Myths, Legends, Unique Stays & Places to Visit in Florence

Explore our nineteen favorite exciting, unique stays & places to visit in Florence Italy. From museums through restaurants & shops to hotels. Discover Florence's lesser-known side, its myths & legends and go beyond Uffizi & the Duomo to have a truly...

Italy’s Best Gelato Shop Is Hidden In This Charming Town

If you want to find Italy's Best Gelato Shop you should head to the charming town of Borgo San Lorenzo in Mugello, Tuscany where you will find the gelato master Marco Ottaviano and his quaint gelateria. Come, journey with me to Tuscany for some authentic...

Vacation like Robert Langdon at this historic hotel in Florence

  "That's Il Duomo. That's the Palazzo Vecchio, isn't it? What am I doing in Florence?" Asks Robert Langdon at the beginning of the award-winning book and blockbuster movie 'Inferno'. At the elegant and historic Hotel Brunelleschi, you'll be able to peek out your...

This Da Lat Hotel is the Craziest House on Earth

You probably heard about Da Lat because of its beautiful waterfalls but did you know that there is a Da Lat hotel that's also the craziest house on earth? Let me show you why! This beautiful architectural masterpiece is an exploration of surrealism and it's one of the...

Meet Tokaj The Most beautiful Wine Town In Hungary

Hungary is known for the capital, Budapest. I'm sure, barely a few visitors heard of one of Hungarians' most beloved towns, Tokaj. It is famous for the region's special wine, but did you know, how charming and entertaining can this place be for Youngs, adults,...

Country Of Deliciousness – Vietnamese Dishes You Should Try

When we first arrived in Vietnam we were overwhelmed by all the food options the country can offer. It can be hard to find the best Vietnamese dishes if you don't know where to start and it definitely is if you're short on time. We were based in Vietnam and we enjoyed...

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