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Last Updated on June 29, 2021 by Jella Erhard

Best Korean Horror Movies for a spine-tingling movie night

Best Korean Horror Movies from classic 60s thrillers to modern gore and zombie cinema treasures. If you’re a fan of horror & dark movies you probably heard about Korean horror movies. Why? Because they’re doing it pretty well.

The stories, directing, actors and the all-around design of these movies are surprisingly good and darkly entertaining. Hopefully, you will find one or two new jams on this list even if you’re a seasoned Korean horror movie lover. If you’re new to this, don’t worry because we’ve got the some of the most thrilling pieces to get you started with.

You can find plenty of Korean horror movies on Amazon Prime so if you’re a member you can watch most of these movies for free. Just follow the links below each recommendation.

10| Train to Busan (2016) by Sang-ho Yeon

train to busan - best korean horror movies (Small)

Train to Busan is hands down one of the best horror movies on amazon prime. It became an instant zombie film classic at its release in 2016 and for a good reason.

It’s an exciting action thriller that will be engaging for those as well who don’t like zombie movies. A zombie virus breaks out on the train because of a young woman who boards with a bite wound on her leg. Soon, the virus spreads nationwide and our heroes have to find a way to stay alive. It’s an action-filled, dark movie with an emotional ending perfect for those who want some scare but don’t enjoy a little zombie action with dark scenes.

Watch it on Amazon Prime Video

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9| I saw the devil (2010) by Jee-woon Kim

i saw the devil best korean horror movies (Small)

Jee-Woon Kim’s name is the one that you will most certainly see on every single Korean horror movie list at least once.

He is one of my favorite horror directors as well because his movies don’t only have amazing stories but he creates an unforgettable and eerie atmosphere in all of them.

It’s a thrilling story about a secret agent who exacts revenge on a serial killer. Dark, brooding, & perfect.

My other favorite Korean thriller, detective movie is the Memories of a Murder. You can check out our short review with the 9 other best Asian movies everyone should see.

Watch it Amazon Prime Video

8| A tale of two sisters (2003) by Jee-woon Kim

a tale of two sisters - best korean horror movies (Small)

My second favorite Jee-Woon movie. A dark & bloody horror-mystery about a family which is haunted by the violent deaths within the family. It’s a supernatural horror movie and was inspired by an ancient Korean folktale; ‘Jangha and Hongryun’.

It’s a strange story filled with secrets. The cinema photography and acting are also superb and highly enjoyable which helps to create a weirdly beautiful and suffocating atmosphere.

Watch it Amazon Prime Video.

7| The Ring virus (1999) by Dong-bin Kim

the ring virus best korean horror movies

 The Ring Virus is one of the best classic horror movies ever for Halloween. It came out just a year after the famous Japanese Ring movie. It’s another remake of the famous best-seller Ring novels by Kōji Suzuki.

Honestly, my favorite version is still the Japanese but this one also has a unique style and a bit different take on the story. Both the acting and directing are enjoyable which makes this movie a perfect choice for a horror movie night.

Buy the DVD on Amazon.

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6| The Wailing (2016) by Hong-jin Na

the wailing - best korean horror movies (Small)

Do you like mysterious murder stories and ancient myths? Then, The Wailing is for you.

The story plays out in a small village where after a mysterious stranger arrives the locals suddenly start killing each other.

After the investigator gets under the influence of this weird disease as well, he decides to ask for help from a shaman. It’s a highly entertaining Korean horror movie filled with exciting rituals and mythology treats.

Watch it on Amazon Prime Video

5| Whispering Corridors (1998) by Ki-hyeong Park

whispering corridors best korean horror movies

This high school horror classic is the one that’s on every Asian horror movie top 10 movie lists. This movie is beloved and spread like a wildfire in Korea and around Asia. Teenagers were so obsessed with this movie for years eventually made the movie turn into a series.

It’s not going to be the scariest movie you’ll ever watch but it’s a fine ghost story. I think it’s a perfect 90s horror movie for a rainy night. No big scares but moody and dark moments.

Watch it on Amazon Prime Video

4| The Housemaid (1960) by Ki-young Kim

the housemaid 1960 best koeran horror movies (Small)

This guilt-filled classic is a perfect movie if you’re looking for an eerie movie about obsessions and the dark nature of humanity.

The Housemaid is about a housekeeper who wants to take revenge on her new boss because the man was responsible for her best friend’s suicide. If stories like these are triggering for you then you should skip this one.

It’s a suspenseful thriller that discovers Korea’s social anxieties as well.

Watch it online on Amazon Prime Video

3| Hansel and Gretel (2007) by Pil-sung Yim

hansel and gretel best korean horror movies (Small)

It’s one of the weirdest and most beautiful horror movies I’ve seen. It’s far from perfect but it has a unique mood and setting that makes it stand out from any list.

The movie overexplains the secret a tad bit but the production design and acting are just spot on and immensely enjoyable.

It’s not going to cause you sleepless nights but it’s a perfect movie for horror lovers and for those as well who scare easily but enjoy spooky movies.

Watch it on Amazon Prime Video

2| Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013) by Joon-Hwan Jang

hwayi a monster boy best korean horror movies (Small)

It’s a lesser-known action-thriller that would deserve bigger attention.  The story follows a young boy who gets attached to the criminal world.

As he was forced to join a killing spree dark and disturbing things of the past come back to haunt him and his five “fathers”.

It’s a suspenseful movie with great acting and a thrilling storyline.

Watch it on Amazon Prime Video

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1| The Quiet Family (1998) by Jee-woon Kim

the quiet family best koeran horror movies (Small)

A fantastic black comedy thriller and my favorite Jee-Woon Kim movie. It’s one of the most unique and best thriller movies of all time.

The story follows a family who opens a lodge and runs it rather unsuccessfully. Finally, the first guest arrives but he’s found dead the next day. What other choices would the family have than to bury the body in the garden.

The unfortunate events continue when their next guests, a couple commits suicide and they have to bury their bodies as well.

They only start to really worry when they get the news that a road construction will start soon passed beside their lodge.

It’s a movie filled with dark surprises and unexpected giggles and one that gives you a quick look inside the conservative Korean society.

Watch it online on Amazon Prime Video

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