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Read the most anticipated new books about witches and magic. Enchanting and magical new fantasy and fiction witch books for adults and young adults to read.

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New Books About Witches & Magic

For Adults & Young Adults

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Looking for the most anticipated books about witches for adults and teens? Well, don’t look further. We collected the most exciting witchy fantasy, fiction, and magical realism book that are coming in 2023.

You’ll find here the spookiest upcoming fiction books about witches as well as thrilling and adventurous tales with anti-heroes as well as enchanting love stories.

Our witchy booklist has everything from enemies to lovers stories, dark mysteries, and gothic horror stories, to adventure-filled high fantasy novels.

If you’re craving more book lists filled with new and exciting books as well as must-read classics you should visit our book nook.

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These magical new releases will take you back in time and to magical lands where myths are real. This year also brings new fairy tale retellings, tales about gods and goddesses, as well as cozy and atmospheric contemporary witchy novels from around the world wanderlusty

So, if you’re craving new books about magic for young adults and adults then you’re in luck because there are plenty of brilliant and magical books coming our way.

The Honey Witch by Sydney J. Shields

Enchantment, Love, Sacrifice

The Honey Witch by Sydney J. Shields - new books about witches

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Publication Date: May 2024
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Magical Realism


In The Honey Witch, Sydney J. Shields spins a magical yarn set on the dreamy Isle of Innisfree. Meet Marigold Claude, 21 and not into the dating scene. She’s more about hanging out with meadow spirits than going on awkward dates.

Things get interesting when she’s whisked off to learn the family trade: becoming the next Honey Witch, which is as cool as it sounds but comes with a catch – no falling in love. Ever.

Enter Lottie Burke, the island’s new skeptic, who’s pretty sure magic is just fairy tales. Marigold’s determined to change her mind, but – plot twist – she starts falling for her. Talk about breaking the rules.

Just when you think things can’t get more complicated, a dark magic stirs, putting the whole peaceful vibe of Innisfree in jeopardy. Marigold’s in a tight spot, battling not just this spooky new threat but also her own feelings.

Island Witch by Amanda Jayatissa

Folklore, Mystery, Suppression

Island Witch by Amanda Jayatissa - new books about witches

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Publication Date: February 2024
Genres: Historical Fantasy, Mystery, Folklore


Step into the mystical world of 19th century Sri Lanka with Island Witch, where Amanda Jayatissa weaves a tale steeped in folklore and shadowed by colonial influence. Meet Amara, the daughter of the village Capuwa (think demon-priest, but more complicated), who’s caught in a whirlwind of suspicion and dark secrets.

Amara’s life is anything but ordinary, thanks to her father’s unique, somewhat spooky job. But as British colonialism casts its shadow, the villagers start giving side-eye to their own traditions, even as weird stuff keeps happening that only her dad can handle.

Her dad’s job? Not your typical 9-to-5. He’s the go-to guy for anything supernatural. But with the Brits influencing local views, the villagers start side-eyeing their own traditions. Yet, when things go bump in the night, guess who they call? Yep, Mr. Demon-Priest.

Cue a series of jungle attacks. The villagers switch gears from scared to accusatory, pointing fingers at Amara’s dad. Amara’s not having it. She’s determined to clear his name, guided by dreams that feel a bit too real.

Island Witch is a thrilling ride through a world where folklore clashes with colonialism, where uncovering the truth is as mystical as it is dangerous.

A Witch’s Guide to Magical Innkeeping by Sangu Mandanna

Witchcraft, Restoration, Community

A Witch's Guide to Magical Innkeeping by Sangu Mandanna - new books about witches

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Publication Date: September 2024
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Humor


In A Witch’s Guide to Magical Innkeeping, Sangu Mandanna whips up a tale sprinkled with magic, charm, and a dash of romance. She resurrects her great-aunt Jasmine, and poof – there goes most of her magic. Next thing she knows, she’s exiled from her Guild and running an inn in Lancashire with her resurrected aunt.

Sera’s new life is a mix of oddball guests, a chatty, slightly shady fox, and a longing for her magical heydays. But hope flickers when she stumbles upon an old spellbook that might be her ticket back to power.

Enter Luke Larsen, the handsome historian with a knack for the past and zero interest in magical shenanigans, who’s staying at the inn.

As they team up to crack the spellbook’s secrets, Luke, who’s got mysteries of his own, finds himself drawn into the inn’s enchanting world and to Sera. The story dances through the ups and downs of inn life, the quest for lost magic, and dodging the Guild’s watchful eye.

Heartless Hunter by Kristen Ciccarelli

Witchcraft, Romance, Deception

Heartless Hunter by Kristen Ciccarelli - new fantasy romance books

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Publication Date: February 2024
Genres: Romantic Fantasy, Enemies-to-Lovers


Dive into Heartless Hunter, where Kristen Ciccarelli crafts a world where witches, once revered, are now hunted outcasts. Meet Rune, our witch in disguise. By day, she’s all glitz and glam, but by night, she’s the Crimson Moth, a daring vigilante rescuing her witchy kin.

Rune’s world turns upside down when a rescue goes south. She has to cozy up to Gideon Sharpe, the witch hunter everyone’s talking about. It’s a risky game, getting close to him to get the inside scoop, but things get complicated when she starts falling for the guy she should be avoiding.

Then there’s Gideon, thinking Rune’s just another high-society fluff. He’s planning to get close, play the suitor, and uncover the secrets of the Crimson Moth.

But, surprise! He finds Rune’s not just a pretty face; she’s smart, kind, and totally not what he expected. And here’s the kicker – she might just be the elusive Crimson Moth he’s been chasing. 

A Witch’s Guide to Burning Aminder Dhaliwal

Magic, Resilience, Healing

A Witch's Guide to Burning Aminder Dhaliwal - new witch book

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Publication Date: May 2024
Genres: Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Allegory


Welcome to the enchanting yet demanding world of A Witch’s Guide to Burning. Set in Chamomile Valley, where the town’s fate is literally in the hands of its resident witch. It’s a tough gig: keep the magic flowing or face a fiery ritual that zaps away your powers and memories – talk about a harsh performance review!

During one such burning, an unexpected downpour plays spoiler, leaving a witch half-burnt and hanging in limbo. Enter the rescue squad: a compassionate witch doctor and her loyal toad. They’re on a ticking clock to save this witch from losing herself completely.

Crafted by Aminder Dhaliwal, this story is a clever nod to the perils of burnout and the importance of self-care, wrapped up in a magical, hybrid narrative of prose, comics, and striking illustrations.

Follow the journey of Singe, Yew-Veda, and Bufo Wonder as they navigate treacherous lands and face their demons, painting a tale of overcoming adversity and finding strength in healing.

The Spellshop by Sarah Beth Durst

Magic, Redemption, Cozy

The Spellshop by Sarah Beth Durst - new book about witches

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Publication Date: July 2024
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Cozy Mystery


Step into the magical, cozy world of The Spellshop, where bookish charm meets a dash of rebellion. Meet Kiela, a librarian with a love for spellbooks and a spider plant sidekick named Caz. Life’s good in the Great Library of Alyssium, until – boom – revolution! Suddenly, Kiela’s grabbing books and bolting to her old island home.

Back on the island, it’s not all smooth sailing. Kiela bumps into a neighbor who’s easy on the eyes but brings complicated news: the empire’s been using the island’s magic for those spellbooks, and guess who helped them? Yep, Kiela. Time to make things right.

Her big plan? Open a spell shop. Sounds quaint, right? Except it’s kind of illegal and super risky. Kiela’s serving up spells like they’re hotcakes, all while dodging the law and getting to know her quirky new neighbors.

Sarah Beth Durst cooks up a story in The Spellshop that’s as heartwarming as it is adventurous. It’s a tale of a woman knocking down the walls around her heart, selling spells on the down-low, and maybe, just maybe, finding a little romance along the way. Think cottagecore vibes with a sprinkle of magic and a whole lot of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Third Eye by Felicia Day

Third Eye by Felicia Day - new fantasy books

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Published: October 2023


Are you in a reading slump? Then this witchy fiction-fantasy is the right choice for you. Felicia Day serves up an enchanting, hilariously chaotic adventure set in none other than magical San Francisco. Meet Laurel Pettigrew, the almost-Chosen One, whose heroic aspirations took a nosedive, making her the magic realm’s laughingstock.

Thanks to her, dark wizard Tybus rules, and supernatural beings are in a bind. Laurel’s got a fabulous fairy roommate named Sybil, who’s sass personified, and Frank, a lovable vampire with a dad bod. But hold onto your broomsticks – there’s a plot twist! A “Normie” named Kate, with mysterious intel on Laurel, swings by.

Could redemption be on the horizon? Join this delightful squad on a rollicking quest against Tybus. An epic ensemble cast including the likes of Neil Gaiman and Wil Wheaton, brings this magical tale to life.

Third Eye is a thrilling and absolutely hilarious new witchy audiobook filled with misfits and magic. It’s the spellbinding mishap you didn’t know you needed.

22| The Sun and the Void by Gabriela Romero-Lacruz – July 2023

The Sun and the Void by Gabriela Romero-Lacruz - best books about witches for young adults

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In a lush world inspired by the history and folklore of South America, a sweeping epic fantasy of colonialism, ancient magic, and two young women’s quest for belonging unfolds.

Reina is desperate.

Stuck living on the edges of society, her only salvation lies in an invitation from a grandmother she’s never known. But the journey is dangerous, and prayer can’t always avert disaster.

Attacked by creatures that stalk the region, Reina is on the verge of death until her grandmother, a dark sorceress, intervenes.

Now dependent on the Doña’s magic for her life, Reina will do anything to earn—and keep—her favor. Even the bidding of an ancient god who whispers to her at night.

Eva Kesare is unwanted.

Illegitimate and of mixed heritage, Eva is her family’s shame. She tries her best to be perfect and to hide her oddities. But Eva is hiding a secret: magic calls to her.

Eva knows she should fight the temptation. Magic is the sign of the dark god, and using it is punishable by death. Yet, it’s hard to deny power when it has always been denied to you. Eva is walking a dangerous path, one that gets stranger every day. And, in the end, she’ll become something she never imagined.

The Sun and the Void is one of the most magical new books about witches and magic for young adults and adult readers who are looking for a beautiful LGBTQ+ story.

21| Witch King by Martha Wells – May 2023

Witch King by Martha Wells - best books about witches for adults

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A story of power and friendship, of trust and betrayal, and of the families we choose.

“I didn’t know you were a… demon.”
“You idiot. I’m the demon.”
Kai’s having a long day in Martha Wells’ Witch King….

After being murdered, his consciousness dormant and unaware of the passing of time while confined in an elaborate water trap, Kai wakes to find a lesser mage attempting to harness Kai’s magic to his own advantage. That was never going to go well.

But why was Kai imprisoned in the first place? What has changed in the world since his assassination? And why does the Rising World Coalition appear to be growing in influence?

Kai will need to pull his allies close and draw on all his pain magic if he is to answer even the least of these questions.

He’s not going to like the answers.

Witch King is one of the most unique books about witches for adults with a thrilling sci-fi fantasy story.

20| Weyward by Emilia Hart – February 2023

Weyward by Emilia Hart - paranormal historical fiction books

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Three women. Five centuries. One secret.

‘I had nature in my heart, she said. Like she did, and her mother before her. There was something about us – the Weyward women – that bonded us more tightly with the natural world.
We can feel it, she said, the same way we feel rage, sorrow or joy.’

In 2019, Kate flees an abusive relationship in London for Crows Beck, a remote Cumbrian village. Her destination is Weyward Cottage, inherited from her great Aunt Violet, an eccentric entomologist.

As Kate struggles with the trauma of her past, she uncovers a secret about the women in her family. A secret dating back to 1619, when her ancestor Altha Weyward was put on trial for witchcraft…

Weyward is a stunning debut novel about gender and control – about the long echoes of male violence through the centuries. But more than that, it is a celebration of nature, female power and breaking free.

Weyward is one of the most popular new historical fiction books about witches for adults with magical realism elements and an emotional story.

19| The Sinister Booksellers of Bath by Garth Nix – March 2023

The Sinister Booksellers of Bath by Garth Nix - best new books about witches

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When Merlin vanishes, Susan will battle animated statues of heraldic beasts and use magical maps to rescue him on a hunt that leads to a serial killer who must be stopped before she kills again.

There is often trouble of a mythical sort in Bath. The booksellers who police the Old World keep a careful watch there, particularly on the entity who inhabits the ancient hot spring. Yet this time it is not from Sulis Minerva that trouble starts.

It comes from the discovery of a sorcerous map, leading left-handed bookseller Merlin into great danger.

A desperate rescue is attempted by his sister the right-handed bookseller Vivien and their friend, art student Susan Arkshaw, who is still struggling to deal with her own recently discovered magical heritage.

The map takes the trio to a place separated from this world, maintained by deadly sorcery performed by an ancient sovereign and guarded by monstrous living statues of Portland Stone.

But this is only the beginning, as the booksellers investigate centuries of disappearances and deaths and try to unravel the secrets of the murderous Lady of Stone, a serial killer of awesome powers.

If they do not stop her, she will soon kill again. And this time, her target is not an ordinary mortal.

The Sinister Booksellers of Bath is one of the most exciting new YA fantasy books about witches that’s also a great read for adults who love magical historical fiction novels.

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18| Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett – January 2023

Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett - new historical fiction books

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A curmudgeonly professor journeys to a small town in the far north to study faerie folklore and discovers dark fae magic, friendship, and love, in this heartwarming and enchanting fantasy.

Cambridge professor Emily Wilde is good at many things: She is the foremost expert on the study of faeries. She is a genius scholar and a meticulous researcher who is writing the world’s first encyclopaedia of faerie lore.

But Emily Wilde is not good at people. She could never make small talk at a party–or even get invited to one. And she prefers the company of her books, her dog, Shadow, and the Fair Folk to other people.

So when she arrives in the hardscrabble village of Hrafnsvik, Emily has no intention of befriending the gruff townsfolk.

Nor does she care to spend time with another new arrival: her dashing and insufferably handsome academic rival Wendell Bambleby, who manages to charm the townsfolk, get in the middle of Emily’s research, and utterly confound and frustrate her.

But as Emily gets closer and closer to uncovering the secrets of the Hidden Ones–the most elusive of all faeries–lurking in the shadowy forest outside the town, she also finds herself on the trail of another mystery: Who is Wendell Bambleby, and what does he really want?

To find the answer, she’ll have to unlock the greatest mystery of all–her own heart.

Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries is one of the most enchanting new romance books about witches for adults with magic and fae.

17| The Magician’s Daughter by H.G. Parry – February 2023

The Magician’s Daughter by H.G. Parry - best new books about witches

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It is 1912, and for the last seventy years magic has all but disappeared from the world. Yet magic is all Biddy has ever known.

Orphaned in a shipwreck as a baby, Biddy grew up on Hy-Brasil, a legendary island off the coast of Ireland hidden by magic and glimpsed by rare travelers who return with stories of wild black rabbits and a lone magician in a castle.

To Biddy, the island is her home, a place of ancient trees and sea-salt air and mysteries, and the magician, Rowan, is her guardian. She loves both, but as her seventeenth birthday approaches, she is stifled by her solitude and frustrated by Rowan’s refusal to let her leave.

He himself leaves almost every night, transforming into a raven and flying to the mainland, and never tells her where or why he goes.

One night, Rowan fails to come home from his mysterious travels. When Biddy ventures into his nightmares to rescue him, she learns not only where he goes every night, but the terrible things that happened in the last days of magic that caused Rowan to flee to Hy-Brasil.

Rowan has powerful enemies who threaten the safety of the island.

Biddy’s determination to protect her home and her guardian takes her away from the safety of Hy-Brasil, to the poorhouses of Whitechapel, a secret castle beneath London streets, the ruins of an ancient civilization, and finally to a desperate chance to restore lost magic.

But the closer she comes to answers, the more she comes to question everything she has ever believed about Rowan, her origins, and the cost of bringing magic back into the world.

The Magician’s Daughter is one of the most magical historical fiction books about witches for adults who love fantasy-inspired tales.

16| The Witch of Tin Mountain by Paulette Kennedy – February 2023

The Witch of Tin Mountain by Paulette Kennedy - best books about witches

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In Depression-era Arkansas, something wicked has come to a haunted mountain town in a novel of uncanny suspense by the author of Parting the Veil.

Blood and power bind three generations of women in the Ozark Mountains. So does an evil that’s followed them across the decades.

1931. Gracelynn Doherty lives peacefully on Tin Mountain, helping her adoptive granny work her cures. Despite whispers that the women are witches, the superstitious locals still seek them out, whether they suffer from arthritis or a broken heart.

But when evangelist Josiah Bellflower comes to town touting miracle healing, full bellies, and prosperity, his revivals soon hold Tin Mountain in thrall—and Granny in abject fear.

Granny recognizes Josiah. Fifty years ago, in a dark and desperate moment, she made a terrible promise. Now Josiah, an enemy, has returned to collect his due.

As Granny sickens and the drought-ridden countryside falls under a curse, Gracelynn must choose: flee Tin Mountain and the only family she knows or confront the vengeful preacher whose unholy mission is to destroy her.

The Witch of Tin Mountain is one of the scariest new historical fiction books about witches with a twisty and chilling story.

15| The Witches of Vardo Anya Bergman – January 2023

The Witches of Vardo Anya Bergman - new witch books

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Norway, 1662. A dangerous time to be a woman, when even dancing can lead to accusations of witchcraft.

When Zigri, desperate and grieving after the loss of her husband and son, embarks on an affair with the local merchant, it’s not long before she is sent to the fortress at Vardø, to be tried and condemned as a witch.

Zigri’s daughter Ingeborg sets off into the wilderness to try to bring her mother back home.

Accompanying her on this quest is Maren – herself the daughter of a witch ­- whose wild nature and unconquerable spirit gives Ingeborg the courage to venture into the unknown, and to risk all she has to save her family.

Also captive in the fortress is Anna Rhodius, once the King of Denmark’s mistress, who has been sent to Vardø in disgrace. What will she do – and who will she betray – to return to her privileged life at court?

These Witches of Vardø are stronger than even the King of Denmark. In an age weighted against them they refuse to be victims. They will have their justice. All they need do is show their power.

The Witches of Vardo is one of the best new books about witches for adults that’s perfect for readers who love immersive and thought-provoking historical fiction novels.

14| Ink Blood Sister Scribe by Emma Torzs – May 2023

Ink Blood Sister Scribe by Emma Torzs - best new books about witches

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In this spellbinding debut novel, two estranged half-sisters tasked with guarding their family’s library of magical books must work together to unravel a deadly secret at the heart of their collection–a tale of familial loyalty and betrayal, and the pursuit of magic and power.

For generations, the Kalotay family has guarded a collection of ancient and rare books. Books that let a person walk through walls or manipulate the elements–books of magic that half-sisters Joanna and Esther have been raised to revere and protect.

All magic comes with a price, though, and for years the sisters have been separated. Esther has fled to a remote base in Antarctica to escape the fate that killed her own mother, and Joanna’s isolated herself in their family home in Vermont, devoting her life to the study of these cherished volumes.

But after their father dies suddenly while reading a book Joanna has never seen before, the sisters must reunite to preserve their family legacy.

In the process, they’ll uncover a world of magic far bigger and more dangerous than they ever imagined, and all the secrets their parents kept hidden; secrets that span centuries, continents, and even other libraries . . .

In the great tradition of Ninth House, The Magicians, and Practical Magic, this is a suspenseful and richly atmospheric novel that draws readers into a vast world filled with mystery and magic, romance, and intrigue–and marks the debut of an extraordinary new voice in speculative fiction.

Ink Blood Sister Scribe is one of the spookiest new books about witches that’s a great choice for adults and teens who love dark mystery stories.

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13| Hare House by Sally Hinchcliffe – Contemporary/Gothic Horror Adult Witch Book, January 2022

Hare House by Sally Hinchcliffe Contemporary,Gothic Horror Adult Witch Book, January 2022

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If you’re looking for spooky mystery books about witch hunts then pick up this quick and intriguing witchy book. The story follows our protagonist who is accused of witchcraft and may or may not be an actual witch. Is it her?

And if it’s not then who is responsible for the strange things that are keep happening?

Our nameless protagonist escapes to Hair House in a remote part of Scotland where she has to find out where this magic is coming from.

It’s a wonderfully written and atmospheric adult witch book about dark secrets, grief, and loss. If you’re looking for thrilling new horror books then put this gothic and witchy treat on your TBR.

Hare House is a spooky contemporary gothic fantasy book about witches for adults set in Scotland.

320 Pages

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12| A Far Wilder Magic by Allison Saft – YA Fantasy Witchy Book March 2022

A Far Wilder Magic by Allison Saft - YA Fantasy Witchy Book March 2022

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This atmospheric love story has witchy vibes, mythical creatures, alchemy, and an epic hunt for the last living mythical creature. The story’s protagonist is Margaret who desperately wants to win the Halfmoon Hunt to bring her mother home.

However, she’s also in need of an alchemist who can help her and her bloodhound win the challenging hunt. When Wes, an alchemist-to-be, arrives at the Welty Manor her luck changes, and the two agree to team up to hunt down the mythical beast.

If you’re looking for magical new retelling books then put this enchanting fairy-tale-inspired story on your TBR.

A Far Wilder Magic is a romantic magical realism book for young adults and adults who love myths and epic slow-burn love stories.

384 Pages

11| Omens Bite (Sisters of Salem #2) by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast – Young Adult Fiction book About Witches, April 2022

Omens Bite (Sisters of Salem 2) by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast - Young Adult Fiction book About Witches, April 2022 (Small)

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The rebellious sisters of Salem return in this faced paced and magical fun YA witchy book. The story follows two twin witches Mercy and Hunter who are the keepers of ancient portals between the human world and a dark realm where ancient and dark mythical creatures roam.

In the second book, Mery and Hunter get separated and have to overcome their grief and anger to be able to break a deadly curse.

Readers will get to explore Land of the Dead in Egypt in Mercy’s POV, meet goddesses, guardians of the underworld, and learn that nothing is stronger than a sisterly bond.

Omens Bite is one of the best new books about witches for young adults that will take you to Egypt.

320 Pages

10| Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen – YA Fairy Tale- Fantasy Book About Witches, July 2022

Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen -YA new Fantasy Book July 2022 (Small)

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Do you love Anti-heroes and rich fantasy worlds inspired by fairy tales? Then this witchy book will be one of your favorites in 2022.

The story follows Violet, a morally gray witch who once was an orphaned street urchin but is now a powerful witch who can influence even her kingdom’s royal court.

When the king requires her to falsely prophesy Cyrus’s love story, Violet ends up awakening a deadly course.

Violet only looked out only for herself for years but this curse is forcing her to change that as she has to spend more and more time with the cursed prince Cyrus.

The two hate one another in the beginning but as the circumstances change so do their feelings towards each other.

Violet Made Of Thorns is a new fairytale-inspired fantasy book about magic for young adults and adults who love lush fantasy stories and enemies to lovers books.

368 Pages

9| This Vicious Grace by Emily Thiede – Paranormal Witch Book, June 2022

This Vicious Grace by Emily Thiede - YA Dark Romance Fantasy Book, June 2022

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Do you think you’re unlucky in love? Well, you’ve got nothing on Alessa. Alessa got her powers from Gods to help her and her partner fight off demons who are coming to destroy the human world. However, for some reason, her power just isn’t doing what it was supposed to and instead of making her partners stronger, it kills them.

As the time closes in when the demons attack her town, the people turn against Alissa and even her own guards are trying to kill her.

She has no other choice but to hire Dante, the town’s outsider to be her personal bodyguard. Little does she knows that Dante has his own dark secrets and he might be the one who eventually kills her.

If you’re craving a witchy fantasy story with demon enemies, rom-com like banters, slow-burn romance, and great story building with lush and charming Italian influences then you should pick up this book. If you’re looking for new dark romance books make sure you pick up this witchy novel.

This Vicious Grace is a thrilling high-fantasy new witchy book about magic, deadly secrets, betrayal, and the power of true love.

448 Pages

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8| Siren Queen by Nghi Vo – LGBT+, Historical Fantasy, Magical Realism Book May 2022

Siren Queen by Nghi Vo - Magical-Realism, Historical Fantasy Book

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This brilliant historical fantasy story’s protagonist is Luli Wei a beautiful Chinese American girl who gets swept by the glamour of Hollywood and determines that she’ll be one day a movie star.

She learns fast that Hollywood is run by monsters and uses starlets like herself then throws them away. However, Luli doesn’t frighten easily and by using blood magic she embarks on the road to becoming a star but this road might also turn her into a monster.

It’s a smart, brilliantly written LGBT+ book that’s also a good choice for those who are looking for new historical fantasy books about witches and dark magic.

Siren Queen is a fascinating coming-of-age story with dark witchy vibes for young adults and adults set in 30’s Hollywood.

288 Pages

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7| Wake the Bones by Elizabeth Kilcoyne – YA Horror – New Book About Witches, July 2022

Wake the Bones by Elizabeth Kilcoyne - YA Horror Books About Witches (Small)

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This thrilling and creepy horror story follows Laurel Early who moves back to her small town after dropping out of college. She’s working at her uncle’s tobacco farm and selling her own taxidermy projects online to make some money until she figures out what to do next.

Laurel always heard the rumors about how the Early women are witches but she soon finds out that something sinister hunts their farm and might have caused her mom’s suicide.

Her mom’s ghost haunts her dreams, bones are walking on their own and Laurel has to put a stop to it with her magic even though she’s not sure if she’s strong enough to do so.

It’s a spooky story where magic blends with real-world perfectly but it’s also a dark horror book so watch out for triggers in this book like suicide, abuse, and death.

Wake The Bones is one of the creepiest new horror books about witches and the devil and is set in Kentucky.

320 Pages

6| The Bone Orchard by Sara A. Mueller – Witchy Mystery Gothic Book About Magic, March 2022

The Bone Orchard by Sara A. Mueller - Gothic Fantasy Book, March 2022

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This lush and fascinating story is set in a world where necromancers have been conquered and live like prisoners. The story’s protagonist is Charm a witch and necromancer who is a prisoner herself. She’s the one who has to tend to and re-grow bone treas at the Orchard house.

Charm is also a madam and the Emperor’s mistress. When one of the Emperor’s sons tries to kill him to get the trone Charm is tasked with the job of finding out which one of them is the culprit.

In exchange, she would finally win back her freedom. However, Charm would have to betray everything she holds dear to do so. If you’re looking for the most unique new fantasy books then pick up this book.

The Bone Orchard is an adult gothic mystery-thriller book about magic and a brilliant necromancer and her infamous magical brothel.

432 Pages

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5| Book of Night by Holly Black – Contemporary Fantasy-Fiction witchy book, May 2022

Book of Night by Holly Black - Contemporary Thriller Fantasy Book

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If you like adult fantasy books, shadow magic, and books that make you think then you just found your favorite 2022 book. Follow Charlie Hall’s story in a fictional England where shadow magic is real and can be used for entertainment but also to increase one’s power and influence others.

But of course, as usual, the power comes at a steep price of losing hours or even days from your life.

Charlie is a bartender and small-time con artist who is doing her best not to get involved in the world of Shadow Trading. Everything changes when a stranger from her past arrives and forces her to face her uncertain future and fight for her survival.

If you’re looking for fiction books about witches for adults with deep themes then this book is for you.

However, proceed with caution because it can be triggering since the book deals with many things including violence, toxic relationships, death, murder, and more, and is written for adults and not YA audiences.

Book of Night is one of the most anticipated new adult fiction books about witches with shadow magic set in the countryside of England.

320 Pages

4| Wild Is The Witch by Rachel Griffin – YA Urban Fantasy witch book, August 2022

Wild Is The Witch by Rachel Griffin - YA Urban Fantasy new books about witches, August 2022

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One of the most anticipated witchy books of 2022 is certainly Wild is the Witch which promises to be a comforting, deeply atmospheric, and emotional story about love and forgiveness.

The story’s protagonist is Iris Gray who is a powerful witch but after a deadly accident, she decided not to use her powers.

She and her mom run a wildlife refuge and both have powerful animal magic but keep it a secret. Iris is especially anxious about not revealing her secret to Pike who openly hates witches.

Iris swore that she would never cast another but she breaks her vow after one of Pike’s, especially cruel comments. However, just before she could cast her curse an owl steals it and flys away.

Since owls are powerful amplifiers Iris and Pike have to embark on a journey together to get it back before the curse be unleashed on Pike and many others who live nearby.

If you’re looking for cozy and comforting witchy books then don’t miss this book.

Wild Is The Witch is one of the most exciting new books about witches set in Washington and is a great choice for readers who love cozy contemporary YA fantasy and enemies-to-lovers stories.

352 Pages

3| Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May & Fran Dorricott – LGBT+ Historical Fantasy Witch Book, March 2022

Wild and Wicked Things Book by Francesca May - LGBT New Fantasy books 2022 (Small)

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This beautifully descriptive historical fantasy story is set on the small Crow Island in the aftermath of World War I. Crow Island is not like any other island.

People believe there is real magic there. When Annie returns after her father’s death she just wants to settle the estate and get in touch again with her childhood best friend, Beatrice.

Alice wants nothing to do with magic. However, her new neighbor Emmeline Delacroix might just prove to be too much of a temptation to resist. Soon she finds herself in a glittering but dangerous world.

Wild and Wicked Things glamorous, gothic, and gay novel is for everyone who loves magical and powerful stories about female relationships and the unbreakable bonds they often build.

If you’re looking for new gothic books filled with magic and darkness then pick up this one.

Wild and Wicked Things is one of the most magical new books about witches for readers who love dark fantasy romance novels and mysteries.

432 Pages

2| Juniper & Thorn by Ava Reid – Gothic Dark Fantasy Book About Witches, May 2022

Juniper & Thorn by Ava Reid - dark fantasy books about witches 2022 (Small)

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Looking for gothic horror books with a witchy vibe? Then check out this thrilling new story set in the world of The Wolf and the Woodsman. The story follows Marlinchen, a young witch, as she embarks on a journey to find herself and escape her dominating father.

Marlinchen and her sisters are powerful witches, in fact, they’re Oblya’s last true witches. They live closed away from the real world by her tyrant and powerful wizard father.

Marinchen’s life changes forever when she sneaks out one night and falls in love with an enchanting ballet dancer.

Soon Marlinchen will have to find a way to stand up for herself, for the woman she loves, and for the safety of the city, she calls home. It’s a great choice for people who are looking for dark fantasy books inspired by fairy tales.

Juniper & Thorn is one of the best new dark fantasy books about witches and is for YA and adult readers who enjoy fairy tales and stories about powerful heroines.

368 Pages

1| The Witch In The Well by Camilla Bruce – New Contemporary Witchy Thriller, September 2022


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The Witch In The Well promises to be one of the most thrilling new fiction books about witches that will give its readers goosebumps.

This story’s protagonist is Elena, an author and social media influencer who travels back to her hometown to get her childhood house ready to sell.

Elena only wants to sell the house and reconnect with her childhood best friend Cathy but suddenly gets inspired to write about her town’s infamous witch Ilsbeth Clark.

“Centuries ago, beautiful young Ilsbeth Clark was accused of witchcraft after several children disappeared. Her acquittal did nothing to stop her fellow townsfolk from drowning her in the well where the missing children were last seen.”

Everyone knows about Ilsbeth’s story in her town in fact her friend Cathy has been researching and writing about it for years. Elena and Cathy get way too competitive over their shared obsession and first don’t even realize that they have something far more darker and dangerous they should worry about than each other.

If you’re looking for the most exciting new thrillers books then put this witchy read on your TBR.

The Witch In The Well is one of the spookiest new books about witches for adults.

304 Pages

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