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Explore the best card deck boxes that will help you protect your cards in style. Find here unique and personalizable trading card deck boxes, magic, Pokemon, ultra pro, and beguiling tarot deck boxes.

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Best Card Deck Boxes (1)

Handy & Stunning Card Deck Boxes

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No matter if you’re a gamer or a witch if you love your cards you know just how important it is to safely store them, travel with them, and of course, put them on display in your room and around the house. We collected some of the must-have and most useful large card storages for collectors as well as exciting and unique pieces.

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You’ll find here some of the most beautiful handmade card boxes some of which you can even personalize. These breathtaking pieces are also amazing gift ideas for geeks, gamers, and witches as well as unique home decor items.

No matter if you’re looking for a fun and cheerful Pokemon box or a well-crafted handmade collectible card deck box you’ll find here something excellent to add to your collection.

Where to buy card deck boxes?

You can easily buy card deck boxes online on both Amazon or Etsy. However, if you’re looking for handmade and more quality boxes you should check out the boxes on Etsy. There you’ll find beautifully crafted, unique card deck boxes that can be personalized in most cases for approximately the same price as generic ones on other sites. The only difference is that you’ll probably have to wait at least a few days more since the boxes (especially if they’re personalized) are often made to order.

22| Magic The Gathering Dark Sturdy Deck Box

Magic The Gathering Dark Sturdy Deck Box (Small)

If you’re looking for a beautifully handmade card deck box to carry your MTG decks in style to your next game night, then you found one of the best ones.

You can easily fit in everything you need here, including five single-sleeved standard or commander decks, 100 single-sleeved cards, as well as room for tokens, proxy cards, dice, play mat, and more. If you love vintage or ‘old world’ design then you should go for this beauty.

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21| Trading Card Storage Case – 2500+ Cards

Trading Card Storage Case - 2500+ Cards (Small)

Looking for a sturdy and large card deck box that’s capable of fitting up to 25 standard deck boxes? Then check out this simple yet elegant box. It’s not only easily portable and super strong but it doesn’t have curved corners so your cards will be safe at all times.

This beauty is capable of holding up to 2500 un-sleeved cards. So, if you have standard-sized tarot, trading cards, Cards Against Humanity, Magic The Gathering, TCG, Arkham, Pokemon, Yugioh, or want to store other cards too like Uno, or Poker this is a great choice.

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20| Magic The Gathering Wooden Card Deck Box

Magic The Gathering Wooden Card Deck Box

Once you built a strong deck to overpower all your opponents, it is time to find a suitable card deck holder. This beautiful wooden box is amazing for many reasons. Your adversaries are going to know, you are a real pro. Everyone in the room will be fascinated by this magical wooden card deck box.
In addition to its neat, yet remarkable style, there is a turn counter inside the lid. Therefore you will never lose track of your game. It is definitely one of the coolest ultra pro card deck boxes.

19| Custom Wooden Card Deck & Dice Box (200 Cards)

Custom Wooden 200 Card Deck and Dice Box

There are many great playing card deck boxes out there, but this one will be one of a kind. You can order it with a personalized engraving to make sure nobody has a similar one. It is also a great gift for Magic the Gathering fans, who love to take good care of their deck.

The wooden card deck box is lined with felt, so your dice won’t make any sound while traveling. If you are out of ideas for how to impress your friends, this box will certainly help you with that.

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18| Necromancer’s Coffin Card Deck Box For Two Commander Decks & Two Dice/Token Pockets

Necromancer’s Coffin Card Deck Box For Two Commander Decks & Two Dice,Token Pockets

When it comes to style and intimidating other players, this card game case ticks all the boxes. The coffin has two compartments for decks and two small pockets for dice or tokens. Upon ordering you just have to choose your favorite colors for the interior and exterior.

If you want your box to stand out, you can pick brighter colors too. It is guaranteed that you are going to steal the spotlight once you pull this amazing playing card deck box out of your bag. If you collect card game deck boxes, then it is a must-have without a doubt.

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17| Handmade Wooden Gwent Card Deck Box & Board

Handmade Wooden Gwent Card Deck Box & Board

True GWENT players are going to fall in love with this box instantly. There are only a few card deck boxes for GWENT lovers, that serve players as well as this one. First of all, it isn’t just a deck holder box, but a stunning board as well.

You are about to become the proud owner of a beautifully carved wooden GWENT board too. The Witcher Card game is becoming more and more popular, so it is a superb gift you cannot go wrong with. Even if someone is not hooked on the game, the finest of ultra pro card deck boxes will do wonders.

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16| The Call Of Cthulhu Trading Deck Box – Personalized

The Call Of Cthulhu Trading Deck Box - Personalized

Are you looking for truly outstanding trading card deck boxes for your The Call Of Cthulhu games? You are in the right place. This dark and mighty piece is surely for you. Not only for Lovecraft lovers but for anyone who enjoys horror board games. This cool 3D-printed box is going to turn some heads at all the gatherings.

Some might even be more curious about your box than your trading cards. When ordering you can request unpainted or black, both look superb, so you might end up with a couple of trading card deck boxes.

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15| Oracle and Tarot Card deck organizer

Oracle and Tarot Card deck organiser

This simple, yet remarkably useful creation is going to make life much easier. You can take it with you anywhere, or just keep it at home to ensure your decks are all neat and tidy.

Looking for practical tarot deck boxes or a card case holder that holds multiple decks? You are in luck because this wooden deck container is also affordable. Sometimes simplicity is better than any complicated design, especially, if you are looking for functionality only.

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14| Handmade Wooden Tarot Card Box

Tarot card box (Small)

Those who love to have their tarot deck with them at all times are surely at the right place. This is among the most beautiful wooden tarot card deck boxes you can find online.

The engraving is so beautiful, people are going to love it even if they have nothing to do with tarot. The box is sized conveniently; not too big, so you can fit it even in your pocket, but big enough to store a regular tarot card deck.

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13| Handmade Wooden Box for Tarot Deck

Handmade Wooden Box for Tarot Deck

We cannot stress enough, sometimes less is more and this stylish piece is here to reassure everyone. When looking for tarot card deck boxes, you are definitely going to find many different styles. What we love about this wooden tarot card box are the unique shiny colors that give a personalized feel to it.

They look really fun and the right color will put you in the mood for telling your fortune straight away. There are more traditional colors and you can order one with shiny pearl or pink as well.

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12| Magic Dragon 100 Card Latching Deck and Dice Box

Magic Dragon 100 Card Latching Deck and Dice Box

This superb custom-made wooden card game case is great for all types. Since you can request any sort of engraving, these can serve as Pokemon card deck boxes as well as Magic the Gathering and others.

There is a separate compartment, so if you also collect and trade dice, tokens, or even Pokemon tazos, you can have everything in one place. You can take off the cover and even use this deck holder during the game itself.

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11| Personalized Wooden Deck Box

Personalized Wooden Deck Box

Here is another one of the coolest card game deck boxes everyone is going to love. Thanks to its convenient size, you can carry it with you everywhere. This can be the solution if you would like to gift Pokemon card deck boxes or any sort of trading card deck boxes.

Since it can be personalized, any person would love to have one regardless of their passion. You can ask for your own design or writing with a huge selection of fonts. Those who love to carry around a deck of French playing cards to challenge others to a poker game would love this wooden card deck box too.

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10| Deck Box Magic the Gathering TCG CCG

Deck Box Magic the Gathering TCG CCG

Another amazing and spooky design that will make everyone envious at the table. This is one of the most remarkable playing card deck boxes you can find out there. You don’t have to be a player to love this wooden card game case. Still, probably Magic the Gathering lovers will appreciate it the most.

We are sure if you are looking to buy a trading card deck box, this would be on your shortlist. The shiny top and the sensational skulls create a special vibe everyone will love.

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9| Magic The Gathering Deck and Dice Box – Sun And Moon

Magic The Gathering Deck and Dice Box - Sun And Moon

This lovely piece of art is perfect for those, who love detailed art and prefer to carry their killer deck everywhere. At first sight, one might think this is some sort of decoration, as every detail is magical on this box.

Players who crave attention in their group are going to want this box for sure. You can buy these magic card deck boxes in seven different colors to reflect on your personality. It has two compartments; one for your deck and one for your dice.

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8| Pokemon Card Deck Box With Free Personalization

Pokemon Card Deck Box With Free Personalization (Small)

There is no better match for Pokemon card players than this imaginative piece. You can summon your pokemon from your superb pokebox and even store your dice along with the cards. There is surely no better Pokemon card deck box than this one. It is light and sturdy as it is 3D-printed.

The good part is that you can actually have your or the giftee’s name written on it besides choosing a color for the box. In our opinion, it has more potential than being one of the coolest Pokemon card deck boxes. You can use it as decoration, Pokemon tazo holder, or even as a snack box.

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7| Collector’s card deck box

Collector’s card deck box (Small)

True collectors need a proper box that stores all their rare and unique cards. In order to keep them in mint condition, you have to make sure the cards don’t get damaged. You could, of course, keep them in an album, but that doesn’t look as classy as this card deck box. It is one of the biggest card case holders you can buy.

Fit in whole decks, or just individual cards to display them for trading. The seller offers the box made of different wood types, so feel free to order the best fit for you. Additionally, the dividers can be moved around, allowing you to create compartments of the right size.

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6| Witch Astrology Tarot Card Deck Box

Witch Astrology Tarot card deck box

You don’t have to be a tarot enthusiast to fall in love with this tarot card deck box. This extraordinary piece is definitely among the most beautiful card case holders. Probably Magic the Gathering players would love this box as well as any playing card lovers.

Of course, if you are into tarot, then this is a must-have. You can store your favorite deck in this box, but it would definitely make a fantastic decoration as well.

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5| Portable Card Deck Holder – Backpack

Portable Card Deck Holder - Backpack

This portable card deck holder backpack looks amazing and can hold over 7500 cards. If you are going to a convention or maybe a long tournament, you won’t have to worry about leaving any cards at home. With this awesome backpack, you can take your whole collection with you.

Thanks to the large pockets you can safely store cards and all accessories you might need. Players can carry their trading card deck boxes along as well in style, because this bag is just as fashionable as practical.

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4| Large Card Deck Holder & Organizer – 2200 + Cards

Large Card Deck Holder & Organizer - 2200 + Cards

If you prefer functionality over style, and looking for a bigger organizer deck box then this simple, yet remarkably useful trading card deck box is for you. The transparent box has a lever, so you can just grab it and go anywhere. It is a sturdy piece, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the cards whatever may happen.

If you are looking for waterproof card deck boxes, then you are in luck. This plastic card deck box is fully waterproof when locked, so no worries if it’s raining outside. You can fit over two thousand cards in the briefcase-like box.

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3| Portable Soft Briefcase Card Box -1650 Cards

Soft briefcase box for 1650 cards

Card enthusiasts who like to carry around their collection in an elegant fashion, will definitely love this case. This soft briefcase looks just like a laptop case. On top of style, it is also waterproof and offers protection to your cherished cards from any harm that may come.

You can store over sixteen hundred cards, so the trading doesn’t have to wait until next time. The interior is soft and the dividers can be adjusted, allowing you to create compartments of your preference.

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2| Portable Pokemon Card Deck Box – 400+ Cards

Portable Pokemon Card Deck Box


This is the ultimate Pokemon card deck box every fan must have. Actually, most people love this box, even if they have nothing to do with cards or Pokemon. Everyone loves Pikachu regardless of their hobbies.

This superb little playing card deck holder is tough, waterproof, and fits at least four hundred cards. You can play around with the dividers and it also has a handle to make sure you never drop it. You may even be tempted to start collecting Pokemon playing cards just so you can put this lovely card deck box into use.

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1| Costumizable Handmade Wooden Large Deck Box – 700 Cards

Handmade Wooden Large Deck Box (Small)

If you are looking for classic wooden card deck boxes that can hold over 600 cards, then this beauty is for you. You can order it with custom interior color and if you contact the maker, you might as well get a more personal design.

There are six dividers, which can be moved around, so you can create your own sections. Fantasy and Magic the Gathering lovers certainly would love this treasure chest. If you love handmade trading card deck boxes, check this one out.

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