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I guess you want to know what is this about? 

Long Stroy Short;

I’m Jella a book & movie addict slow traveler and I started Asiana Circus to inspire all¬†voyeurs to look¬†between the cracks and find the magic in everyday life; let it be on a foreign land, just around the corner or in another universe. I want to encourage you to open up to new adventures and motivate you to discover and experience other cultures, arts, travel, food, entertainment, and literature in a new light.

I hope to inspire you to travel more, live more, & love more!

Oh… Do you want the longer story? Well, thank you!

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JELLA – CAPTAIN | RingMaster

Lived in: England | Hungary | Italy | Scotland |Thailand | Vietnam
Been to: 30 + countries | 2 continents (Asia, Europe)
Occupation: Blogger |  Content Creator & Marketing Ninja
Hates: Monotony, Touchy-Feely people, & being bothered when reading

Fan of: Writing, Cinema, Reading, Travel, Astronomy, Nature
Favorite superpower: Molecular and atomic manipulation
Any phobias: Strangers walking close to me on the street
Greatest invention of our time: Internet
Wants to be when grows up:  Storyteller
Favorite Quote:¬†“Your reality, Sir is lies and balderdash and I’m delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever.”
Terry Gilliam – Baron Munchausen

Hi there!

I’m Jella the Captain & Ringmaster of this tiny, weird place called Asiana Circus. I’m a creative weirdo from Budapest who left her home country in 2012 to become a professional wanderluster¬†& global citizen. So far so good. Since then I lived in 5 more countries ( UK, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, & Japan. My favorite was Italy), I traveled to over 30 countries across 2 continents (Europe, Asia) and I can’t wait to conquer my next mainland. Because this circus may have¬†begun¬†rolling in Asia but I want to take it all around the world.

I studied Business and Marketing and even psychology at some point but I had all kinds of jobs in all kinds of places. Starting from bartending, and sales to Hospitality Marketing. My creative bug in me wouldn’t let me be and eventually, AsianaCircus.com was born in 2017. Don’t mind the name it seemed like a splendid idea at the time. I still love it (sometimes).

I’m considered a slow traveler by travel blogging standards. I love slow traveling. This way my journeys feel more meaningful and I get to experience the local culture. This way I have time to get to know a place and enjoy the everyday life with the locals. My¬†insatiable curiosity always helps me discover more, to travel more¬†off the beaten track, to¬†get lost in small alleys, to spend more nights under the sky, and to try more of the surprising culinary pleasures of different cultures.

For long I couldn’t really travel much. So, I was feeding my curiosity with things that were¬†more easily¬†accessible and could take me anywhere, anytime; books.¬† I became a bookworm early on and then my second love came; cinema completely overtook me.¬†My earliest memories are all connected to fantasy, travel, and adventure stories. And of course biographies about the extraordinary people who inspired many of these stories by making their dreams and fantasies come true.

I became fascinated by adventurers, poets, and other artists who lived for their passions and traveled the world to truly experience life, other cultures, the unknown… and then tell these incredible stories through their art. I had the yearning to do the same since I can remember. Well, I’m on my way.

Asiana Circus is the place where I share my passion for travel, cultures, literature & all the other stuff I find fascinating or feel curious about. I also want to share my love of nature and my story of becoming an advocate for mental health, equality, and the environment.

I’ve spent nights in caves in the middle of the Taman Negara jungle to learn more about our terrestrial habitats and I try to frequently volunteer for non-profit¬†organizations who work hard to keep our planet, its wildlife, and us humans in it healthy, educated, & happy. I want to inspire and¬†encourage people around the world to support education for all girls¬†and to actively support non-profit organizations. Find what you’re passionate about and start giving back. Little by little you can make a huge impact and a magical change in others life.¬†

I’m committed to the principles of sustainable travel and all around environmental sustainability. And you can do so too! It’s really quite easy. How? I’m happy you asked! Whenever possible, minimize your impact on the environment. A couple of quick steps you can follow;

1. Eat less meat. Definitely forget about beef. Or do even better, and eat no meat at all. I’m still working on becoming a full-time vegan. But I do better & feel better with every month.

2. Recycle. Recycle. Recycle. Let this be your mantra and really commit to it. Every day. Every time.

3. Forget plastic bags and use that cool looking canvas thought bags instead.

4. Cut down on energy and water. You don’t need that water running while washing your teeth, that constant tv noise¬†in the background (that¬†you don’t even really notice anymore) or that lamplight in the empty kitchen.

5. Start buying carbon offset credits when you fly. Basically, when you buy an offset, you fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

6. Be a responsible traveler (sustainable tourism). Take nothing but memories.¬†Be aware of the local conservation or social projects that you could visit on your trip. Be aware of any excursions on your trips that involve wild or captive animals. Two very common examples; Don’t ride that elephant or take photos with caged and drugged tigers. Think local! Hire a local guide, rent from locals, eat at restaurants owned by locals. Respect other people, their culture, and beliefs. Don’t buy products made from endangered species, hard woods or ancient artifacts. Corals belong to the sea. Leave them there.

Phew! This got real pretty fast… but don’t worry Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just start doing and things will fall into place. The bad news is that you have to START DOING.¬† Life can be a tremendous journey of learning about ourselves and about everything that surrounds us and comes into contact with us. It’s the kind of learning process that never completely stops, which is the reason we all love it and yes… sometimes even hate it just a little bit (& a lot).

You will also find stories, photos and videos from my friends, bloggers, travelers and other amazing people from all around the world who want to share their tale, tips and inspire others to live a life they love. If you want to join me and our community please subscribe to our Newsletter or even contribute to the Circus if you have the creative bug in you. 

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