Lived in: England | Hungary | Italy | Scotland |Thailand | Vietnam
Been to: 30 + countries | 2 continents (Europe, Asia)
Occupation: 2016 – Blogger | Online Marketing Consultant
Hates: Monotony, Touchy-Feely people, & being bothered when reading

Fan of: Writing, Cinema, Reading, Travel, Astronomy, Nature
Favorite superpower: Molecular and atomic manipulation
Any phobias: Strangers walking close to me on the street
Greatest invention of our time: Internet
Wants to be when grows up:  Storyteller
Favorite Quote:
“Your reality, Sir is lies and balderdash and I’m delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever.”
Terry Gilliam – Baron Munchausen


Lived in: England | Hungary |Thailand | Vietnam
Been to: 30 + countries | 2 continents (Europe, Asia)
Occupation: 2016 – Blogger | Online Marketing Consultant
Hates: When I can’t finish my fav shows’ episode, flip-flops, slow wifi, putting down my phone

Fan of: Travel, Sports, Nature, Animals, Especially Cattles
Favorite superpower: Teleportation
Any phobias: Germs | Proud hand sanitizer addict
Greatest invention of our time: Renewable Energy Sources
Wants to be when grows up:  ?
Favorite Quote: “Don’t give up on your dreams! Keep sleeping.”

Hi there!

I’m Jella the Captain, LadyBoss, & Ringmaster of this tiny, weird place called Asiana Circus. I left Hungary in 2013 and since then I lived in 5 more countries (my favorite was Florence, Italy) and traveled to over 30 countries across Europe and Asia and I can’t wait to conquer my next continent. Because this circus may have begun rolling in Asia but I want to take it all around the world.

I’m considered as a slow traveler by travel blogging standards. But that’s okay. I like to stay at least 2-3 weeks at one place but preferably a month or more so I have time to get to know a place and enjoy the everyday life that locals lead and not just take my photos and travel to the next destination. I like to get to know the locals, finding the lesser known places, getting lost in small alleys, spending nights under the sky,  and sitting around while having a glass of something and just watching how life happens in different countries.  

I became a bookworm early on and then my second love came; cinema completely overtook me. My earliest memories are all connected to fantasy, travel, and adventure stories. And of course biographies about the extraordinary people who inspired many of these stories by making their dreams and fantasies come true. I was always fascinated by adventurers, poets, and other artists who lived for their passions and traveled the world to truly experience life, other cultures, the unknown… and then tell these incredible stories through their art.
I had the yearning to do the same since I can remember. Well, I’m on my way.  

Sometimes I travel alone (solo travel) and sometimes I travel with Ben. We use this place to write about our lifestyle and travel experiences & all the other stuff we find fascinating or feel curious about. We want to inspire all voyeurs to look between the cracks and find the magic in everyday life; let it be on a foreign land, just around the corner or in another universe. We also want to encourage you to open up to new adventures and motivate you to discover and experience other cultures through travel, food, books, movies, & music.  



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