10 Scary Escape Room Games For Horror Fans Worth Playing

Explore the ten best scary escape room games for horror fans who love to play spooky games on their phones. If you’re a fan of horror escape rooms that will scare and challenge you then check out these creepy and exciting games.

You can play with these eerie horror games on an Android iOS phone too. You’ll find all kinds of scary games on our list that will give you a thrill. From haunted houses, zombies, evil doctors, and monsters to serial killers and spooky hospitals and mansions you’ll find here everything. You have to escape rooms, houses, hospitals, or even towns depending on how long you want to play.


We added some of the scariest classics and a few new horror games with great design and interesting stories. Just don’t forget to turn off the lights before you start.

Best Scary Escape Rooms For Horror Fans

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best scary escape rooms worth playing

10| House of Fear: Horror Escape in Haunted Ghost Town

House of Fear Horror Escape in Haunted Ghost Town - scary escape rooms for horror fans

Escape room and horror fans are going to be extremely happy to play this game. From the first moment you open the game, prepare to be spooked to your bones. The game has a great story that will keep you engaged throughout while escaping from the ghost town is fairly challenging.

What makes this game even more enjoyable are the various locations. Players can explore the town, enter abandoned buildings, and complete creepy mazes to complete your mission.

On the way, you are going to meet all sorts of creepy creatures that will make your heart skip a beat. The puzzles are very imaginative and the horror never stops so be alert!

Check it out on Google Play or App Store.

House of Fear: Horror Escape in Haunted Ghost Town is among the most complex scary escape room games for horror fans who love petrifying characters.

9| Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room Puzzle & action game

Mr. Meat Horror Escape Room Puzzle & action game - scary escape rooms for horror fans

There are scary escape rooms for horror fans with all sorts of themes and gameplay experience. Mr. Meat is quite interesting, a new take on the escape room games. Players get a much more action-packed game with plenty of surprises. Furthermore, there are a number of different ways the game can be completed.

If you like zombie apocalypse games, then this one is surely going to be fun for you. Hunt down the walking dead while trying to get out alive and save others as well. With extremely great graphics for such a small game, it is definitely a great pick.

Check it out on Google Play or App Store.

Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room Puzzle & action game is a scary horror escape room game with great visuals and daunting zombies.

8| Lost Town: Escape the Room Games

Lost Town Escape the Room Games

A foggy dark road is full of mysteries. Imagine losing control over the car to end up in the middle of nowhere. Your only chance of survival is to go ahead and solve all the puzzles you face. There are going to be unanticipated mysteries and scary secrets uncovered on your way.

The game is surely among the most imaginative horror-themed escape rooms. The eerie vibe is going to make you want to leave the lights on overnight because you could never know what is behind you.

Players will have to get creative in order to progress in this game as each of the stages are quite challenging.

Check it out on Google Play or App Store.

Lost Town: Escape the room Games is a fan favorite of all escape adventure gamers because it is full of interesting mysteries.

7| The Panic: Horror escape game

The Panic: Horror escape game

Prepare for a truly spine-chilling time as you try to find your way out from the pitch-black rooms. There are great puzzles that are getting more and more difficult as you progress. People suffering from nyctophobia are not advised to play with this game as everything is dark apart from the small strip ahead of you.

Your flashlight becomes the best companion you could imagine. You will also have to fight enemies so your wits aren’t enough for survival. As players advance they have to make important decisions regarding what to carry with them as there is a limited inventory.

Check it out on Google Play or App Store.

The Panic: Horror escape game is one of the most frightening escape rooms for horror fans.

6| Adventure Escape: Asylum

Adventure Escape Asylum

Waking up in an asylum alone doesn’t sound to be a great experience. However, when Anna learns there is a killer on the loose, things become much more scary and exciting. Help Anna get out of the building alive and try to solve the mystery that lingers around the institution.

While it is packed with scary scenes and dark corners, the game is quite easy on the faint-hearted. Still, the game is great overall, the story is gripping and the puzzles are very testing. You are in for a great time if you enjoy dark secrets.

Check it out on Google Play or App Store.

Adventure Escape: Asylum is among the most imaginative escape adventure games set in a mental institution.

5| Escape game: home town adventure

Escape game home town adventure scary escape rooms

If you enjoy classic escape room adventure games then this one is surely going to make your next game time.

Get ready for an exciting combination of mini-games and puzzles that will fire up your mental gears. If you are a skilled gamer you will probably spend a couple of hours. Otherwise, in case you are new to the genre, you are in for a day-long adventure.

Can you solve the ghost town’s mystery and escape before it’s too late? In case you are stuck, just as in many other games you can watch ad videos to get hints. If you managed to finish the game a second one awaits!

Check it out on Google Play or App Store (only Home Town Adventure II).

Escape game: home town adventure is one of the best and most difficult scary escape rooms for horror fans with many secrets to uncover.

4| Scary Mansion

Scary Mansion scary horror escape rooms

You have to be resourceful and act quickly because your life is at stake. Playing this game you will step into Freddy’s shoes, a mailman, who is having his worst day ever. It seems you are trapped in a scary mansion and a maniacal former patient of the nearby mental hospital is after you.

Not to mention it is Friday the 13th. It is now up to your deduction skills and reflexes to get out alive. Otherwise, you are about to be captured and set all hell loose. The game is going to make your heart pound while having to keep it together and try to escape Dr. Crow’s scary mansion.

Check it out on Google Play or App Store.

Scary Mansion is a superb horror escape room adventure game that will make you think twice about ringing the doorbell of old houses.

3| Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game

Eyes Scary Thriller - Creepy Horror Game

If you are looking for a truly creepy escape room adventure game then Eyes: Scary Thriller is a perfect choice. Upon breaking into a huge mansion you realize it was the biggest mistake in your life. It is certainly not an ordinary house; there are scarier and scarier surprises in every room.

Right after entering, you forget why you came, and only getting out alive remains in your mind. Meet all sorts of paranormal creatures while trying to solve imaginative puzzles and riddles. Players who love scary escape room games are in for a superbly fun time.

Check it out on Google Play or App Store.

Eyes: Scary Thriller is among the scariest escape room games that will take you into a dark mansion you wish never entered.

2| Scary Horror Escape

scary horror escape - best escape rooms for horror fans (Small)

The game is full of exciting puzzles and riddles while each of the stages or rooms is quite scary too. Players are going to face their worst nightmares while never knowing what may come next.

If you don’t like spiders, worms, and other odd creatures, then you are going to have a hard time progressing. Can you make it alive or will you end up as many other victims before?

Check it out on Google Play or App Store.

Scary Horror Escape is a superb adventure horror game that is full of dark twists.

1| Fog Hospital

Fog Hospital

Hospitals are usually great premises for good old horror stories. It didn’t disappoint this time either. You are about to enter the once barely known Old Marrow Hospital, where illegal experimenting killed dozens of people. There was a head nurse, who was responsible for a lot of suffering.

She is still within the walls of the hospital, and she just got even worse over the years. You will have to find a way out of the terrible building by finding clues and solving puzzles. Be aware; it is not going to be an easy ride.

Check it out on Google Play.

Foggy Hospital is among the darkest and most startling horror-themed escape rooms set in a terrifying old hospital.

scary escape rooms worth playing

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