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The best electric skateboards under $500 for adults and kids. Explore the best off-road, longboard with remote, and cheap electric skateboard kits that will let you travel in style.

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Best Electric Skateboards For Adults & Kids (1)

Best Electric Skateboards For Adults & Kids

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Electric skateboards are super fun especially if you use them off-road. While you might need some time to learn how to use them safely it’s a hobby that’s worth the time you spend on it. If you’re a beginner and want to buy your first electric skateboard you should go for one that has multiple settings including a beginner one. Make sure you also buy all the necessary gear to protect yourself, especially your wrist, knee, and head.

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Electric skateboarding is a fun hobby but you should make sure you always have supervision especially when it comes to kids and beginners, and do not skate without protective gear. However, once you checked all the safety boxes you’re ready to learn one of the most exciting hobbies. Our list is filled with some of the best and most beloved brands that created some excellent electric skateboards on a budget.

You’ll find here super fun, elegant, and fast electric skateboards under 500 USD and can learn more about off-road electric skateboards and find here one of the best of the bests. In case you want to learn how to transform your skateboard into an electric skateboard will also have a few tips and fine products for you.

Electric Skateboard Kit & Safety Gear

Naturally, nothing is more important than safety, so be sure to have the necessary protection before the speeding begins. You can find great electric skateboard helmets, which are must-haves even if you are experienced. Additionally, electric skateboard wrist guards or gloves are inevitable as well.

Fortunately nowadays these protective accessories are just as cool as any piece of clothing so you don’t have to worry about not looking great. You can buy full sets that include helmets, wrist guards, elbow, and knee pads for complete protection. Make sure to get the right size, as it is going to be much more comfortable and functions better too.

You should always have gloves and helmets in your electric skateboard kit.

electric Skateboard kits

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Adjustable Skateboard Skate Helmet with Protective Gear

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Besides protection, you can look at the best electric skateboard kits for fixing issues. Most electric skateboards on our list come with a basic kit, but if you want to either personalize the board or you are more advanced, install upgrades and fix breakdowns yourself you can find cool kits to assist.

DIY Electric Skateboard

You can also order a DIY set, to build your own electric skateboard at home.

DIY Electric Skateboard

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DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

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If you feel like upgrading or are in need of some changes on your board, you can order new wheels for electric skateboards as well as suspension or lights.

Board Blazers LED Skateboard Light

Board Blazers LED Skateboard Light

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Board Blazers Crazy Color Changing LED Skateboard Lights Underglow

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Electric Skateboard Wheels

Pro skateboarders can also upgrade their boards with a set of all-terrain electric skateboard wheels.

Electric Skateboard Wheels

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What is the best electric skateboard?

There are many good answers to this question. First and foremost, safety is the most important, therefore the following need to be considered. The most important point to consider is your experience. Are you completely new to the skateboarding world, or have you been cruising around for a while?

Is it your first electric skateboard? If so, a more stable, the larger board might be better to ensure stability. In addition to that, think of what you would like to use it for. There are off-road electric skateboards for all terrains, you can find electric skateboards with long-range and of course, you can buy a light one for high speed.

If you are planning to travel a lot, you might not need a fast one, but a light electric skateboard. Would you prefer sturdy electric skateboards or style is more important? Naturally, it is not always this or that, you can combine all these qualities and functionalities, but prices will increase accordingly.

What Electric Skateboard should you buy for kids?

You should choose an electric skateboard that has at least 2 settings, beginner and advanced. This way you can set the e-skateboard to a lower setting so it wouldn’t go faster than 6 to 10 MPH. You should check these setting options before you buy and take them into consideration.

Another important thing to consider is the quality of the brand. While it might cost more to buy an electric skateboard from a bigger brand you should only buy this product from a trusted and reliable brand. Especially since some of these boards are capable of going over 20 MPH per hour you should always make sure that it’s from quality materials and was built with care not only when it comes to kids but generally as well.

Best All-Around Electric Skateboard for Adults

17| Possway T3 Electric Skateboard For Adults

Possway T3 Electric Skateboard - best electric skateboards for adults

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POSSWAY is probably the most reliable electric skateboard for adults who are looking for quality and great design in an affordable price range. This stylish e-skateboard has a great range: /28-32km (17-20mi) depending on if you use it while riding on the road, slope, and of course, your own weight. What’s especially great about it are its 105mm Shock-absorbing wheels that will provide you with a much more comfortable riding experience.

You’ll also be able to enjoy a 32 Mph speed which makes it one of the fastest in class as well as an ergonomic deck design for excellent turning control and easy to carve. Thanks to its four-speed mode it’s a great choice for both beginners and pro users who are ready to ride with it to work or school. Its pro-ride mode and 17-20 miles super range will make your daily commute super fun while also cutting down the time you’d spend sitting in traffic.

16| Off-Road Electric Skateboard For Adults

While this off-road electric skateboard is more pricey it does worth every penny especially if you are planning to use it in extreme conditions. A true off-road electric skateboard, that will help you conquer every corner ahead of you. If you are in search of quality electric skateboards for all-terrain, then this monster is for you.

The maximum speed is almost 30 mph and you can climb slopes as high as 30 degrees. Additionally, if your mind is set on electric skateboards for long-range, you might want to take a look at Raldey’s beauty.Electric off-road skateboard for adults

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Best Electric Skateboards Under $500

15| Cool & Fun Electric Skateboard with remote

If you are looking for a quality electric skateboard for adults, then this one is a great find. The Cool and Fun electric skateboard has three different speed options, therefore you can simply go on a light round or speed your way through to the destination.

You can buy most electric skateboards with remote and naturally this stylish board has one too. It is definitely a great start if you are new to the electric skateboard scene, priced at just under $200 is a fair price for style and quality. With a 2.5-hour charge, you can cruise about seven miles at a max of 10 MPH.

Cool&Fun Electric Skateboards with remote

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14| Vivi Electric Skateboards for adults – Longboard with Remote

There are quite a few cheap electric skateboards for children that are as reliable as the Vivi board. You can expect this neat piece to go on for a good while thanks to an impressive range of over nine miles. Its speed isn’t bad either; you can travel at a speed of over 12MPH.

Once purchasing a board you also get a year warranty with customer service, so you can rest assured, you are in good hands. They also have a slightly cheaper and more expensive one for sale. Not a question, if you are looking for quality electric skateboards under 200 USD, this one is a great pick. Prior to purchasing make sure it is for you, the board has a maximum load limit of 155 lbs.

Vivi Electric Skateboards for adults - longboard with remote

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13| Electric longboard with remote

Once a longboard fan is always a longboard fan. If you have cruised the streets of any city, you know why we say that. Now life can be even more enjoyable and free thanks to this remarkable electric longboard. The long deck and the durable wheels with quality suspension guarantee comfort and a unique experience.

Although the manufacturer recommends it for younger boarders, it is safe for a maximum weight of over 280 lbs. Thanks to the various designs and the quality battery, we think it is definitely among the best electric longboards under 300 USD. A two-hour charge will allow you to complete a 10-mile-long journey at a top speed of 12 MPH.

Electric Skateboard - longboard with remote

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12| Electric Skateboard Longboard with remote

Once you feel a little more confident on your electric longboard, maybe it is time to take the next step. If you are in search of exceptional electric skateboards for college, you might have just found the best fit. When traveling to and from college, a strong longboard might be good company.

Safety comes first, but it is important to enjoy every ride and this electric longboard has what it takes. A 2-hour charge allows around 15 miles of travel and you can reach the speed of 23mph. Quite impressive! You are about to be the coolest person on campus. This amazing piece is one of the best electric skateboards under 500 USD.

Electric Skateboard Longboard with remote

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11| Electric Skateboards for Adults with Remote

Electric skateboards under 500 USD usually represent a different category than those under 200 for sure. Still, this Meepo stands out from every crowd, especially if you are looking for electric skateboards for travel.

Beware, this board is definitely not for beginners as you can go from 0 to 19 mph in less than five seconds. That can be scary and dangerous, so please be sure to be ready for that kind of speed and power. First of all, take it slow and practice, secondly, wear appropriate protection. Also, a reliable break takes care of your safety.

Electric Skateboards for adults with Remote

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10| Electric Longboard For Adults with Remote Control

When it comes to reliable transportation, it is important to make sure speed and battery life are adequate. One of the best electric skateboards under 500 USD is this fairly simple, yet truly remarkable machine. Nothing is more relaxing than standing on a board that always works well and takes you anywhere.

This electric skateboard can go on somewhat rougher terrains as well, although it might still find sand and mud a little too much. On a flat road, you can complete an over 20-mile journey and reach the speed of 18 mph.

Electric Longboard For Adults with Remote Control

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9| Fun & Cheap Electric Skateboard for Adults and Kids Under 200

If you prefer practical and cool electric skateboards for adults under 200 USD, then Devo’s board is a great choice. The design is very simple, yet quite captivating. We are sure everyone is going to turn around to sneak another peek at this awesome piece.

The strengthened deck is suitable for children and adults up to 220 lbs. (100 kg) What makes it great, that for the price you have a considerably high-quality battery that can be fully charged within two hours. The range is only 5 miles though but you can go as fast as 12 MPH, still, we think it is definitely among the best electric skateboards for beginners.

Electric Skateboard under 500

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8| Electric Skateboard under 400

Here is another longboard that has no competition in its category for this price range. There are very few electric skateboards under 400 USD that have such large decks. It is so comfortable, you won’t be able to step off this beauty.

In addition to its size, the board can reach the speed of 20 mph in five seconds, so we advise you to be careful onboard. You can pick from three-speed levels and travel up to ten miles. There is no doubt, Urbanpro’s longboard is one of the best electric skateboards for travel as it’s really comfortable.

Electric Skateboard under 400

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7| Cool & Cheap Wookrays Electric Skateboards with Wireless Remote for kids under 200

Often style is more important than anything and Wookrays’ boards look great. Stop the search for fun electric skateboards under 200 USD, because you are going to love this one. The boards come in various designs, so feel free to pick the one that resonates with you. This e-skateboard can go as fast as 12.4 MPH and has 3-speed adjustment options which is great if you want to buy an electric skateboard for kids, younger teens, or beginners.

You are definitely going to get value for money as every piece is carefully selected to ensure great functionality and outstanding style. No doubt, it is one of the cheapest electric skateboards with a remote for kids and adults.

Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote for kids under 200

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6| Fun & Cheap Electric Skateboards with Wireless Remote for kids and teens

Our list of the best electric skateboards under 200 USD wouldn’t be complete without this fun board. You can travel up to 8 miles with a full charge and the motor is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about splashing into a puddle or cruising in rain. You can go as fast as 12.4 MPH with the highest setting.

We love the design that makes this board stand out from all collections of electric skateboards with remote control. Naturally, it is much more than just a cool-looking board, you are going to love exploring the streets of any city around the world with this piece. As it is not too heavy, we think it is one of the best electric skateboards for traveling as well.

Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote for kids and teens

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5| Electric longboard with dual motor and remote for adults Under 500

TeamGee is a skilled electric skateboard manufacturer, so if you are looking for advanced boards, look around here. This board looks just as great as well it functions. You can travel up to 11 miles with a charge at the top speed of 22 mph. It is for sure, if you are looking for amazing electric skateboards under 500 USD, this will top your list.

Beyond the quality materials, waterproof motor, and smooth suspension, you also have a built-in charger. This means, when you are going downhill, you can change the motor and extend your range.

Electric longboard with dual motor and remote for adults

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4| Electric Skateboards with Dual Brushless Motor for adults under 500

If you want to be sure about sturdiness and smooth rides, Hiboy has an idea. This piece was built for the toughest roads which put it on the top of every list of the best electric skateboards for adults. You can go off-road, however, it still has its limitations. You can go 18.6MPH at top speed and for 12.5 miles.

If you are looking for fully off-road electric skateboards, you might have to look at a bit more expensive boards, we also have a few recommendations for you. Still, this bad boy is ready for action, the wheels are extremely strong and the board itself withstands almost anything.

Electric Skateboard Dual Brushless Motor for adults under 500

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3| Cheap Electric Skateboards For Adults Under 200

Well, you wouldn’t believe but it is possible to find cheap electric skateboards online that have amazing quality. Naturally, you cannot expect those boards to be capable of matching the performance of others on this list. Still, if you are not a serious electric skateboarder, or just really new to the game, there are some options. This cheap yet elegant e-skateboard can go as fast as 12 MPH, has two modes (beginner and advanced), got a remote, and can go up to 10 miles with one charge.

You can start with a smaller investment to get a feel of the battery-powered skateboards. We think this cheap electric skateboard is definitely a good start if you prefer to buy quality and affordable products.

Electric Skateboard for adults

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2| Electric Skateboards Longboard with Remote Under 300

Here is another superb choice if you are browsing for the best electric skateboards for college. It has a 10-mile range and charges as quickly as 2 hours, so you can definitely travel back and forth without any waiting. It loads up to 220 lbs (99kg) and can go as fast as 12 MPH with a max range of 10 miles.

Meeting friends at the library? Pop over there, and just plug it in while doing your research for the paper due. The natural design is really easy to fall in love with so your peers are going to love it as well for sure.

Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Under 300

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1| Electric Longboard for adults under 500

Take cruising to the next level; the iENYRID electric longboard is truly remarkable. If you cannot decide between electric skateboards with remote control, you need to see this. This board’s remote control has a number of useful functions. While enjoying the headwind at a speed of nearly 22 mph, you can keep an eye on your battery level and change speed.

This board also has a change direction mode, so you don’t have to worry about changing your position while standing on the board. This fascinating board is also among the best electric skateboards under 500 USD because of its strong motor. You can climb tough slopes. Furthermore, the manufacturer is very environmentally conscious, materials are mostly natural.

Electric Longboard for adults under 500

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