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35 Best Horror Audiobooks From Around The World

Check out the best horror audiobooks for spooky armchair travels for adventurous readers. These horror stories that will take you on thrilling and dark journeys around the world. Discover amazing international writers, lesser-known horror novels and classic horror books.

You’ll find here everything from hair raising and scary tales and top YA fantasy horror audiobooks for teens to romance and LGBTQIAP themed great horror books for adults.

We love dark fantasy books for adults just as much as romance fantasy books or adventure novels, and spooky sci-fi classics that’s why we tried to include all kinds of genres in this spooky book list.

We collected the best horror stories you can also enjoy as an audiobook from around the world. So, this way you can visit all seven continents without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite reading spot.

Because armchair travel is one of the best kinds of travel.

Best Horror Audiobooks for Spooky Armchair Travels

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35| Revenge by Yōko Ogawa (Author), Kaleo Griffith (Narrator), Johanna Parker (Narrator), 1998

If you are planning a real eerie night in by the fireplace, then pick up Yōko Ogawa’s collection of dark tales because Revenge is a perfect match for you.

The eleven connected stories are going to make you think twice about ordinary-looking places, situations, and people. Yōko Ogawa has a great sense of horror and character building. It is perfectly dark and sometimes scary, while you are also always engaged and curious about what the next story may bring.

The main point of these stories is the struggle of carrying our crosses or baggage as others might say. In all the stories, you are going to meet people who just cannot let go and need closure.

Revenge is a very entertaining and teaching book that will leave you with plenty to think about. It is certainly among the best horror audiobooks set in Japan.

34| Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry (Author), Brian Hutchison (Narrator), 2010

We have already mentioned Jonathan Maberry’s work in our Best books about Zombies list. Rot & Ruin is a pretty enjoyable zombie apocalypse book series that shows life after the outbreak in a somewhat stabilized state.

Benny Imura’s time to find his first job at the age of fifteen has come. He doesn’t really know where he wants to go and what he would prefer to do. He surely doesn’t want to work with his brother, Tom as a zombie hunter.

Nothing sounds more boring than slaying zombies alongside the guy with whom he has nothing to talk about.

With no other choice left, Ben has to join Tom and turns out, there is much more to zombie hunting than he thought.

Rot & Ruin series is a great choice for those who enjoy YA horror audiobooks.

33| Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (Author), Anna Massey (Narrator), 1938

Daphne du Maurier may sound familiar to many classic book lovers, as her novels can be found on almost every 20th-century literature lover’s bookshelves.

Rebecca is among the most known thriller-mysteries by du Maurier and it was brought to screen by Alfred Hitchcock as well and It gets a Reboot from Netflix. The new Rebecca is set to premiere in 2020 with Armie Hammer and Lily James as leads.

The book will take you on armchair travels to Monte Carlo, where widower Maxim de Winter meets our protagonist, a 21-year old orphaned lady working for a rather unpleasant woman from the US.

Mr. De Winter proposes to the young girl, who just cannot say no to such an intriguing offer. Then, they return to the wealthy man’s mansion, Manderley, a real-life-inspired house in Cornwall. After all the happy moments, our heroine has to realize, things are not going to be just as easy as she expected.

The late Rebecca de Winter feels to be still around; her belongings are just as they were left by her. Also, Mrs. Danvers, the head housekeeper does not accept the new lady as her mistress. 

This is not a scary kind of horror book, rather a suspenseful thriller, that will leave you with goosebumps for a while. It’s a perfect choice for those who love dark fantasy audiobooks and gothic novels.

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32| The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes (Author), David Nathan (Narrator), 2013 

Lauren Beukes is an acclaimed South African author, who writes comics, scripts and fantastic books.

The Shining Girls is surely a dark, sometimes little too graphic horror book during some of its murder scenes, but it is a great way to demonstrate Beukes’ talents.

What isn’t there to love in this book? Do you like time travel? Check, it all begins, when Harper Curtis finds a key to a house that takes its opener to a different time.

Harper sets out to travel in time in order to get away the Great Depression and hunt down the Shining Girls, who are in possession of incredible capabilities. One gets away and goes after the serial killer.

We then follow Kirby trying to catch her attacker.

What really makes this book unique, are the characters, who are living and breathing, the perfect mix of various genres and the constant action that makes you want to read or hear more and more.

This is a great time travel horror story and thanks to all the gory murders, it is absolutely one of the top horror audiobooks.

31| Skin Folk by Nalo Hopkinson (Author), Bahni Turpin (Narrator), 2001

Nalo Hopkinson has a great sense of fiction and she came up with so many interesting, touching, little scary and sometimes a bit obscene short stories, we just couldn’t go past by her works without a word.

This collection of shorts contains many different fantasy and fiction elements, it would be quite difficult to categorize Skin Folk.

You are going to read some stories about vampires, werewolves, humans with science fiction elements. Hopkinson also taps into the topic of queerness and accepting ourselves, and giving into our desires.

Some of the stories will leave you in awe, others will chill your bones, but for sure, these short Caribbean culture, folklore, and myths-based reads are going to be on your favorites list.

Skin Folk is not so much a jump out of your chairs scary book but still darkly intense and will surely give you plenty of chills. It’s a nice blend of horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and erotic fiction that even explores LGBTQIAP themes.

These Lesser-Known Horror Novels are going to make good companions in case you choose to listen to the audiobook.

30| Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti, 1862

Goblin Market is a great dark and thrilling old poem by British Christina Rossetti. It is inspired by classic Irish myths and legends and can be an enjoyable quick spooky listen for those who usually don’t read much poetry.

This classic horror fantasy poem is about two sisters, Laura and Lizzie, who live alone despite their seemingly young age.

They are called by the goblins, and Laura gives in to the temptation of the exotic fruits. Not having any money, she offers a lock of her hair in exchange for the delights. Munching on the delicious fruit, each and every bite just sends Laura into a deeper and deeper elation.

Once she finished with the heavenly fruit, she took the seed with her and went home. Her sister wasn’t happy about Laura’s irresponsibility as there was another girl who tried the Goblin fruit and died an agonizing death.

Well, Laura isn’t looking to end any better; the next day she goes to the stream, where she got the fruit but she doesn’t hear the goblins anymore. In her desperate craving, she remembers saving the seed, but it is of no use since it wouldn’t grow.

As time goes by, Laura weakens, ages and is clearly dying. Lizzie decides to buy fruit for her sister, however, when the goblins realize she wants to pay by a silver coin and that it is not actually for her, they beat her up and try to force a few bites down her throat, without luck.

Once Lizzie gets home, Laura eats the pulp from Lizzie’s face and body. She can barely eat it this time, every bite is revolting for her, but at least she gets better.

This is not a typical horror story, but certainly, a great chilling classic tale that is especially enjoyable as an audiobook.

29| The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi (Authors), Dennis Boutsikaris (Narrator), 2006

Some horror stories are more frightening because they are based on a true story. The Monster of Florence was a real person, who has committed double murders in the Florence area.

In 2000, Douglas Preston moved to the Tuscan capital, he learned that one of the double-murders took place in front of their new family home.

Driven by his investigative spirit, he contacted Mario Spezi journalist and the chase began for the serial killer.

As the murders took place between 1968 and 1985, it was not easy to find hot clues. After a thorough search, they managed to find the person, or at least whom they thought to be the Monster and interviewed him.

But their hard work is not rewarded; the Italian police find Preston’s interest suspicious and consider him as the main suspect.

It is a frightening nonfiction horror audiobook, not because it will startle you every page, but because you’ll have to go to bed knowing that a killer of at least 14 people was never caught.

28| The Gilda Stories Novel by Jewelle Gomez (Author), Adenrele Ojo (Narrator),1991

Jewelle Gómez is a remarkable writer, who is deservedly acknowledged by the industry as well. The Gilda Stories is a superb book, which takes us on a journey in place but in time too.

Our main character is an African-American slave girl who is a lesbian in the 1850s. One day she manages to get away from her captors to end up at a female vampire community. She is turned, educated on vampirism and the real adventures begin. She also takes her savior’s name, Gilda.

We get to follow this awesome heroine, who is living various lives in different cities over the 200 years. This is going to be your next go-to horror audiobook for armchair travels to 18th century New Orleans.

It is also interesting to see how the author imagined 2020 almost thirty years ago.

The Gilda Stories would deserve much more attention than it has got so far. It is surely one of the best Lesser-Known Horror Novels with vampires and LGBTQIAP relations.

27| The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris (Author), Frank Muller (Narrator), 1988

Thanks to the frightening acting of Anthony Hopkins, Hannibal Lecter is one of the most known and beloved serial killers’ literature ever created. Thomas Harris’ book is definitely one of the best horror audiobooks even adults get scared of.

The second book of the Hannibal Lecter horror series is an outstanding book, which has and will keep us in fear for a while.

Follow the FBI trainee, Clarice Starling as she is tasked to help to find a ruthless murderer, Buffalo Bill. She has to pay visits to the psychopath murder in prison as he seems to know much more about the case than the FBI itself.

The young woman and the frightening serial killer get to know each other, through really creepy conversations while agent Starling gets some help in exchange for details about herself.

Soon, we get to figure out who the terrible killer is and things become complicated.

Lecter manages to escape from captivity to boost your heartbeat before the next book of the series.

The book is perfectly paced, with a lot of twists and even the conversations between the FBI agent and the imprisoned murderer are very exciting.

It is now can be considered a classic horror book, which in audiobook format is also thrilling and dark but also entertaining.

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26| The Divine Comedy (La Divina Commedia #1-3) by Dante Alighieri, (Author), Charlton Griffin (Narrator), 1472, Hell

This nearly thousand-year-old poem is surprisingly still very much actual. We are often struggling with so many issues like Dante during his harrowing descent to hell and his journey onwards.

The Divine Comedy is an incredibly well-crafted piece that surely makes all of us think. What a visionary he was to create such a complex and shocking journey we all have to take.

Dante himself passes away to end up in Inferno (hell) guided by Virgil, the Roman poet. He has to pass the 9 circles of hell to then climb the 9 levels of the purgatory and finally get to the 9 spheres of Paradiso (heaven).

In heaven, his companion is Beatrice, his ideal lady or muse, whom he was admiring from a distance for long.

Dante raises a number of points we are still debating; whether faith has a positive impact on our lives and if we are right to let it influence us. Desire, what is too much and what isn’t and who deserves redemption. These are all questions, many still ask.

This fantastic narrative poem is not your bone-chilling horror, however, the armchair travels to hell and heaven are quite a journey of deep thoughts. In the narration of Charlton Griffin, it will make a great spooky evening audiobook.

25| Dracula by (Author), Alan Cumming (Narrator), Tim Curry (Narrator), Simon Vance (Narrator), Katherine Kellgren (Narrator), Susan Duerden (Narrator), John Lee (Narrator), Graeme Malcolm (Narrator), Steven Crossley (Narrator), 1897

It is very likely you have already heard, read or seen Dracula or its adaptations. Dracula, the bloodthirsty, cruel and feared count of Transylvania is among the first modern vampires. Irish author Bram Stoker’s Gothic horror story takes us around Europe; from London to Budapest, then to the misty Transylvania.

This is definitely among the best classic horror audiobooks as well. The multi-voiced audiobook has won and been nominated for various awards in 2013. This outstanding recording includes such great actors as Tim Curry, Katherine Kellgren and Susan Duerden.

The story is about newbie English solicitor Jonathan Harker, who is invited to the rich count Dracula’s estate to help with some paperwork related to his immigration to England.

He finds his client extremely polite and courteous but soon has to realize he is a prisoner.

The story develops into an exciting horror story, with a little bit of vampire hunt leed by the famous Van Helsing.

Stoker does a great job to keep our blood pressure high and make us fear our protagonists’ lives at all times.

It is surely one of the top horror audiobooks you can entertain your party guests with as well.

24| The ​Graveyard Novel by Neil Gaiman (Author, Narrator), 2008

What we love about Neil Gaiman is his extreme dedication to each of his stories, which means, whenever you read one of his books, you feel he poured all his heart into it.

The Graveyard Novel is no different from the others. It is superbly written, very well paced and humorously creepy. The other joyful point of this audiobook is the fact Neilhimself narrated it.

The original story of Bod surely puts everyone in a mood we all felt while reading Coraline as well. Somewhat mixed feelings, a little chill and loads of unexplainable emotions. You are going to be a little sad, very excited, full of hope and happiness.

Bod is not an ordinary boy; he was raised by ghosts in a cemetery full of otherworldly creatures. As he was growing, werewolves, vampires and other occupiers of a good old cemetery surrounded him.

He knows the traditions and practices of the graveyard and its population, but does he stand a chance in the human world?

Our hero learns about his human life and the dangers posed to his life by the murderer of his family.

You are in for a memorable night listening to one of the most captivating horror audiobooks for teens and adults as well.

Neil Gaiman also teaches about writing and storytelling in his remarkable and entertaining Masterclass.

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23| Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Author), Dan Stevens (Narrator), 1823

If you are looking for truly eerie adventures then Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is definitely something you should check out if you haven’t already.

This classic horror audiobook is one of the most famous monster books of all time that blends horror, thriller, and science fiction elements masterfully.

The story follows Victor Frankenstein who is a science student of great vision and extreme dedication.

In search of what actually life is, he builds a human out of stolen body parts. He manages to bring the creature to life, which is at first an innocent being, however, due to his appalling looks he is unable to fit in or to put it more specifically considered to be a human. In his desperation caused by loneliness, he turns against his creator in a destructive rage.

It is overall a fascinating story of how one copes with segregation, the feeling of not belonging and love. Mary Shelley’s thought-provoking tale takes us around Europe in countries like France, Switzerland, Germany, and even the North Pole.

22| Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake (Author), August Ross (Narrator), 2011

Kendare Blake is a really versatile author representing a wide array of genres with her writings. The Anna duo brings a ghost to us, who seems terrifying, acts terrifying and everyone has a good reason to be scared of her, but she may be right to do such terrible things.

Cas Lowood continues the family tradition and roams the country looking for the dead to hunt. As he and his witch mother along with their spirit, a cat follow strange news, legends and horror stories, Cas comes across a terrible ghost, Anna Dressed in Blood – as the locals call her.

The poor girl fell victim to a terrible murderer in the 1950s and since then she killed everyone that came close to the house she once called home.

It turns out she is no ordinary ghost, and for some reason she spares Cas’s life, who tries to break her curses.

If you are planning to creep the breath out of your friends, it would be a great slumber party horror book for teens, although it is surely going to be fun for adults as well.

21| Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things by Lafcadio Hearn (AKA Koizumi Yakumo) (Author), Walter Covell (Narrator), 1904

Lafcadio Hearn or Koizumi Yakumo leed a pretty interesting life, being born in Greece, then living in Ireland and Japan. He had a quite tough life, which maybe the reason he buried himself in Japanese Fairy Tales and Ghost stories.

Kwaidan is a collection of twenty ghost stories, which will definitely make you want to leave a light on in the bedroom. All of the stories are based on Japanese folklore, myths, and legends, mostly from ancient times.

As the Land of the Rising Sun has a very rich history of spirit-based beliefs, Lafcadio had a lot of colorful sources to work with.

Each of these stories are given a unique tone, one only Hearn would have been able to make so entertainingly scary.

If you have the chance to listen to the Japanese classic horror audiobook in Walter Covell’s narration, then you are in for a terrific time.

20| Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury (Author), Christian Rummel (Narrator), 1962

Not sure what is your opinion about traveling carnivals, but over the decades they have gained a mysterious and scary reputation. The reason? Well, Ray Bradbury’s beloved novel about 13-year old best friends Jim and William could be one.

There are inexplainable signs of the approach of something wicked in Green town, Illinois a week before Halloween. Soon the expected phenomenon reaches town; a carnival lead by the peculiar Mr. Dark.

Our two young heroes, Jim and William sneak out at night to see what the new arrival really is.

The town’s life changes for good when they have to pay the price for their wishes granted by Mr. Dark.

The novel is really doing a great job building tension; at the beginning, you are just as curious as the two young boys, then excited and later scared followed by desperation. It is surely one of the best horror audiobooks for teens.

19| The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America by Erik Larson (Author), Scott Brick (Reader), 2002

Close all your windows and doors at home; you are going to listen to a horrifying story, after which you would probably prefer to keep the lights on.

Erik Larson brought to us the true story of acclaimed architect Daniel H. Burnham, whose brainchild is the 1893 World’s Fair also referred to as The White City. The other protagonist is also a genius but a different kind; Dr. H. H. Holmes, one of the most gruesome and well organized serial killers of history.

He confessed to 27 murders and was subject to over 50 lawsuits in Chicago alone. He was executed before he turned 35.

Larson builds the story on a tall tale of the serial killer’s life, it was said he built a hotel that had all the necessities of a successful serial killer.

It was never proven, but the book is giving a gory picture of what this man may have been like.

The World’s Fair Hotel, not far from The White City had secret rooms, torture chambers and a crematorium as well, making it the perfect base for the pharmacist serial killer. As a very successful con man, he was able to lure young women into the hotel of nightmares.

It is a stirring story with some real-life figures as supporting characters making this story even easier to imagine. It is planned to become a series with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead and Martin Scorsese as a director.

18| The Shining by Stephen King (Author), Campbell Scott (Narrator), 1977

Stephen King’s horror classic has raised the hair on every reader’s back for sure. It is a terrifyingly creepy, yet realistic story, that will definitely be the cause of some nightmares.

It sounds pretty nice to take a live-in position at a luxurious hotel set in the picturesque Colorado Rockies. Well, only until you read The Shinning.

Jack Torrance is trying to climb out of a deep pit of his life. Now he has the chance to get away from the past, leave alcoholism behind, reconnect with his family and focus on his writing as he just got an easy-sounding job at the Overlook Hotel. It is a remote hotel he will have to look after over the winter as a caretaker.

Everything sounds easy until the weather completely isolates them from civilization and supernatural forces begin to cloud his mind.

Danny, Jack’s son seems to possess the Shinning, which is the ability to see the dark and troubling past of the hotel.

Shinning is a spine-chilling horror story that is often regarded as one of the greatest. You can also visit the spooky hotel in real life if you head to Colorado Rockies.

17| The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch (Author), Grover Gardner (Narrator), 2008

This fascinating and magical horror book also got a spot in our best books about witches for magical travels list.

German author Oliver Pötzsch invites you to a magical, yet little creepy investigation in the colorful lands of Bavaria, Germany.

Being the hangman’s daughter is not an easy living; people are a little distant and expect the worst from you. Well, Magdalena is actually pretty likable, but nothing like others; she is smart and fearless.

The village doctor’s son would agree since he is crazy in love with the girl, willing to do whatever necessary to catch her attention.

One day the calm village life stirred up by a boy, who was found in the river, severely injured and marked by witchcraft. Everyone suspects Martha Stechlin and Jakob Kuisl, Magdalena’s father is tasked to get a confession out of her.

As Jakob doesn’t think it is the villager lady, he and his small team consisting of Magdalena and her admirer set out on an investigation and things just become dreadfully dangerous and messy.

The Hangman’s Daughter is surely one of the Lesser-Known Horror Novels that should become much more popular. It is full of action, magic, and twists that will make you want more of this superb horror fantasy audiobook.

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16| Valley of Terror by Zhou Haohui (Author), Braden Wright (Narrator), 2017

Speaking of Lesser-Known Horror Novels, Valley of Terror deserves more attention than it gets. If you are a sucker for mystery horror, mixed with a little superstition and legends, then Zhou Haohui’s work will definitely be a good choice for you.

Set in modern times China, a strange epidemic is decimating the population of Longzhou. People are scared to death. They are so utterly frightened, most of them go insane or their heart stops in shocking fear.

Trying to find the cause of the outbreak, Chief Inspector Luo Fei seeks the help of an accomplished psychologist and a dubious historian. They embark on a frightening hike to the mountains of Yunnan leading to the Valley of Terror in search of a seventeenth-century general, whose soul is said to be released.

This is probably one of the scariest literary hikes one can take while sitting on the edge of a seat, wondering if our heroes can succeed or are destined to die.

15| My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite (Author), Weruche Opia (Narrator), 2018

Nigerian author Oyinkan Braithwaite raises a big question many of us may have asked and hoped never would have to answer. How far are you willing to go for family?

Where do you draw the line when it comes to protecting a beloved member of your family? Probably not where Korede. Her little sister has a strange habit and when the phone rings with Ayoola’s number on display, Korede has a feeling she won’t hear anything good.

Ayoola is an attractive girl, who has murdered three of her boyfriends allegedly as self-defense. Korede is trying to believe her while helping to clean up the mess after the murders. At a point, our heroine even considers to involve the Nigerian police, but she just cannot hurt Ayoola.

Things take an unexpected turn when the serial killer sister begins dating Korede’s crush, a doctor at the hospital she works at. That complicates things because Korede couldn’t stand the thought of losing that kind man. Who is she going to side with?

This contemporary thriller audiobook is certainly one hell of a ride, which will make you think about yourself as well.

14| Locke & Key by Joe Hill (Author), Gabriel Rodriguez (Author), Haley Joel Osment (Narrator), Tatiana Maslany (Narrator), Kate Mulgrew (Narrator), full cast (Narrator), 2008

Joe Hill (author) and Gabriel Rodriguez (co-creator, artist) have created an outstanding horror graphic novel series, that is going to make you watch your back even at daylight.

The Locke & Key audiobook cast is so remarkable, the narration even won multiple awards.

Let this beautifully drawn and intelligently written series take you to a house of mysteries and horror. Following the tragic murder of their father, Ty, Kinsey, and Bode with their mother are leed to the house where Mr. Locke grew up in Lovecraft, Massachusetts.

The house is no ordinary house, but the home to all terrible and evil.

You are going to get pretty scared reading this fascinating horror graphic novel series. It is violent as you couldn’t imagine, very graphic and fascinatingly well written.

It is definitely one of those horror audiobooks adults should listen to. For more visual ecstasy the horror/adventure drama is coming to the screens so here is another great show to watch on Netflix.

13| The Secret of Ventriloquism by Jon Padgett (Author, Narrator, Publisher), 2016

Jon Padgett’s name will probably become well known in the future. His nightmarish collection of short stories, each of them grabbing you by the neck to take you to a very, very dark place is among the best Lesser-Known Horror Novels.

The Secret of Ventriloquism manages to turn everyday, little things into the most feared items in your life. Caution: only listen to this audiobook if you are not easily startled because your sweetest dreams are about to become nightmares.

Each of the short stories is putting trauma, suffering, and pain in focus in a staggering context and style of writing.

Padgett narrated the book himself, allowing this audiobook for adults to really sound as he intended to.

12| Kiss the Girls (Alex Cross #2) by James Patterson (Author), Ako Mitchell (Narrator), 1995

Acclaimed and beloved mystery and thriller writer James Patterson does not disappoint with the Alex Cross series either.

Let’s go to Los Angeles, Wahington D.C. and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. What is common in three three cities? It seems Alex Cross is facing a case that may be unsolvable. Two serial killers are working together while trying to outperform the other.

As the two ruthless, psychopathic killers are on the run to make history, Cross’ family becomes a target. He has to hurry to protect her loved ones and end the terror these two monsters are unleashing on the country.

Kiss the Girls is a great horror audiobook, with a thrilling mystery that fits in the investigative thriller genre as well.

If you’re fascinated by his writing style you should check out his engaging and educational Masterclass where James Patterson teaches everything he knows about writing.

11| A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (Author, Narrator), Jason Isaacs (Narrator), 2018

A Monster Calls is among the best horror audiobooks 2018 sent our way to make the year a bit spookier. It is a great horror story for young adult readers, that besides being a little scary, also helps understand a little about our fears, struggles and makes accepting the inevitable a bit easier.

Conor O’Malley is torn by his mother’s illness. Since she was diagnosed with cancer, Conor is having the same disturbing dreams about a dark being that is terrifying in every sense. One night, when he wakes up, the dark monster is actually outside his window.

It is a monster shaped like a human but formed by the branches of the yew tree under Conor’s window. The dark being tells three stories after which he wants Conor to tell a true story, if it’s a lie, it will eat him.

There are further visits by the monster, which all help Conor cope with his feelings and guilt about wishing her mother to die in order to end her suffering.

This is a fascinating horror audiobook for teens that adults can enjoy as well.

10| Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills by Minakshi Chaudhry (Author), Shaheen Khan (Narrator), 2005

Shimla Hills can be found in the North of India, which is fabled to be haunted. Minakshi Chaudhry has collected stories told by locals experiencing the haunting presence of ghosts.

The Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills doesn’t have to be considered real by the reader to find each of the 16 short stories petrifying. The author is serving the stories really well, all of them making you think twice whether you want to visit those otherwise beautiful hills in India.

You can expect the worst when listening to this grim ghost story audiobook, which is definitely one to play at small gatherings and slumber parties if you want to set a spooky mood.

9| The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, (Author), Robertson Dean (Narrator),1820

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is probably one of the most well known Gothic horror stories one can think of. It could be thanks to Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Christina Ricci or just because simply Washington Irving had done a terrific job.

Many wonder how loosely is it based on the real Sleepy Hollow in New York state, one thing is for sure, they do not have to ponder sleeplessly when the headless knight is coming for them.

The story begins when the enthusiastic and gullible educator Ichabod Crane arrives in the misty town of Sleepy Hollow. He is easily startled and the locals’ stories are just as unsettling as it can get.

He finds love once meeting Katrina, a beauty, he can’t get out of his head.

Living in fear amid hearing the scary stories, Ichabod’s life doesn’t seem to get easier; some of the tales prove to be true and a headless horseman begins terrorizing the town.

It is certainly one of the best horror audiobooks you can listen to and make your night even spookier. If you are in the mood for a creepy treat, we have a Sleepy Hollow-inspired peppermint bark tree recipe for you.

8| The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, (Author), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Narrator) 1967

Bulgakov’s soviet satire is going to give you mixed feelings. It is a little frustrating, to the extent of being creepy, while it forms a magical bond with the reader. There are some good laughs as well, all that in a philosophical context.

Well, that narrowed it down, right? Anyway, if you are in the lookout for horrifying, dark, ghost-filled audiobooks, this one is not the right choice.

However, if you’re into weird stories that give you goosebumps and play tricks with your mind then you should pick this novel up as soon as you can.

It is a truly unique and darkly odd story that captivated readers all over the globe over the decades.

The devil visits Moscow in the form of a mysterious gentleman called Professor Woland along with his entourage consisting of a number of supernatural creatures. One of them is the malicious, chess and vodka loving speaking black cat, Koroviev, who often causes trouble. There is also a vampire and a naked witch.

As they dive into the depressing and godless city of Moscow, nothing remains undisturbed.

They encounter the Master, a writer who was condemned for writing a piece on Christ and Pontius Pilate and his mistress, Margarita, who is deadly in love with her master.

7| Golem by Gustav Meyrink (Author), Wlodzimierz Press (Narrator), 1915

Buckle up, your armchair travels are taking you to the beautiful and magnificent Prague this time.

Golem is a story of the shiftless life of jeweler Athanasius Pernath and his neighbors and friends in the ghetto of Prague. It is unimaginable what people had to go through when the anti-Jewish laws became reality and all Jews had been moved into the ghettos, where they were under constant supervision and restriction.

The Golem itself is the manifestation of the years of suffering. Every 33 years it is fabled to appear in a door-less room. The Clay giant is seen very rarely.

The heart-shattering story of the Prague ghetto and its population is not a regular horror story, but rather a soul crusher that will surely give you a few sleepless nights.

But it is worth the pain, Gustav Meyrink’s dark tale will soon become one of your favorites if you like dark psychological fiction novels.

6| Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice (Author), Simon Vance (Narrator), 1976

It is time to take a US and Europe tour with Anne Rice. She is often considered the mother of modern vampire stories, as The Vampire Chronicles series swept the world in a heartbeat. It was famously brought to screen by Neil Jordan with the memorable acting of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Kirsten Dunst.

Louis’ exhilarating story takes us around the United States, including the mystical New Orleans and some of the most romantic places in Europe such as Paris.

The Interview with the Vampire is exactly what it sounds; an interview with the Vampire Louis. It is a story of love, friendship, disappointments and life in the darkness.

He meets Lestat, a powerful old vampire, who turns him as well. Lestat introduces the life of his new kind and teaches the ins and outs of survival.

They meet Claudia, an eleven-year-old girl, whom Lestat transforms with the intentions of making Louise stay with him.

The girl’s hatred towards Lestat grows stronger and stronger as she is trapped in the body of a little girl forever.

Claudia and Louis decide to abandon Lestat and try to find other Vampires in the big world.

It is an outstanding classic horror audiobook that you’ll love to listen to during dark nights.

5| Aura by Carlos Fuentes, 1962

Mexican author Carlos Fuentes has a superb treat for you in the form of a short novel.

This dreamlike story of Felipe Montero working for an elderly lady to help organize, edit and finish her passed husband’s memoirs. He finds an advertisement for the job in the newspaper.

The job is a perfect match for him as he is a historian who is very enthusiastic about local history. When he goes to the address, strange, otherworldly forces draw him to the Consuelo, the widow, who is expecting him.

As Montero is being introduced to his tasks, Consuelo’s niece, Aura enters the room, who has enchanting green eyes. She is beautiful, Felipe cannot think of anything else.

As time passes in the old house, Aura seems to mimic the movements of Consuelo until one day the young girl transforms into her aunt and Felipe seems to become one with the General through his writings.

This is a quite touching yet haunting story, which will surely give you goosebumps while listening to this eerie horror audiobook CD.

4| At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft (Author), Edward Herrmann (Narrator), 1936

H. P. Lovecraft’s classic sci-fi horror novel is definitely among the best horror audiobooks. His style has long been admired as he could turn anything into a nightmare in less than a sentence.

The story begins with geologist William Dyer, a professor at Arkham’s Miskatonic University trying to prevent an upcoming Antarctic expedition. By recalling his last voyage to the south pole, he shows us what dangers may be upon the next crew going there.

A small group led by Professor Lake discovers 14 unidentifiable prehistoric remains, that seem to be too advanced to their age. Eight of those are in perfect condition, allowing the group to draw further conclusions.

When Dyer joins the expedition, he discovers a wall of a stone city, that is completely unknown to all civilizations on Earth.

The well-preserved specimens disappear and a dog and a man are found dissected.

Dyer gets to know more about the Elder Things and concludes, they have been only protecting themselves, therefore it is better to leave them undisturbed.

It is a remarkable sci-fi horror audiobook that’s full of action and mystery.

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3| The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All by Laird Barron (Author), Ray Porter (Narrator), 2013

Laird Barron is many horror fan’s go-to creeper as his works are all spot on with great imagination and storytelling.

The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All is a collection of short stories, and every each of these dark tales will find a way to turn your dreams into nightmares. There is a little bit of everything; cosmic horror, ghost stories, a dark magician, bloodthirsty creatures and even a chilling puppet show.

The main theme is cosmic horror. The stories are connected to each other with some reference to some of Barron’s previous works. But do not worry, you can still enjoy this dark and captivating collection without ever reading his other works.

Although, you’ll probably want to after finishing this one.

The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All takes you to the North-West of the USA on your frightening armchair travels. It’s a great horror audiobook that will perfectly make your Sundays at least a little bit spine-tingling.

2| The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe (Author), B. J. Harrison (Narrator), 1843

There is something about Edgar Ellen Poe that is difficult to comprehend. He was a quite dark person, with either a vivid imagination or some really creepy experiences. His Macabre style surely turned some heads in his time, and it still does fascinate and creep out most readers.

The Tell-Tale Heart is another memorable writing of his, which kind of makes you think; how could he put himself in the head of a writer who committed murder so perfectly?

The short story is the narration of a writer, who is trying to convince the reader about his sanity. While giving details on how he planned then actually went through with murder and hid the dismembered body.

It is not a ghost story or a spooky supernatural story but it will spook you out for sure. It is a simply and utterly disturbing story that is going to give you chills from top to bottom while listening to it.

At least, in the end, our narrator feels some remorse and guilt. Which helps… a little. It is absolutely one of the best classic horror audiobooks you can ruin a peaceful night’s sleep with.

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1| Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind (Author), Sean Barrett (Narrator), 1985

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille’s terrifying and sad story has made our best fantasy audiobooks list as well because it is just as a great read as it is harrowing.

After a terribly rough start in his life, Grenouille ends up becoming an apprentice to one of the most respected and beloved perfumer thanks to his extremely sensitive sense of smell.

He becomes so obsessed with scents, after learning how to turn flowers into an ingredient of perfume that he decides to go on and capture every scent he has ever sensed.

Things become really troubling when people begin to disappear.

What makes this book extraordinary, is how our protagonist forgets about moral values and how he doesn’t see what is wrong with his actions in the pursuit of his goals. He just doesn’t get why shouldn’t he have killed a dozen people to capture their scents.

Süskind is doing a remarkable job of describing his feelings and the people’s disturbance and shock in surprise when discovering what Grenouille had been doing.

If you are looking for a spooky but extremely engaging armchair travel experience to medieval France when you get to visit Paris, Montpellier, Plomb du Cantal and other beautiful places around France then Perfume is the perfect choice for you.

It is certainly one of the best horror audiobooks that will take you to the darkest places of the human mind.

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