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Explore the most magical DIY book nook kit ideas for kids and adults that will. Build the most brilliant yet easy shelf insert book nooks and book nook dioramas to decor your shelves.

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diy book nook kit ideas

Easy To Build DIY Book Nooks For Adults & Kids

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A beautiful book nook can turn your whole library and shelves into an otherworldly place where it feels like actual magic can happen. While you can buy ready-made book nooks it can be much more fun if you create them yourself.

Here you’ll find some of the most brilliant DIY book nook shelf insert ideas that are easy to put together yet look absolutely bewitching. You can use them on your shelves as a book nook insert or the heavier ones can even serve as bookends.

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If you’re not sure what type of nook is for you then this list is for you too. These fun book nook ideas will help you choose the right one even if you’re not generally big on DIY.

These charming book nook decor ideas are also perfect gifts for book lovers who love to create their own home decor. But they’re also great for those who enjoy book nook dioramas or just dioramas and you want to surprise them with a new design.

Explore here the best fantasy, travel, Harry Potter, Narnia, and even crime book nooks for kids and adults who love to make their reading space fun and unique. These beautiful book nook ideas are also fun and unique gifts for book lovers.

12|Stephen King Red balloon Diorama DIY Book Nooks Kit for adults


red ballon stephen king book nook

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Looking for something spooky to spice up your horror bookshelf? Or do you want a special book decor for Halloween or for horror movie nights? Then go with this fun and creepy book nook kit.

It’s super easy to put together, has a great and unique design and you can color the way you please to make it even more personalized. It also has a cool sensor to control the led lights so it lights up when someone approaches.

11| Knockturn Alley, Diagon Alley Book Nook Shelf Insert

Diagon Alley Book Nook Shelf Insert

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This charming piece is one of the most detailed Diagon Alley book nooks you can find. It’s super easy to put together so you don’t have to be a DIY genius to build in a short time and make it look as magical as the real one.

The kit includes everything you need including the lights and batteries. The only extra thing you’ll need is a bit of glue to turn the pieces into the most magical decor item of your home. You can also request additional signs from the seller like Ollivanders and Leaky Cauldron if you prefer those.

If your friend is a Harry Potter fan it’s definitely one of the best gifts you can get for them.

10| Hotel Book Nook Kit

Hotel Book Nook Kit

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Looking for something charming with a classic look? Then go for this beautiful Hotel Book Nook Kit. It’s a perfect choice for travelers and romance lovers because of its special vibe.

It’s super easy to put together and you can paint and decorate it the way you prefer to make it even more unique. It’s a laser-cut wooden book nook shelf insert that’s perfect for kids and adults too.

9| Crime Scene DIY Book Nook Kit

Crime Scene DIY Book Nook Kit


Another spooky book nook kit that’ll surely be a hit with mystery, thriller, and horror fans. This brilliant DIY crime scene kit comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions so it’s a great choice for teens and adults as well.

You not only get to paint and decorate as you like but the kits also include fairy lights to make sure you can enjoy its splendidly spooky vibe after dark too. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for a horror lover then you should go with this one.

8| Wooden Diagon Alley Book Nook Kit For Harry Potter Fans

Wooden Diagon Alley Book Nook Kit

Buy It Here

Are you a big Harry Potter fan? Then you won’t be able to resist this stunning wooden Diagon Alley book nook kit. It has a stunning design and you can also use it as a bookend.

The creators of this kit restored the street scene of Diagon Alley to create this truly magical bookshelf insert. All the steps, windows, street lights, and everything else are created according to the original entrance.

This kit also has a switch light module so you can choose between the day and night options. It’s also a fun DIY kit idea for families to work on something fun together and create special moments together.

7| Italy Venice Bridge DIY Book Nook Kit


Italy Venice Bridge DIY Book Nook Kit

Get Yours HERE

Are you a traveler and a book lover? Then this is the bookish DIY kit for you. You’ll get everything you need since all the materials are included.

It’s made from wood, paper, cloth, and plastic, comes with LED lights, and has an acrylic case. This kit also has glue and tools so you’ll only need a bit of time to assemble it. While it’s Italy-themed it can be gifted to anyone who loves to travel as much as reading.

This kit is also perfect as a bookend and since it’s easy to assemble you don’t need any prior DIY experience to make it look perfect without breaking a sweat.

6| DIY Dollhouse Book Nook Kit

DIY Dollhouse Book Nook Kit

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Meet the most charming 3D diorama booknook kit of your life. This lovely kit has a vintage vibe and can also make a stunning home decor item not just on a shelf but anywhere in your home. You’ll have to follow the instructions to complete the bookcase but you can use your imagination to color them the way you please.

It’s a great kit if you’re looking for something a bit more challenging (still not too difficult) that will help you boost your creativity. It’s a fantastic gift idea for kids as well as adults especially if they’re into classics, historical novels, or romance fantasy books.

5| Alice’s Adventure – DIY Miniature Kit Book Nook


Alice's Adventure - DIY Miniature Kit Book Nook

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If you’re looking for a book nook kit inspired by Alice’s adventures then look no further. It’s a perfect choice for fantasy lovers who also enjoy DIY and want to create their own book nook.

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4| Coraline DIY Book Nook Kit


Coraline book nook kit

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This spooky and Coraline library kit is perfect for those who want to make their own book nook but don’t want to spend that much time working on it. It’s a stunning piece that can also be a fantastic decor item on any horror shelf or for Halloween decorating.

You can also paint and decorate the box from the outside and use it as a bookend. It’s a great book idea for people who love to read lots of books about witches to make their witchy shelves even more magical.

3| Garden House DIY BOOK Nook Kit

Garden House Book Nook Kit

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Looking for a charming and cozy DIY book nook kit? Then check out these lovely and beautiful garden house book nooks. They make perfect decor items not just on your shelf but anywhere else in your home.

2| Ancient Japan Kyoto Geisha Historical DIY Book Nook Kit

Ancient Japan Kyoto Geisha Historical DIY Book Nook Kit

Get Yours HERE

Looking for a stunning DIY book nook for travelers? Then you should go with this Geisha-inspired masterpiece. It would make a great decor item in any home.

The DIY kit includes all the materials you need to build the book nook without any prior DIY or crafting experience. It’s a really fun project for those who are looking for a kit where they have to assemble everything by themselves.

While it’s a great nook for travelers it can also make a great gift idea for Japan lovers.

1| Narnia Winter Wardrobe DIY Book Nook Kit

Winter Wardrobe Narnia Book Nook, DIY Kit

Buy Yours HERE

Most readers will probably immediately fall in love with this gorgeous Narina book nook kit with a Winter Wardrobe theme. The pieces are laser cut and engraved and made from birch plywood.

You’ll have to assemble 35 laser-cut wood pieces. You’ll also get the acrylic lamppost that’s a pre-wired LED light so you don’t have to worry about that. Of course, it also comes with detailed assembly instructions so you’ll have no problem putting it together.

It’s one of the greatest book nook ideas for kids and adults who love fantasy stories and want a little extra magic in their homes.

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