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Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by Jella Erhard

25 Top Anime To Watch When Depressed Or Have Anxiety

We collected some of our favorite top anime about depression and anxiety as well as the top animes for depression that are fun, and warm and we love re-watching when we need a good laugh and comforting anime-hug.

This list is also a good start if you’re new to the world of anime because we have here some of the most successful and beloved anime series.

We collected some of the most fun and heartwarming animes that can motivate you and make you feel better when you’re feeling depressed. As well as some of the best animes that explore depression and anxiety.

It does matter which anime you watch, well, pretty much all the time but especially when you’re feeling down because your choice should be influenced by more than just your taste in anime.

Keep in mind that the thing that worked for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. One thing is for sure. These amazing anime series will give you comfort, some good laughs, and will provoke some thoughts on your situation and how to fix it.

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Our Top Favorite Anime series for Depression & Anxiety

1| Soul Eater

Soul Eater is one of our all-time favorite shows! I turn to this show when I’m feeling down and need some cheering up or when I’m bored and need some quality entertainment.

We love the story, the characters, and the art of the show is just amazing. It’s humorous but deep and has many characters that are dealing with some serious mental health issues.

One of my favorite characters in Soul Eater is Crona. They call Crona a boy because in English they don’t have a neutral gender as they have in Japanese. Although, we love that Crona is originally gender neutral because this helps us concentrate even more on the important personality and mental issues this character deals with.

The Soul Eater is a short anime series. It has one season with 51 episodes but I think it’s a series that both boys and girls will enjoy and bing-watch.

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2| My Ordinary Life

This is the perfect anime series to watch if you’re bored because it will make you appreciate more life’s everyday moments and will help you find the magic in them. It teaches you with its easygoing humor that you shouldn’t take life too seriously. Find a way to laugh at yourself and your mistakes because everyone makes them.

My Ordinary life has six main high-energy characters that will inspire you to live every day with positive thinking and laugh about things that you may have found frustrating or felt embarrassed about. This is a fun, sweet, and short ride with 1 season and 26 episodes.

3| Tokyo Ghoul

Many people find this series a mentally traumatizing one so make sure you’re ready to get yourself into something this dark and real. It’s one of the darkest psychological anime series out there and I think it’s a good anime to watch if you have depression or anxiety and want to understand it a little more deeply.

Tokyo Ghoul is a brooding show that’s a great choice for those who like to watch dark anime that helps let off steam.

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4| Naruto 

With 220 episodes this show requires some commitment. It’s one of the longest-running and most beloved anime series. It’s packed with action and good storylines. The characters are well crafted and often deal with their own demons. Naruto is an incredibly entertaining anime that teaches us that we should never give up and to fight for our dreams.

Naruto is also the most watched anime after Dragon Ball Z and it’s loved both by men and women.

Other than action and many soul-touching moments Naruto also has the kind of anime music that will make your heart pound stronger.

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5| The Seven Deadly Sins

This is an ongoing (3rd season is running now) action, comedy and adventure packed anime show. If you like European Middle Ages, knights, wizards, and all things magical you’re going to fall in love with this show. The main character is Elizabeth a kick-ass princess and you will go on amazing adventures while looking for the Seven Deadly Sins so she can seek justice and take back her kingdom.

This show is not just fun but will take your mind off things and boost your energy so you can fight the injustice in your own life as well. 

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6| Violet Evergarden

This Show is one of the newest on the list. And while I admit that the story is far from perfect it is still pretty empowering and more importantly a visual feast! The artwork is just glorious. If you’re an anime lover or just someone who enjoys animated arts you should check this show out because it’ll blow your mind. 

The story revolves around Violet Evergarden and how she’s trying to reintegrate back into society after the war where she served… well pretty much as a super-soldier. She starts working for a family as a writer and helps Mollie a blind novelist by putting her words on to paper for her. Violet is not a perfect character, sometimes even annoying but I think that what’s makes her real.

She’s still a young girl/woman who spent most of her life fighting and following orders. It’s interesting to see her finding her own self and purpose in a new life.  It’s also only 1 season 13 episodes so you don’t have to clear out your schedule to watch this show.

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7| Galaxy Angel

Galaxy Angel is an engaging 4 seasons 125 episodes comedy/sci-fi anime series.  While the characters have to deal with serious issues they do it with great humor and with creative ideas.

The story revolves around a group of amazing chicks the ‘Angel Brigade’ who have to travel around the galaxy in search of some lost and powerful objects.

It’s a fun space story that will bring some smiles for sure.

Fairy tail is definitely one of the best anime shows with magic although this was a long-running show. It has 7 seasons and 288 episodes of magic, action, and fantastic characters.

This story takes places in a world where magic and wizards not only exist but thrive and form wizard guilds. One of the most (in)famous guild is ‘Fairy Tail’ and these wizards are special and not only because they’re the strongest but also because they all have their own baggage, agendas, and amazing personality as well. Their adventures will entertain the heck out of you and will teach you some valuable life lessons for sure.

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9| One piece

One piece is just perfect. It became such a beloved show. Their fans are crazy about it. It’s literary everywhere in Japan. I started watching this show after my visit to Tokyo because I really wanted to know what’s all the fuss is about… And? Thank you for asking. Well, it’s about pirates, adventures, and mysteries. What’s not to like?!

It does get going a little slow (for my taste) but once it does you’ll get hooked until the end. It is an ongoing show with an about 840 episodes; just so you know what you’re getting into. And while it’s action-packed and the storylines are just amazing what will steal your heart are the characters.

Monkey D. Luffy and his friends will become your new best friends to comfort you and to cheer you up on rainy days.

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10| Ouran High School Host Club

Sweet, funny, and charming. I already talked about my never dying love for this show when I wrote my list on the best anime series that will get you hooked on anime.  It’s the perfect anime to watch when you’re feeling down or bored. The characters are fun and relatable even when they didn’t seem quite like it first.

The show revolves around Haruhi and her new friends at the Ouran High School Host Club. She has to start working for them (disguised as a boy) after she breaks an expensive vase and she isn’t able to pay for it herself. If this show teaches one thing it’s that never judge a book by its cover. It’s also a short, sweet ride with 1 season and 26 episodes.

11| Gintama 

Many consider Gintama the mother of all parody anime. This show pretty much has it all;  Aliens, pirates, magicians, and all kinds of weirdos and odd beings. If you feel like you’re different and can’t fit in this show is for you! It’s a witty show with sometimes pretty outrageous jokes but you’ll find yourself laughing in every moment.

This show is running since 2005, it has 10 seasons and currently about 261 episodes. The story is silly and action-packed and will keep you coming back for more. It revolves around Gintoki an unemployed Samurai who tries to find odd jobs in a world where aliens have invaded and taken over feudal Tokyo. Weird, disturbing, and hilarious.

Gintama has the some of the funniest anime characters ever created that for sure will make you laugh and feel at least a bit better on the bad days.

12| Sailor Moon

I don’t think I have to introduce this magical classic to anyone. It was probably the first anime I’ve ever watched and it got me hooked (with the rest of the world) straight away. It’s a real feel-good anime that brings back sweet memories and makes me feel like a kid every time I turn it on.

I still think it has amazing characters, the storylines are engaging and the heartwarming nostalgic feeling that makes my cold, dead heart alive again is just a bonus. The original anime ran from 4 years from 1995 and it has 159 perfectly magical episodes.

Even if Sailor Moon is not your ‘magic crystal’ you should still think about your favorite anime from your childhood. You’ll be surprised how easily they can make you smile and feel better in a moment.

Sailor Moon is the perfect Girl Power anime for depression!

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13| | My Little Monster

My little Monster is a sweet comedy/romance anime with lots of laughs. It’s one of the most charming anime shows with romance. It’s a 1 season show with only 13 episodes so it does not require a lot of your time.

But get ready because Shizuku and Haru’s beautiful relationship will make you laugh and feel all sorts of things and your heart might even grow three sizes the same day.

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14| InuYasha

InuYasha has a kick-ass time traveling warrior girl as a lead. It’s certainly an empowering and interesting series and is also a refreshing take on female characters in anime. It was also a long-running anime with 7 seasons and 168 episodes.

It’s a beautiful feudal fairy tale about a girl called Kagome. She accidentally fells into a well and gets transported back in time to the Feudal Japan where she meets a half-demon dog InuYasha. Together they go on amazing adventures to retrieve (and recover from its shreds) a magical jewel before another powerful and dark demon would. If you want some extra fierce, laughs, and epic adventures in your life you should go for InuYasha.

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Inuyasha is a fun, motivating, and adventurous anime for depression and at times when you’re feeling down and in need for a little cheering up. 

Top Anime About Depression & Anxiety

15| Welcome to the NHK

Welcome to the NHK is a kind of disturbing but also touching anime about depression and suicide. This one can be triggering for those who have similar issues but can be also helpful by letting you know you’re not alone with your feelings, doubts, and pain.

The story is about Satou who is a depressed high school dropout who is also suicidal. Misaki is his friend who offers him therapy sessions and while it looks like she’s trying to help him she’s actually trying to help herself too.

Soon it becomes clear that they’re both suffering from depression and they agree to a reverse suicide pact which helps them move forward and heal. 

It’s a kind of weird and definitely dark anime about depression but one that deals with this subject in a real and meaningful way.

16| Paranoia Agent

This show is one of the best dark anime shows with great twists and an amazing story. It’s also trippy and weirdly exciting. 

The main character Yuichi is depressed because he feels alone, and alienated from his friends and classmates because he looks like a rumored killer who roams the streets.

Things turn even darker from there as Yuichi loses reality and control.

Paranoia Agent is not only one of the best anime about depression but it’s also one of the best psychological anime ever made.

17| Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

This show is about Nozumu a high school teacher with crippling anxiety and depression. He actively attempts suicide often for seemingly bizarre reasons he even provokes and tries to persuade his students to do the same. 

While it may seem like an unconventional series with truly dark humor it’s also a great example of how many faces do depression have and that laughter can help even during the darkest of times. 

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is a black comedy anime about depression that can help you think about this serious problem in a new way.

18| Orange

Orange is about a group of friends who are mourning their friend’s suicide. They decide to send letters back to the past and give advice to themselves on how to prevent Kakeru’s death.

Throughout the story, we learn about what lead to his death and even give useful advice on how to recognize the sines of depression and suicide as well as how to try and help our loved ones who are struggling.

This anime is also a great watch if you don’t know how to open up about your feelings and your depression because it will give you the motivation to do so.

Orange is a stunning anime about depression and suicide prevention.

19| Colorful

This melancholic sad anime movie is definitely a helping hand to the ones suffering from depression. Colorful is a beautiful anime that helps us through some tough times by showing there is always something meaningful in our lives.

Makoto committed suicide and his soul is put to the test to find out he wants to live. He doesn’t just want to live.

He wants to cope with all the abuse and difficulties he had been exposed to by his mother and love.

Colorful is beautifully sad anime about depression and suicide one that helps us cope and understand more about the issue.

20| The Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai)

The Kara no Kyoukai movie series (there are seven of them) are going deep into sensitive topics. The Garden of Sinners series is one of the best dark fantasy animes. Besides being incredibly artistic, the art is amazing, there are serious issues being discussed.

The Garden of Sinners is probably the best anime about depression that will help you through loneliness, depression and suicidal thoughts.

You are not alone, and these movies will hopefully lead you out of the struggles.

21| Myself; Yourself

Sana and Nanaka, our protagonists have been through a lot. It is incredible how far bullying can go. Unfortunately, it is not just in movies and anime. There are thousands of cases, in which teenagers suffer from PTSD following their bullying.

Sana’s case deteriorated to an extent, he cannot cope with that anymore. After a failed attempt on his own life, he builds up fear of blood as well.

Nanaka, experienced an extremely dark event in her life. Her father burned himself and her mother alive after finding out Nanaka is not his daughter. Once these memories surface, she commits suicide but Sana saves her overcoming his fear of blood.

Myself; Yourself is one of the best romantic anime about depression.

22| Aoi Bungaku

Aoi Bungaku is a collection of a few literature classics brought to life. Or anime. One of the most touching is “No Longer Human” by Osamu Dazai (episodes 1-4). It is about a high school boy, who has lost connection with his peers and is unable to be part of society again.

He falls deep into depression and self-abuse. He then tries to find consolation in drugs. The anime shows us stages of his life and how he has changed. By the end, we cannot even recognize the schoolboy we got to know at the beginning.

The anime goes into very important matters, many are afraid to discuss. We think it will shed a light on how many people feel and help you know: you are not alone.

Aoi Bungaku is a dark anime about depression that’s not afraid to talk about the issue’s most sensitive subjects.

23| Neon Genesis Evangelion

Asuka Langley Sohryu is one of our main characters in one of the best psychological drama anime. It is an incredible journey throughout the (unfortunately) only season. It is a pretty dark apocalyptic anime. Asuka is quite a laborer.

She seems very confident and to be very good at her job; Eva pilot. Despite the tough look, she is in agony. Deep inside she is still hung up on her mother’s depression and suicide. Throughout the anime, we discover what caused her mother’s pain, how Asuka is dealing with her inner torment.

Not to mention the outside world, which would already be a good cause for depression.

Neon Genesis Evangelion shows us how much we bottle up and how little we actually deal with. It is important to find a way to work through our often traumatizing past.

24| Genshiken

It is quite actual, as nowadays, finally, sexual abuse has bigger attention than ever. We still have a long way to go but at least we started openly talking about it.

Chika Ogiue is terribly traumatized by her so-called friends at the college anime club she is part of. A pornographic drawing of her gets into her hands, which is unbearable for her. So following that trauma, she leaps off a building but she survives the attempt.

Later on in the anime, it is making the issue sound somewhat less like sexual abuse. And turns it into a comedic element. While we find it of utmost importance to bring awareness to the issue and take it seriously. 

Genshiken a powerful anime about depression that helps this in the struggle of people enduring abuse.

25| Trickster

Yoshio Kobayashi is carrying some serious package. He has lived through hell raised by his father who abused him throughout his childhood. One day he gathers his power to finally put an end to his terror.

Accidentally he murders his own mother instead of his father. After that, his protective powers kick in to kill his father as well. These events had put Yoshio in misery. He does not want to live anymore. When he wants to end his own life, he has to realize his powers protect him.

Therefore, he is unable to commit suicide. He joins a club called Boy’s Detective Club. Here, he gets the help of Hanasaki to find a way to kill himself. Hanasaki, of course, is trying to change Yoshio’s mind.

Thank you for reading!