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How To Be An Artist – Interview with Jenny Lawson

“I am a very strange but entertaining woman who will make you feel better about yourself by comparison. I fight with depression and anxiety and a host of other disorders, but my strongest weapon is a dark and baffling sense of humor. And a chainsaw. Just in case zombies turn up.” Jenny Lawson Mental illness and comedy. The two usually don’t walk hand in hand. Well… not in public, anyway. However, Jenny Lawson changed the game forever. Here is (finally… it took me longer to put this together than I anticipated) our interview with Jenny Lawson and a short (I’m...

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How to move to Budapest Hungary

How to move to Budapest Hungary? Our guide will help to make your transition easier and aims to answer all you “before moving” questions. As you may know, – if you read our blog- we’re from Budapest, Hungary.  Our country doesn’t always get the best rep in the media (mainly because many of our politicians) but I’m proud that my country is opening up and that we have more and more tourists, students, and foreigners visiting and moving here every year. Hungary has a difficult past, it was only 26 years ago since the last Soviet soldiers (Hungary was under Soviet...

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Music From Asia – 10 Amazing Asian Musicians You Should Know

It’s hard to know where to start when looking for new artists to listen to. So here is a little help, in a collection of the best music from Asia. There are so many talented and interesting artists in Asia. I wanted to show you a couple of my favorites because one of the questions I get asked a lot if I know any. I know many. I love the music they make here. I always try to find new artists and find something that sounds new and exciting. I guess many of you who already lead a little...

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Best things to do in Vietnam – 18 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Its Unique Beauty

Let me show you what are the best things to do in Vietnam and why you should visit! Vietnam has a lot to offer to its visitors; breathtaking nature, incredible food, and history are awaiting you. Vietnam is one of my favorite countries, this is my third time in this beautiful country and I’m more than sure that there will be a fourth and a fifth and a…. you get it. Before my first visit, I had mixed feelings, I didn’t know what to expect. I read so much good and so many bad things too about this country....

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Hobbiton in Thailand – How To Spend Your Holiday In The Shire

Baan Suan Noi or Hobbiton in Thailand is the most magical Resort in Thailand you never heard about. I have visited Thailand many times before. I even lived here and never heard about this place before. But when I saw the first photos I knew I have to visit this place. 2018 started with crossing this magical place off my bucket list. I was lucky enough to spend 4 dreamy nights here and discover not just the resort but the surrounding areas of Khao Yai. This resort is definitely a geek travel dream come true. At this unique place, you can...

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