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Try the best solo date ideas at home and beyond. Explore creative self-date ideas to help you practice self-care and learn how to enjoy your alone time more through epic solo date nights.

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Creative & Feel-Good Solo Date Ideas

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Looking for some epic self dating ideas? Then you’re at the right place. We collected some of the most inspiring and relaxing self-date ideas to make your me-time meaningful and special. Self-dating has many benefits that will have positive impacts on all other parts of your life as well as on your mental health.

Thanks to these fun and creative solo date ideas you’ll be able to easily create special moments on your own to create happy and peaceful memories without leaving your home.

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We included all kinds of solo date ideas that will treat all your senses as well as your body, mind, and soul. Thanks to these self-dating ideas you’ll learn how to improve yourself inside and out to achieve the best and happiest you.

But you’ll also find here relaxing and simple tips so you can have a perfectly lazy and happy solo night-in.

Relax & Rewind with CBD

Hempa the Explorer - solo date ideas

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To make sure you’ll have a relaxing and anxiety-free solo date night try CBD. We love Hempa The Explorer because they fill their boxes with amazing products and it’s a fun and affordable way for newbies to try various CBD products and see which one they like the most.

You’ll find in the box good quality tinctures, edibles, and other innovative CBD products, and comes with educational materials.

Less stress. Faster recovery. Better sleep.

12| Get Your Solo Date Delivered To Your Door

HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul

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Who says solo dates can’t be surprising too? Self-dating can be fun and relaxing without a lot of planning. If you’re looking for relaxing and fun solo date night ideas? Then check out HopeBox which will help you care for your body, heart, and soul.

You can sign up for just one box to check it out or go for the subscription and get your solo date night delivered to your door every month. These boxes are filled with all kinds of goodies that will surely help you enjoy your me-time more and help you relax. All the products are also full-sized, vegan, and cruelty-free and include 10+ quality treasures in every seasonal shipment.

However, you can also check out other creative and super fun subscription boxes on Cratejoy for your solo date night.

self care gifts

11| Start A New Hobby

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Choosing a new relaxing and fun hobby for your solo date night is one of the best ways to have productive and enjoyable me-time at home. You can choose from thousands of amazing things and you can even learn a new exciting skill.

We love kintsugi because it’s relaxing and you can easily create new and unique decor items or fix old, broken ones. Kintsugi is one of the most beloved traditional Japanese hobbies and this special art form has been practiced for centuries now.

It’s also budget-friendly and is very easy to learn and practice so it’s also beginner-friendly. You’ll only need a good Kintsugi kit to get started with creating art yourself while boosting your creativity and mood.

You can also check out brilliant online classes on Skillshare and get started for free for 30 days. You can choose from inspiring classes to learn pretty much any hobby you can think of from successful professionals and eventually even make money with a hobby yourself.

10| Tasting Party

Simplicity Teas - solo date night ideas

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Simplicity Teas will help you to have an epic tea tasting party at home. You’ll be able to enjoy premium loose leaf teas with full flavors designed with wellness in mind. If you want to focus your solo date nights on wellbeing then this tea subscription box is for you. It’ll help you with de-stressing, and getting a great night’s sleep, some of their teas will even help your skin glow.

If you’re not a tea lover you can check out other foodie and snack boxes Asian Snack Selection and try an at-home sake tasting or other drinks or cocktails and mocktails you like. Or check out delicious and creative tasting boxes on Etsy and Cratejoy.

9| Spa & Relax

You can consider getting a wellness box or putting one together yourself. Fill it with all kinds of goodies that help you relax like candles, sweets, and anything else you might find helpful so you just have to open it and enjoy it during your solo date night.

8| Movie Night

Camp Date Night Box

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Are you a movie buff? Then take your solo movie date nights to the next level with a bit of planning. Some lights, special snacks, and a perfect movie may sound simple but a perfect cozy night-in can make all the difference.

Don’t be afraid to try new movies either. For example, if you’ve never watched classics then solo movie nights are the best times to finally watch some of the greatest of cinema history. If you’re looking for  feel-good, silly, or funny classics from around the world then check out The Sound of Music, Young Frankenstein, In The Mood For Love, Barfi!, or Delicatessen.

7| Solo Game Night

Viking Puzzle Box Maze

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Plan an epic solo game night. Get a special puzzle box for adults, unique solo board games, fun solo murder mystery games, or at-home escape room games to make your game night special. Playing with unique games will improve your mood, challenge your mind, and probably give you some good laughs.

You can explore other amazing game night ideas for adults you can enjoy alone too and then share it with friends and family once you found the best of the bests.

6| Get to Know Yourself Deeper

mindfulness cards for solo date nights

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Self-dating is especially important when it comes to mental health and introspection. You can use your solo date nights to do some self-analysis and healing in a relaxed and fun environment.

One of the best ways to practice some self-love and soul-searching is with Mindfulness Cards and a good therapy journal. This great therapy game is used by counselors but can be good conversation starters or you can use them as meditation cards.

They’re designed to help you reduce stress and increase your mood while helping you achieve your self-improvement goals. You’ll also get a journal and guidance on how to maximize the benefits.

You can also read some of the best books on mindfulness and creativity to help you achieve your goals sooner and easier.

5| Date Night With A Book

Mystery Book Box Bundl - solo date ideas

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Are you a bibliophile? Then get a surprising book subscription box delivered to your door every month and have a surprising and magical date with a book each time. This lovely bookish box will delight your inner bookworm, your taste buds, and all other senses. You’ll love it because each box is carefully curated with a surprise pre-loved book but you can choose the genre.

You’ll also get a variety of fine treats and carefully chosen small gifts to make your solo date night perfect with your new favorite book.

You should also check out the unique and brilliant book subscription boxes on Cratejoy or check out other fun bookish boxes on Etsy.

4| Move Your Body

dancing Solo Date Ideas

Try Virtual Dance Classes

Moving your body will easily and immediately boost your mood and energy. If you’re not a big fan of yoga or generally working out at home you should consider trying out some of the most amazing live virtual dance classes from around the world on Viator.

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You can choose from hundreds of fun and fascinating live online dance classes like traditional Japanese dancing, a K-Pop dance class and so many other fun options you can try on your solo date night.

You can also check out the amazing dance classes on SkillShare and get started for free for 30 days.

3| Go on A live virtual tour

virtual tours Solo Date Ideas

Check Virtual Tours

You don’t have to stop at dancing. Try other virtual experiences and tour the world. You can roam the streets of Tokyo and other beautiful and exciting Japanese cities. Or go on a Nile experience and explore the pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

But Viator has many thrilling live virtual tour options around the world including France, Spain, India, Thailand, Mexico, the US, and beyond.

2| Learn a new language

Become succesful ESL teacher with TEFL Institute

Check Courses

Learning a new language or teaching one is one of the most fulfilling and fun things. You start learning a new language online and join creative groups or take online language learning classes. You can start learning with Skillshare for free for 30 days to see if it’s something you’d enjoy doing in a long term.

Or you can consider getting your TEFL at  TEFL Institute and start teaching online. It’s also a great way to start making some extra money and making some great memories while traveling.

1| Journal & Plan your Bucket List

handmade journal - bucketlist planning solo date ideas

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Solo date nights are also a great time to plan your future adventures and create detailed and fun journaling pages. But you can journal just about anything you like and think would help you think clearer and improve your mental health.

You can go ahead and make your own journal or chose a beautiful handmade journal like this lovely ‘Field of Dreams journal‘ is a good start.

You can also check out creative writing and journaling classes on SkillShare that will help you learn how to use journaling for reflection, growth and to boost creativity and mood. You can get started for Free for 30 days.

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Self Dating Creative & Feel-Good Solo Date Ideas