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Last Updated on April 15, 2023 by Jella Erhard

25 Best Books for Japanese Learners & Other Fun Language Learning Resources

Best books for Japanese Learners and other fun language learning resources that will help you learn Japanese faster and without stress.

Learning a new language is always challenging but thankfully we have more and more amazing language learning tools to choose from.

Here we not only collected the best books that will help you learn Japanese faster but created a detailed guide to all the resources that will help you learn this beautiful language.

Games, movies, apps, music, websites, educational online courses, and cool gadgets, are all at your service -some even for free- to help you not only to learn the Japanese language but to learn about Japan’s culture and history.

Best Books for Japanese Learners & Other Fun Language Learning Resources

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This post has 7 sections:

1| Best Books for Japanese Learners
2| Learn Japanese by reading easy to read Japanese books by Japanese writers
3| Read Books about Japanese Culture by Japanese Writers
4| Learn Japanese with helpful Podcasts & Youtube Videos
5| Learn Japanese from Anime
6| Learn Japanese with Movies & Japanese Dramas with Subtitles
7| Learn Japanese with Fun Games, & Gadgets
8| Learn Japanese Faster with Online Courses Websites, & Apps
9| Learn Japanese with Music

SECTION 1| Best Books for Japanese Learners

17| Japanese demystified by Eriko Sato

Eriko Sato’s collection of all there is to know about the basics of the Japanese language makes easier to learn Japanese speaking, reading, and writing.

Naturally, buying the book on its own will not do wonders. Without your dedication and hard work, to learn Japanese is no piece of cake.

Japanese Demystified does a great job of helping you understand basic grammar, improve vocabulary and generally familiarize yourself with this beautiful language.

The third edition even contains an audio CD, to help you to learn Japanese pronunciation.

This book is definitely one  best books for Japanese learners in their first stages.

16| Pocket Kenkyusha Japanese Dictionary Vocabulary by by Shigeru Takebayashi and Kazuhiko Nagai

This pocket dictionary gives had to students of all kinds. If you are learning Japanese in a class, online or alone, this collection of words and grammatical elements will be your best friend.

To learn Japanese, English speakers will need a well organized, systematic list of what and how to use, also in romanized form.

It is not just an ordinary dictionary, you can actually learn a lot about Japan’s current politics as well as about its colorful history.

In case you feel advanced enough, thanks to this book you can learn Japanese slang as well. It is really the big small book of the Japanese language.

15| Japanese Kanji for Beginners: (JLPT Levels N5 & N4) First Steps to Learning the Basic Japanese Characters [Includes Printable Flash Cards] by Kaori Hakone and Timothy G. Stout

In case you have serious intentions of moving and living in Japan, you may benefit from taking an Advanced Placement Japanese Language and Culture Exam, which will definitely help you understand more about Japanese culture and make your settling smoother.

To ace this exam, the Japanese Kanji for Beginners offers a hand for absolute beginners. First, you will have to get familiar with one of the two primary writing systems, the Kanji. What is Kanji? It is the logo-graphic (originating from China) scripts.

This superb book for learning Kanji is definitely one of the best to make learning fun and effective.

As the title mentions, there are useful printable flashcards as well, so you can up your game quicker.

This book is full of engaging exercises, which will help you learn Japanese quicker and more efficiently.

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14| Japanese-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary by DK

This dictionary is amongst the best books to learn Japanese for beginners and advanced students as well. Many language learners find visual aids very useful especially when expanding their vocabulary.

This Bilingual visual dictionary is surely one of the best books to learn Japanese with. You can pick it up anytime and learn a couple of new words, even on the go.

It is highly recommended for both casual and business language learners as you will find almost all the words there is to know.

With the visibly marked topics and colored illustrations, your journey to learn Japanese by reading will just become less bumpy.

Once you are confident enough, you can proceed to phrases, nouns, and verbs. Get help with pronunciation by the extensive guide included in the book.

13| Japanese For Busy People 1: Romanized Version by AJALT

It is one of the best Japanese books for people who have little time but want to or have to learn Japanese considerably fast. Making things much easier by a number of components, making it easier to fit students with different motivations.

The newest version was redesigned with people of the 21st century in focus, so our always busy lifestyle can work with the book.

You will also find an audio CD as an addition to some of the texts in the book and listening exercises.

If you are looking to become fluent in your targeted topic or general conversation fairly quickly, this is your go-to book to learn Japanese.

12| Remembering the Kanji Book by James Heisig

Remembering the Kanji by James Heisig is the first of a series of three books offering a hand with the 3000 most commonly used Kanji for students of every level.

It is published in English, German and Spanish, so it is available for a wider range of Japanese learners.

Heisig is using a rote learning method combined with visual learning, supported by the so-called “imaginative memory” device.

If you invest enough time and effort, you are going to be familiar with most Kanji you may come across during your adventures in Japan.

11| GENKI I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese by Eri Banno, Yoko Ikeda, Yutaka Ohno

It is one of the highest regarded books to learn Japanese speaking. Genki I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese will surely up your Japanese learning game.

Using this book, you are going to have the chance to strengthen all your language skills. It includes speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Making things easier by careful structuring, you are going to build your gained knowledge from the previous unit, so make sure you are ready to move ahead.

We love the dubbed culture notes, which bring you much closer to the fascinating Japanese culture.

10| Minna no Nihongo – Beginner I -3Book Bundle Set, Kanji Workbook, Exercise Book, Sentence Pattern Exercise Book -Second Edition, Original Sticky Note by Tokyo International Japanese Language Institute

Minna no Nihongo is one of the best Japanese language books for beginners. It is a fun and engaging ride with the book, starting from the very basics moving ahead to fluency.

The creators of this superb book have collected everything that is necessary for a successful JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) of all levels, from N5 to N1.

Develop all your skills, while getting familiar with, or mastering Kanji to then pass with flying colors.

If you are wondering how to learn Japanese on your own, this book has an easy to follow structure to make it easier for the self-learners as well.

9| Remembering the Kana: A Guide to Reading and Writing the Japanese Syllabaries in 3 Hours Each by James W. Heisig

So now you are familiar with Kanji, now it is time to dive into the mesmerizing scripts of Kana. Kana are syllabic Japanese characters.

Also written by James Heisig, this book uses the same technical elements to help you remember each of the scripts.

By finishing the six short lessons (approximately 20 minutes each) you will be able to understand and write some sentences.

Actually, it is offering a moderate level of fluency after a very short period of time, making this one of the best Japanese language books for writing.

8| How to Sound Intelligent in Japanese: A Vocabulary Builder by Charles De Wolf

This book could be a good read for those who aren’t necessarily planning to learn Japanese.

How to Sound Intelligent in Japanese is an amazing collection of all there is to know and talk about. You will find all sorts of general interests, facts, and conversation makers to sound smart in Japanese.

You can read about politics, religion, history, beliefs and much more to really shine in every group and conversation.

You cannot just learn Japanese by reading this but about Japan as well.

7| Read Real Japanese (Read Real Japanese Essays: Contemporary Writings by Popular Authors, Read Real Japanese Fiction) by Janet Ashby

Read Real Japanese is just an amazing book that will make learning Japanese by reading much and much more fun for everyone. The book collects writings by six of the boldest and provoking Japanese authors representing various genres.

You are going to find something of your liking for sure.

Besides the incredible works of contemporary writers, the book also includes a dictionary, translations of the difficult lines and help with some grammar and culture references that help understand the pieces better.

To support you Japanese by listening, the book comes with an audio CD containing the works read out loud by a professional voice actress.

6| Yookoso! An invitation to contemporary Japanese by Yasu-Hiko Tohsaku

Yookoso! is a superb coursebook for beginners. As the first book of two, it is one of the best ways to learn Japanese for beginners. The structure of each book is easy to follow and brings up all the basics one will need to develop further.

You will get all the support you need to begin your studies as smoothly as possible.

With Yookoso! you can develop all four skills, listening, writing, reading speaking in a way that is most commonly accepted in the 21st century.

Learn quickly, memorize the basics and begin speaking.

5| Making Out in Japanese by Erika Hoburg and Todd Geers

The beauty of visiting a new country is often in meeting new people. With Making Out in Japanese, you can now meet new people in Japan as well.

You may not be necessarily looking for a partner, but isn’t it a shame if you meet the one and you just cannot say a word to sweep him/her off their feet?

Thanks to this superb book, you can quickly become conversational in several scenarios to ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity of making your soulmate fall in love with you.

There are romanized (Romanji), Kanji, and Kana forms as well with pronunciation clues for you as well.

4| Japanese for Everyone: A Functional Approach to Daily Communication Bilingual by Susumu Nagara

Since it was first published in 1990, Japanese for everyone has been recognized as one of the best materials and learn Japanese books. It was re-edited several times to fit the current needs, and it is still a great book for groups and self-learners as well.

So if you are looking for answers on how to learn Japanese on your own, this book will make your life easier for sure.

With this book, you can begin your journey as an absolute beginner and finish as a fluent speaker, who can now participate in conversations in various situations.

The book has 27 lessons, which are of different everyday topics that will come handy in the future.

It is great for learning Japanese speaking and writing.

3| Japanese: The Spoken Language by Eleanor Harz Jorden and Mari Noda

Eleanor Harz Jorden and Mari Noda’s book is a very useful piece for those, who wish to quickly get to a conversational level. There is a controversy in the circles of linguistics as this book uses a method called Audio-Lingual Method, which is considered to be outdated.

Still, it does more than just making you memorize sentences, the book gives you explanations and allows you to understand the Japanese language better.

There are many people, who find ALM the best way to speak a language quickly, so it may just be the best for you too.

The book only uses Romanji, therefore it is not going to be the best book to learn writing or reading.

2| Japanese from Zero! 1: Proven Techniques to Learn Japanese for Students and Professionals by George Trombley, Yukari Takenaka

Japanese From Zero! was developed by a professional Japanese interpreter, George Trombley and perfected by Japanese professors using over eight years of research.

Now, this is among the best books for Japanese learners for sure. If you are starting from absolute zero, then this book will help you become nearly fluent over the period of a fairly short time.

This book is also great support for lower-intermediate students as well to perfect their everyday grammar and vocabulary.

Japanese From Zero! will perfect your reading, listening and writing skills. In case you practice enough, your speaking will improve rapidly as well.

1| Japanese the Manga Way: An Illustrated Guide to Grammar and Structure Bilingual Edition by Wayne P. Lammers

Learning Japanese just became fun. Thanks to Japanese the Manga Way everyone can learn the language in an entertaining way.

You are going to learn basic sentences, that are going to be of use in different situations every day. With the help of manga strips, you can get a good feel of how the recently learned sentence is used.

You are going to perfect your Japanese speaking and reading, or brush off on the long-known basics.

Learning is much easier if you are having fun, this book will definitely make it trouble-free for you. It is great to learn Japanese but also is perfect for having a peek into the everyday of Japanese conversations.

SECTION 2| Learn Japanese by reading easy to read Japanese books by Japanese writers

4| Arashi no yoru ni : Kanzenban (One Stormy Night) by KIMURA YUICHI

This teaching story by Yuichi Kimura (Author) and Hiroshi Abe (Illustrator) is one of the best books to learn Japanese from. The language is easy to understand as it is originally written for children. For a Japanese learner, it will do a great job to get familiar with basic sentences and vocabulary.

We have to add, it is a great book with a little take away for every one of us. A goat seeks shelter in a terrible storm ending up in a dark barn. It’s so dark, the goat doesn’t see anything at all.

Another animal is hiding from the terrible conditions out there. They get into talking, huddling and becoming friendly. They only realize later that the other animal is the most unlikely friend one could make.

When looking for Japanese books easy to read, this one should definitely be on your list.

3| Gongitsune tebukuro o kai ni. (Buying Mittens) by Nankichi Niimi

Buying Mittens by Nankichi Niimi is another superb accessory to learn Japanese by reading Japanese books by Japanese writers. It is a short story with expressions and phrases every beginner will have use of. We think it is a beautiful story, which will surely teach us more than just a few new words and sentences.

The little fox wakes up to the magical snow-covered forest, which he intends to enjoy to the fullest.

Unfortunately, his little paws quickly freeze and he realizes, to truly be able to have fun, he has to buy gloves from the nearby human village.

His journey brings him together with humans that turn out to be much more instructive than anticipated.

2| Majo no takkyūbin (Kiki’s Delivery Service) by Eiko Kadono

Kiki’s delivery service is another heart-warming children’s fantasy novel, we think it will do a great job to help you learn Japanese by reading. It is surely one of the best Japanese books easy to read for beginners and intermediate learners.

The enchanting story of Kiki and her cat has been turned into a beautiful movie by Ghibli studio, we have included her lovely cat, Jiji in our list of Cute anime animals.

If you are in need of a little Japanese and happiness boost, this book will most likely do the job for you.

1| The tongue cut sparrow: shitakiri suzume by Eitaku Kobayashi

Shita-kiri Suzume (Tongue-cut Sparrow) by Masao Kusuyama is a must-read for everyone in our opinion. It is also a short story, 9 pages, so you can easily read through. It is an old Japanese fable of an old man and his wife. They made their living by woodcutting and fishing.

One day the old man found an injured sparrow and took it home to help recover. Despite the man’s kindness, his wife was greedy and hostile. She opposed the idea of giving precious food to a bird.

One day, the bird is left alone with the old lady, who after finding the sparrow eating some of their food, cut its tongue out and sent it away.

The old man went looking for it and found the Sparrow’s In, where the birds rewarded him for his kindness.

The wife in hopes of getting a reward as well went back and took a basket, which turned out to be full of deadly snakes.

Besides its teachings, the language is pretty simple, so beginners could easily read it.

SECTION 3| Read Books about Japanese Culture by Japanese Writers

4| Botchan Novel by Natsume Sōseki

Natsume Sōseki is widely admired in literature as his works all have an impact only few others can compete with.

Botchan is the story of a big city boy moving down to the south, into a smaller city called Matsuyama. Much based on the author’s experiences, as he moved there from Tokyo to teach English in a middle school, we meet Botchan, who is quiet a rebel with no respect towards others.

It is a great book to peek into the Japanese culture and etiquette. The writer has an elevating sense of humor with sarcasm, which makes this book just impossible to put down.

3| Paprika Novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui

We just had to recommend this fantastic novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui. This humorous story of psychotherapist Atsuko Chiba, who has developed a machine that can capture dreams and even allow others to enter.

Atsuko, with an alter ego called Paprika, aims to help people by resolving their issues in their dreams.

Naturally, it all gets helplessly complicated, sometimes awkward, but always incredibly funny.

When her colleague invents a machine that can even combine multiple people’s dreams, things just become even more impossible.

It is a great book to develop or learn Japanese by reading. The language is a bit more advanced than a children’s book, so we rather recommend this one for intermediate, advanced students.

2| Ten Nights of Dreams Book by Natsume Sōseki

Sōseki’s Ten Nights of Dreams is a fairly odd collection of ten dreams, which all differ a little. There are parts that are captivatingly humorous in its own grotesque way.

Others are bone-chillingly creepy. Some a little disturbing but overall, it is a fun and interesting read. With its less than 80 pages, it is surely a quick read. We wouldn’t say it is an all easy read though.

If you speak Japanese at an intermediate level, we think you would be able to understand most of it with a little help.

It was turned into a movie in 2006.

1| In a Grove Short story by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

In a Grove is a very mysterious short story. This early modernist story is about a samurai’s murder in a bamboo forest.

There are seven statements from seven various witnesses, one of which is the ghost of Kanazawa no Takehiro, the samurai.

It is a gripping short story with all the confessions/statements making the decision even more difficult. Besides a great study on how differently people perceive the same situation, it uses a language that could come handy in the everyday despite being written a hundred years ago.

SECTION 4| Learn Japanese with helpful Podcasts & Youtube Videos

3| Learn Japanese Pod

Learn Japanese Pod is a superb site with all the basics and more you need to begin learning Japanese by listening. It is one of the best to learn Japanese podcasts you can find online.

It is fun, easy to follow all the instructions and you will find everything from basics to actually going into an elevated conversation.

You will hear tips about learning and speaking Japanese by Japanese speakers.

If you are ready to begin learning Japanese, this is one of the best steps to become fluent.

With the help of Learn Japanese Pod, you can improve your Japanese speaking and listening along with mastering Japanese pronunciation. This is one of the best sites to learn Japanese online.

2| News in Slow Japanese. Podcast

News in Slow Japanese is a Japanese learners’ favorite as it offers a lot of help besides publishing videos. First of all, the topics are quite interesting and of course, all contain useful vocabulary and phrases.

The podcasters speak very slowly making it extremely easy for everyone to hear each and every word.

There are also pop-ups in the video, to see the important words, expressions. When not watching a video, you can look at some lesson plans and resources. If you wish to access every material, the monthly fee is $3.83.

If you do not know how to learn Japanese on your own, this may just be the best first step for you.

1| Learn Japanese with POD & Youtube

JapanesePod101 is a great way to learn Japanese online for beginners and other levels as well. It has a vast collection of lessons and speeches, which surely make listening easier for you. There is no need for long research and wasting time with finding the right videos for you.

As the first step, you have to enter your level to then get the right recommendations and plans.

It helps you by welcoming you into the lively learn Japanese forums as well as offering personalized planning.

You can create a free account and receive a “word of the day” email to keep you busy.

It is a great learn Japanese podcast, however, they also have an amazing channel to learn Japanese on Youtube as well.

SECTION 5| Learn Japanese from Anime

7| Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi’s Sweet Home is a cute anime that uses quite simple, everyday Japanese. Mainly for that reason, we think it is one of the best anime to learn Japanese from. It is about a little kitten, Chi, who is found by a young boy, Youhei, who along with his parents, takes good care of her.

The language is fairly easy and the words are pronounced properly, so there will not be any difficulties for lower-intermediate and above level learners.

If you want to learn Japanese speaking and listening, this is among the best choices for someone who wants to earn Japanese with anime.

6| Fruits Basket

This cute, yet quite deep anime is perfect for improving your vocabulary related to friends, school and similar everyday interests.

We have already included Fruits Basket in our best animes for beginners and we are sure this anime will become one of your favorites after the first few episodes.

Characters are speaking clearly so it will be a good way for you to practice listening and speaking. If you would like a good tip on how to learn Japanese on your own; watch the anime with subtitles and sometimes stop the video to repeat new words and sentences.

5| Food Wars

Souma Yukihira is a passionate soon-to-be chef, who dreams about once running their family restaurant.

His father decides to close the restaurant though, to go on a trip to restaurants elsewhere to widen his knowledge. Souma now is sent to the famous Tootsuki Culinary Academy, where big bake-offs decide who is the better chef.

This is a great anime to learn useful expressions and words related to cooking and foods. Naturally, you can improve your vocabulary in other fields as well by watching this anime.

This anime may be more suitable for intermediate level Japanese learners.

4| Clannad

Clannad, the drama-comedy anime is a really good way to work on your conversational Japanese. Follow the adventures of Tomoya Okazaki, who delinquently decides to spice things up by skipping school and live life to the fullest.

He encounters interesting new people, with whom he embarks on a journey many youngsters would envy.

The language and pronunciation are quite easy, just like every Japanese school children would speak.

If you are interested in learning Japanese from Anime, Clannad will be at your service for sure.

Have fun while learning a new language!

3| Toradora!

What is a better way to learn Japanese than by watching an amusing romantic comedy anime? Toradora! teaches us not to judge by the cover besides some of the most common expressions and phrases Japanese use nowadays.

The two protagonists are completely different, but there is one similarity. They are both often misjudged by their appearance. Taiga looks like a little, fragile girl, who is soft and girly. Once you get to know her, she is quite the opposite.

Then, there is Ryuuji, who is a kind, friendly boy, who is usually thought to be a malicious bad boy just because of his looks.

The two have one more thing in common; they are both in love with the other’s best friend.

You are going to have a lot of fun while also expanding the conversational repertoire.

2| K-On!

Hirasawa Yui’s delightful story is a great way to switch off a little and make learning Japanese even more fun.

Yui is quite a “carpe diem” kind of girl, who is always open to new challenges and excitements.

One day, she finds a flyer advertising a position open in the Light Music Club. She joins the club, however, she cannot play any instruments.

The club members, despite their disappointment, convince her to stay and keep the club alive.

It is a cheerful anime with a lot of fun moments, which we think will do good for your learning.

You can strengthen your music-related vocabulary along with basic conversational Japanese.

1| Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon Is an Agricultural High School Drama with Hachiken in focus, who is hardworking and always does his best to excel at school meeting the expectations towards him.

He is having difficulties coping with all the stress, so he decides to enroll in Ooezo Agricultural High School, a boarding school set in the country.

Our protagonist seems to have more issues than expected, having to fit in isn’t always easy. It is a fun, light-hearted anime, where laughter and big smiles are guaranteed.

As the story revolves around country life and agriculture, you have the opportunity to widen your vocabulary related to those.

We definitely recommend this one if you are planning to learn Japanese from Anime.

6| Learn Japanese with Movies & Japanese Dramas with Subtitles

8| Good Morning Call (2016)

If you want to learn Japanese with Netflix, then this drama will do good for you. It is a fun Japanese romance drama, with the everyday language used that will definitely be part of your daily routine in Japan.

Good Morning Call was a manga, anime and now came to us as a live-action series.

Nao Yoshikawa, a teenage girl moves in the city to her first flat alone. Or at least she thinks. Soon turns out, she and her handsome classmate Hisashi Uehara were scammed into a flatshare.

They decide to cope with the situation and secretly remain roommates.

As they get to know each other, Nao develops some serious romantic feelings towards Uehara.

7| Erased (2016)

Erased is a mind-blowing quaint series that is very entertaining, emotional and lovable. Erased is a live-action drama but there is a superb anime version too that you can watch on Netflix. Get lost in the incredible story of the manga artist Satoru Fujinuma, who has a life-saving secret.

When a tragedy is about to hit, he goes back seven minutes to be able to prevent the terrible events from happening.

The story becomes heart-crushing when he is sent back way further, 18 years, where he comes to a terrible realization; his classmate was abducted and murdered in circumstances no one would have imagined.

He can now change history and hopefully for the better.

This movie besides being beautiful uses Japanese that is easy to understand and will be useful in the future for learners.

6| Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (2016-)

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Series is available on Netflix, however, there is an earlier mini-series called Samurai Gourmet. It is a charming story of a man in his 60’s, who after a long blue-collar career decided to finally live for his passion; food.

He opens a diner that operates during rather unusual hours. In the evening, when workers head home, Master just begins his shift.

This show presents many different people with different backgrounds finding one common point: food.

The Master makes any dish as requested, making everyone rediscover their love in the bowl or on the plate.

You are going to hear all sorts of accents, and expressions as almost all demographics are represented in the series.

5| The Birth of Saké (2015)

This Japanese documentary allows us to look into the long and respected traditions of Saké making as well as the history of this beloved spirit.

Over the 2000 years, it has changed very little as craftsmen did great lengths to preserve its magnificent traditions.

Besides getting a visually outstanding Saké experience, you are going to be able to learn a little bit about Japanese drinks and Saké related Japanese vocabulary.

You can watch The Birth of Saké on both Netflix and Amazon.

4| Little Miss Sumo (2018)

Little Miss Sumo is a fascinating Japanese short documentary about female Sumo wrestler Hiyori Kon, who is fighting for equal rights in the sport.

As the tradition dictates, females cannot become professional Sumo wrestlers. It is a sport for men.

Hiyori is not willing to give up easily, she will fight until her dream of becoming part of the tradition by fighting in tournaments as an equal turns into reality.

If you are looking to improve your Japanese vocabulary related to sports, traditions, and feelings, this short doc will do wonders.

3| Switched (2018)

Switched is a fun and exciting Japanese sci-fi series. A high school girl, Zenko is not feeling well in her body; she is not very popular.

Seeing her popular classmate Ayumi, being all so perfect just makes everything more difficult. One day, she finds a way to switch bodies with her.

Everything changes for both, Zenka gets the handsome boyfriend and all the cool friends.

What is going to happen next? Will everything turn back to normal?

Find out while learning Japanese with watching this series.

2| Japanese Style Originator (2008-)

One of the most popular Japanese game shows is now on Netflix too. It is a great way to get Japanese culture, traditions, foods and much more to know.

You first just watch the games, then, once more comfortable with the language, try to play along.

Can you answer the questions? Are you going to ace the game or have to try again?

Well, thanks to Netflix, you can now re-watch it as many times as you want.

1| Hibana: Spark (2016-)

Hibana: Spark is definitely one of the best ways to learn Japanese slang and phrases youngsters use. By watching this Japanese web series, you will shortly become a nearly native speaker.

Color your Japanese by following Tokunaga, a comic, whose days are not the most cheerful lately.

Thanks to an experienced comic, who kindly offers his help in exchange for writing his biography, Tokunaga may soon become a successful comic.

It is surely a great Japanese series to watch on Netflix that helps you learn Japanese.

SECTION 7| Learn Japanese with Fun Games, & Gadgets

9| Katakana War

As the name suggests, this game will help you master the Katakana writing system. You will have to go through a storyline, just like any other game, but here, Katakana characters are in focus.

Each task is somehow connected to learning new characters.

You won’t be able to decide whether you have been playing for hours or learning. It is fun, the story is quite interesting and the gameplay experience is a little nostalgic but absolutely captivating.

You are going to spend all your spare time learning Katakana for sure.

8| Koe (声) | The Japanese-learning JRPG by Strawberry Games

Koe is an exciting RPG, where your knowledge will become your weapons. You will have to roam an exciting fantasy world and try to solve puzzles throughout your journey.

You can sit in for some extra classes and then use the newly acquired words as healing devices or cause damage to your enemies.

This game will definitely make you forget you are learning and the new words will just sink in your vocabulary without even having to make any extra effort.

This is one of the best games to learn Japanese.

7| Dr. Moku’s Hiragana & Katakana – Google App

If you are planning to take the next step towards learning Hiragana and Katakana, this app is the best for beginners. Dr. Moku will help you memorize all the important Mnemonics you may come across, only in an hour.

This app uses a visual association technique, so you can easily memorize all of them.

It is colorful and pleasant sounding, therefore, absolute beginners, children, and youngsters will find joy using it.

6| MindSnacks Games

Learn Japanese is a colorful and engaging game, or collection of games is just the most useful fidgeting game you can think of.

In case you are on the go and tired enough to skip reading, then this is your time passing activity that actually helps you learn Japanese.

Offering over 40-hour gameplay and an additional 50 lessons, this is one of the best learn Japanese games.

You can learn over 800 words and phrases with this app while having fun. Learn Japanese also helps to familiarize yourself with Kanji, Kata, and Romanji.

5| Influent 日本語 [Learn Japanese]

Influent is taking a big step toward learning while having fun. It is a superb game where you can walk around in a flat having to solve various tasks while seeing every item’s name and hearing the pronounced words as well.

It is a proven method to put post-it notes on every item at home with the names of each thing in the target language. This game sort of utilizes that method, but also says it out loud.

Besides the superb language teaching method that helps you build a stronger vocabulary, there is a fun gameplay experience as well.

4| – Free to use & fun games for learning Japanese language.

Digital Dialects is not only one game. This site is an awesome collection of many games that will support your Japanese learning.

There are all sorts of games designed to help you learn the Japanese language faster and in a fun way.

Depending on your level, interests, and preferences. If you like puzzles, there are plenty of them.

There are themed quizzes to test yourself and find out where do you need some further improvements.

3| Learn Japanese with Tako, 4+ – Learn Hiragana Katakana Kanji with games – App

This little colorful game is perfect for children as well. The octopus, Tako takes you on various adventures, where you have to solve different tasks and puzzles to progress.

This game makes learning Japanese feel like just playing a game. You will learn a lot of new words, phrases, grammar rules and much more. Learn Japanese with a smile on your face.

This gem will make you get lost for hours, which is great because the more time you spend with the language the quicker your improvement will be.

2| My Japanese Coach – Nintendo DS

My Japanese Coach is a puzzle-based video game. This Japanese teaching game came out on Nintendo in 2008. You can pick up the most important phrases, words and grammar rules by playing this game.

You can track your progress easily and check back on previous lessons to repeat. If you like quizzes and puzzles, this game will be fun for you, while also learning Japanese.

It is one of the best ways to learn Japanese with games.

1| Kanji Study Cards

Learning Kanji is not an easy task, so to keep yourself busy at all times, Kanji Study Cards are great tools for you to memorize the most commonly used ones.

Some even have hints on how to build phrases and sentences with them, making it great for all aspiring Japanese speakers.

This is a great way to learn Japanese speaking and writing.

SECTION 8| Learn Japanese Faster with Online Courses Websites, & Apps

9| italki

Italki is a fantastic site where you can register to find a private teacher. If you wish to teach a language online, you can register here as well.

If you want to learn Japanese online, register and you are going to find over four hundred Japanese teachers here.

You can pick the person like the most, check their introduction video, ask questions and begin the magnificent journey of learning a new language.

The perks of this site is the large competition among teachers, which raises the quality and you only have to pay after each lesson so no monthly obligations.

8| is the perfect place to take professional courses to learn Japanese or about Japanese culture and business life.

They have hundreds of courses from the best universities around the world and you can even earn professional certificates. You can choose from various created by top universities like MIT and The University of Tokyo. Some of these courses are even self-paced and free.

It’s a fun and highly educational way that you can use to start your Japanese language learning journey or to step up your game and even get a professional certificate.

7| Duolingo

If you want to learn Japanese on your own, using apps will definitely help you develop your skills.

Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps you can find.

It has a colorful platform, that is going to grab your attention and keep you engaged throughout. You can start from the absolute beginning and build up step by step. You can develop all skills with Doulingo, as each small unit makes you say words out loud, read, listen and write as well.

It is a great app, however, we think it will not lead to success if you only use this app 15 minutes a day. You will need to think of it as an additional way to practice your lesson plan.

6| Readlang

Readlang is a great app that helps you improve your vocabulary and reading skills. You can start reading any texts and with this app, you can just click on each word you are unfamiliar with and carry on.

The free version includes unlimited flashcards to learn new words, unlimited word translations, and 10 phrase translations a day while reading. If you would like to get unlimited phrase translations as well, you will have to become a premium member for $5/month.

It is surely a great app to learn Japanese you can perfect your reading and actually enjoy native texts that may not have been translated yet.

5| My Language Exchange

What is the most common advice a language learner gets? Speak with native people as much as you can. Yes, thanks to My Language Exchange you can learn Japanese online using the most recommended method.

You can practice your speaking and listening by connecting with native speakers on this site.

The site looks a little outdated but don’t let it discourage you. There are people from all over the world to help you with your language skills.

If you want to learn Japanese speaking without getting out of the comfort of your home, this is your site.

4| Conversation Exchange

Another great site to e-meet native speakers. The site is quite active, you are going to find plenty of Japanese speakers on the site living in other countries. Some will teach you Japanese in exchange for a little English chat.

You can arrange face to face conversations on communication apps. It is a great way to befriend people in various parts of the world and learn Japanese as well.

The site here looks a little old, but looks don’t matter when there are so many friendly people await to teach you Japanese.

You can easily register for free.

3| Rype

Rype is a superb meeting point for teachers and students. As a teacher, you can register to teach any languages you feel fit to. There is a quite thorough screening to ensure quality.

As a student, you have to register. At first, you can go with a seven-day trial period to see whether it is worth to invest $95/month on a 12-lesson basis.

The cons of Rype app are: you can take the class anywhere. If you are on the go and cannot fit an hour into your busy schedule you can just use your phone on the train or in the car.

Secondly, the teachers are well prepared, and they can fit the lesson plan around you to ensure your success. Lastly, you will get valuable one-on-one time with the teachers.

2| Fluentu

FluentU takes a step further and combines some of the above sites/apps by mixing fun and learning together. You can kick off with a 14-day trial to then for $20/month have unlimited access to all the native content you can learn conversational Japanese the way natives use it.

You can watch movies, news, all sorts of videos, podcasts, music and much more with help on each word and phrases. If there is something you do not understand, you can click on the word and it will bring up a whole page with contextual explanation and examples.

You can download it to various devices and you can begin a superb journey without having to worry about how to learn Japanese on your own.

1| ili

Ili translator is a handy little gadget. You can buy it on Amazon and within a day or so you can take this smart little device with you to translate from Japanese to English and the other way around.

It is an offline instant translator, so you can use it anywhere, without having to worry about your internet connection.

You may ask; why did we include Ili, if we want to learn Japanese? Well, it is a great way to practice your pronunciation. You can speak Japanese into it and see if you got it right. You can also learn new words and phrases.

SECTION 9| Learn Japanese with Music

6| Hatsune Miku (Japanese: 初音ミク)

Hatsune Miku will be the first nonexistent entity to perform at the famous music festival Coachella. The sixteen-year-old hologram girl has swept the whole world with its cute appearance and artificial voice.

We all love this new star on the horizon, who will surely live long among us and entertain even our grandchildren.

If you are a bit more advanced on Japanese listening, you can hear out most of the words, otherwise, use subtitles to learn Japanese by listening to music.

5| Milet

Milet’s beautiful voice and incredible sense of rhythm will fly you to dreamland for sure.

She is great at taking you on emotional adventures just by listening to her songs.

She is one of the best Japanese musicians to learn Japanese from. She sings clearly and since most of her songs are related to something we can relate to, we are sure you will find all her songs great tools to learn Japanese from.

4| Sawano Hiroyuki AKA nZk

Sawano Hiroyuki, also known as nZk, is a very talented composer, musician, and songwriter. He is surely acclaimed by the industry as he has contributed to some amazing projects, including anime theme songs.

He composed for such great anime like Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan or Blue Exorcist and much more. So if you are an anime lover, it is very likely you have already enjoyed his catchy works.

You can learn Japanese by listening to his music as he uses easy to understand language.

3| Hibari Misora

Hibari Misora has a stunning voice and her classical style is just captivating. Everyone, who loves that genre will surely fall in love with her voice and songs.

It is easy to understand and get each and every word.

Why not indulge in some of her finest works she contributed to the musical word over the years.

She had recorded a whopping 1200 songs and sold over 68 million copies. She was also known for being a charitable person, she supported many in the WWII depression.

2| Joe Hisaishi

Joe Hisaishi is a highly regarded Japanese composer, who is the father of over 100 movie scores. He is running a solo career as a pianist, and his music is just enchanting.

He doesn’t really sing in his songs, therefore, we don’t recommend him as a Japanese musician to learn Japanese from, but as great background music for relaxing and learning.

Listening to his music is so inspiring and relaxing, everything will become much easier with his melodies in the background.

1| Wagakki Band

Wagakki Band will be a hit in rock lover circles. Wagakki is traditional Japanese music played by instruments of the old days. The band perfectly harmonizes modern rock elements with traditional folk music. They are one of the best Japanese folk-rock band you can find.

We also love their costumes. Their dresses are always very unique, it’s a blend of traditional Japanese clothing and rock and roll style.

Wagakki band is one of the best Japanese rock bands to learn Japanese with.

Thank you for reading!