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Asiana Circus wants to inspire all voyagers to look between the cracks and find the magic in everyday life; let it be on foreign land, just around the corner or in another universe. We want to encourage you to open up to new adventures and motivate you to explore cultures through travel, literature, and entertainment. We’re hoping you can experience our world in a new light.

We’re passionate about collecting & creating posts of lesser-known movies, books & comics, anime, and music just as well as showing what’s new and diving into deeper the already known and beloved classics.

We also love to talk about fandom clothing, cosplay, & geeky beauty trends & hacks. Featuring interesting & fun games and gadgets from all over the world.

If you’re into pop culture & enjoy getting nostalgic about the good ol’ days then you’ll find here some soul food for sure. Getting lost in other worlds through art & design is just as fun as getting to know the legends & myths of the wonderfully diverse cultures on our planet. You can do that not just through our posts but also a fine selection of videos and podcasts.

You will find here unique travel destinations, some inspiration for your future unusual holidays, & a nice selection of unique hotels. Everything & anything from the traditional to the weird to help you have a one of a kind experience on your next adventure. We also want to help you travel smarter with our travel resources, travel guides, and sustainable travel tips, and volunteering guides.

Are you a geeky person who loves to work & play behind a laptop AKA a digital nomad, blogger? Or are you planning to move abroad and try the expat life? Our remote working guides and blogging resources & tools will help you achieve your dreams easier and faster.

You can also explore curious, geeky foodie experiences and unique foodie recipes, world cuisine, fun cocktails & drinks.
As well as fun & unique restaurants, cafes & our foodie travel guides to foodie destinations from Asia & Beyond.

We’re happy you found our little circus of curiosities & we hope to inspire you to travel more, live more, & love more!


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