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32 Best Puzzle Boxes For Adults Who Love Brain Teasers

Guide to the best puzzle boxes for adults who love brain teasers. You’ll find all kinds of fun and beautiful boxes on our list. From Japanese puzzle boxes, metal, wooden hard puzzle boxes to charming jewelry boxes that double as fun riddles.

Our online book nook is usually filled with curious and magical books from around the world but we wanted to include something little different for those who love to challenge their brains or make their homes look more amusing.

Explore some of the most exciting and unique puzzle boxes for adults who love unique designs and appreciate hand-made products. You can learn a bit more about various designs and
even find out about how to solve these sometimes hard puzzle boxes.

No matter if you’re looking for a vintage puzzle box,  one with hidden compartments, for money or wooden, metal, or a modern box you’ll find here something that will challenge you.

And if you have an itch to solve a jigsaw puzzle right now, check out I’m-a-puzzle, where you can play thousands of online jigsaw puzzles.

Top Puzzle Boxes For Adults on Amazon

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32| Hard 3D Puzzle Box – Intrism Pro (Difficulty Level 10)

This is one of the most unique 3D puzzle for adults that’s also super difficult. Intrism Pro is a one-of-kind 3D wooden puzzle and challenging marble labyrinth maze game in one. You’ll have to piece together 200 laser-cut wooden pieces to build this beautiful marvel.

The maze itself is also pretty fun and challenging and is over 30 feet of track and has over 150 obstacles including sudden drops, rails, stairs, ramps, rings, and many more to see if you can make it all the way to the end.

If you’re looking for more unique 3D puzzles then check out our other list too.

Intrism Pro will be one of the most exciting and most difficult puzzle boxes you’ll ever try.


31| Barrel Cooper’s Puzzle Box – Level 9 Difficult Puzzle box for adults

Looking for a super fun and unique puzzle box that will chalenge you? Then check out Barrel Cooper’s puzzle box that’ll surely make you think hard.

While this puzzle looks fairly simple it’s actually really challegning so it’s a great trick gift for those who love puzzles.

You’ll have to use all your smarts and find secret hidden compartments to solve this puzzle.

Barrel Cooper’s puzzle box is a fun and unique gift ideas for those who love challenging brain teasers.

30| Cluebox: Schrodinger’s Cat – Level 10 Difficult Puzzle box for adults

You probably heard about Schrodinger’s cat, if not in school then thanks to the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Thanks to this beautiful and fun puzzle you’ll be able to find out if the cat is alive or dead.

It’s a difficult level 10 puzzle box with a fun story and a cool escape room element. It’s also an interactive puzzle box with various elements that will challenge and entertain you during the game.

Schrodinger’s cat is one of the most difficult puzzle boxes for adults who also want to try a cool escape room game.

29| The Last Dragon: Escape Room & Puzzle Box Game

Looking for the coolest puzzle box game for your next game night with friends and family? Then check out this incredibly beautiful and fun puzzle box adults and kids will love.

It’s part escape room and part puzzle box so it’s a great choice for those who are into at home escape room games as much as difficult puzzle boxes. If you’re able to solve the clues and open the box you can uncover the ancent dragon pendant and summon the last dragon. Are you ready for the adventure?

The Last Dragon is one of the most fun puzzle boxes for adults that will take you on an epic adventure.

28| Piano Puzzle Box For Adults

Piano Puzzle Box For Adults

Don’t be fooled by the charming design of this truly challenging puzzle box. While this hand-made item looks like as if it was only a lovely piece of home decoration it’s in fact one of the most tricky puzzle boxes you’ll ever get your hands on.

You’ll need to use your problem-solving skills as well as figure out the right combination of the “keys” to finally open the box.

Piano Puzzle Box for adults who trick and complex puzzle boxes that will be truly challenging.

27| The Quest Pyramid Puzzle Box For Adults and Teens

The Quest Pyramid Puzzle Box For Adults and Teens

This excitingly difficult puzzle box for adults is also a thrilling escape room game. It’s a superbly fun game night idea for adults who love challenges, history, and thrills.

If you get stuck you can just scan the QR code to get some guidance and help with solving the puzzle and to uncover the secret of the ancient Egyptian burial chamber.

It’s a fun adventure you go on alone or with a team in the comfort of your own home. Not to mention that it’s a stunning hand-made item and will make a beautiful and unique decor item in your home.

The Quest Pyramid is one of the best puzzle boxes for adults who love difficult puzzle boxes with various elements and mind-bending challenges mixed with an exciting game.

26| Space Box Escape Room Game & Puzzle Box For Adults

Space Box is not only a unique puzzle box but also one of the best gifts for space lovers. It’s also one of the most difficult puzzle boxes for adults where you’ll have to use logic, creativity, and your team spirit to solve it.

One of the most exciting and fun space inspired hard puzzle boxes for adults.

25| Book of Fire – Puzzle Box For Adults, Level 10

It’s the perfect thoughtful gift idea for any puzzle box fanatic. This beautifully crafted and engraved puzzle box is also one of the most tricky and difficult ones you’ll ever try. The box is rated a level 10 on a scale of 10 and you can engrave it with a special quote or message to make it even more unique.

It’s also one of the most unique gifts for puzzle lovers who enjoy difficult and beautiful brain teasers.

This difficult puzzle box for adults is just as challenging as it is elegant. It’s the perfect gift idea for Christmas and even weddings for people who love brain teasers and unique decor items.

24| The Upside Down Cube: Stranger Things inspired escape room with puzzle box elements

This Stranger Things inspired puzzle box is the perfect choice for those who love brain teasers just as much as game nights. This puzzle box will surely entertain everyone from ages 10 and up.

What makes this puzzle box even more special is the fact that the makers are the owners of the farm where you’ll find some of the Stranger Things filming locations including where Hopper’s cabin was built.

If you love unique escape room kits then this peace will make an excellent addition to your collection.

This is a really fun escape room and puzzle box for adults and families who are looking for unique game night ideas.

23| LOCKS BOX – Lego Puzzle Box by cheat3

Are you a lego and a puzzle box fan? Then check out this fun and minimalist design. It’s a more challenging 12 step puzzle box with 6 differnt types of locking mechanisms.

While the puzzle comes assembled you can request it otherwise and turn it into a fun DIY puzzle box experience.

This Lego Puzzle box is one of the most fun puzzle boxes for adults.

22| Handmade Viking Puzzle Box

This elegant Viking Puzzle Box Maze might look simple but in reality, it’s one of the most difficult puzzle boxes for adults. Just get to it and soon you’ll see that it’s much more challenging to solve this puzzle maze than you first thought.

You’ll have to solve the puzzle to open the box by manipulating and turning wheels, metal balls and sliding pieces.

With its elegant design and fantasttic qality this Viking style inspired handmade puzzle box would make a great gift.

21| DIY Puzzle Box for adults – Mecanigma Puzzle Box

DIY Puzzle Box for adults - Mecanigma Puzzle Box

This unique puzzle box is one of the best steampunk gifts for stemapunk fans who love brain teasers. However, thanks to it’s special look it can make a great gift for anyone who loves DIY puzzle boxes with an epic design.

You’ll have fun building up and solving this beautiful puzzle box and can use it as a home decor item too.

This stunning Mecanigma DIY puzzle box is perfect for steampunk lovers and puzzle box collectors who love unique design.

20| Starry Night DIY Wooden Puzzle Box & music box, 3D

Looking for a truly aesthetic puzzle box that would also make a great home decor item? Then go with this beguiling 3D puzzle box that will also feed your DIY cravings.

You’ll get easy to follow step by step instructions on how to set up the box to then solve it. It’s a lovely puzzle box that’ll surely entertain your guests on game nights and fun themed dinner parties.

This beautiful music & puzzle box for adults is perfect for astronomy lovers.

19| Hellraiser Puzzle Boxes for Adults

One of the spookiest and most exciting puzzle boxes for adults is the Hellraiser inspired puzzle box.

It’s a more challenging and visually pleasing puzzle box that will surely make a great adition to any puzzle box collection. Aditionally, it can also make a great home decor piece or a fun and spooky Halloween decor item.

A functional Hellraiser puzzle box is not only a great choce for fans but anyone who loves stunning, good quality puzzle boxes.

18| Wooden Wine Bottle Box Puzzle Game for Adults

Wooden Box Wine Bottle Puzzle Game for Adults
If you enjoy solving hard puzzle boxes and also happen to be a wine lover, this one is going to be your new favorite. There is nothing more fun than solving brain teasers before opening a lovely bottle of wine. It is also a great present for wine lovers.

The wine bottle holder perfectly fits into every type of home decor. Furthermore, this fun puzzle box is going to make the mood at any party. Invite your guests to solve the puzzle, otherwise, they wouldn’t get to try the wine. If you love wooden puzzle boxes, this one is a must-have for you.

You can even give it as a gift with a nice bottle of sake or even with a Japanese sake set.

This wine holder slash brain teaser is undoubtedly one of the best puzzle boxes for adults who want to make their dinner parties more fun.

17| Shin Karakuri Japanese Puzzle Box, Wooden, Handmade

Shin Karakuri Japanese Puzzle Box, Wooden, Handmade
This beautiful hand-made wooden Japanese puzzle box Karakuri is shipped straight from Japan and puzzle lovers are going to love it. To open the box you have to solve a fairly complex puzzle with a number of steps.

There is no doubt, this artistic piece is among the most beautiful puzzle boxes for adults. The box is a jewel on its own serving as a great addition to any room. The colors and patterns are going to make everyone fall in love. Not to mention how superbly difficult it is to crack the puzzle to finally open it up.

If you like beautiful and difficult puzzles, this is probably the most artistic Japanese puzzle box Amazon has to offer.

16| 3D Puzzle Box Wooden Robot with light

3D Puzzle Box Wooden Robot with light

This awesome robot is definitely a stand out of all puzzle boxes on Amazon. It is a puzzle you have to assemble from scratch to get a cool 3D robot. Once you put it together, you are in for a delightful treat as it’s not only a puzzle. This super cool robot also happens to be a music box that plays “Cycle of Happiness” while also dancing.

Every sci-fi lover is going to love this superb robot 3D puzzle box. It is powered by button batteries and lasts quite long, of course depending on how much you play with it.

This 3D robot is surely amid the coolest American puzzle boxes on Amazon that doubles as a charming music box.

15| 3D Wooden Puzzle Small Movie Projector Model

3D Wooden Puzzle Model of Small Movie Projector
There is no doubt, this remarkable piece is going to be every puzzle and movie lovers’ favorite. Besides looking extremely cool, it is also a functional movie projector. There is no need for a battery as it is powered by a hand-cranked generator. You can play the movie after you had some really fun time piecing it together.

It’s surely one of the best puzzle boxes for adults who can hide small trinkets or money inside of it. This vintage projector is going to be the highlight of every room without a doubt. Even if you are not a huge fan of movies, we are sure you won’t be able to resist playing one on this little machine.

The vintage film projector puzzle box is guaranteed fun for every adult while it also looks great in any home.

14| Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex
This mini cryptex was definitely a huge hit after the Da Vinci Code hit the shelves then the cinemas. Even if it was years ago, we are sure, a true puzzle fan will appreciate this one. Out of all the metal puzzle boxes on Amazon, this is the most iconic one everyone would love to have. Surprise yourself or your loved ones with a fun time.

Solving this puzzle is among the most fun and hardest brain teasers you can find. Additionally, it also looks great in your library or steampunk-themed home and many other designs.

If you want to make sure no one cheats, you can even glue the screws, so it can only be opened with the password.

This cryptex is definitely one of the coolest hard puzzle boxes for adults who love Da Vinci Code.

13| Tubibu Walnut Treasure Puzzle Handmade Jewelry Box

Tubibu Walnut Treasure Puzzle Handmade Jewelry Box
There is no better way to gift money or jewelry in a beautiful little puzzle box. While everyone is going to love the tastefully crafted wooden box, getting it open is surely a lot of fun. Even if you are a seasoned puzzler, this box might still pose some challenges.

If you would like to keep a good secret, this is among the hardest puzzle boxes to do the job. Once you managed to open it, the red felt lining makes it look like a fairytale treasure chest. Place your favorite pieces of jewelry and keep your mind fit the puzzle every time you want to open the box.

This superb jewelry holder is one of the most beautiful wooden puzzle boxes for jewelry that are elegant and decorative.

12| Handmade Wooden Jewelry Puzzle Box

Handmade Wooden Jewelry Puzzle Box (Small)
Here is another charming little wooden puzzle box that is going to be a fantastic home decor item too. The box is artistically carved out of cherrywood, which makes it a truly fine piece. This posh little chest would look perfect on the coffee table or home office desk.

You can put some treats in there and those, who manage to open the box get a reward. It is surely a great conversation maker or ice breaker during family visits. Although it is amid the easy puzzle boxes, you can be sure; it will be loved by everyone.

This elegant wooden puzzle box is definitely a great choice if you want to trick your friends but don’t want to make their life too difficult.

11| 3D Wooden Puzzle with Amber

3D Wooden Puzzle with Amber (Small)
We simply love this jewelry holder puzzle box because it is so unique and versatile. Thanks to its special look and the amber stone, it looks just as elegant as cool. Fantasy lovers, steampunk fans, and fairy tale enthusiasts will love it as well.

There is no way you can go wrong with this magnificent fun puzzle box. Once you manage to open it, a whole new world opens up thanks to the many little compartments, where you can put various jewels and other precious items. There is no doubt, every age group is going to fall in love with this lovely box at first sight.

This unique piece is definitely one of the coolest puzzle boxes with hidden compartments you can find on Amazon.

10| Superman Hand-Carved Puzzle Box

Superman Hand-Carved Puzzle Box
You don’t have to be a DC or Superman fan to truly appreciate this awesome wooden puzzle box. Naturally, if you love Superman, this item is going to be your new favorite, however, it could be great for anyone whose name starts with S.

The carving is very nice, which makes it look like a classic piece everyone would love to have at home. The puzzle is fun, so every age group could have a little excitement when opening it. This is amid the less conventional but just as amazing puzzle boxes for money or gift cards.

This Superman inspired wooden piece is surely among the coolest puzzle boxes on Amazon.

9| Handmade Wooden Jewelry and Puzzle Box

Handmade Wooden Jewelry and Puzzle Box (Small)
There is no doubt; this breathtaking wooden puzzle box is going to make everyone smile. It looks incredibly elegant and the carving is one of a kind, but opening it is going to be quite an adventure. It takes a few steps and if this one is your first puzzle, don’t expect it to be easy. Once you managed to open it, a little mirror awaits to help you dress.

You can order this hand-carved box in various colors so everybody can find the most suitable one for their home. Thanks to the different colors, they feel like completely different boxes, so you won’t be able to resist ordering only one.

Every puzzle box lover is going to appreciate this beautiful, yet superbly difficult piece.

8| Fun Hand-Carved Puzzle Box for cat lovers

Hand-Carved Puzzle Box for cat lovers
In case you are thinking of starting a new hobby and begin collecting superb carved puzzle boxes, then this seller is a good match for you. They have a number of animal-themed puzzle boxes for adults as well as religious-themed and a number of other designs.

Each of the puzzle boxes for money, jewelry, or gift card holders are made of quality wood. You can find the cutest little creatures carved to warm your puzzle box lover friends’ hearts. Some of these boxes are great for traveling as well, although, most of them are going to look best as decoration at home.

These animal-themed puzzle boxes for adults look great while they are also a lot of fun.

7| Yosegi Japanese Puzzle Box

Japanese Yosegi Puzzle Box (Small)
This fascinating Japanese Yosegi puzzle box was hand-made by Yosegi masters in Japan. You are in for a truly great time as it takes 21 steps to get it open. Further to its entertaining puzzle, it also looks remarkably beautiful inspired by the Edo period.

Every Japanofil is going to love it in case you are thinking of a nice surprise for them. It serves great as a secret hiding place for adults and younger ones as well. If you are looking for a great Japanese puzzle box solution, this one is surely a great pick.

Everyone who appreciates Japanese culture will love this Yosegi puzzle box without a doubt.

6| Eagle Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle Box

Eagle Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle Box
Who doesn’t love eagles? They are such majestic creatures, they have always been beloved by everyone. Now you can take a beautiful carved wooden puzzle box with a soaring eagle on it. The carving is masterful, while the puzzle simple, yet fun for all ages.

Adults are going to appreciate its beauty and it could serve as a gift card holder or a secret hiding spot for your most precious little items. The good quality wood will always look great in your home so it will never go out of style.

If you are looking for stylish puzzle boxes for money, this piece is surely a great choice.

5| Hakone ekiden Japanese Puzzle Box, Limited Edition

Hakone ekiden Japanese Puzzle Box Limited Edition

If you are looking for elegant and hard Japanese puzzle boxes that are going to serve as great brain teasers, then you should go with this handmade beauty. If you pull this one out at a party, it will definitely become the star. Every person will want to crack the puzzle and open the box, but only a few will be able to.

There are 22 steps, so prepare for a worthy challenge. In the Japanese puzzle box vintage category, this is surely among the hardest puzzle boxes without any question. Furthermore, it also looks incredibly beautiful and fits into modern and classic decors as well.

This handmade Japanese puzzle box for adults is undoubtedly among the most difficult and beautiful ones.

4| Maiko Japanese Puzzle Box

Maiko Japanese Puzzle Box

Himitsu bako or puzzle box collectors are going to be fond of this lovely piece. You can order two different designs, one shows a lady enjoying the view of the iconic Mount Fuji. The other is of a koi fish, which brings luck to everyone. The box is incredibly beautiful made by a skilled Japanese craftsman.

If you enjoy solving brain teasers and hard puzzle boxes, then this one is going to be perfect for you. There are 21 steps to solve in order to get into this lovely wooden box. It is just as good to hold a precious present as actually being the main attraction.

This is one of the most beautiful Japanese puzzle boxes for adults on Amazon with beautiful art.

3| Solaris Wooden Maze Puzzle Box

Solaris Wooden Maze Puzzle Box

No one is going to be able to resist grabbing this supercool puzzle box. This maze is intended to store precious little items, but the real fun begins from the moment of laying eyes on it. Besides looking interestingly cool, it is very exciting.

As you try to crack the puzzle, you are going to be more and more elevated by the thrill of solving a brain teaser. If you plan to gift it to your loved ones, there is no doubt you will be the star of the day.

The Solaris wooden maze puzzle box is definitely among the most beloved fun puzzle boxes on Amazon.

2| Angel Hand-Carved Wooden Puzzle Box

Angel Hand-Carved Wooden Puzzle Box


For those puzzle box enthusiasts, who are looking for quality and artistic pieces, this wooden angel is surely a good fit. The box is made of high-quality hardwood, while the art itself is otherworldly. Not just because it is an angel, but because it looks really neat and special.

You can use it as a gift card holder or place some of your favorite jewelry to make sure it is safe. If you are in search of puzzle boxes for money, there is no doubt, you are in the right place.

This angel carving is definitely amid the best puzzle boxes for adults who love angels and art.

1| Yui Japanese Puzzle Box

Yui Japanese Puzzle Box

In case you just cannot get enough of Japanese puzzle boxes, then this one is going right in your cart. While this one is a bit easier than the other hard puzzle boxes, the fun is still guaranteed. It takes seven steps to open the magic box, so you are going to have a few fun-filled moments with this one too.

Although it is easier, this Himitsu-Bako is among the most beautiful puzzle boxes for adults. The art is breathtaking, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. Until you get to explore the magnificent Japanese landscapes, enjoy the view on this box.

This handmade Himitsu-Bako is undoubtedly among the most remarkable puzzle boxes for adults.

best puzzle boxes for adults

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