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Overnight in a real life Rapunzel Tower

In the sleepy village of Hadlow you will find the world's tallest Gothic folly that also looks like a real life Rapunzel Tower. Here you can make all your Tangled dreams come. You can tour this magical place during public open days but can also book it for a couple of...

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This Da Lat Hotel is the Craziest House on Earth

You probably heard about Da Lat because of its beautiful waterfalls but did you know that there is a Da Lat hotel that's also the craziest house on earth? Let me show you why! This beautiful architectural masterpiece is an exploration of surrealism and it's one of the...

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Glamping At Camp Katur In Yorkshire, UK

This month I finally had the chance to visit one of the best Glamping sites in the UK. Ever since I read my first Jane Austen novel it became one of my dreams to explore England's countryside and small villages. So, when a few weeks ago I got the chance to stay at...

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Unique Gifts For Book Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one is hard that's why we created this list with 10 unique gifts for book lovers. Finding a special gift for friends and family is often a challenge, especially when you're on a budget. While all readers enjoy getting new books...

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Exploring Cebu & Bohol: The Lands Of Fun And Sunshine

You will find many amazing things to do in the Philippines while exploring this beautiful country; Amazing beaches, breathtaking nature, & friendly people are waiting for you. The Philippines was high up on my bucket list so you can imagine how excited I was when...

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Why choose Osaka over Tokyo

Do you have only a few days in Japan? Go to Osaka! You'll get more for your money in Osaka and will have a better overall experience. When planning a holiday to Japan, most people look around in Tokyo only. It is the capital, the biggest and the most known. But is it...

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Living in Budapest – How to move to Budapest Hungary

How to move to Budapest Hungary? Our guide will help to make your transition easier and aims to answer all you "before moving" questions. As you may know, - if you read our blog- we're from Budapest, Hungary.  Our country doesn't always get the best rep in the media...

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