next year (2020) we can still enjoy their often witchy stories on Netflix from the start.

While Supernatural is not a witch story at heart it no doubt has some main witchy storylines and witch characters throughout its 14 seasons. Its most important and well-known witch character is Rowena the centuries-old witch and mother of Crowly the king of Hell.

Supernatural even keeps its facts and myths true to reality and gives its viewers a nice history about witches throughout the centuries. However, there will be also plenty of new otherworldy stories and spells you keep you entertained.

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8| Good Witch

Another delightful family witch show for those who love their drama with a pinch of magic.

The show is based on the ‘Good Witch’ movies and the main character Cassie is played by the same actress Catherine Bell.

While Good Witch is mostly a comedy-drama it has some sweet fantasy elements that make this show about this mom and daughter due and their lives in a small town.

It’s not going to be the most spooky or magical show you’ll ever watch but it’s perfect for those nights when you crave a sweet show with a little bit of magic on top.

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7| American Horror Story – The Coven

if you’re into dark magic and hoodoo this then American Horror Story: Coven will be one of your favorite shows about witches on Netflix for sure.

Coven quickly became a fan favorite and was praised as the best season of the show.

It has an amazingly dark, weird and versatile female cast and it tackles issues like slavery and sex while also keeping it simply a horror story about witches and dark magic at its core.

It’s for mature audiences and even then it’s good to know that it’s quite gruesome and eerie and because of its subjects often very sensitive it can cause more than a sleepless night.

The amazing cast includes Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, and Kathy Bates but the rest of the cast were all fantastic in portraying their characters. The story takes place in New Orleans and revolves around six witches living together in a ‘Coven’. 

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6| Always a Witch | Siempre Bruja

If you like witches and shows like Jane The Virgin then Always a Witch will be something you want to check out.

It’s a time-traveling telenovela about a witch from the 17th century who escapes death seconds before she’s burned alive on a stake and finds herself in modern-day Cartagena.

While the show has its faults it’s also a charming story about love and magic. Probably the writers and producers will listen to fans and fix the clunky storyline and make their lead the powerful witch she can be.

5| Little Witch Academia

This charming animated show about witches revolves around Akko a young, ordinary girl who joins the magical Luna Nova Academy, the renowned witch academy for witch girls. From then we follow Akko as she embarks on a journey to become a ‘cool witch’ like her role model Shiny Chariot.

It’s a fun and easy witchy show full of quirky characters and stories about friendship and finding one’s self.

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4| Superstition

Superstition centers around the Hastings family, owners of the only funeral home in the mysterious town of La Rochelle, Georgia. The family also the handlers of the city’s supernatural demons and other otherworldly beings.

It’s a darker often violent show but it’s none the less field with magical stories and beings. While the unusual visual style of the show was unwelcomed by many viewers it also built up a small core audience.

3| Merlin

Merlin is a retelling of Arthurian legend that centers on Merlin, a young wizard who is new to Camelot, a kingdom which is ruled by a tyrant who’s banned the use of magic. Merlin becomes the servant to young Prince Arthur and soon become his best friend and turns Arthur into not only a great king but a legend.

It’s a bewitching and witty fantasy show about witches, wizards, and magic. With every season Merlin becomes more assertive as he embarks on amazing adventures.

While the show starts out as a family series it becomes pretty dark and grim in as seasons go by. An honest warning here; Once you finish the first season you’ll be pretty hooked and probably skip work just to binge-watch the rest of the seasons.

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2| The Witcher

The Witcher is one of the newest shows about witches and fans are expecting it to become a big deal. It’s based on the fantasy book series ‘The Witcher’ by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski which also inspired the hit video game: The Witcher.

It’s a fantasy drama show and the trailer looks great and they even got Superman AKA Henry Cavill to play the lead part. The costumes and set design are gorgeous and the story will loosely follow the ones in the books and short stories.

The Witcher is about Geralt of Rivia, a solitary mutated monster hunter who has supernatural powers and struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts. He lives in a world where humans live together with various supernatural and fantasy creatures including dwarves, gnomes, elves, and of course witches. For years they lived together in peace but times have changed and the assassin known as The Witcher returns who has the power to change the world – for good, or for evil.

1| Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you’re new to this witchy show it’s good to know that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is based on the Archie comics and not the 90’s Sabrina The Teenage witch. While you can meet the characters, Sabrina, the two anties, Harvy, and even Salem they will be completely different characters from the original show you knew.

And while we’re huge fans of the original series this difference shouldn’t hold you back because the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will take you on an unexpected dark and magical ride.

The show is about Sabrina who is wrestling to reconcile her dual nature; she is half-witch, half-mortal. While she has to decide between light and dark she also has to stand against the evil forces and Satan himself.

The show never gets too dark or grim and has important messages including women empowerment and the systematic problem we have to face. While the show got more complex in part two it always managed to keep the tone considerably light and always bewitching.

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What witch shows are on Netflix?

It depends on which country you’re in. Currently, in the US you can watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Witcher, Good Witch, Always a Witch, The Worst Witch, American Horror Story: Coven, Supernatural, Little Witch Academia, Superstition, and Merlin.

Is the Good Witch available on Netflix?


Is The Witches of East End on Netflix?

Not anymore but Netflix always brings back shows so, there is hope.

Will there be a season 2 of always a witch on Netflix?

Yes. ‘Always A Witch’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix Yes. It’s scheduled to premiere in 2020.