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Watch the most exciting, funny, cozy, and romantic mystery movies on Netflix & Hulu. Let these twisty and fun stories take you on epic adventures around the world.

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Best Mystery Movies On Netflix & Hulu

Best Mystery Movies On Netflix & Hulu

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Watching a mystery movie is an excellent and truly thrilling way to pass the time. When a mystery movie gets it right, it has just the right balance of danger, intrigue, and suspense to keep you hooked from beginning to end. Settle in for an evening with a bottle of something nice and a cushion (or partner) to cuddle if things get too tense. If you like to create unique date nights then you should add one of these fun mystery movies to your watch list.

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Being immersed in a mystery movie can be a good workout for your mind and your heart rate. It can also be a relief to know that you’re back in the real world afterward. While we can also fall prey to cons and cranks, liars and low-lives committing everything from identity theft to fake lottery scams, the stakes are not normally so high as in the movies. Some movies can even teach us that we have tools and resources to help protect ourselves, like checking out someone’s details on Nuwber before sharing personal information.

Other movies have taught us not to wait until the situation escalates and actually turn to the police on time. To indulge in that pulse-elevating, morbid curiosity, however, there’s nothing like a mystery movie. Or ten. We’ve done our research to provide you with enough mystery for several weeks of movie night ideas. Or binge-watch them in one seriously spooky movie weekend.

However, you’ll also find here more light-hearted, hilarious, and swoon-worthy mystery movies too. Whatever your style, here are ten great mystery movies you can stream on Netflix and Hulu today.

Top Mystery Movies On Netflix

10| I Care A Lot – Comedy Crime Drama for mystery lovers – 2021

I Care A Lot - Comedy Crime mystery movies on netflix (Small)

This is the story of a con woman (Rosamund Pike) who abuses her power and gets more than she bargained for when trying to steal money from an older woman (Diane Wiest). If you saw Pike in Gone Girl, look forward to her taking the nastiness up several notches. You will not be disappointed.

And if you’ve ever been taken in by a con trick, or you’ve ever wanted those who prey on vulnerable, older people to get some payback, you’ll enjoy the sinister but hilarious turning of the tables in this movie.

I Care A Lot is a funny crime movie on Netflix with plenty of mysteries and twists which makes it a great choice for mystery movie fans.

9| Murder Mystery – Action, Comedy, Crime, 2019

Murder Mystery - funny mystery movies on netflix (Small)

Cop Adam Sandler is married to mystery-enthusiast Jennifer Anniston. Hoping to breathe life into a dying relationship, they accept a stranger’s invitation to stay on a yacht. What could go wrong? Answer: a murder, for which they end up framed.

This is the movie for you if you’re looking for a lighthearted whodunnit with some belly laughs. Not to mention that Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are the best comedy couple.

If you’re looking for laugh-out-loud funny mystery movies on Netflix with a pinch of romance then check out Murder Mystery.

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8| The Net – Action, Crime, Drama – 1995

The Net - good mystery movies on netflix (Small)

Computer analyst Angela Bennet (Sandra Bullock) is great at her job. Her passion for computers, however, starts looking like it might be her downfall. This movie is an early exploration of the internet and the kinds of data security risks we all face today.

In a world where everything is connected, everything is traceable, and anything can be modified, Bullock reminds us to be cautious about who and what we trust.

The Net is one of the best Sandra Bullock movies on Netflix with lots of mystery that will surely make your heart beat faster.

7| Crooked House – Crime, Drama, Mystery, 2017

Crooked House - best mystery movies on netflix (Small)

Agatha Christie is the crowned Queen of mystery and if you’re new to her stories this brilliant adaptation will help you understand why and get you hooked for life. Crooked House is based on what is described as her most twisted tale. A detective is asked to find the murderer of his client’s grandfather. Unfortunately for him, the shoe fits every member of this disturbing family.

If you’re into stories about dark mystery secrets then Crooked House is the right choice for you.

6| Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – Action, Adventure, Mystery – 2011

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows - funny mystery movies on Netflix (Small)

Some of the best mysteries are classics. Guy Ritchie (Snatch) gives the famous Sherlock Holmes a slick treatment. Robert Downey Jr is the eponymous Holmes and Jude Law plays Dr.

Watson in a classic romp with disguises, pistols, and a few added explosions. This witty take on the famous detective manages to be mysterious, exciting, and funny. Sherlock Holmes novels are also one of the most famous and popular books that were turned into movies and series dozens of times now. If you’re looking for more new movies based on books on Netflix that are just as thrilling as this classic then check out our other list too.

If you’re looking for funny mystery movies on Netflix that are also packed with plenty of action then you should go with Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

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Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

5| Personal Shopper – Mystery, Thriller – 2016

personal shopper - spooky mystery movies on hulu (Small)

Kirsten Stewart is exceptional in this spooky mystery. She plays a personal shopper who is also a spiritual medium, refusing to leave a job in Paris until she makes contact with her recently deceased twin brother. She and her brother promised that whoever died first would send the other a sign. This movie is an excellent case of “beware what you wish for; it might just happen.”

Personal Shopper is the perfect choice for those who are looking for spooky mystery movies on Hulu and love ghost stories.

4| Nightmare Alley – Crime, Drama, Thriller – 2021

Nightmare Alley - dark mystery movies on netflix (Small)

Ever wondered what goes on in the life of a scammer and con artist? Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, Mama) has created this sensational film noir-style portrayal of a carnival showman and con man (Bradley Cooper) who takes his skills to the next level with a femme fatale psychiatrist (Cate Blanchette). A compelling and satisfying story of manipulation and deception on several levels.

Nightmare Alley is a perfectly thrilling crime story for those who love dark stories with a pinch of mystery.

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3| Books of Blood – Drama, Horror, Mystery, 2020

Books of Blood - scary mystery movies on hulu (Small)

As the title might suggest, this is one of the darker tales on our list. Based on a story by Clive Barker, who describes himself as a creator of the “fantastique” rather than horror, this movie is actually three intertwined shorts that will keep you guessing and keep you hooked.

Ever had a feeling that someone or a situation wasn’t quite right? Trust your instincts and do your research. This movie is a chilling reminder that not everything or everyone is as they seem.

If you’re into horror and mystery movies and looking for a new thrilling movie to watch on Hulu then check out Books of Blood.


2| The Ninth Gate – Mystery, Thriller, 1999

The Ninth Gate - best mystery movies on hulu (Small)

Another oldie but goodie on our list; this time from Roman Polanski (Rosemary’s Baby). In the story, The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows is a 17th-century book said to facilitate summoning the devil.

Johnny Depp plays Dean Corso, a rare book dealer hired by a wealthy collector to determine which of three existing copies of The Nine Gates is real. He soon discovers, as will you, that mystery, murder, and mayhem are not far behind anyone who gets involved with the book. if you love thrilling movies and books about good and evil this now-classic Depp movie will be your new favorite.

The Ninth Gate is one of the most thrilling mystery movies on Hulu and is a fantastic choice for those who can’t get enough of spooky stories about the devil and the darkness of human nature.

1| Shutter Island – Mystery, Thriller, 2010

shutter island best mystery movies on hulu (Small)

This atmospheric and captivating movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a US Marshal attempting to get to the bottom of a disappearance on the creepy Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane.

This mystery movie will take your breath away in the first few minutes and will make you sit on the edge of your seat till the very end. Shutter Island is one of the most thrilling Martin Scorsese creations and is a twisty mystery for hardcore mystery lovers. Make sure it’s on your go-to list for movie suspense and intrigue.

Shutter Island is one of the best mystery movies on Hulu for those who love stories with a truly surprising twist ending.