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Read the most anticipated new vampire books you won’t be able to put down. Explore the most exciting new vampire book series for adults, steamy new vampire romance novels, and dark ya vampire books for teens.

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Most Anticipated New Vampire Books For Teens & Adults

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Updated on April 06, 2023, by Jella Erhard

Welcome to our list of the most exciting new vampire book releases. We collected some of the most thrilling, dark, and romantic vampire stories for teens and adults. You’ll find here fantasy and fiction vampire novels that will make you think and take you to new and inspired worlds.

You’ll also find here some steamy new vampire romance novels, horror vamp stories, and dark academia books with vampires you won’t be able to put down as well as bloody-good YA vampire book series that will surely get you hooked. If you’ve been looking for the best new fantasy books then you’re at the right place because some of these books will surely make your list.

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You’ll find here everything from slow-burn romances to hilarious stories, eccentric characters, and unique tales inspired by the most beloved immortal creatures of literature. Explore new and exciting worlds as well as new monster books that will introduce you to your favorite stories in a new way and surprise you with fun new twists.

Get ready for some chills, laughs, epic adventures, and many swoon-worthy moments because these beguiling new vampire books have it all.

22| Carmilla: The First Vampire by Amy Chu , Soo Lee (Illustrator), Sal Cipriano (Illustrator) – February 2023

Carmilla The First Vampire Amy Chu - new vampire books

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Before Dracula, before Nosferatu, there was…CARMILLA.

At the height of the Lunar New Year in 1990s New York City, an idealistic social worker turns detective when she discovers young, homeless LGBTQ+ women are being murdered and no one, especially the police, seems to care.

A series of clues points her to Carmilla’s, a mysterious nightclub in the heart of her neighborhood, Chinatown. There she falls for the next likely target, landing her at the center of a real-life horror story—and face-to-face with illusions about herself, her life, and her hidden past.

Inspired by the gothic novel that started the vampire genre and layered with dark Chinese folklore, this queer, feminist murder mystery is a tale of identity, obsession, and fateful family secrets.

Carmilla: The First Vampire is one of the most thrilling and beautiful new vampire comic books for teens and adults who love spooky stories with thought-provoking social elements.

21| Vampires of El Norte by Isabel Canas – August 2023

best new horror books - Vampires of El Norte by Isabel Canas

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Vampires and vaqueros face off on the Texas-Mexico border in this supernatural western from the author of The Hacienda.

As the daughter of a rancher in 1840s Mexico, Nena knows a thing or two about monsters—her home has long been threatened by tensions with Anglo settlers from the north. But something more sinister lurks near the ranch at night, something that drains men of their blood and leaves them for dead.

Something that once attacked Nena nine years ago.

Believing Nena dead, Néstor has been on the run from his grief ever since, moving from ranch to ranch working as a vaquero. But no amount of drink can dispel the night terrors of sharp teeth; no woman can erase his childhood sweetheart from his mind.

When the United States attacks Mexico in 1846, the two are brought abruptly together on the road to war: Nena as a curandera, a healer striving to prove her worth to her father so that he does not marry her off to a stranger, and Néstor as a member of the auxiliary cavalry of ranchers and vaqueros.

But the shock of their reunion—and Nena’s rage at Néstor for seemingly abandoning her long ago—is quickly overshadowed by the appearance of a nightmare made flesh.

And unless Nena and Néstor work through their past and face the future together, neither will survive to see the dawn.

Vampires of El Norte is one of the most exciting new vampire books for readers who love magical realism and historical gothic novels.

20| The Witch and the Vampire by Francesca Flores – March 2023

The Witch and the Vampire by Francesca Flores - new romance retelling books

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Francesca Flores’s The Witch and the Vampire is a queer Rapunzel retelling where a witch and a vampire who trust no one but themselves must journey together through a cursed forest with danger at every turn.

Ava and Kaye used to be best friends. Until one night two years ago, vampires broke through the magical barrier protecting their town, and in the ensuing attack, Kaye’s mother was killed, and Ava was turned into a vampire. Since then, Ava has been trapped in her house.

Her mother Eugenia needs her: Ava still has her witch powers, and Eugenia must take them in order to hide that she’s a vampire as well.

Desperate to escape her confinement and stop her mother’s plans to destroy the town, Ava must break out, flee to the forest, and seek help from the vampires who live there. When there is another attack, she sees her opportunity and escapes.

Kaye, now at the end of her training as a Flame witch, is ready to fulfill her duty of killing any vampires that threaten the town, including Ava. On the night that Ava escapes, Kaye follows her and convinces her to travel together into the forest, while secretly planning to turn her in.

Ava agrees, hoping to rekindle their old friendship, and the romantic feelings she’d started to have for Kaye before that terrible night.

But with monstrous trees that devour humans whole, vampires who attack from above, and Ava’s stepfather tracking her, the woods are full of danger. As they travel deeper into the forest, Kaye questions everything she thought she knew.

The two are each other’s greatest threat—and also their only hope, if they want to make it through the forest unscathed.

The Witch and the Vampire is one of the most beautiful new vampire romance books for teens and adults.

19| Till the Sun Dies by H. M. Darling – February 2023

Till the Sun Dies by H. M. Darling - new vampire books for teens

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dalyn is running – from the altar, from her family, and from a life drowning the last of her soul. She boards a one-way flight to the city of her dreams – Paris, France.

If she can find herself anywhere, it must be there. Determined to start over and desperate for a fresh start, Adalyn takes the hand of a charming stranger and dances into a whole new world.

Holland is made of sunshine. He takes each day as it comes, and finds beauty in everything. He’s the breath of fresh air Adalyn never knew she needed, and it seems too easy to step into the way he makes her feel. But beneath the smiles and spontaneity, Holland has a dark secret – he’s a vampire.

While Adalyn struggles to come up for air, she falls headfirst into a love affair with Holland until there’s only one decision to make – stay in Paris with the charming vampire or return home to the life she ran from.

If she stays, Holland could change the way she thinks about life and love. If she stays, she might find everything she’s looking for. If she stays, she could have a love worth living… and dying… for.

Till The Sun Dies is one of the most atmospheric and thrilling new vampire books set in Paris.

18| In Nightfall by Suzanne Young – March 2023

In Nightfall by Suzanne Young - new vampire books

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In the quaint town of Nightfall, Oregon, it isn’t the dark you should be afraid of—it’s the girls. The Lost Boys meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this propulsive novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Treatment.

Theo and her brother, Marco, threw the biggest party of the year. And got caught. Their punishment? Leave Arizona to spend the summer with their grandmother in the rainy beachside town of Nightfall, Oregon—population 846 souls.

The small town is cute, when it’s not raining, but their grandmother is superstitious and strangely antisocial. Upon their arrival she lays out the one house rule: always be home before dark.

But Theo and Marco are determined to make the most of their summer, and on their first day they meet the enigmatic Minnow and her friends. Beautiful and charismatic, the girls have a magnetic pull that Theo and her brother can’t resist.

But Minnow and her friends are far from what they appear.
And that one rule? Theo quickly realizes she should have listened to her grandmother. Because after dark, something emerges in Nightfall. And it doesn’t plan to let her leave.

In Nightfall is one of the spookiest new vampire books and is a great choice for readers who enjoy classic urban horror stories.

17| Scarlet by Genevieve Cogman – May 2023

scarlet - best historical vampire books

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Revolution is a bloodthirsty business . . . especially when vampires are involved.

It is 1793 and the French Revolution is in full swing. Vampires—usually rich and aristocratic—have slaked the guillotine’s thirst in large numbers.

The mysterious Scarlet Pimpernel, a disguised British noble, and his League are heroically rescuing dozens of aristocrats from execution, both human and vampire. And soon they will have an ace up their Eleanor Dalton.

Eleanor is working as a housemaid on the estate of a vampire Baroness. Her highest aspiration is to one day become a modiste. But when the Baroness hosts a mysterious noble and his wife, they tell Eleanor she is the spitting image of a French aristocrat, and they convince her to journey to France to aid them in a daring scheme.

Soon, Eleanor finds herself in Paris, swept up in magic and intrigue—and chaos—beyond her wildest dreams. But there’s more to fear than ardent Revolutionaries.

For Eleanor stumbles across a centuries-old war between vampires and their fiercest enemy. And they’re out for blood. . . . 

Scarlet is the first book in a wildly engaging new series from Genevieve Cogman, which reinvents the beloved tale of the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Scarlet is one of the most beautiful new historical fantasy vampire books for adults.

16| The Ruined by Renee Ahdieh – December 2023

The Ruined by Renee Ahdieh - new vampire book series

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The stunning conclusion to the instant New York Times bestselling quartet that began with The Beautiful.

The Sylvan Vale and the Sylvan Wyld are at war. Now that the unsteady truce between them has been broken, lines must be drawn. In an effort to protect the weakened Winter Court, Bastien rallies powerful allies and friends in New Orleans to come to their aid.

Meanwhile, under protection alongside her injured mother in the Summer Court, Celine is uncertain of whom to trust.

She cannot get word to Bastien, and does not understand why he has not returned. When she realizes war between the fey courts is imminent, she journeys with Ali in an effort to find the time traveling mirror and change their fate.

But when Celine’s rivals realize Bastien has rallied his allies in the mortal world, they decide to take the fight to him.

The Ruined is one of the most exciting new romance vampire books for those readers who are looking for brilliant vamp book series.

15| Smolder by Laurell K. Hamilton – March 2023

Smolder by Laurell K. Hamilton - new vampire books

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The wedding of the century between vampire hunter Anita Blake and the vampire king of America Jean-Claude is almost here, but an ancient evil arrives in St. Louis and even Jean-Claude’s unmatched power isn’t enough to save them.
Only with the return of a lost love can they hope to combat the monster and save their loved ones and every vampire in the country from being consumed by darkness.

Smolder is one of the steamiest new vampire romance books not just for Anita Blake fans.

14| Filthy Rich Vampires: Three Queens by Geneva Lee – February 2023

Filthy Rich Vampires Three Queens by Geneva Lee - new vampire book series

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All magic will die, and with it, all who carry it. Every last one of us…

Thea and Julian have made their choice, but can they survive the fallout? Experience the decadent, magical world of Three Queens, the third book in the Filthy Rich Vampire series from New York Times bestselling author Geneva Lee.

Returning to the world of the vampire elite as Solstice falls, they must navigate new dangers, treacherous allies, and morally grey friendships. When information leads them to Venice, the couple finds themselves at odds. Following the clue isn’t just dangerous, it could be deadly.

With the fate of her family on the line, Thea rushes to Venice, and Julian follows despite his haunted history with the city.

The past might hold the key to their future, but to find out, Julian must face the monster he was once, and as forgotten magic stirs in Thea’s blood, the search for answers leads to devastating consequences.

With the future of the magical world hanging in the balance, tensions rising in their family, and war looming on the horizon, will their love triumph, or will they pay the ultimate price?

Filthy Rich Vampires is a fun and action-packed new vampire book series for teens and adults.

13| The Scarlet Veil by Shelby Mahurin – September 2023

The Scarlet Veil by Shelby Mahurin - new vampire books

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A dark and thrilling vampire romance set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Serpent & Dove series.

Six months have passed since Célie took her sacred vows and joined the ranks of the Chasseurs as their first huntswoman. With her fiancé, Jean Luc, as captain, she is determined to find her foothold in her new role and help protect Belterra.

But whispers from her past still haunt her, and a new evil is rising—one that Célie herself must vanquish, unless she falls prey to the darkness.

The Scarlet Veil is one of the most atmospheric new vampire books for teens and new adults.

12| City of Gods and Monsters (House of Devils #1) by Kayla Edwards – New Adult Vampire Book, 2022

City of Gods and Monsters by Kayla Edwards - New Adult Vampire Book, 18+, 2022

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City of Gods & Monsters has beautiful and atmospheric world-building, a story that will pull you right in, and it has a slow-burn romance story. However, it’s also intended for those who are over the age of 18 because it’s also often violent, has mature and explicit content, and deals with drug abuse and suicide as well among many other triggering subjects so keep that in mind before you start reading.

The story is set in the dangerous and imaginary city of Angelthene where vampires, werewolves, witches, and other supernatural creatures roam the streets. And its heroine is Loren an ordinary girl who just tries to stay alive in this insane place.

One day Loren and her friend are attacked on the streets and instead of Loren, her friend gets taken. The abductors soon demand ransom and ask for Loren’s life in exchange for her friend’s safe return. Loren has to partner up with Darien the leader of the Seven Devils, the most feared Darkslaying circle in the city.

However, when more and more women start disappearing and then soon turning up dead they realize that there is much more to the story than her failed kidnapping.

If you’re looking for new dark romance books with vampires then don’t miss this thrilling read.

City of Gods and Monsters is a new dark adult vampire book that will surely give you chills.

11| Shadow Kissed by (Marked by Blood #1) Rebecca L. Garcia – New fantasy Vampire book series, 2022

Shadow Kissed by Rebecca L. Garcia - New fantasy Vampire book series, 2022

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If you love slow-burn romance, vampires, and dark fantasy stories then Shadow Kissed is the vamp book you should definitely put on your TBR. It’s also a great choice for those who’re not only into vampires but witches too and are looking for magical new books about witches and other supernatural creatures.

The story follows Olivia a sorceress and her Guild in the mortal kingdom. However, darkness has come to their home too and Olivia’s mom and best friend are taken. Before Olivia could get away she’s captured by a vampire named Sebastian who says he just wants to protect her. But when Olivia is taken to the City of Nightmares – the most dangerous place in the vampire kingdom –  she realizes she is a prisoner.

Olivia has to use all her power and wits to survive and get out of this dangerous place while also finding a way to help her loved ones.

Shadow Kissed is a new dark fantasy vampire book set in a lush and thrilling world and is a great choice for adults and teens as well.

10| Darknesses by Lachelle Seville – LGBTQ+ New Vampire Book for adults, May 2022

Darknesses by Lachelle Seville - LGBTQ+ New Vampire Book for adults, May 2022

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Do you love retellings? Then Darknesses is the new vampire novel you should check out. The story follows Oasis who gets approached by the famous Van Helsing Institute who need her help to finally kill the most dangerous and first vampire who ever lived, Dracula himself.

Well, herself, in this case since in this thrilling modern gothic vampire love story Dracula has a new face and a new name, Laura. While Oasis has her own issues she soon falls in love with Laura. They both mean danger to the other but will not let go easily…

Darknesses is one of the most exciting LGBTQ+ romance vampire books of 2022 and is a perfect choice for those who love the original Dracula story set in the contemporary US.

9| Belle Morte by Bella Higgin – New YA Vampire Book For Teens, April 2022

Belle Morte by Bella Higgin - New YA Vampire Book For Teens, April 2022 (Small)

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If you’re looking for an easy YA vampire romance book then pick up this fun fantasy romance story. The story is about Renie who decides to investigate the infamous celebrity vampire house where humans are paid to be living donors and the place her sister entered but never returned from.

She soon finds out that the Belle Morte has more dark secrets than she suspected and she’s in danger of falling for her mortal enemy, Edmond Dantès, one of the sexiest vampires in the house.

Belle Morte is one of the most fun new YA vampire books for teens who love action-packed fantasy stories with love triangles set in modern age England.

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8| Lover Arisen (Black Dagger Brotherhood #20) by J.R. Ward – New Vampire Romance Book For Adults, April 2022

Lover Arisen (Black Dagger Brotherhood #20) by J.R. Ward - New Vampire Romance Book For Adults, April 2022

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A new steamy and dark addition arrives this year to grow the fantastic Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire book series. If you can’t get enough of vampire romance books for adults then you should pick up this thrilling new vamp romance story.

Lover Arisen promises to be just as intense and surprising as the other Ward books with some big changes that could end the Brotherhood forever. You’ll meet some old and new characters in this story that mainly follows Balthazar and its heroine Erika.

Balthazar is on a search for the Book of Spells because a demon named Devina possessed him. To his biggest surprise, Balthazar falls in love with a human, Erika. However, when the unlikely couple falls for each other they also become the gateway for the rebirth of an old and powerful enemy of the Brothers.

Lover Arisen is one of the most anticipated new vampire books for adults in 2022 that’ll surely make your reading time steamier.

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7| Compelled (Shadow Beast Shifters #5) by Jaymin Eve – New Urban fantasy romance book, March 2022

Compelled (Shadow Beast Shifters #5) by Jaymin Eve - New Urban fantasy romance book, March 2022

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Not a fan of the Shadow Beast Shifters vampire book series yet? Don’t worry because Compelled is a standalone story so you’ll be able to enjoy its twists and turns even if you haven’t read any of the other books.

Readers will get to follow Simone and Lucien’s story. While Simone doesn’t plan on returning to supernatural worlds that exist outside of Earth her plans quickly change when she receives a summon to participate in a selection that will find a new mate for an ancient vampire master she accidentally awakened.

Since the participation is non-negotiable Simone has no other choice but to ask for Lucien’s help. Lucien agrees and enters the selection and their plan is to pretend to fall for each other during the process. But soon pretense becomes all too real.

Compelled is a magical new fantasy vampire book for adults who love steamy romances set in lush and thrilling worlds filled with mysteries and danger.

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6| Woman, Eating by Claire Kohda – New Thriller Vampire Novel For Adults, April 2022

Woman, Eating by Claire Kohda - New Thriller Vampire Novel For Adults, April 2022 (Small)

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If you’ve been looking for a truly unique new vampire novel then Woman Eating is definitely the right choice for you. The story is about Lydia, a 23 years old art graduate who lives alone for the first time in London, England.

Lydia is a mixed-race vampire who wants to find a way to balance her deep-seated desire to live amongst humans with her incessant hunger for their blood. She lives alone in her windowless studio and tries to find a way to develop as a woman and artist while also buying enough fresh pig blood to stay alive.

This funny and meaningful story explores many themes including finding one’s self and dealing with our demons. Lydia also tries to deal with her mixed ethnic heritage, and her difficult relationship with food, while also trying to find a way to happily exist in the world.

If you’ve been looking for new thriller books with unique stories then you should check out Woman Eating.

Woman Eating is a thrilling new fiction vampire novel for adults who love meaningful, funny, and creative stories.

5| This Charming Man (Stranger Times #2) by C.K. McDonnell – New Comedy Vampire Book, February 2022

This Charming Man (Stranger Times #2) by C.K. McDonnell - New Comedy Vampire Book, February 2022 (Small)

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If you’re a Terry Pratchett and vampire fan then this dark and hilarious vampire novel will be your new favorite book to read in 2022. This new adult vampire book has everything a reader wants; mystery, thrills, and lots of laughter-inducing lines.

Stranger Times is a contemporary vampire book series and This Charming Man is the second book of the series. Strange and hilarious things start to happen after more vampires appear on the streets of Manchester and start murdering locals. No one is happy about the new situation and they have to find a solution before things get out of hand.

This Charming Man is one of the funniest new vampire books for adults in 2022 set in Manchester.

4| Dead Collections by Isaac Fellman – LGBTQ+ New Vampire Novel For Adults, February 2022

Dead Collections by Isaac Fellman - LGBTQ+ New Vampire Novel For Adults, February 2022 (Small)

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Dead Collections is a gripping and humorous romance story that explores what it means to be at home in your own body.

The story is about Sol and Elsie who form a fast and strong bond after meeting. However, Sol has a secret, he suffers from an illness called vampirism. He spends most of his time hiding from the sun in his basement office.

As the two characters fall in love, they learn together how to navigate the realities of transphobia and the stigmas of carrying the “vampire disease.” It’s a perfect choice for those who don’t like fantasy and prefer to read fiction since the supernatural elements are so well integrated into the story that you won’t be bothered by them

It’s a story filled with eccentric and fascinating characters, hilarious dialogues, and thought-provoking themes that will make you think and feel all the feels.

Dead Collections is a thought-provoking new vampire novel for adults who love unique stories and beautiful love stories.

3| The All-Nighter (The All-Nighter #1-5) by Chip Zdarsky – New Vampire Graphic Novel, March 2022

The All-Nighter by Chip Zdarsky

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if you’re into graphic novels with beautiful art and unique stories then check out The All-Nighter. This fun vampire story has a new twist on superheroes and the importance of found family.

The story’s main character is Alex who works in The All-Nighter diner, the only place in town that’s open from sunset to sunrise. The diner is run by Alex and his fellow vampires who agreed to blend into human society.

However, Alex gets bored with just flipping burgers, and when he gets inspiration from his favorite superhero movies he decides to use his powers to fight bad guys. He soon realizes that his decision will have big consequences both for himself and for everyone else he wanted to protect.

The All-Nighter is a fun and charming new vampire graphic novel about found family and unlikely superheroes.

2| Crowbones (The Others #8) by Anne Bishop – New Dark Vampire Romance Book, 2022

Crowbones by Anne Bishop - New Dark Vampire Romance Book, 2022

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If you’re into dark fantasy books for adults and YA Readers and love getting lost in thrilling fantasy vampire book series then you should check out The Others vamp series.

Crowbones is set in a world that’s filled with various paranormal beings including shape-shifters and vampires. Our heroine is Vicki who runs a rustic resort called The Jumble. On Trickster Night, Vicki decides to host a party for her friends where humans and the others would mix and party together.

Everything goes just fine until a guest arrives dressed as Crowbones, the Crowgard bogeyman. However, the impostor and a shape-shifting Crow soon get killed, and when the connection between their death becomes clear Vicki and her guests start to fear that the real Crowbones may have come to The Jumble.

Crowbones is one of the most exciting new dark fantasy vampire books of 2022 that’s perfect for teens and adult readers as well.

1| House of Hunger by Alexis Henderson – New Vampire Gothic Horror Novel, September 2022

House of Hunger by Alexis Henderson - New Vampire Gothic Horror Novel, September 2022

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House of Blood promises to be one of the most thrilling new horror books of 2022 filled with dark twists. The story follows Marion Shawn a young girl who’s hopelessly trying to get out of the slums. however, everything changes for on the day when she finds a peculiar listing in the newspaper:

“WANTED – Bloodmaid of exceptional taste. Must have a keen proclivity for life’s finer pleasures. Girls of weak will need not apply.”

Marion applies for the bloodmaid position at the notorious House of Hunger and soon she heads to the far north where wealthy nobles live in luxury and drink the blood of those in their service. She founds herself in the center of a new dark and twisted world where Countess Lisavet leads a hedonistic court. She is both feared and loved and she soon takes a special interest in Marion.

Soon, even more dangerous things start to happen when her fellow bloodmaids begin to go missing in the night., Marion needs to learn the rules of her new home before she ends up dead herself.

House of Hunger is one of the most anticipated new horror vampire books of 2022 for adults who love enthralling gothic novels.

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