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Learn about Kintsugi spirituality, meaning and try the best DIY kintsugi repair kits for beginners. Japanese Kintsugi kits for adults and couples looking for a new meaningful hobby.

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best kintsugi reapir kits for beginnres


DIY Best Kintsugi Repair Kits For Adults & Couples

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Kintsugi is one of the most beautiful and rewarding hobbies one can pick and to help you get started on your journey we collected the best kintsugi repair kits for beginners you can buy online. These Kintsugi starter kits have everything you need to create beautiful art or jewelry in the comfort of your own home. If you’d love to get to know Japanese culture and yourself better then this healing and stress relieving hobby is for you.

Kintsugi is not only one of the best Japanese hobbies because it can help you with stress and help you embrace imperfections but also because it’s one of the most fun and easiest hobbies that make money. Since it’s considerably easy to learn the art of kintsugi you’ll soon be able to create unique and beautiful pieces not just for yourself but for others as well.
Kintsugi jewelry and pottery can make excellent gifts or you can even start selling them online. However, a good quality kintsugi repair kit can be an amazing gift for couples just itself too. It’s a romantic gift idea that can help couples re-connect but could also make a perfect gift for anniversaries, valentines day, or a wedding gift. Kintsugi is also one of the most fascinating and useful creative hobbies that make money.

What is kintsugi?

Kintsugi is the art of mending broken ceramics, pottery, or even jewelry. Over time it sort of spread over to other items, but traditionally it is the art of fixing broken vases, plates, cups, bowls, and so on.

The name means golden joinery or gluing with gold. Originally, there was only the gold metallic paint that was used for joining broken pieces. Since the art’s appearance in the 14th century, a number of variants have swept the country and nowadays you can find many colors to mend with.

Kintsugi philosophy

When purchasing kintsugi kits, you are doing much more than engaging in beautiful and useful art. Throughout kintsugi’s at least 650-year history thousands have become more balanced and learned to appreciate the little things. Often losing something by breaking or damaging doesn’t mean saying goodbye forever, but a new beginning.

Knowing how to fix something is a very important knowledge that doesn’t simply apply to ceramics or worldly possessions. Being able to fix our relationships, and even ourselves is invaluable. Kintsugi shows us that something that was damaged can be even more beautiful than it used to be, so we should all embrace our flaws and work on them to create something unique.

Kintsugi spiritual meaning

By fixing broken things instead of getting rid of them, artists become much more complex and ready for new challenges. Spiritually it is a magnificent art, because you learn to see the beauty in broken pieces, where most people would only see rubbish.

The more time you spend fixing things, the more you appreciate the whole world around you. Also, it is going to be much easier to love yourself, your imperfections, and find happiness in your life.

10| DIY – New You Kit: Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony

DIY - New You Kit Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony


Buy It Here

Finding good quality kintsugi repair kits for beginners is getting easier and easier. This superb pack makes a great present for Japanese culture lovers for sure. The box contains everything necessary to successfully fix your broken ceramics. From the mixing jar and sticks all the way through to illustrated instructions.

You are in for a great treat if you can strongly relate to the kintsugi philosophy. Upon ordering you can select your favorite color that will fill the cracks. This 25 Piece luxe Japanese kintsugi kit has everything you need including a Japanese kintsugi course (video), a handmade ceramic bowl, a ceremonial journal, gems and pens, guided mindfulness meditations, and a growth ceremony (video).

9| DIY Kintsugi Kit for Adults With Ceramic Hearts

DIY Kintsugi Kit for Adults With Ceramic Hearts (Small)

Buy It Here

There is nothing you cannot fix, especially with this lovely kintsugi kit. This cute set comes with two ceramic hearts you can break into pieces to then fix them. It would make a fun couples therapy session if you have something to work out.

The broken hearts can symbolize your feelings and by fixing them together, you can work everything out. Even if there is no issue in your relationship, kintsugi is a great activity with your loved one. This box includes two colors of choice as well, so you have a bigger variety of beautiful colors.

8| Kintsugi Gift Kit

Kintsugi Gift Kit (Small)

Buy It Here

You can find a large number of amazing kintsugi kits online, but when it comes to style, this one is a great choice. Thanks to the elegant and tasteful boxing, we think it makes a great corporate gift as well. If you know any colleague or client who loves Japanese culture, there is no better and more thoughtful gift.

Everyone will love the packaging and the contents are simply great. You can select two colors to be included in the box and the company aims to be as sustainable as possible, therefore everything is either recycled or biodegradable.

7| Kintsugi Mended Heart art kit with guided meditation

Kintsugi Mended Heart art kit with guided meditation (Small)

Buy It Here

If you are looking for kintsugi repair kits for beginners, you are in luck, because this is going to be perfect for you. This box actually offers much more than the usual ceramics fix kit. The artist aims to help you connect with your heart, by fixing the included paper heart cutouts.

There is also a meditation practice in the box, so you can find your inner peace while also mastering the art of kintsugi. Once you are finally done with piecing the broken heart back together, you can mount it on the enclosed wood background. The box includes beautiful colors that will definitely help you love life and yourself.

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6| Alternative Kintsugi Repair Kit with box

Alternative Kintsugi Repair Kit with box (Small)

Buy It Here

Here is another remarkable kintsugi repair kit that’s going to wow everyone. If you enjoy surprising your colleagues or clients with thoughtful and unique presents, this is a great choice. The practical and environmentally friendly wooden box looks amazing and it can be reused as well.

Once you finish with the paint and glue, the box may serve as a Japanese treasure chest. You can put all your beloved memories and souvenirs from Japan. The box includes one color originally, but you can add a second one as well.

5| Kit Kintsugi with Gold and Silver powder included

Kit Kintsugi with Gold and Silver powder included (Small)

Buy It Here

If you are trying to understand the kintsugi spiritual meaning, then this box is going to be very useful. Kintsugi mainly focuses on the importance of often unseen beauty and how something broken can have a higher value than the new one. Thanks to this simple, yet beautiful and remarkably high-quality kit, you will understand what this magical art is really about.

It is among the best kintsugi repair kits for beginners because the metallic powders are shipped straight from Japan. If you enjoy mending broken items that would appear to be unfixable to others, then you are going to love this box.




Buy It Here

This budget-friendly gold kintsugi kit is one of the best unique gifts for crafters of all ages. You’ll get everything you need to fix your broken ceramics at home. Or to try and start your new hobby as a kintsugi artist.

3| Kintsugi Repair kit

Kintsugi Repair kit


Buy It Here

This more modern kintsugi repair kit is definitely a great start for everyone new in the arts. For those who love Japan and prefer more modern items, this box is going to resonate with them better. The box includes all necessary items a good kintsugi box should and a little more.

You will find a number of practical extras, such as the tonoko powder, which is hundred percent organic. Tonoko powder is a clay soil that is a great filling material. There is no doubt, with this starter kit you have everything covered, so you can calmly focus on your work.

2| DIY KINTSUGI starter kit for beginners

Kintsugi Repair Kit (Upgrade), Repair Your Meaningful Ceramics with Gold Powder


Buy It Here

In case you are in search of truly stylish kintsugi repair kits for beginners, then you should take a look at this one. The box and the card inside are remarkably well designed. If you are unsure of what to surprise your business partners or clients, you may have just found the answer.

The box looks like a jewel itself, there is no doubt, everyone is going to be astonished in the office. The kit contains all the necessary items to fix ceramics in style while also relaxing. We also love the motto on the box; “spread the joy of being able to keep what you love”. That is sort of the kintsugi philosophy. Overall, we find this to be one of the best kintsugi kits to surprise your loved ones with.

1| LIFEHONEY Newlyweds Kit: Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony Kit

LIFEHONEY Newlyweds Kit: Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony Kit

Buy It Here

Any of your loved ones are getting married? Then we cannot think of a more thoughtful and truly lavish gift than Lifehoney’s newlyweds kit. This box doesn’t simply offer a kintsugi repair kit for beginners, but a truly unique experience overall. If you would like to take gifting to the next level, we are sure this box is going to make you the star of the evening.

Lifehoney also has an online platform where you can read up on various interesting topics such as history and practices to make the experience more enjoyable.

Furthermore, you can find other packages that will make your life and relationships more balanced and fulfilled.

The Lifehoney kintsugi repair kits for beginners come with outstandingly high quality and stylish products, and a bowl you can repair together.

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