Top 10 Yandere Girls in Anime

The 10 best Yandere girls for those, who love the twisted characters from the world of Yandere. Are you new to Yandere in anime? Don’t worry! We are here to answer your questions and to make your journey into this creepy but entertaining world.

What is a Yandere in anime?

As the title suggests, you will never be sure what to expect. A cute, loving person is hopelessly fond of another. Is she willing to do anything to get the attention of her beloved? You can be sure of that.

But anything is much more than a few love letters and cute presents. Much more. It is a desperate obsession that is rather crazy and often scary. Bloody, thrilling and way over the board. Which is exactly what makes these Yandere girls and animes so fun to watch.

Our cute lovers quickly turn into crazy stalkers. They don’t even scare away from killing their “competitors” and anyone threatening their meant-to-be affair. The meaning of Yandere is technically all the synonyms of crazy. Most commonly it is interpreted as love-struck.

Yandere is sort of a new approach to Tsundere, which has similar characteristics. The main difference is the character being first cold and weird, then turning into a loving gentle person. Yandere is the opposite. You have no idea what to expect. First, it all seems fluffy and colorful, to then turn into dark and terrifying.

What are a Yandere Girls?

Yandere girls are characters that in most cases come across as friendly, loving and cute. They are in most cases, girls. The comedic elements of sudden changes in their manner and tone are often scary at the same time. After a couple of gentle moments, we suddenly feel like in a falling elevator. Her eyes turn devilish, her anger is released and you are just hoping to be out of her way.


Let’s get familiar with some of our favorite anime with Yandere girls.

10| Ringo Oginome

Let’s start with a very interesting and weird anime. Ringo Oginome, one of the protagonists of Mawaru Penguindrum is not your regular Yandere girl. She is not violent, but desperately in love. So much so, she does not see limits to finding an opportunity to meet her teacher. In the all-girl school of hers, the handsome Tabuki Keiju is just irresistible for Ringo.

The story itself is quite an adventure, the Takakura twins have lost their little sister. But thanks to a spirit residing in a hat at the aquarium she is brought back to life. They only have to find the Penguin Drum in return for their sister’s life. To do so, they have to closely follow the cute but very determined Ringo.

It is a very interesting, weird series. The animation differs from the usual, the main point is the way people are drawn who do not have any significance in the story. We loved the characters having a dark side, strange twists that will keep you engaged throughout the 24 episodes.

Unfortunately, there is only one season released, however, there are novels still being published.

9| Medusa

Our next Yandere anime girl is Medusa, a quirky, dark antagonist in Soul Eater. She is very intelligent and is not in love with anyone. Actually, she is kind of in love with hate itself. She is looking to destroy Death City at any cost. We see her putting on a mask to deceive people. Not for long, but the dark and reckless Medusa is posing as a kind person in order to complete her quest.

Soul Eater is an outstanding anime for so many reasons. It is one of the best funny animes while remaining interesting and filled with action. All the characters have a unique trait and a story that is worth telling.

As the whole anime is finely balancing dark and comedic moments, Medusa is an interesting character as well. We see her in strange moments as well as visually magnificent fights and adventures.

8| Sekai Saionji

School Days is an interesting yandere anime with a lot of twists, inner struggles, and fun characters. Sekai is one of the most interesting yandere girls. She is very open, extroverted and outspoken. With all this, she remained cute gaining a number of admirers whom she all rejected.

Because she is secretly in love with her school mate, Makoto. So much so, when realizing he is fond of the shy but beautiful Kotonoha, she helps them get together. While Makoto is one of the cutest yandere girls she’s also one that will surprise you the most. 

For a while, it seems easy but then at a point, things get complicated… and violent. School Days is not an everyday high school love story for sure.

Not sure how your teenage years were. But sure as hell much less drama and blood were involved during my years of high school. Without spoiling the finale, we can assure you, School Days lives up to the genre of yandere romance anime.

7| Mikasa Ackerman

Attack on Titan is one of the best apocalyptic anime with amazing characters and mind-blowing action scenes. We love this fantasy anime for so many reasons. Each of our protagonists has a different personality with a unique voice.

Mikasa Ackerman is among the most outstanding yandere characters. She is definitely not the typical yandere girl you got to love. She knows no fear when it comes to protecting her stepbrother Eren. They have a special bond since Eren, as a little child saved Mikasa from human traffickers.

Mikasa is for sure one of the best yandere girls with good fighting skills.

It is delightful to watch Mikasa transform in a blink of an eye. An otherwise quiet and seemingly cold person becomes a ruthless killing machine when her beloved brother is in danger.

Boy, Eren does get into dangerous situations! Well, who can blame him? After all, the whole human race is reduced to one city and giants threaten their existence. Their bravery is the only hope for humanity.

6| Minatsuki Takami

Deadman Wonderland is quite a series with some pretty crazy anime characters. The plot itself is asking for unusual personalities and strange situations. Ganta, a 14-year old student is sentenced to death for slaughtering his class of 29 children. Knowing he did not commit the crime, you begin to question who would want to frame a child. The story is crafted very well, it builds up to be a binge worthy series.

It would be difficult to pick only one character as a favorite. However, since we are talking about yandere anime girls, we choose to go with Takami Minatsuki who is one of the most outstanding characters of the anime.

Due to her traumatic experience during an earthquake, she has become ruthless. Her mother chose to save her flowers instead of Takami. She survives the disaster, but her mother dies.

The psychopath girl then manipulates her brother and kills her father. Our protagonists, Ganta meets Takami at the “correction center”, Deadman Wonderland. It is the only privately owned prison, where prisoners spend their very unusual sentence. Takami often appears as two different people; a shy, loving, caring girl and a crazy, bloodthirsty killer.

She is actually sexually aroused by others’ suffering. Have we made your mood for a good blood stained evening? Takami is for sure one of the most cruel yandere girls in anime.

4| Revy

Meet a bad-ass, potty mouth woman, who never shies away from a good fight. Revy is probably on top of the coolest anime girls list. She can be a lot sometimes, but she is funny, strong and tough. Black Lagoon itself is full of action, humorous and interesting throughout the whole series.

There are some superb scenes, which will make you get hooked to binge watch this anime. Things blow up, people die, yet you are going to laugh your lungs out. Revy had a rough childhood and it seems her adult years are not less rowdy either.

There is great chemistry between her and Rokuro (Rock), who is sort of the opposite of Revy. However, Black Lagoon isn’t a romantic yandere anime, rather an action thriller one.

3| Gasai Yuno

Another soon-to-be favorite crazy(ish) yandere anime girl. Yuno in Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) seems absolutely normal. A cute young girl being a little obsessed with her crush, Yuki. Nothing special. Only for the first sight…

She is actually much more than an average girl. She is a little bit of a psycho who would do anything to survive and protect Yuki. The pink-haired, usually calm and smiling girl is not afraid of grabbing an ax and slay people in the way.

How lucky Yuki is. Or is he?
Mirai Nikki is an incredible mystery anime. Our lead characters find themselves in a survival game where they have to overcome some grim obstacles.

Yuki can have a peek into the future through his phone and it turns out he is not alone.

Will they survive? Is Yuki’s love going to be fulfilled?
Buckle up for one of the greatest adventures by this dark, yet entertaining psychological thriller anime.

2| Misa Amane

Misa from Death Note is not your usual crazy yandere anime girl. Her motivation is a bit different than others’. She is in love with Kira (Light Yagami), however, she hasn’t even met him at that point. We could probably call her the biggest fan. It is understandable.

Kira chose to kill the murder of Misa’s parents. Misa doesn’t just stop at idolizing Light. She goes all the way out to find him. By all the way out we mean really out. She even cuts a deal to get her own death note and Shinigami Eyes. Well, now it is up to you who is more of a crazy yandere girl. She is not necessarily madly in love but insanely obsessed with Kira’s cause.

Light Yagami is actually even more focused on his mission. When Misa finally gets into contact with her idol, Light only uses her to draw attention away from him.

Is Misa the weirdest yandere anime girl? Maybe. Although it is tough to pick a winner even from this list.

1|Rena, Shion, & Mion

Our first place is shared by these three young ladies because they’re all in the same crazy anime called ‘When They Cry’ (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni).

Every episode ends with someone going hellishly crazy to torture their friends. You will not only enjoy one but multiple scary yandere characters in one anime. Rena, Shion, and Mion really do go crazy and the newcomer Keiichi is about to get a taste of the small Hinamizawa village’s dark side. It is dark, bloody and crazy.

Still, the drawing took off a lot of depressive vibe. So we are certain you are not going to have problems switching off the lights at night.
The structure of the series is very interesting as well, someone dies in every episode. Interestingly, things are all set back to normal for the next episode.

Leaving you to wonder what is going to happen this time. Who goes crazy and who is going to die? Is the loop going to be broken or will they relive this day again?

Are there yandere boys as well?

In case you have been wondering, the answer is yes. Boys need love as well and they do go crazy from time to time. Sometimes even more desperately than girls.

It can be really comedic, fun and refreshing to watch anime series with yandere boys. We have just brought up a superb example that will make you want to watch more of yandere boys.

Grell Sutcliff and Alois Trancy

Have you ever heard of Black Butler? We are sure you have come across this dark and delightful anime before. If not, then you’re in for a hoot!

It is packed with interesting and complex characters. We couldn’t only pick one yandere boy. We are lucky to present two very interesting male Yanderes straight away.

Firstly, Grell Sutcliff or Grelle is obsessed with the black butler, Sebastian. He is energetic, eccentric and colorful. As Grelle steps on the scene, you are not going to be able to stop smiling. Despite his profession (grim reaper), he remained very delightful and actually funny. This volatile male yandere character definitely brings some color int the otherwise fantastic anime.

We have another interesting figure in the series. Alois is spoiled, rich and not-at-all likable, who is the head of the Tracy household. Alois is cruel and abusive. You often wonder what is his true motivation. He just cannot let Ciel be. He is looking for ways to get to him. At any cost.

Who was the first Yandere character?

Yukako Yamagishi was the first character to create comedic yet terrifying moments. Diamond is Unbreakable came to life in the ’90s and still is great fun to watch.

Are Yandere romantic animes?

In some weird and unhealthy sense they can be considered as romantic animes. Although, they are in between thriller, romantic and psycho horror. Of course, not in all cases. Some are a little lighter, some are far down at the dark end.

Thank you for reading!