📍 Lived in:

England | Hungary | Italy | Scotland |Thailand | Vietnam

🚩 Been to:

30 + countries | 2 continents (Europe, Asia)

🤹  Occupation:

2012 – Writer | Blogger | Online Marketing Consultant
Previously; Hospitality Marketing
& It felt like: 

🤬 Hates:

Monotony, Standing in line, Loud noises,
Touchy-Feely people…
Oh, & being bothered when reading

😍 Fan of:
Writing, Cinema | TV Series, Reading, Travel, Astronomy, Nature, Anime

🧙‍♀️  Favorite superpower:
Molecular and atomic manipulation

😱 Any phobias:
Strangers walking close to me on the street

🧠 Greatest invention of our time:
The Internet

👩 Wants to be when grows up:
Storyteller | Creator 

🔖 Fav Quote:
I have way too many… but there you go:
“Your reality, Sir is lies and balderdash
and I’m delighted to say
that I have no grasp of it whatsoever.” 
Terry Gilliam – Baron Munchausen



📍 Lived in:

England | Hungary | Thailand | Vietnam

🚩 Been to:

30 + countries | 2 continents (Europe, Asia)

🤹 Occupation:

2016 – Blogger | Online Marketing Consultant
Previously; Hospitality Management
& I liked it but I wanted more freedom

🤬 Hates:
When I can’t finish my fav shows’ episode, flip-flops, slow wifi, putting down my phone

😍 Fan of:
Travel, Sports, Nature, Animals,
Especially Cattles

🧙‍♂️ Favorite superpower:

😱  Any phobias:
Germs | Proud hand sanitizer addict

🧠 Greatest invention of our time:
Renewable Energy Sources

👨 Wants to be when grows up:

🔖 Fav Quote:
“Don’t give up on your dreams!
Keep sleeping.”

. . . . . . . . . Our Mission . . . . . . . . .


Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.


Mahatma Gandhi

We’re here to help you make your life & travels more fun & exciting!

We are dedicated to delivering all the geekiest, best, cheapest, and FREE resources from all around the globe, the digital, & the fandom world to help you have more fun & excitement ===> live a life YOU LOVE! 💗

We’re focusing on geek lifestyle, travel, culture, art, food, & all the geek stuff we’re crazy about. Like astronomy, mysteries, archaeology, creepy places, & film locations around the world.

Do you want to know about the best foodie spots around the world, the most amazing star gazing spots, or want to try the weirdest but tastiest butterbeer of your life? Apparently, the weirder the better and not just in people!  

Are you a fan of Cinema, Anime, SyFy, SteamPunk, Tech? Do you love a good book? Do you want to hear about the latest IT but also interested in indie pieces? We too! And we can’t shut up about them! Can you? 🤐

We’re also globetrotters, discoverers, and remote workers. How? We had to learn everything on our own from million different pages online. So, we also cover subjects in remote jobs, working abroad, language learning (even if the language is High Valyrian), online learning (let it be singing, drawing, coding, or social skills… I can’t be the only awkward person around 😳), safety tips, and all the obstacles you will face when visiting or moving to a new country to make your experiences easier & better.


We are passionate about these subjects because they help to live our life to the fullest & most fun.
We want to celebrate the luck of being part of this century
where we can use many cool, free, & easily accessible resources.

We’re also big fans of the continent of Asia and everything about it! Well… almost everything.
Have you ever tried a squat toilet while having massive diarrhea because of the malaria pills you had to take earlier? 💩
Let’s just say it’s not going to be the best moment abroad but you’ll have many others that will make you feel better and even humorous about the bad ones.
We lived in 
Japan for a short time when we started the blog and we wanted this place to be an insane mixture of everything the fandom world, the online world, and the world of travel can offer for a geeky person. Hence our name: Asiana Circus. 💡

Our goal is to provide every bit of info in an entertaining way to build a community where we can all celebrate and enjoy our sometimes weird but always geeky and fun ways.

We work to inspire you opening up to new adventures and all the wonders our beautiful world has to offer!

👣 E X P L O R E


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