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Explore some of the twistiest new psychological thriller books with shocking twists and chilling stories that leave readers guessing until the very end.

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best psychological thriller books

Best Psychological Thriller Books With Shocking Twists

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If you’re a fellow thrill-seeker and book lover who can’t get enough of psychological thrillers then you’re at the right place. Because we collected some of the most exciting new psychological thriller book releases that will surely make your heart pound faster thanks to mind-bending twists and spine-tingling stories.

These psychological thriller stories try to unravel the dark mysteries of the human psyche while transporting you into chilling worlds filled with mysteries, secrets, and murder.

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You will not have to worry about getting bored while reading these books because they will surely keep you on the edge of your seat since they’re filled with twists and turns that will leave you guessing until the very end. They not only provide a spine-tingling experience but also make you question everything you thought you knew about the characters and their motivations, as you’re plunged into a world of deception, fear, and suspense.

These books will also challenge your assumptions about what’s real and what’s not, forcing you to confront your deepest fears and anxieties. But in a fun way, of course.

A good psychological thriller is an ultimate page-turner that will surprise and engage you even if the stories feel somewhat familiar. So if you’re looking for a gripping and pulse-pounding read that will keep you up all night, then check out these brilliant new psychological thriller books.

The Maid’s Diary by Loreth Anne White – March 2023

The Maid's Diary by Loreth Anne White - psychological thrillers

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Kit Darling is a maid with a snooping problem. She’s the “invisible girl,” compelled to poke into her wealthy clients’ closely guarded lives. It’s a harmless hobby until Kit sees something she can’t unsee in the home of her brand-new clients: a secret so dark it could destroy the privileged couple expecting their first child. This makes Kit dangerous to the couple. In turn, it makes the couple—who might kill to keep their secret—dangerous to Kit.

When homicide cop Mallory Van Alst is called to a scene at a luxury waterfront home known as the Glass House, she’s confronted with evidence of a violent attack so bloody it’s improbable the victim is alive. But there’s no body. The homeowners are gone. And their maid is missing. The only witness is the elderly woman next door, who woke to screams in the night. The neighbor was also the last person to see Kit Darling alive.

As Mal begins to uncover the secret that has sent the lives of everyone involved on a devious and inescapable collision course, she realizes that nothing is quite as it seems.

And no one escapes their past.

The Maid’s Diary is one of the most thrilling new psychological thriller books with a gripping mystery.

The Night She Vanished by Wendy Dranfield – March 2023

The Night She Vanished by Wendy Dranfield - psychological thriller novels

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A missing daughter. A devastated family. A secret they would kill to keep.

Twelve years ago, I escaped my small midwestern hometown and never looked back. Now, sitting on my porch in the sun with my handsome husband, my old life couldn’t feel further away. But my world comes crashing down when I answer the phone to the one person I never thought I’d hear from again: my mother.

And when she utters four little worlds my heart stops in my chest: “Your sister is missing”.

I know everyone will be doing all they can to search for Aimee, sending my perfect parents home-baked cookies and sharing in their grief. Because everyone looks up to Ron and Debbie Chambers: the town sheriff and the dependable midwife. But the neighbors don’t know what I know. And they wouldn’t believe me if I told them…

I’m convinced this isn’t the first time a young girl has gone missing because of them. And it’s why I ran away all those years ago.

So now I have no choice but to return. I’m the only person who knows what they’re capable of. I’m the only one who can find my little sister.

Or so I thought… As the closer I get to discovering the truth, the less sure I become of everything. And by the time I find out, will I be too late to save her? Was returning home the deadliest thing I could have ever done?

The Night She Vanished is one of the most suspenseful new psychological thriller books for adults who love chilling stories.

The Housemaid’s Secret by Freida McFadden – February 2023

The Housemaid's Secret by Freida McFadden - pscyhological thriller books

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“Don’t go in the guest bedroom.” A shadow falls on Douglas Garrick’s face as he touches the door with his fingertips. “My wife… she’s very ill.” As he continues showing me their incredible penthouse apartment, I have a terrible feeling about the woman behind closed doors. But I can’t risk losing this job—not if I want to keep my darkest secret safe…

It’s hard to find an employer who doesn’t ask too many questions about my past. So I thank my lucky stars that the Garricks miraculously give me a job, cleaning their stunning penthouse with views across the city and preparing fancy meals in their shiny kitchen. I can work here for a while, stay quiet until I get what I want.

It’s almost perfect. But I still haven’t met Mrs Garrick, or seen inside the guest bedroom. I’m sure I hear her crying. I notice spots of blood around the neck of her white nightgowns when I’m doing laundry. And one day I can’t help but knock on the door. When it gently swings open, what I see inside changes everything…

That’s when I make a promise. After all, I’ve done this before. I can protect Mrs Garrick while keeping my own secrets locked up safe.

Douglas Garrick has done wrong. He is going to pay. It’s simply a question of how far I’m willing to go…

The Housemaid’s Secret is one of the most popular psychological thriller books filled with dark secrets.

Don’t Let Her Stay by Nicola Sanders – February 2023

Don't Let Her Stay by Nicola Sanders - psychological thriller books

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Someone inside your house wants you dead, but no one believes you…

Joanne knows how lucky she is. Richard is a wonderful husband, Evie is the most gorgeous baby girl, they live in a beautiful house… Life couldn’t be better.

Until Richard’s twenty-year-old daughter Chloe turns up. Chloe hasn’t spoken to her father since the day he married Joanne two years ago. But Chloe wants to make peace. She’ll even move in for a few weeks to help Joanne with the new baby.

It sounds perfect, but when things happen that make Joanne feel like she’s losing her mind, she begins to wonder: Is Chloe really here to help? Or has Joanne made a terrible mistake by letting her move in?

And is it too late to ask her to leave?

Perfect for fans of Frieda McFadden, Sue Watson and Shalini Boland, Don’t Let Her Stay is a totally addictive psychological thriller with a twist that will shock you!

Don’t Let Her Stay is one of the most exciting new psychological thriller books with a breathtaking twist.

All That Is Mine I Carry with Me by William Landay – March 2023

All That Is Mine I Carry with Me by William Landay - psychological thriller books

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A mother vanished. A father presumed guilty. There is no proof. There are no witnesses. For the children, there is only doubt. From the New York Times bestselling author of Defending Jacob. . . .

One afternoon in November 1975, ten-year-old Miranda Larkin comes home from school to find her house eerily quiet. Her mother is missing. Nothing else is out of place. There is no sign of struggle. Her mom’s pocketbook remains in the front hall, in its usual spot.

So begins a mystery that will span a lifetime. What happened to Jane Larkin?

Investigators suspect Jane’s husband. A criminal defense attorney, Dan Larkin would surely be an expert in outfoxing the police.

But no evidence is found linking him to a crime, and the case fades from the public’s memory, a simmering, unresolved riddle. Jane’s three children–Alex, Jeff, and Miranda–are left to be raised by the man who may have murdered their mother.

Two decades later, the remains of Jane Larkin are found. The investigation is awakened. The children, now grown, are forced to choose sides. With their father or against him? Guilty or innocent? And what happens if they are wrong?

A tale about family–family secrets and vengeance, but also family love–All That Is Mine I Carry With Me masterfully grapples with a primal question: When does loyalty reach its limit?

All That Is Mine I Carry with Me is one of the most emotional psychological thriller books with a chilling crime mystery story.

The Surgeon by Leslie Wolfe – March 2023

The Surgeon by Leslie Wolfe - psychological thriller books

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Trusted surgeon. Loving wife. Murderer?

Before my world came crashing down, I had it all. The successful career I dreamed of. The beautiful red-brick home where I could relax in front of the fire. The handsome, devoted husband whose blue eyes and charming smile always made me feel safe.

As I call time of death, my voice is steady. My colleagues stand hushed around me, their eyes on me, confused, concerned.

I have never lost a patient until today.

My hands tremble inside their gloves. I slide down the cold tiled walls, my heart racing in my chest.

I have never hated a patient until today.

But what choice did I have, once I recognized him?

And what will I do to protect myself, if someone learns the truth?

The Surgeon is one of the twistiest medical psychological thriller books for adults.

The Institution by Helen Sarah Fields – March 2023

The Institution by Helen Sarah Fields - twisty psychological thriller books

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To beat them, she’ll have to join them…

On a locked ward in the world’s highest-security prison hospital for the criminally insane, a nurse has been murdered and her newborn baby kidnapped. A ransom must be paid, and the clock is ticking.

Forensic profiler Dr Connie Woolwine is renowned for her ability to get inside the mind of a murderer. Now she must go deep undercover among the most deranged and dangerous men on earth, and use her unique skills to find the baby – before it’s too late.

She has five days to catch the killer.

But with the walls of The Institution closing in on her, will her sanity last that long?

The Institution is one of the scariest psychological thriller books with a gripping mystery.

All the Dangerous Things by Stacy Willingham – January 2023

All the Dangerous Things by Stacy Willingham - Psychological Thriller books

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One year ago, Isabelle Drake’s life changed forever: her toddler son, Mason, was taken out of his crib in the middle of the night while she and her husband were asleep in the next room.

With little evidence and few leads for the police to chase, the case quickly went cold. However, Isabelle cannot rest until Mason is returned to her—literally.

Except for the occasional catnap or small blackout where she loses track of time, she hasn’t slept in a year.

Isabelle’s entire existence now revolves around finding him, but she knows she can’t go on this way forever. In hopes of jarring loose a new witness or buried clue, she agrees to be interviewed by a true-crime podcaster—but his interest in Isabelle’s past makes her nervous.

His incessant questioning paired with her severe insomnia has brought up uncomfortable memories from her own childhood, making Isabelle start to doubt her recollection of the night of Mason’s disappearance, as well as second-guess who she can trust… including herself. But she is determined to figure out the truth no matter where it leads.

All the Dangerous Things is one of the most popular and suspenseful psychological thriller books.

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