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Explore some of the most romantic and useful gifts for him and her to give for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Explore the best gift ideas for your husband, boyfriend, wife, & girlfriend that’ll surely wow.

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unique gifts for him and her

Unique Gifts For Him & Her

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Looking for some unique and thoughtful gift ideas to surprise your one and only? You’re at the right place. We collected some of the most popular and beloved gifts for couples from Etsy and Amazon. These romantic gifts for him and her will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Finding unique gifts can be challenging, especially for couples who have been married and/or together for a long time. However, with a bit of creativity and thought you can find a brilliant gift for Valentine’s Day, birthday, or anniversary that will wow your partner.

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You’ll find here creative gift ideas for your husband, boyfriend, or your wife, and girlfriend. No matter how long you’ve been together there is always possible to find a new gift that surprises the other and makes them feel special.

We also included some romantic gift ideas that not only make excellent gifts for couples but can also give you some special at-home date night ideas for new and married couples alike. However, if you’re into subscription boxes you can also check out our guide to the best date night boxes that can also make great gifts.

21| LED Therapy Mask

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LED therapy masks are one of the most useful gift ideas for both men and women because they’re not only healing for your skin but also relaxing.

Our favorite LED therapy mask is CurrentBody’s LED mask because it’s easily portable, has of great quality, and their customer service is fantastic. If you use our discount code ASIANACB you’ll get 10% off.

Thanks to CurrentBody, LED therapy masks are not only for celebrities anymore because they offer great quality products for a good price.

LED face mask devices use different wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin at different levels, providing a range of benefits for all skin types. It’s not only pain-free but actually a relaxing experience.

These devices have been shown to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish the look of acne, and even out skin tone. In addition, they can promote collagen production, reduce inflammation, and improve the overall texture and firmness of the skin.

While you definitely don’t have to spend thousands on an LED mask you should make sure that you buy a good quality one that doesn’t only use simple red light and that the company offers a money-back guarantee.

20| A Smart Water Bottle

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Showing someone that you care about them and their health is one of the best ways to show that you truly love them. Drinking enough clean water is one of the most important steps you can take for your mental and physical well-being. That’s why one of the most useful and cool thoughtful gifts for teens and adults is a pro-quality and lightweight self-cleaning water bottle like LARQ.

We love LARQ water bottles because they’re made of stainless steel and use innovative non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED technology to sanitize water and clean the inner surfaces of the bottle by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria and viruses that provide fresh and safe water to its users in 60 seconds. It also intelligently activates every 2 hours to keep your bottle fresh and stink-free.

It’s also long-lasting, BPA and plastic free, and has an elegant design with multiple color choices. Thanks to this smart UV water sanitizer your loved ones will be able to hydrate safely even on the road and in countries where tap water isn’t safe for drinking. It’s easily one of the most useful and romantic gift ideas that’s also on a budget and that your loved one will appreciate regardless of gender or age.

19| DIY Whiskey Making Kit

DIY Whiskey Making Kit - romantic gifts for him

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One of the most creative gifts for him is a quality DIY Whiskey making kit. This beautiful Whiskey making kit is the #1 DIY gift set for homemade whiskey is a perfect Valentine’s day gift idea for him that’ll surely love.

However, if DIY is not his thing but he’s a whiskey lover you can also consider getting him a gorgeous and personalizable engraved decanter set with glasses because it’s one of the most useful and elegant gifts for whiskey lovers.

Engraved Decanter Set with Glasses - romantic gift ideas for him

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18| Space Box – Mind Game Mechanical Puzzle

Space Box Escape Room Games For Adults

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This brainteaser puzzle box is a great valentine’s day gift for her and him as well. If your partner enjoys solving puzzles, escape rooms and loves sci-fi and fantasy, this box is a great present for them. We think it is among the best gifts for husband and wife, they could solve it together on an at-home date night.

Opening this box is going to be huge fun, with a number of separate puzzles that await your sharpness. Once all the puzzles are solved, you may open the box to learn its secret. If you’re looking for difficult puzzle boxes for adults that are also unique you should go for this one.

17| Jewelry Box Organizer

Jewelry Box Organizer

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If you are in search of romantic and useful gifts for her, this jewelry organizer box is a great choice. It isn’t simply practical, but stylish as well. We love the velvet cover that feels soft and protects all items that are stored. The boxes come in various colors, so you can pick your other half’s favorite.

While it is among the most useful gifts for your girlfriend, you might find a suitable gift for gamers as well. If your boyfriend is a gamer, who enjoys playing DnD, this could be the perfect box for their figurines.

16| Custom Face Socks – Fun Gifts for him & her

Custom Face Socks - Fun Gifts for him & her

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We cannot express how fond we are of these personalized socks. Send in the photos you would like to be printed on the socks and all is done for you. Socks are often the best gifts for husband and wife but any partner or friend would love them. Is your partner obsessed with dogs or any animal?

Then send in cute puppy photos and the best present is on its way. It could be a fun present for your love, just send in photos of yourself and they will smile every morning when they put on the socks.

15| Cheese Board Set for foodies & wine lovers

cheese board -romantic gifts for him and her



Cheese, Please! Elevate your romantic evening or gift game with this luxe cheeseboard set. Crafted from 100% eco-friendly bamboo, this stunner boasts not just charm, but also functionality.

Slide out a magnetic drawer (without any hiccups) to reveal high-grade stainless steel cutlery with comfy bamboo grips. Hosting a soirée? The board’s grooves, ceramic bowls, and plates make cracker, nut, or olive placements a breeze.

Perfect for both him and her, it’s a housewarming, wedding, or just-because gift that screams sophistication. Remember: life’s too short for bland gifts – get cheesy with it!

14| Engraved Compass – Romantic Personalized Gifts for him & her

Engraved Compass - Romantic Personalized Gifts for him her

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This classic style compass is certainly among the coolest gifts for boyfriend who loves Indiana Jones, steampunk, and similar themes. Naturally, those women who like this genre would appreciate this gift. You can engrave a text into the compass to personalize it.

The engraving can go on the front, inside, or on the back. If you cannot choose or have great ideas for every side, go with all three. If you prefer there is an additional leather pouch that can be ordered. This beautiful compass could be a great gift to married couples who love hiking too.

13| Personalized Gold Name Necklace – Romantic Gifts For Her

Personalized Gold Name Necklace - Romantic Gifts For Her (Small)

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Personalized gifts are certainly the best gifts for wife or girlfriend and this necklace is perfect to express how much you love her. It could be a couple’s gift for valentine’s day as well. If you would like to surprise your loved one, it would definitely show you are serious if you order a matching pair.

These necklaces are great anniversary gifts for wife and girlfriend. Upon ordering you can choose from 18K gold, rose gold or sterling silver. What makes this seller great is the option to choose your font and you could even email them for a mockup to make sure you get what you had in mind.

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12| Chanasya Healing Compassion Throw Blanket – Useful gifts for him & her

Chanasya Healing Compassion Throw Blanket - Useful gifts for him & Her

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Some of the most romantic and useful gifts for her and him are the ones for their home. Does your partner enjoy cozying in with a book or in front of their favorite movies? Then you cannot find better gifts for your wife or husband.

These blankets with positive thoughts are fluffy, warm, and look great too. Besides its style, this blanket is also very practical, easy to wash, and cruelty-free, all synthetic. They come in twelve different colors, so you can order gifts for your partner and yourself too.

11| Engraved Pocket Knife – Romantic gifts for Him & Her

Engraved Pocket Knife - Romantic gifts for him & Her

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Campers and knife enthusiasts are going to love this personalized present for sure. These beautiful and high-quality knives are the best gifts for boyfriend or husband, who love to spend time in nature. You can either order a single knife, or go for a whole set of three, six, or ten.

There is a large selection of designs and materials, so you may be covered for the next couple of celebrations. When you order these great gifts for him, you can choose from over 15 fonts to engrave a personalization into the knife. Since you can order a set of ten, it could be a unique gift for bachelor parties too.

10| Forget Me Nots In Stained Glass Frame – Romantic Gifts for Him & Her

Forget Me Nots In Stained Glass Frame - Romantic Gifts for Him Her (Small)

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There is no doubt, these little pressed plant frames are among the most beautiful gifts for wife and girlfriend. While we think it is a superb valentine’s day gift for her, forget me not flowers are perfect gifts before travels.

Are you going on a business trip and have to spend some time apart? Surprise your loved one with these hanging little frames to keep connected while you are away. It can be a lovely decoration at home and in the office.

9| Personalized Recipe Book Blank Binder – Useful Gifts For Him & Her

Personalized Recipe Book Blank Binder - Useful Gifts For Him Her (Small)

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Anyone, who loves cooking and keeping their favorite recipes is going to adore this personalized recipe bookbinder. You can choose the size, A6, A5, and A4, and pick from five different colors. Furthermore, there is an option to choose from six styles for the pages themselves.

There are also eight different cover designs you can select from. Once you figure out the best look for the book, you can get something nice engraved on the cover. It is definitely among the best gifts girlfriend and boyfriend who loves to cook.

8| Home Planetarium Star Projector

Home Planetarium Star Projectors

Get It On Amazon

We have already included this fantastic home planetarium in our list of gifts for space lovers. While it is definitely a great present for those who love space, we are convinced it would be a romantic gift for her and him too.

Besides offering the dreamy experience of stargazing at home, it can be a unique at home date night idea too. Have a romantic dinner under the stars or picnic indoors with the most beautiful view above. On the other hand, if your partner loves space, there are no better valentine’s day gifts than home planetariums.

7| Personalized Men’s Leather Wallet – Useful Gifts For Him

Personalized Mens Leather Wallet - Useful Gifts For Him (Small)

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Some of the most romantic and useful gifts for him are wallets with a personal touch. You can order these wallets in two different colors and get a personal short text or picture engraved on up to four parts of it.

A reassuring or loving message always goes a long way, who wouldn’t want to know they are beloved. The photos are going to be really good quality, so your love will always have the opportunity to enjoy your beauty. This is also a superb birthday gift for him.

6| Personalized tumbler with straw – useful gifts for him & her

Personalized tumbler with straw - best gifts for her (Small)

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When it comes to absolutely practical gifts, you cannot go wrong with these personalized tumblers. You can choose from four different colors and get it engraved with your message or the recipient’s name.

Additionally, if you prefer something more personal, there is an option to send in a photo that will be on the tumbler. It comes with a straw so it is great for the car or anywhere on the road. Personalized tumblers are some of the best gifts for wives or husbands because they look great and are practical.

5| Docking station – useful gifts for him

Docking station - useful gifts for him (Small)

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Speaking of practical and stylish gifts for him and her, this docking station is a great addition to anyone’s home. How many times had your love been looking for every accessory a home they need before leaving?

This simple, yet thoughtful piece is going to make everyone’s life much easier to help each day start with a positive thought. You can get a personal message engraved and the wood itself comes in four colors. It is definitely among the best gifts for husband or wife.

4| Spa Luxetique Gift Baskets for Women

Spa Luxetique Gift Baskets for Women

Get It On Amazon

Sometimes the best way to express your love towards your partner is to give a few hours of quiet and pampering. With this lavender package, your loved ones can lock themself into the bathroom for a while and forget about the world outside.

While it is recommended as a romantic gift for her, we think men could see the upside of a little relaxing “me” time too. The package includes a bubble bath, bath bomb, lotions, and soaps to spoil your other half from top to bottom.

3| Vintage Natural Opal Ring-14K Yellow Gold Vermeil Ring

Vintage Natural Opal Ring-14K Yellow Gold Vermeil RingGet It On Etsy

Sometimes the most obvious valentine’s day or anniversary gifts for wife or girlfriend are the best. If your partner loves jewelry, you cannot go wrong with this magical ring. The beauty of this fairy-tale-like ring is definitely going to warm your love’s heart.

This vintage ring is certainly great for every occasion if you want to say “I love you” and in case you are planning to propose, it could be a lovely engagement ring too. However, if you are looking for unique engagement rings for geeky people, we have collected a few beautiful options.

2| Speckled Minimalist Jewelry Dish

Speckled Minimalist Jewelry Dish

Get It On Etsy

These beautiful and posh jewelry dishes are superb gifts for husband and wife without a doubt. The remarkable design perfectly fits into any home decor one way or another. You can get the dishes personalized that will make it a truly unique gift for married couples.

On the other hand, it can be a great gift for anyone who tends to wear a lot of jewelry. You can order as many as you wish in case you want to gift a whole set or are thinking of handing out gifts at bachelorette parties. Furthermore, these could also be great gifts for bridesmaids at your wedding.

1| Swimming against the current silver bracelet

Swimming against the current silver bracelet (Small)

Get It On Etsy

This beautiful and unique bracelet is the best way to show you are aware of how special your partner is. Swimming against the current bracelet is one of the most thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend or wife. Express your feelings without words, but with a bracelet that says everything.

In case your other half loves fish, this could also be a great choice. Even if someone is not fond of traditional jewelry, this bracelet is definitely going to be a hit, because it looks great and sends a clear message of your thoughts and feelings.


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