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Guide To The Best Horror Board Games

Explore the best horror board games for single players and groups from around the world. Find perfectly spooky board games for adults who like their game nights a little dark. You’ll also find here originals, and board games that are based on movies or video games.

Board games have an amazing history, even old horror board games have fascinating stories and designs. While it’s harder to get them they’re nice additions to a collection.

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You can also find thrilling vintage horror movie board games as well as new ones to make the game more exciting or nostalgic. If you’re a gamer you can get fun cooperative horror board games based on video games like Fallout.

Last but not least we have some great pieces for those who are looking for single player horror board games. You can even try out board games with video to have a unique experience.

No matter what kind of horror you’re into zombies, mystery, serial killers, ghosts, monsters or witches we got your back.

Best Horror Board Games for Solo Players & Teams

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best horror board games of all time

44| Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game (2020)

Ravensburger Disney Hocus Pocus Card Game

This fun and spooky Hocus Pocus card game that has a small board. 

This is a movie-themed horror board game that a whole lot of fun for the whole family since it can be played with smaller kids as well. 

You’ll have to stop the Sanderson sisters before the sun rises just like in the classic 1993 movie ‘Hocus Pocus‘. This board game can be a fun and unique gift for Hocus Pocus fans as well.

US | Number of players: 3-6 (Best:4) | Playing time: 30-60 minutes | Theme: Fantasy, Movie-themed | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 8+

43| Hako Onna (2016)

Hako Onna or ‘Woman in the Box’ is a fun horror game from Japan, finally available in English. Imagine a good old horror movie with a group trying to find out what is the reason of its haunting.

It is a little dark, but not over the top. Prepare to be startled by the ghost in the house. The rules are simple, Hako Onna tries to remain unseen and turn all the players your servants.

As a visitor or human, you have to find out the weakness of the ghost without making any noise.

It is a dark supernatural horror board game from Japan, but not traumatizing whatsoever. So Children from the age of 14 are welcome to play. Although, we think it is a great board game for adults.

Japanese but available in English | Number of players: 3-5 (Best:5) | Playing time: 90-120 minutes | Theme: Ghost horror | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 14+

42| CAMP GRIZZLY (2013)

How many horror movies had a plot like this; a few youngsters go camping or go to a school camp and get slain by some weirdo in the forest?

Well, we can recall a few and it was a bone-chilling couple of nights to anxiously wait to find out who is going to die and survive.

Did you like the movie Friday the 13th? Good news; now you can be part of the whole experience without risking your life for real. This survival horror board game is quite fun and eventful.

Despite being a fairly quick game, it will make your whole evening. We only recommend this horror board game for adults.

Camp Grizzly is also one of the best single player horror board games.

USA | Number of players: 1-6 (Best:4-5) | Playing time: 60 minutes, Theme: Survival horror (Camp) | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 18+

41| Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein (2019)

Mary Shelley’s Gothic horror book, Frankenstein lives on thanks to movies, games and all sorts of merchandise. Now we get to enjoy even more of her fantastic world by this strategic board game that takes place in Paris.

Join the scientists from all around the world who are trying to solve the big mystery of immortality. Can you help Frankenstein’s creature to bring a companion to life for him?

It is a really fun game, which may sound a little grotesque, but it is rather entertaining than gross making it a great fit for the whole family.

USA | Number of players: 2-4 (Best:3-4) | Playing time: 90-180 minutes | Theme: Monster building Strategy | Difficulty level 4/5 | Age: 13+

40| Death Note: Confrontation (2018)

In case you have never come across the manga or the anime Death Note, let us introduce it to you briefly. A boy finds a notebook dropped by a Shinigami (God of Death) which is an instrument of death.

If you write someone’s name in it and think of their face, that person will die. This boy names himself Kira and thinks he is to bring about justice in this unfair world.

Despite him only ending the lives of criminals, we all know there are laws against vigilante violence. A legendary detective is called to help catch Kira, named L.
So basically that is the game here.

Two players can play, trying to outsmart each other. It is a fun board game for anime lovers but it’s fun for those as well who don’t like anime.

It’s a fun and kind of creepy 2 players horror board game.

USA | Number of players: 2 | Playing time: 30 minutes | Theme: Detective/Murder Mystery | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 16+

39| Cthulhu: Death May Die (2019)

H. P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu provides the theme for this adventure horror board game. You and your fellow investigators are planning to summon the Elder Gods.

You will be tested to stay alive while working on your summoning game. There are multiple episodes, so there is plenty to have fun with.

They are not necessarily connected to each other therefore you can arrange different teams and game parties if you wish.

You can even play this game solo in case of a power cut on a rainy day.

USA | Number of players: 1-5 (Best:3-4) | Playing time: 90-120 minutes | Theme: Fantasy, Fighting, Horror | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 14+

38| Horrified: Universal Monsters (2019)

Team up with your friends to clear up the city from all the horrifying creatures keeping it in fear. Chase down the famous monsters such as Frankenstein’s creature, Dracula, The Mummy and many more.

Following the big scare, the city’s safety is in your hands. Depending on your preferences, you can even adjust the difficulty of the game to ensure everyone has a good time.

There are also superb figurines included in the package to provide a surely memorable experience.

This truly fun game is one of the best horror board games for families. You can play it with little ones from the age of ten.

German, available in English language | Number of players: 1-5 (Best:4) | Playing time: 60 minutes | Theme: Horror | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 10+

37| The Addams Family Game (1964) & The Addams Family Family Reunion Game (1991)

The widely beloved odd and grim Addams Family invites you for two easy but very much entertaining games. The original The Addams Family Game is already a classic and The Addams family Reunion Game is a soon-to-be considered classic board game among the best horror board games for parties.

The simplicity of the games helps your party flow better, while your guests can focus on each other and mingle.

The original The Addams Family board game from the ’60s is a fairly simple game where the players can take 7 different paths to try and reach the victory square. You move after you used the spinner and there are spots on each path that require the drawing of additional cards with additional good or bad outcomes.

If it’s a party game, then what would be the best than an Addams Family party planning game with The Addams Family Reunion Board Game. In the beginning, you pick a card with a short guest list and some food. Get them all together and win the game.

USA | Number of players: 2-6 (Best:6) | Playing time: 10 minutes | Theme: Horror | Difficulty level 1/5 | Age: 8+

36| Mystic Skull: The Game of Voodoo (1965)

This old horror board game is pretty interesting. Nothing very serious, but still the idea is to be the quickest Voodoo witch doctor to fill your opponents’ dolls with pins.

Prepare for loads of laughter and plenty of fun. You are going to love the whole vibe of this easy and entertaining board game.

It is over 55 years old, adding this game to your collection is not going to be the easiest.

Mystic Skull is one of the best old horror board games you can still get your hands on.

USA | number of players: 2-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 30 minutes | Theme: Horror, Voodoo, Magic | Difficulty level 1/5 | Age: 12+

35| Séance (1972)

The name suggests a little different kind of game than it is for real. So are you going to summon a passed away person? Partly yes, but would you have thought your biggest worry during this game is how much tax you have to pay?

We were surprised as well. It is a game, during which you bid on the possessions of late Uncle Everett. Once everything is gone, he tells you what cost how much and the amount of tax one should pay.

The player with the most money left at the end wins. We love the voice recording, yes Uncle Everett does speak to you from beyond.

It is one of the best economic and humorous board games with ghosts. Also, as it is a vintage board game, probably collectors would love it as a gift.

USA | Number of players: 2-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 30 minutes | Theme: Ghost, Economic, Humor | Difficulty level 1/5 | Age: 7+

34| Green Ghost (1965)

Green Ghost was the first of its kind; a glowing-in-the-dark ghost board game. Even if the glowing is not necessary to enjoy the game, it is definitely a fun addition.

The basic rules are quite straight forward, you get to play a ghost-themed roll and move board game. There are some nice twists, which make this vintage board game one of the best ghost board games for children.

There were three different editions, so there is a better chance you can come across a collectible board game online.

USA | Number of players: 2-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 30 minutes | Theme: Ghost, Horror, Children’s | Difficulty level 1/5 | Age: 8+

33| Atmosfear: The Gatekeeper Interactive Board Game with DVD (2003)

Here is another great addition to the party repertoire. Atmosfear is an interactive horror board game that comes with a DVD. It is sort of functioning as a timer and moderator/game master.

The aim is to collect all the keys from different regions of the board before the given 49 minutes pass.

During your quest, the Gatekeeper on the DVD, will pop up and throw some challenges in the player’s way to make things more difficult.

It is definitely one of the best party board games for all ages.

Atmos Fear: The Gatekeeper is one of the most fun horror board games with video.

USA | Number of players: 3-6 (Best:4) | Playing time: 49 minutes | Theme: Horror | Difficulty level 1/5 | Age: 12+

32| Goosebumps Movie Board Game (2015)

The Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine and later the movies have made many people’s childhood much more interesting. It was due to finally have a Goosebump board game in every home.

Alright, not every home, but every child should have access to one.

The players can pick to be any of their favorite monsters to then race to the typewriter to prevent their disappearance for good.

It is a lovely family board game you will enjoy even if not a huge fan of the Goosebumps franchise.

USA | Number of players: 2-6 (Best:6) | Playing time: 30 minutes | Theme: Horror, Monsters | Difficulty level 1/5 | Age: 8+

31| Ghost Stories (2008)

Become Taoist monks to protect the village from the lord of hell and its ghost army. It is a somewhat more complex game, D&D enthusiasts may enjoy this game even more.

The setting is beautiful, the art of the board is stunning, while the game itself is engaging and requires cooperation between players.

It is probably one of the best D&D fantasy board games for teens.

USA | Number of players: 1-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 60 minutes | Theme: Ghosts, Cooperative, Fantasy, Fighting | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 12+

 30| Exit: The Abandoned Cabin (2016)

EXIT: The Abandoned Cabin is one of the best escape room board games you can find. If you enjoy solving puzzles, work with your friends as a team to work out the solution but prefer to stay at home instead of going to an actual escape room, then this is your game.

Can you get out of the cabin you were just planning to stay for the night? Try to find clues to the combination of the lock.

In our opinion, this is on the top of the best board games for parties list.

German, available in English language | Number of players: 1-6 (Best:2-5) | Playing time: 60-120 minutes | Theme: Puzzle, Deduction | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 12+

29| Fury of Dracula (2015)

This is the third edition of the game and even if the other two were great as well, we can say third time’s the charm. This is hands down one of the best vampire board games you can find.

The art is just captivating and the gameplay experience will definitely boost your group’s morale. The game is a bit more complex than most board games, however, it is still easy to comprehend for most ages.

It is recommended for over 14 though. We find this among the best horror board games for parties as well.

USA | Number of players: 2-5 (Best:5) | Playing time: 120-180 minutes | Theme: Vampire (hunting) | Horror, difficulty level 3/5 |Age: 14+

28| Mascarade

Here is a superb bluffing board game for larger groups and parties. Up to 13 people can play and it is surely going to bring you all closer.

You pick a card that is going to be your character, which’ qualities you have to use to charm gold coins out of your opponents.

Obviously, the one going bankrupt loses and the one gathering 13 coins or the most by the time someone loses, wins the game.

It is a fairly easy and one of the best group board games for parties.

France, available in English language | Number of players: 2-13 (Best:8-13) | Playing time: 30-45 minutes |Theme: Bluffing, Mascarade | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 10+

27| Disney Villainous (2018)

It is a pretty fun game, one of the best spooky family board games. Pick your favorite Disney Villain out of the provided six and compete with others for glory. It is an interesting game that will keep everyone entertained throughout the game.

Each player is for their own, so if your family is competitive, then this is a great game for you. It’s the perfect spooky game to play with your little ones.

USA | Number of players: 2-6 (Best:4-5) | Playing time: 60 minutes | Theme: Fantasy | Medieval difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 10+

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26| Exit: Dead Man on The Orient Express (2017)

We just can’t get enough of German board game designer couple Inka and Markus Brand’s works. This is another amazing escape board game for parties or cozy afternoons.

Do you like murder mysteries, enjoy escape rooms and love Orient Express? Then this is the best board game you can think of.

The puzzles are just great paired with stunning art and story.

It’s a great mystery horror board game that even single players can have fun with.

German, available in English language | number of players: 1-6 (Best:2-5) | Playing time: 60-90 minutes | Theme: Deduction, Murder Mystery | Difficulty level 3/5, | Age: 12+

25| Mansions of Madness

This mind-blowing game was nominated several times for the best fantasy board game award. It would have deserved at least one win as it is just an amazing game. The experience is supported by an app, that takes you through the darker and darker places. The board itself is beautiful as well.

Prepare for an adventure of a lifetime paved by fear and mystery. There are four different scenarios and all of them are just horrifyingly entertaining. Solve puzzles, fight monsters and enjoy the horrific ride this game takes you through.

It is definitely one of the best adventure horror family games for adults.

It could be fun for children as well, however, we think it is more suitable for adults or at least 16+. We also love that it is a fun horror board game for single players as well.

USA | Number of players: 1-5 (Best:2-5) | Playing time: 120-180 minutes | Theme: Puzzle, Deduction, Murder Mystery || Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 14+

24| A Nightmare on Elm Street Horror Movie Board Game (1989)

Freddy Krueger’s story swept the world in 1984. Five years later, as the horror movie grew into a franchise more and more nightmare-ish items hit the store. To complete one’s frightening collection, we present to you the A Nightmare on Elm Street Board Game.

During the game, there is only one thing you can know for sure; you are still alive and not much left until the end. You have to hurry in order to survive. Collect weapons, make up stories with the drawn cards to get through alive. You could never know which player is Freddy!

It is one of the best scary horror board games for families. It is rater from 8 and up, however, we find it a bit too early for the little ones to play. We would rather recommend to 12 and up.

USA | Number of players: 3-8 (Best:6-8) | Playing time: 90 minutes | Theme: Horror, scary | Difficulty: level 2/5 | Age: 12+

23| Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures Standalone Game (2017)

If you are a sucker for murder mysteries and were always into Sherlock Holmes’ adventures, then you are at luck.

This detective board game was first published in 1995 and it was refreshed, updated and expanded in 2017 to ensure an even more entertaining and engaging game.

You can slip into Sherlock Holmes’ skin for a couple of hours and get to the end of a few cases.

USA | Number of players: 1-8 (Best:2-4) | Playing time: 60-120 minutes | Theme: Detective, murder mystery | Difficulty: level 2/5 | Age: 10+

22| Gloomhaven (2017)

This multi-award winner is definitely one of the best adventure board games for adults you can find. It enjoys high popularity in the gaming world. Gloomhaven is an adventure game with an amazingly thoroughly crafted world and exciting tasks.

One to four players begin their adventures as wanderers in the world each with a different set of skills and goals. You will have to work together in order to progress.

It is one of the best cooperative horror board games for single players and small groups.

USA | Number of players: 1-4 (Best:3) | Playing time: 60-120 minutes | Theme: Strategy, Fantasy, Fighting | Difficulty: level 4/5 | Age: 12+

21| The Bloody Inn (2015)

If you have plans of running a charming inn at a remote location, maybe in France, this game is not your option to practice. On the other hand, if you are looking to open a Bates Motel kind of place, this may prepare you for some of the difficulties a greedy murderer may face.

Of course, we do not suggest even thinking about opening such a place.
The game is basically about a farmer family, which decides to open an inn to steal from their guests.

It will often end in murder and besides getting rid of the bodies, keeping things secret from the police, you also have to launder the stolen money. Quite a game!

Anyway, it is really fun. Each player is one of the family members trying to gain as much money as possible while not getting caught.

France/Belgium, available in English language | Number of players: 1-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 60-120 minutes | Theme: Strategy, Card, Economic, Horror | Difficulty: level 2/5 | Age: 14+

20| Mysterium (2015)

Mysterium has won and been nominated for many awards being among the best mystery board games for families and is a game that adults will love just as much as teens. It is quite easy to play, but the art is beautiful, while the story really engaging as well.

We are sure the whole family is going to love trying to solve the murder with the help of the victim’s ghost, who cannot speak and remember the murder.

Help the ghost remember and find the murderer. This is also a superb murder case solving horror board game for parties.

Ukraine, available in English language | Number of players: 2-7 (Best:5) | Playing time: 40-60 minutes | Theme: Murder Mystery | Difficulty: level 2/5 | Age: 10+

19| Eldritch Horror (2013)

Eldritch Horror is one of the best horror board games for young adults. The end of the world is closing upon us and it is up to you and your trusted fellow workers to turn everything back into normal.

Are you going to let monsters terrorize the population or you can put a stop to it?

It is a super adventure board game with horrifying developments that only you and your friends can prevent.

The flow of the game is constant and very entertaining.

USA | Number of players: 1-8 (Best:6) | Playing time: 120-240 minutes | Theme: Fantasy, Adventure | Difficulty level: 3/5 | Age: 14+

18| Elder Sign (2011)

In 1926, a unique collection of exotic and magical items are being exhibited in the museum. It really seems they are instruments to bring about great evil.

You and only you with your investigator friends have the chance to find out what is happening and how can you prevent the evil creatures from stepping into our world.

It is a fun game throughout, often regarded as the best adventure board game for all ages. It is played with dice and has an enjoyably fast pace so no one will get bored for sure.

USA | Number of players: 1-8 (Best:4) | Playing time: 90 minutes | Theme: Fantasy, Adventure | Difficulty level: 2/5 | Age: 13+

17| Jaws Movie Board Game (2019)

Jaws, the Spielberg classic movie now has come to us as a board game. It is one of the best board games made after a movie. The story of the game follows the movie, so you may know how it is going to look like.

The only difference, here even the shark could win. One of the players takes on the role of the shark, the others try to hunt it down.

Which character did you like the most? Brody, Hunter or Quint? You can pick either of them and the adventure begins!

USA | Number of players: 2-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 60 minutes, | Theme: Movie, Fighting | Difficulty level: 2/5 | Age: 12+

16| One Week Ultimate Werewolf (2018)

It is surely one of the best board games with werewolves. The game is exhilarating throughout as you are wandering from room to room in the dark and mysterious Ludwig Castle.

Each room will take you closer to finding out, who is the werewolf in your team. The aim is to uncover everyone’s role in the group. It is a fun and playful horror board game for families and friends as well.

It could make one the best board games for Halloween. If you have plans of hosting a scary Halloween party, this board game should serve your crowd well.

USA | Number of players: 3-7 (Best:5-6) | Playing time: 60 minutes, | Theme: Bluffing, Horror | Difficulty level: 2/5 | Age: 8+

15| Fallout: The Board Game (2017)

Computer gamers are very likely to be familiar with one of the best apocalyptic adventure board games one can think of.

The Fallout video games came out in 1997. Over the decades it gained popularity and besides PC, it can be played on all game consoles as well.

The board game is going to make you get lost in the post nuclear fallout world for sure. It is considered as the best solo board game by many fans.

Roam through the wastelands and fight mutants, find the most useful tools for your survival and complete quests to win the game.

Fallout is the best board game for video gamers who enjoy horror and spooky vibes.

USA | Number of players: 1-3 (Best:1) | Playing time: 120180minutes | Theme: Apocalyptic, adventure | Difficulty level: 3/5 | Age: 14+

14| Dark Souls: The Board Game (2017)

Dark Souls is for the skilled and seasoned board gamers as it is quite complex and difficult to complete.

The world is changing depending on your decisions making sure you are having the game of a lifetime.

Discover the dark lands and fight horrifying monsters. What makes this game even more fun, the monsters you fight are never the same so you can replay many times before even thinking of a change.

Dark Souls is perfect for those who are looking for 2 player horror board games or single player board games.

UK | Number of players: 1-4 (Best: any) | Playing time: 120-180minutes | Theme: Medieval, strategy, exploration, adventure | Difficulty level: 4/5 | Age: 14+

13| Zombicide: Black Plague (2015)

Zombicide is definitely amongst the best board games with zombies. A fairly new approach to the zombie plague setting; it is taking place in medieval times and there are fantasy creatures you can choose to slay the undead with.

It is a nicely paced game with lots of action and exciting moments. Are you going to be able to defeat the zombie armies terrorizing the population?

In case you are stuck alone at home, it is a fun play alone as well. Making it one of the best solo board games as well.

French, available in English | Number of players: 1-6 (Best:3) | Playing time: 60 -180minutes | Theme: Medieval, zombie, strategy, exploration, adventure | Difficulty level: 3/5 | Age: 14+

12| Sub Terra Board Game (2017)

This awesome game requires a large table or available space on the floor, depending or where you prefer to play. Become cavers to explore a large system of tunnels underground. Things naturally don’t go smoothly.

The deeper you get, the less chance you have for survival. Still, there is no other way than to go on the life-threatening exploration. As you progress, you draw cards from a random deck to reveal the next few meters of the tunnel.

You maybe hit with some lethal gases, or meet a dead end, let’s find out who can survive this dreadful exploration. It is a fun party board game and good for families as well.

USA | Number of players: 1-6 (Best:3) | Playing time: 60 minutes | Theme: Maze, horror, exploration, adventure | Difficulty level: 2/5 | Age: 10+

11| The Others: 7 Sins Board Game (2016)

In the darkest times of humanity, the seven sins had been summoned to corrupt our world. The fight between good and evil has come to a turning point. The sins want to take over the city of Haven. Everything stands or falls on this battle. Who is going to win in this horrible fight?

This board game is full of action, during which each of the players will be sitting on the edge of their seats. One player is controlling a sin, while the rest are trying to defend the city as controllers of the F.A.I.T.H. (Federal Authority for the Interdiction of Transdimensional Horrors).

It surely deserves a spot on a list collecting the best horror board games.

USA | Number of players:2-5 (Best:5) | Playing time: 60 minutes | Theme: Fantasy, Fighting, horror | Difficulty level: 3/5 | Age: 14+

10| Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game (2007)

Another amazing zombie board game to entertain your party guests. It is a pretty dark, yet thrilling game as you become the small town heroes fighting off the raiding zombies coming at you.

This game is full of surprises and with the many combinations of heroes and scenarios, it can be replayed many times before having enough of it. We certainly recommend this as one of the best zombie board games for parties.

The game is bone-chillingly well designed, the art is superb and it even comes with a CD to provide a soundtrack with the game.

USA | Number of players: 2-6 (Best:5) | Playing time: 60-90 minutes | Theme: Zombie, Fighting, horror | Difficulty level: 2/5 | Age: 12+

9| Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game (2010)

This superb exploration game is one of the best D&D board Games you can entertain your friends with. It is full of surprises and action, while your actions change the game quite rapidly.

Explore new parts of the Castle to get into an even scarier turn of events. You can play it solo as well but in case you are playing with others, there are great scenarios where you have to cooperate in order to succeed.

USA | Number of players: 1-5 (Best:4) | Playing time: 60-90 minutes | Theme: Dungeons and Dragons, Fighting, horror, exploration | Difficulty level: 3/5 | Age: 12+

8| Machina Arcana (2014)

It’s the perfect board game for steampunk and Lovecraft lovers. Machina Arcana is considered as one of the best steampunk board games for a good reason. First, it was self published by the Croatian creator, Juraj Bilich to then quickly hit the world of steampunk fans.

It is a great and well crafted game where you are going to explore an underground complex of unknown origins. The world is fascinating and it is a game play experience you are not going to forget for a while.

The big story is broken down into smaller chapters so you can have a few small games or consider it one big scenario.

Croatia, available in English language | Number of players: 1-5 (Best:4) | Playing time: 150 minutes | Theme: Steampunk, fantasy, exploration | Difficulty level: 3/5 | Age: 13+

7| Dead of Winter A Crossroads Game (2014)

Dead of Winter is in the line of the best psychological survival board games. It is quite an exciting, sometimes little depressing, but after all an amazing game. In an apocalyptic world, where there are only a few smaller groups of survivors remind us of the old times, most people are dead or turned into flesh eating zombies.

Each of the players is a leader of a small group and works together with others to survive and win the game.

This is one of the best meta cooperative strategy horror board games with interesting characters and story.

USA | Number of players: 2-5 (Best:3-4) | Playing time: 60-120 minutes | Theme: Bluffing, Deduction, Horror | Difficulty level: 3/5 | Age: 13+

6| Axis & Allies & Zombies (2018)

In one of the biggest wars, World War II, you get to lead one of the major powers of the Axis or the Allies to lead to victory.

That sounds pretty straight forward. It would if zombies didn’t appear as another force to defeat. There are some incredible scenarios and machinery.

If you are a fan of war board games such as Risk, this one will definitely become one of your new favorites. It is one of the best war board games with the addition of zombies.

USA | Number of players:2-5 (Best:5) | Playing time: 60-180 minutes | Theme: Zombie, wargame, WWII | Difficulty level: 3/5 | Age: 12+

5| Nyctophobia The Hunted (2018)

A superb new angle to horror games. It would be a fairly simple game, if there wasn’t a prop that turns things around. Are you afraid of the dark? Well, maybe after this game you will be.

The players have to work together to get away from a raving beast in the dark forest. As you are being chased your only chance of survival is working as a team.

It sounds quite easy, doesn’t it? Well, the above mentioned props come in the picture now; all the players must wear blackout glasses. That makes things more interesting.

Players cannot see, therefore, they have to rely on their sense of touch. We think it is one of the best board games for parties as it will definitely make people laugh and have fun.

USA | Number of players: 3-5 (Best:4) | Playing time: 30-45 minutes | Theme: Horror | Difficulty level: 1/5 | Age: 9+

4| Resident Evil 2: The Board Game (2019)

If you are an enthusiastic Resident Evil gamer or just enjoyed the zombie apocalypse movies, then this board game will bring a lot of joy to your home.

It is as grim and bloody as you may expect. The figurines are just great to recreate the mind blowing scenes of the video games and the movies. The players have to cooperate if they want to get out of Racoon city alive.

There are startling situations and unexpected secrets to uncover. Are you going to make it out without a bite?

It is definitely a worthy competitor for the throne of the best horror board games with zombies.

USA | Number of players: 1-4 (Best:2) | Playing time: 60-120 minutes | Theme: Horror, Zombie, Survival | Difficulty level: 2/5 | Age: 14+

3| Tragedy Looper (2011)

Tragedy Looper is often mentioned as the best murder mystery board game deservedly. It is just an amazing game with one player being the mastermind and up to three others are the heroes to solve the mystery.

There are four separate segments of the board representing different scenarios. The art is just beautiful, we are sure anime lovers will grow fond of this game quickly.

It is up to the players if they choose to form a team against the mastermind or go solo. We are sure you and your gamer friends are in for a treat!

Japanese, available in English language | Number of players: 2-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 120-150 minutes | Theme: Bluffing, Deduction, Murder mystery | Difficulty level: 4/5 | Age: 13+

2| Salem 1692 Board Game (2015)

This is definitely the best board game for people who love witches and the history of it. But even if you are not fond of witches, this game will make your rainy days for sure.

Despite being a fairly short game, you may want to play again several times, so a fun afternoon is guaranteed. If you are familiar with the Salem witch trials, then you know it was not at all a time we remember fondly.

Despite that, the game is quite fun, just have to make sure the habit of accusing others falsely doesn’t stick.

The game is pretty straight forward; you have to survive by accusing others of being a witch. You can also make allies by defending them to better your chances. Do you think you would be good at surviving in such a hard time? Play your cards right and you will.

We loved how well rounded the characters are you get to play as. Also, the game is beautiful and the box looks like a worn leather book, which will definitely make an outstanding addition to your witchy collection. Salem is one of the best party board games you can invite friends over for.

USA | Number of players: 4-12 (Best:7-10) | Playing time: 30-40 minutes | Theme: Bluffing, Deduction | Difficulty level: 2/5 | Age: 12+

1| Betrayal at House on the Hill (2004)

It is a suspenseful, scary game with an amazing feature to stand out from the best horror board games; you can build the haunted house yourselves.

That’s right, you can build the house tile by tile to really make ti your own. Once you are ready with the creative part, let’s get down to survival.

There are six characters, one of whom is going to betray the group. Can you act quickly enough to get out alive?

It is not just about rolling the dice and move, but you have to be strategic and work with the others to make sure you get out in one piece.

It is regarded as one of the best horror board games for friends and families.

USA | Number of players: 3-6 (Best:6) | Playing time: 60-90 minutes | Theme: Horror, Deduction, Adventure | Difficulty level: 2/5 | Age: 12+

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