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Best Books on Mindfulness & Creativity That Will Change your Life

Check out the best books on mindfulness and creativity that will change your life and help you reach new goals and improve your physical and mental health, relationships, and work-life.

These are engaging, unique, and thought-provoking books that make you think and feel more deeply and act more thoughtfully every day. Read entertaining self-growth and self-help books by scientists and experts who spent decades on specific subjects to help humans live a better and happier life all over the globe.

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Learn about how mental health, mindfulness, and creativity are connected and how one influences the other. Find out what your personality type is and how you can manage and find the best tactics for a mindful and healthy life inside and out.

You’ll also find here books filled with fun but scientifically proven data, journals that will spark your creative genius and heal your mind, and step by step guides that will help you feel better, sleep better and think better.

There are also exciting and insightful books about humanity’s past and future that are engaging and easy to read and will probably give you a better understanding of why what and will be happening with and around us.

What is Mindfulness?

“Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.” Quote by where you can learn more deeply about meditation for all ages as well as read about current mindfulness research news.

Life-Changing Books on Mindfulness & Creativity for curious readers

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46| Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise by Thich Nhat Hanh | Published: 2015

Silence - books on mindfulness

Vietnamese Zen master’s book on the importance of quiet and inner peace.

Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise is not only a book but a practical guide to understanding and developing our most powerful inner resource, silence, that will help us find happiness, purpose, and peace in life.

Thich Nhat Hanh aims to help us learn how to keep calm, mindful, and silent in a world that’s full of noise and teaches us how to become fully aware and present in any moment.

He teaches that with mindfulness comes stillness and that we need silence to be able to come back to ourselves and discover who we are and what we truly want, and believes that these are the keys to happiness and well-being.

Silence is a truly one of the most fascinating life-chaning books on mindfulness you’ll ever read.

46| In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise by George Prochnik | Published: 2010

George Prochnik went on a fascinating exploration of noise and silence around the world to learn about them more.

The ‘In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise’ is a brilliant, far-reaching exploration of the frontiers of noise and silence, and the growing war between them in our modern world.

He doesn’t only trace the “history of noise” and tell the story about how and why our world became so loud and noisy as a society but also shows us the benefits of decluttering. He also gives us a new way to appreciate and use silence for our benefit.

If you ever feel anxiety or even depression because you feel you can’t find a quiet place in our world this book is for you.

In Pursuit Of Silence is one of the most thought provoking books on mindfulness and modern society.

45| Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain by Oliver Sacks | Published: 2007

While silence is important and can help with our mental health so is music.

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain is a truly fascinating book by neurologist Oliver Sacks in which he explores a range of psychological and physiological ailments and their intriguing connections to music.

While it may sound intimidating or dry at first don’t worry! This book will entertain and teach you about the place music occupies in the brain and how it affects the human condition in a new and thrilling way.

Musicophilia is one of the most illuminating books on mindfulness that can help you understand music more, how it affects your brain and how and when to use it to achieve calmness and mindfulness.

44| Music, Language, and the Brain by Aniruddh D. Patel | Published: 2007

‘Music, Language, and the Brain’ by Aniruddh D. Patel is the first comprehensive study of the relationship between music and language from the standpoint of cognitive neuroscience. It challenges the widespread belief that music and language are processed independently.

You’ll learn about the music-language interface and explore the extent to which different mental abilities are processed by separate brain mechanisms.

‘Music, Language, and the Brain’ argues that music and language share deep and critical connections, and that comparative research provides a powerful way to study the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying these uniquely human abilities.

While this book is not going to be the easiest read it’s definitely going to worth your while. You’ll learn fascinating facts and information about your brain. 

‘Music, Language, and the Brain’ is one of the best books on mindfulness that will make you think and expand your mind.

43| Zen as F*ck: A Journal for Practicing the Mindful Art of Not Giving a Sh*t by Monica Sweeney | Published: 2018

Sometimes everyone needs a little stress relief and a new perspective to look at things. There are days when nothing helps but a little profane humor that will take your mind off your troubles.

Monica Sweeney’s prompt journal is especially great for those, who have lost faith in the traditional ways of stress relief.

Prepare for a little cussing, or actually a lot of that. If you do not take the use of swear words easy, then probably it is not going to be your go-to relax read.

If you are not offended by the frequent use of the f-word, then it is going to be one hilarious time for you.

Zen as F*ck: A Journal for Practicing the Mindful Art of Not Giving a Sh*t is full of wise quotes and interesting topics and is one of the most fun and helpful journals for mindfulness.

42| Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo | Published: 2019

Marie Forleo is a very insightful life coach, who has helped countless people get back on the right track. No matter if it was a personal or a professional matter, her teachings are useful in either case.

Everything is Figureoutable is a great example of how versatile her knowledge about life is. This fantastic book is written to help everyone implement positive thinking and attitude in life. In order to overcome all difficulties in your career and private life, the first is to be able to think positively.

By reading this book you will also find the key to issues such as haters and criticism. Marie Forleo really thought of everything; from processing pain and loss through finding time for ourselves to fulfilling our dreams you can find answers to everything.

Marie Forleo’s Everything is Figure Outable is one of the most useful books on mindfulness, creativity, and life in general.

Everything Is Figureoutable is one of the best life coach books that were published in 2019. It helps everyone take an approach to a life filled with mindfulness.

41| A Book That Takes Its Time: An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness by Irene Smit, Astrid van der Hulst, | Published: 2017

It is really important to be able to stop for a moment and worry about nothing. This mindful collection of articles, quotes, stickers, and posters invites you on a journey to inner peace.

A Book That Takes Its Time is a great book for you if you often find yourself being stressed and get lost in your worrying thoughts. Pick this book up to read about topics that will help you understand your troubles better.

The deeper you get into the pages, you are invited to take part in arts and crafts activities as well. There is nothing better to take your mind off your troubles than by engaging in arts.

Allow yourself to slow down a little and focus only on one thing instead of being overwhelmed and rushing constantly. It also helps you open your creative side up.

A Boook That Takes Its Time is one of the best mindfulness journals for adults you’ll ever pick up.

40| The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm | Published: 1956

Despite being published in 1956, psychoanalyst and social philosopher Fromm’s work is very much actual and useful today as well.

It goes into a number of different types of love one can feel and master. Erich Fromm doesn’t look at love as a magical and unexplainable feeling or otherworldly phenomenon, but as a skill, we can all learn.

Even if you do not agree with that ideology, you can learn a lot about love in general that will help you become a better person.

The book goes into loving others, as in romantic love, brotherly love, and parental love. The art of Loving is one of the most life-changing books on mindfulness, as well as love and life you’ll ever read.

These all are going to make understanding some of our relationships easier in life along with creating stronger bonds with others.

There is a part that goes into self-love, which is inevitable in maintaining a happy life. If you cannot love yourself, you are destined to live an unsatisfactory life. It is important to note; self-love should not be confused with egotism.

The Art of Loving is one of the best books that help understand our feelings and master becoming more mindful in our relationships.

39| Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith | Published: 2007

Over the last decade, Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal has become one of the most popular therapeutic journals around the world.

Why is it so good? Because there are millions of ways to fill it in, giving you the freedom to be really yourself.

The book encourages you to open up, get creative and don’t be afraid to use colors and your own shapes.

For beginners, it may be difficult to start but a few pages in you are going to be able to loosen up and stop overthinking.

Soon you will switch off without any pressure and get lost in the now colorful pages of this fantastic journal.

You can spend an hour every day or even more, it is up to you. The most important thing is to make sure you let the inner wrecker/artist out every now and then.

Wreck This mindfulness Journal is a great book to help you get creative and release some stress.

38| Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It! by Kris Carr | Published: 2010

In a healthy body, a healthy mind, says the famous proverb and it couldn’t be more right. By 2010 it was established and hopefully the idea of eating healthy becomes more and more widespread as the years pass.

Keeping a healthy diet is not only important to maintain a certain body shape, but to support our mind. There are numerous studies that support this statement. In order to function perfectly, we have to watch our diet closely.

Most athletes and scientists are very strict about their diet to make sure they can continue performing on the highest levels.

Naturally, Kris Carr also tries to raise awareness of all the diseases that can be addressed by eating healthy.

There are examples through real people, whose lives have changed drastically thanks to the Crazy Sexy Diet. Experts have done years of research to support the book’s content.

Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It! is one of the best books about mindful eating that help you live a healthier life.

37| Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration by Meera Lee Patel | Published: 2015

If you are having trouble with switching off after the busy days at work, Meera Lee Patel’s journal will be a great help.

Start Where You Are is helping its owners to find a little calmness and embrace their creativity. With a lot of room to write and draw, this journal encourages you to set your inner artist free.

There are plenty of wise quotes, stories, and advice that will take your mind off everyday troubles or help you cope with struggles.

Start Where you are is a colorful book that is a great present for friends and family as well. If anyone is looking to introduce mindfulness inducing activities in their lives, this journal is a perfect start.

36| Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success by Shawn Stevenson | Published: 2014

Mindfulness and physical health begin with good sleep. If you cannot get the most out of your beauty sleep, then it is difficult to succeed in life.

Shawn Stevenson lets you into “secrets” that certainly make your life easier while getting healthier. There are so many things people do not know about sleeping.

Apart from knowing it is inevitable to survive, not many people know how to leverage the necessary evil.

For a healthy mind and fit body, your time in bed is crucial. Even if you consider yourself a good sleeper, Sleep Smarter is going to help you lead a more satisfying life.

For those who are struggling to sleep or always wake up tired, Sleep Smarter is a must-read book.

35| The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy Hardcover by Jennifer McCartney | Published: 2018

Jennifer McCartney’s book is one of the most important books for mindfulness seekers. In this crushingly fast-paced world, you must find a way to switch off and relax sometimes.

Sloths are going to be your next role models as they did not give in to the calling words of the rat race. People tend to prioritize materialistic values instead of their health and well-being.

Sometimes being able to relax, lay back, take it slow and stop worrying is worth more than all the money in the world.

Put yourself on the top of your list and find out how you can live a long and balanced life.

The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy is surely going to help you step on the path of a well balanced and mindful life.

34| Embrace Your Weird: A Guided Journal for Facing Your Fears and Unleashing Creativity by Felicia Day | Published: 2019

Felicia Day is one of the coolest people on Earth. She has always been an inspiration to all geeks and misfits. Her works have been encouraging people to be whoever they are and never be afraid to show their true selves.

Embrace Your Weird is a superb journal for every aspiring artist or creator. Felicia Day shares personal stories that help you overcome your fears and anxiety.

It is difficult to step outside in the judging wide world with your unique set of skills and imagination.

Thanks to this remarkable journal, you are going to be brave and ready for that may come and never be afraid of being yourself.

Even if you are yet to find your coolness, this book will help you enjoy life without any pressure. It is certainly one of the best and freeing journals for the shy and fearful to become more creative.

33| Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Ed Catmull, Amy Wallace | Published: 2014

Creativity Inc. is going to be a loyal companion to those who are seeking inspiration for being original, unique and creative. Ed Catmull is the co-founder and president of the successful animation company Pixar.

Probably he has a thing or two to share about being successful in business while remaining creative.

If you are looking for inspiration or feel that your inner artist or businessperson is being obstructed, then Catmull and Amy Wallace have some great advice for you.

Reading this remarkable book you are going to strive as a business leader, who can be a true role model to their employees.

In order to be successful, you have to be able to work on your visions while making sure every team member is in a similar state of mind. Be an inspiration to your team, not just a leader.

Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration is one of the best books for business owners and leaders seeking to be mindful.

32| You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds by Jenny Lawson | Published: 2017

Jenny Lawson is among the most inspirational people one can find with mental health issues. We have also included one of her books in our funny books for adults because she has a hilarious style of writing.

It is inevitable in life to be able to look at the bright side and find a way to release some steam. She has been struggling with serious depression and anxiety but is working hard on it, and if you need some support, it is her to seek help from.

You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds is Lawson’s collection of her drawings. Whenever she felt down or troubled, a drawing was born, there are little doodles and serious drawings.

This book offers help to those who are new to drawing therapy besides actually seeing some rather funny drawings along with dark ones.

The pages are perforated, so you can hang it up or share it with your friends.

If you want to learn more about her work check out our interview with Jenny Lawson.

You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds is one of the most fun books on mindfulness for beginners.

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31| Harvest for Hope : A Guide to Mindful Eating by Gail Hudson, Gary McAvoy, and Jane Goodall | Published: 2005

Jane Goodall- Harvest For Hope - Best books on mindfulness

Jane Goodall has already contributed to many important projects that promote sustainability and works on nature preservation.

Her book about mindful eating is another important piece that should be picked up by every person on the globe.

She is mainly urging western societies to make a change because those are the countries that contribute to the biggest percentage of consumption.

Do not take it as a personal offense, she has gathered a lot of important points, which can help you live a healthier life while helping the environment. Harvest for hope is one of the most thought-provoking books on mindfulness that will make you think about life.

The book’s tone is utterly positive, which helps everyone be more open to the idea of change. Of course, there could only be a positive result if we all take our share in saving our world.

Harvest for Hope : A Guide to Mindful Eating is one of the most important books that helps everyone understand why we should change our diet in order to save the environment.

30| Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman | Published: 2011

Thinking fast and slow - best books on mindfulness

When it comes to mindfulness, there couldn’t be a more relevant book than Thinking, Fast and Slow. Nobel Prize winner psychologist Daniel Kahneman helps you understand more about how our two systems of thinking are working.

There is a system responsible for fast-thinking, intuitive and emotional and a slow one that is logical and contemplative.

By having a better understanding of how to use the two systems, you will be able to make mindful decisions in both your private and business life.

You are going to read about situations where either of the systems wouldn’t be of your use, you have to find ways to combine the two to make the right decision.

Naturally, there are times when you have to rely on your intuition and the opposite.

Thinking, Fast and Slow is certainly among the best books that offers scientific explanations to how our minds work. If you are aiming to be a successful person in private and/or in business, it is one of the must read books on mindfulness.

29| An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything by Chris Hadfield | Published: 2013

Life in space is obviously completely different to what is going on down here, still, Colonel Chris Hadfield has some great insights for you to help become more successful.

He has spent over 4000 hours in space and during that time, including his training, Hadfield definitely encountered a thing or two.

If you would like to be well prepared and less afraid of what the future may hold, this book will ready you for the unthinkable.

The colonel had been through some adventures, which may sound impossible for most of us, still, the takeaway is crucial. Always prepare for the worst -and enjoy every moment of it. That is the key to his philosophy and it seems to have worked out just fine.

By reading this book you can also be encouraged to go opposite some clichés, which do seem to hold some truth, however, your case is an individual one, so it may not apply to you.

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth is one of the most inspiring books on mindfulness.

28| Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out by Ruth King | Published: 2018

Ruth King’s book deserves far more attention as she has gone deeply into a sensitive topic that still divides too many people.

Racism is a harmful and hateful belief system, which hopefully will soon cease to exist. But for that to happen we all have to work hard to support each other.

Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out is a great read that helps understand more about racism itself and how and what you can or should do against it.

Being mindful of race means a lot of things; knowing more about ourselves, understanding other people, being culturally aware and more accepting and compassionate toward others.

King is a meditation teacher and diversity consultant who can help you become much more aware of races and racism while helping you process the current issues.

Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out is one of the most important books on mindfulness that both sides must read to finally achieve peace and harmony between races and cultures.

27| Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life by  Thich Nhat Hanh & Dr. Lilian Wai-Yin Cheung | Published: 2010

Savor - best books on mindfulness that will make you think

If you are struggling with keeping a healthy diet or losing weight then here is your new best friend. Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life is definitely going to be of great help to step on the right path towards a healthy life.

Well respected and beloved Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and Harvard nutrition expert Dr. Lilian Wai-Yin Cheung joined forces and knowledge to write something truly remarkable.

The book helps you process the past years’ hard times that made many people feel ashamed of their bodies. There are so many things that begin in your head that can manifest in your eating habits and way of living.

This book is among the best mindfulness books that will make you think about food differently.

26| Mindful Travelling: Journeying the world, discovering yourself
by Sarah Samuel | Published: 2019

When it comes to mindfulness, there are so many things to consider. We have discovered the importance of mindful diets, business, and life management, but haven’t yet talked about traveling.

Traveling is sort of a well-known tool to find your true passion, motivation and new interests. The most popular and loved quotes are mostly related to travel as well.

Therefore, it is clear that travel has a lot of benefits in life, but are you being mindful well enough about travel?

Sarah Samuel is a spiritualist, artist and overall free-spirited traveler who has explored a number of spiritual traditions that helped her to become more mindful.

Mindful Travelling: Journeying the world, discovering yourself is one of the greatest books on mindfulness.

It helps you find your own meaning of traveling, find your true passion(s) and use all (positive and negative) experiences for your benefit.

Samuel also aims to offer help with opening up doors to your creativity to be able to express yourself freely.

25| The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. | Published: 2007

Cornell University professor William Strunk Jr. offers a hand with becoming far more mindful in using the most commonly spoken language; English.

Just because we speak a language fluently or as a native, it doesn’t mean we are doing it right. There are so many ways to express ourselves in this beautiful language but are we doing it right?

Following Strunk’s former student, White’s revision and additions it has become one of the most influential books on English.

Why is it important to get English right? Well, everyone makes mistakes, that is a fact and no one should feel bad about it.

Still, there are so many ways to improve for everyone and The Elements of Style is helping its readers to speak simple but colorful English.

You can learn how to make your sentences more lively, interesting while keeping it simple. There are other interesting points included such as misused and unnecessary words in the everyday.

The Elements of Style is among the best books about the English language. Being mindful of the language you speak will help you become more mindful overall.

24| Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain | Published: 2012

Quiet - best books on mindfulness

Despite having seen so many great introverts succeed in life – Cain introduces a few – our society is still fairly judgemental towards people preferring solitude.

Over the years we have seen a number of groups and work environments, where the majority did not accept the person who doesn’t thrive in social situations.

Susan Cain has collected plenty of data and examples that help support her argument about the importance of introverts.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking offers tremendous help to both sides. If you are an introvert, it helps you embrace your personality and leverage your qualities.

By the end of the book, you will also be able to channel your energy to fulfill your ambitions.

If you are an extrovert, this book will help you connect and understand better those “weirdos,” who don’t always want to join the group on social outings.

Quiet is one of the best books on mindfulness for beginners and introverts.

23| The Witch’s Book of Self-Care: Magical Ways to Pamper, Soothe, and Care for Your Body and Spirit by Arin Hiscock-Murphy

As we have already discussed the importance of witchcraft in our article about related books, you do not have to be a Wicca to make it work for you.

Over the millennia witchcraft has grown to be accepted in most parts of the world. Thanks to that, we can get more and more knowledge that will contribute to maintaining a healthy life in a natural way.

Arin Hiscock-Murphy is a leading author in the world of Wicca. She has helped aspiring witches, mindfulness seekers, and nature lovers.

The Witch’s Book of Self-Care intends to help you relax, release stress and overall take good care of yourself. Use natural ingredients to your baths, incenses and everyday additions to your inner peace.

It’s one of the most magical books on mindfulness and creativity.

22| The Way Home: Tales from a Life Without Technology by Mark Boyley | Published: 2019

The Way Home - Best books on Mindfulness for beginners

Technology is playing such a significant role in our lives, we cannot imagine a day without it. Mark Boyle is a moneyless man, still, he may be one of the richest people on Earth.

The Irish activist promotes a life without money that in his opinion means a life without troubles. He has moved away from technology and lives without all the comfort most people couldn’t spend a day without.

The Way Home is about a year without electricity, running water and everything people spend money on.

We are not saying everyone should follow his example and move away from all that we call civilization nowadays. His ideology can still contribute to a happier life if you learn what is relevant to your life.

It is important to be able to let go of what is not crucial to your happiness. Most people are working hard for goals that are just set by society but may never mean happiness for them.

Think through what happiness really means for you and set your own goals in life.

The Way Home: Tales from a Life Without Technology is one of the most illuminating books on mindfulness and creativity because it helps you find a way to concentrate on what is really important for you.

Also, sometimes everyone has to put down the cellphone and switch off the TV.

21| The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality and Our Destiny Beyond Earth by Michio Kaku

Leading physicist and futurist Michio Kaku takes us on an incredible journey to the future. Humanity is on the verge of becoming a multi-planetary species.

With so many great people working on getting us out on other planets to settle down, things have accelerated.

If you are looking to have a peek into our not so distant future, Kaku offers a thorough description of how and what is going on.

How does it link to mindfulness? Keeping the future in mind is one of the most important factors of being conscious in our daily lives.

By having a clearer image of the future in front of us we can have a better understanding of what is going on around us.

It also helps us make the right changes today in order to be able to visualize a brighter future.

20| The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean’s Are One by Sylvia A. Earle | Published: 2009

We hear a lot more about environmental issues in the past couple of years than ever. Renowned and highly respected marine scientist Sylvia A. Earle has been trying to raise awareness of our oceans that are key to life on Earth.

The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean’s Are One is highlighting that due to human activity, the waters are reaching their limits.

Thanks to our destructive behavior an enormous number of species are on the edge of extinction or have already disappeared completely.

We must take better care of the waters and that requires everyone to pitch in. Begin with carrying your own tote bag everywhere, so no plastic bags are used. Eat less fish, meat and animal products.

Thanks to vegetarianism and veganism gaining more attention, many products are becoming available everywhere at an affordable price.

Prompt your local distributors to offer environmentally friendly products.

There are so many little things that could help slowly restore what humanity has destroyed over the centuries.

The World is Blue aims to help you become a mindful person who is capable of sharing the planet with all creatures on it, especially in the oceans.

19| Making Space: Creating a Home Meditation Practice by Thich Nhat Hanh

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh invites you to take off a load from your shoulders. In this running world full of stress everyone needs to find time to relax and think the day through.

As you read into the book you will soon become an expert on how to create your own space for meditating.

Find the best practices and methods to become much more relaxed and balanced in the everyday.

By creating your own space, you can easily relax, no matter what walks of life you are from. There are also helpful illustrations that make things far easier than first anticipated.

Making Space: Creating a Home Meditation Practice is one of the best books on mindfulness helping you achieve inner peace.

18| Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think by Hans Rosling, Ola Rosling, Anna Rosling Rönnlund | Published: 2018

When it comes to mindfulness it is important to be aware of what is actually going on around us.

We have included many books that discuss issues that require all of us to be more conscious in our daily activities.

Factfulness aims to show not everything is helpless, there is a reason to be positive about as well.

Of course, after reading this book no one is going to feel life is good so no changes are required. But at least everyone can carry on with their lives knowing your efforts are worth it.

The Rosling trio, Hans, Ola, and Anna are doing a great job of passing on relevant data in an easily understandable way.

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think is certainly one of the most thought-provoking books on mindfulness. It will take you on a journey that offers hope for humanity.

17| Easy Green Living: The Ultimate Guide to Simple, Eco-Friendly Choices for You and Your Home by Renée Loux | Published: 2008

Celebrity chef Renée Loux is known to be one of the pioneers of plant-based eating and overall natural, green living. She offers a lot of help to those who are new to the toxin and chemical-free living.

Easy Green Living: The Ultimate Guide to Simple, Eco-Friendly Choices is a kind of the bible of environmentalists. In this book, there are countless amazing life hacks that don’t just help you save the world but even money.

It is often considered to be an expensive way of living, but Loux’s devotion to nature made it easy for everyone.

It is very important to be a mindful consumer and not just because our environment needs attention. When using all sorts of chemicals to clean, various artificial beauty products and of course foods, we expose ourselves to a number of hazards.

Simply think about how terribly has cancer grown, how many people are suffering from various allergies and other immune system malfunctions.

These all can be healed, avoided or reduced by being more careful of what we put on our skin, eat and inhale.

Easy Green Living: The Ultimate Guide to Simple, Eco-Friendly Choices for You and Your Home is surely one of the best books on mindfulness that helps you keep healthy.

16| Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster By Linda Graham | Published: 2018

Experienced psychotherapist Linda Graham’s first book is one of the best books that make you feel better about life. Everybody is under constant pressure because of various causes.

It could be a personal issue, a global one or someone at work could have given you a hard time.

Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster helps you come back after a shock or nadir in your life.

There are no people living a life without tough times, therefore it is always important to be able to come back to the surface after hitting the bottom.

Resilience is one of the best books on mindfulness that helps you get back on the right track after derailing.

15| Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg | Published: 1986

Natalie Goldberg is a reading addict, who has devoted almost all her life to reading and writing. She has been teaching writing to aspiring authors for over 35 years.

She was also deeply into Zen practices, which she worked on to master for nearly five decades.

Combining the passions of hers, Goldberg wrote a book that provides significant support to those who want to become writers.

By using Zen techniques, one can become a much better writer.

Writing Down the Bones is certainly among the best books on creativity and how to awaken it.

If you are struggling with inspiration or in need of some help to express your feelings and ideas, this is your book for sure.

Even if you are not necessarily a wannabe writer, this is one of the most inspiring books on mindfulness that make you think about life and inner balance.

14| Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity by David Lynch | Published: 2006

David Lynch is the role model for many filmmakers and lovers of the movie industry. He has brought such amazing books to screen as The Elephant Man or Dune, but he also is responsible for the making of the hit show Twin Peaks.

His life, however, isn’t only inspirational to the film enthusiasts but everyone who walks on Earth.

Lynch gives you an opportunity to look into his head and see how creativity and motivation helped him become the person many admire.

There are loads of useful practices that help your brainstorming and capturing important thoughts much easier. In case you are having a creativity block, this book will get things going again.

Catching the Big Fish is surely among the best books about creativity and how to ignite your imagination.

13| How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum by Keri Smith | Published: 2008

The reason we love How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum is because it is prompting its readers to look at things from a different perspective.

You can learn so much about the world around you and about yourself as well by not boxing anything into one category.

Look at each and every little thing as an artist, then as a scientist. You are going to explore the world again and find new meanings, new connections.

While traveling or just simply going for a walk in your familiar neighborhood, you can find so many new discoveries.

This superb journal invites you to take notes on your newly explored world, and put down your new discoveries. There are some superb illustrations as well as encouraging your inner artist to look around once more.

How to Be an Explorer of the World is one of the most inspiring books on mindfulness and creativity.

12| We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | 2014

Nigerian author and feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is raising a very important topic that is unfortunately still a major issue. When people talk about feminism, it is often implied only females can be feminists.

If you really think about it, each and every person should be and one day hopefully we can all just simply be humanists.

Until then, there is plenty to do. In almost all corners of the world, there is gender division and oppression which has to be attended to as soon as possible.

It is very easy to understand for everyone and brings problems to light not many people want to openly discuss. The author shares her experiences as well from Nigeria and the USA showing it is still a global issue.

“Feminism, the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.”

Adichie’s fantastic essay is among the most relevant thought-provoking books everyone should read.

11| The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life by Twyla Tharp | Published: 2003

Tony and Emmy award-winning choreographer and dancer Twyla Tharp knows a thing or two about creativity. Over the decades she has bulked up so much experience, it would have been a shame not to share it with others.

The most important teaching of The Creative Habit is that creativity is not a talent born with us. One can be inspired, but real creativity comes from hard work. You have to establish a habit, work out a system and spend plenty of time brainstorming.

Tharp helps you become mindful of your goals and way of living that leads to effectiveness.

If you want to be successful relying on your creativity then begin with getting to know yourself better; organizing your thoughts and find rituals that inspire you.

This encouraging writing is definitely among the most thought-provoking books on mindfulness and creativity.

10| The Molecule of More: How a Single Chemical in Your Brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity–and Will Determine the Fate of the Human Race by Daniel Z. Lieberman & Michael E. Long | Published: 2018

Humans tend to screw things up. We could say it is a universal truth because everyone seeks more in life. Even if things work for you, there is always something more you desire. Is it because all humans are bad?

Thanks to highly regarded psychiatry expert Daniel Z. Lieberman M.D. and Georgetown University lecturer Michael E. Long we can relax. It is all on account of a single chemical called dopamine.

Get a better understanding of how, why and what we do to be back in the driver’s seat of your life. While people often say the journey what matters, not the destination, dopamine just focuses on the state between the journey and arriving; the getting there.

That moment, when you win, or start a new romantic relationship is the actual devil in your actions. Life will get much easier to comprehend by reading this fascinating book.

The Molecule of More is one of the best books on mindfulness that make you think about your feelings.

9| What It Is by Lynda Barry | Published: 2008

Lynda Barry has a very inspiring style of writing and presentation. The book What It Is was written and drawn for those, who are looking for some help with becoming one or a better writer.

Knowing that we would recommend reading it for everyone who feels a little stuck in life or with their hobby, passion, even career.

You are going to be fuelled to get back out or in there and continue right from where you left off.

It can be a useful book for teenagers as well; they often need a little push to find something to be invested in and Lynda Barry certainly has the words for that.

As for writers; you are going to find all that is crucial to find your voice and soar. Naturally, only by reading this book you are not going to be the next bestseller, but it is definitely a good start.

It is one of those books that make you feel good about writing.

What It Is deserves to be among the best books about creativity for sure.

8| How to Make a Journal of Your Life by Dan Price | Published: 1999

Keeping a journal is a great way to release stress, enjoy a hobby or simply storing fond memories.

Dan Price has always been an active journal keeper, filling his little book with all sorts of sketches and short writings. Over time he has self-published twenty editions of the “journal-zine” that gained quite a popularity.

That interest in his doodles got him motivated to inspire others. His aim is to help people get away from all the troubles they are facing and switch off a little.

How to Make a Journal of Your Life helps you fill the pages about yourself in your own way. If you prefer to draw, write, take photographs or paint, you are welcome to get into your own journal.

Of course, the ways of completing the little book is not limited to the above interests.

This little journal is a great way to find a way out of the daily stress and find a safe space.

7| Personality: What Makes You the Way You Are by Daniel Nettle | Published: 2007

Popular and esteemed behavioral scientist Daniel Nettle offers an answer to the big mystery of personalities. With the answer comes plenty of help to make your life easier.

Each person’s differences can be advantageous as well as a downside depending on the circumstance.

How many times have you reacted to a certain situation differently than others? Have you ever questioned why are you worried all the time? Or wondered why don’t you like something everyone else does?

Now you can get answers and support with all these matters. You can also find out whether there is a way to change all these, or you are destined to be who you are.

Personality: What Makes You the Way You Are is definitely among the best books on mindfulness that make you think and be more mindful about your actions.

6| Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke | Published: 1929

Rainer Maria Rilke is often mentioned as the best poet of the German language. The Austrian’s contribution to literature changed many people’s lives in the 20th century and probably in the 21st as well.

Letters to a Young Poet is a collection of ten letters he has written to Mr. Kappus, an aspiring writer asking for Rilke’s opinion and advice.

The collection of these letters is among the best thought provoking books. Which is very inspiring and surprisingly relevant in our days as well.

As you read through all the letters, you are going to feel sadness, happiness, a little lost and then found again.

If you want to be an artist, this is a must read book. If you are looking for some answers about art and Rilke’s art especially, then there is nothing better to put your hands on.

Letters to a Young Poet is a beautiful journey for all art lovers. It is one of the most inspiring books on mindfulness that make you think about life and art.

5| Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification by Christopher Peterson, Martin E.P. Seligman | Published: 2004

Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification is a remarkable book that could be of use for everyone. Christopher Peterson and Martin E.P. Seligman take a psychological approach colored with a philosophical input into what character is.

How do we shape our character if we can of course and how can we leverage each of the 24 strengths listed in the book. What shapes us to be the persons we are? Is it family, society, culture, media or schools?

There are many captivating arguments and statements that help the reader get a better understanding of who we really are.

You can leverage the knowledge of this book to become more successful at work, in relationships and maybe in passing on the right values to your children.

Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification is one of the greatest books on mindfulness to master your strengths.

4| Mindful Work: How Meditation Is Changing Business from the Inside Out by David Gelles | Published: 2015

Mindful Work - best books on mindfulness

New York Times reporter and business world expert David Gelles presents business management in a whole new light.

Throughout his years in the world of business, he observed how most of the large firms treat their employees and what makes them so successful.

His findings are clear; mindfulness is key to keeping everyone happy, therefore productive.

Mindful Work: How Meditation Is Changing Business from the Inside Out is a must-read book for both employers and employees. Make your lives easier by finding a way to relax, recharge and focus.

To make the right decisions and be able to bear the pressure, meditation will soon become your new best friend.

Gelles’ work is definitely among the best books on mindfulness for businesspeople.

3| Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training Body and Mind by Sakyong Mipham | Published: 2012

We have already mentioned how important it is to look after your body just as well as your mind. To make things easier for you to balance, Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training Body and Mind combines the two.

Sakyong Mipham is a well known Tibetan Lama, who is the head of Shambhala, an international community with 165 meditation centers.

He supports the idea that health, creativity, and productivity can only be maintained by ensuring a healthy body and mind.

His book is going to take you on a path that leads to perfect balance. Use running and meditation to perfect yourself inside out.

Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training Body and Mind is a greatest books on mindfulness that will help you remain healthy.

2| Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies (Civilizations Rise and Fall #1) by Jared Diamond | Published: 1997

Geography professor Jared Diamond won a Pulitzer for this book, which helps all of us to understand more about humanity. The basic idea is looking at how and why did some of the nations and regions develop quicker than others.

Thanks to that advantage, some people had the chance to explore, conquer and win wars.

The book goes back as far as the birth of agriculture and takes us through how societies evolved and got where we are now.

It is an eye-opener for so many reasons; how much humanity has been through. How much we didn’t know about our ancestors and how seemingly little factors can make huge differences.

Knowing more about our past helps appreciate our present and be more mindful of our future.

1| The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It by W. Chris Winter, MD | Published: 2017

Sleeping should be our friend, but often it ends up to be an enemy. How many people struggle with sleeping disorders? Much more than you think. Sleeping should be easy, but sleeping well is an art and science.

Neurologist and sleep expert W. Chris Winter, M.D. is here to the rescue. To be truly successful in life, you have to find a way to enjoy some quality sleep every day.

Thanks to The Sleep Solution you can learn a lot about ways of perfecting sleep and even about the right use of sleeping pills. Naturally, the best is if you can sleep without pills, but when necessary there are ways.

A mindful person needs good sleep because without it you cannot remain healthy and focused.

Getting a night of good sleep is hard work and this book has everything there is to know about the process of becoming a good sleeper.

Find out what have you been doing wrong, which foods are bad choices and what activities will support your dreams.

The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It is among the best books on mindfulness. It helps you understand why getting a night of good sleep is the first step towards a healthy and happy life.

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