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Exploring Cebu & Bohol: The Lands Of Fun And Sunshine

You will find many amazing things to do in the Philippines while exploring this beautiful country; Amazing beaches, breathtaking nature, & friendly people are waiting for you.  The Philippines was high on my bucket list so you can imagine how excited I was when we finally arrived in this beautiful country. My expectations were way high so I tried to pull myself back to the ground a little but fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about that for long because Cebu & Bohol prooved to be just as beautiful and fun as I imagined.  We had a couple of...

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Hoi An – The pearl in Vietnam’s heart

Hoi An is a must visit town when traveling in Vietnam. Let Hoi An’s vast cultural heritage and beauty sweep you off your feet. This city is vastly different from other Vietnamese cities. Considering architecture, noise and all around vibe in the city. I already wrote a couple of other articles on Vietnam and about our favorite places and dishes there that we think everyone should visit or try. Vietnam is easily one of my favorite countries and Hoi An is one of my favorite cities. This country with its difficulties offers so much to its visitors that can’t be found...

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10 Beautiful Asian Movies You Should Watch

One of the most entertaining and fun ways to get to know a culture is through cinema. To get you started here are some truly remarkable and beautiful Asian movies that will help you understand more about each of these countries’ culture, its people but also about yourself and the human nature. They’re all perfect pieces of cinema and while some got well known to western viewers as well there are still many perfect ones waiting to be discovered by cinema lovers all over the world. If you like good directing, beautiful cinemaphotography, great acting, captivating, & moving storytelling...

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How To Be An Artist – Interview with Jenny Lawson

“I am a very strange but entertaining woman who will make you feel better about yourself by comparison. I fight with depression and anxiety and a host of other disorders, but my strongest weapon is a dark and baffling sense of humor. And a chainsaw. Just in case zombies turn up.” Jenny Lawson Mental illness and comedy. The two usually don’t walk hand in hand. Well… not in public, anyway. However, Jenny Lawson changed the game forever. Here is (finally… it took me longer to put this together than I anticipated) our interview with Jenny Lawson and a short (I’m...

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How to move to Budapest Hungary

How to move to Budapest Hungary? Our guide will help to make your transition easier and aims to answer all you “before moving” questions. As you may know, – if you read our blog- we’re from Budapest, Hungary.  Our country doesn’t always get the best rep in the media (mainly because many of our politicians) but I’m proud that my country is opening up and that we have more and more tourists, students, and foreigners visiting and moving here every year. Hungary has a difficult past, it was only 26 years ago since the last Soviet soldiers (Hungary was under Soviet...

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