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Find here the best Chinese dramas to watch on Netflix. We love Netflix because you can easily find amazing movies and shows from all over the world. And Chinese dramas are no exception.

You can watch beautiful classical dramas of the past, fun comedy romance Chinese dramas to cheer you up, thrilling mysteries, and even some of the Best new Chinese dramas.

If you enjoy getting to know other cultures through entertainment, these Chinese dramas will serve you well. You can learn about Chinese culture, its history, legends, and myths while the new Chinese dramas will give you a slice-of-life kind of experience of the modern Chinese every day.

While learning about Chinese culture you can even pick up some basic Chinese language skills and even inspire you not only to travel to China but actually immerse yourself in the culture and explore more while you’re there.

If you’re a cinema fan Chinese dramas will not let you down either. Most Chinese movies and dramas have excellent cinema photography, talented actors, great stories, and all-around great visuals and sound.

Thanks to online streaming services like Netflix now we can enjoy most of these amazing dramas without the hustle and from the comfort of our comfy couch.

Best Chinese Dramas to Watch on Netflix

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24| Use For My Talent – 2021 – Comedy Chinese Drama

use me for my talent - new chinese dramas in 2021 poster

Use for my talent is a charming show about loss, healing, and love. The story is about Gu Ren Qi and Shuang who connect through their pain but help each other heal their wounds and eventually fall for each other.

While it doesn’t have a very unique story as many fantasy Chinese dramas do this new series is a great slice-of-life show that’s really fun to watch.

Use For My Talent is one of the sweetest new Chinese dramas of 2021 and is a perfect fit for comedy and romance lovers who are looking for a comforting show.

23| Ashes of Love season 2 – 2021 – Fantasy Chinese Series

Ashes of Love season 2 - 2021 - Fantasy Chinese Series

Good news, the beloved Chinese drama Ashes of Love is coming back after nearly three years. It has been confirmed, the show is in production and planned to be aired in 2021.

This beautiful Chinese fantasy drama takes viewers to a world, where deities experience love just like us. Maybe even a little more intensely.

Upon her birth, Jinmi’s mother, Zifen dies. Right before that happens, the flower deity gives the baby a pill to prevent a prophecy. Stories tell, that Jinmi is going to suffer from love, and the pill prevents her from having feelings.

As time passes the prophecy still seems to realize and the difficulties begin.

Fans expect the next season to be just as visually breathtaking as the first one.

Ashes of Love season 2 is among the most anticipated new Chinese series on Netflix.

22| Handsome Siblings | 2020

The Handsome Sibling is an entertaining action fantasy Chinese drama.

It’s the story of twin brothers who both grew up to be supreme martial artists despite separated at birth.

The two young men are raised to take revenge on each other however, they soon become good friends.

The two brothers together are unstoppable.

They embark on an action-filled journey where they not only take the martial arts world by storm but also find answers about their true identities.

The Handsome Sibling is one of the best new Chinese dramas to watch on Netflix in 2020.

21| Well Intended Love – 2019 – Modern Romance Chinese Series

Well Intended Love - 2019 - Modern Romance Chinese Series


This 2019 series is often mentioned as one of the best Chinese dramas on Netflix. IT is for sure a very interesting, touching, and often surprising show.

In season one Xia Lin is a somewhat less successful actress, who is diagnosed with leukemia. In search for help, she meets a CEO, Ling Yi Zhou, who offers as much support as possible. To find a quicker solution, they even get married secretly.

As time goes on, the two fall in love with each other and hopefully live happily ever after.

Well Intended Love season 2 takes place in a parallel universe, where Xia Lin is actually a successful actress. Faith pulls the two together again, but it seems life has some twists for the two.

Well Intended Love is deservedly considered as one of the best Chinese series on Netflix because it has something new for all viewers.

20| I hear You – 2019 – Rom-Com Chinese Show

I hear You - 2019 - Rom-Com Chinese Show

Young Bei Er Duo has big plans to study in Japan, but her mother seems to have different ideas. Mom sends her daughter on various blind dates because she wants Bei to get married as soon as possible.

Despite all that, the girl doesn’t give up on her plans and tries to raise funds. Thanks to some additional complications, she decides to take part in a dating TV show.

There she is brought together with Ye Shu Wei, a modest violin maker. It turns out, he didn’t enter the show of his own free will, but because he lost a bet to his nephew.

Naturally, the two find their soulmates in each other, and beautiful love is blooming.

I hear You is definitely amid the funniest romantic comedy Chinese shows on Netflix.

19| Legend of The White Snake – 2019 – Romance Fantasy Chinese Series

Legend of The White Snake - 2019 - Romance Fantasy Chinese Series

The original story is pretty big in China; the Legend was published as a book and brought to stage in major operas. It is also known as Madame White Snake and the TV series adapts the tale almost completely.

We are taken to the Southern Song Dynasty in Lin’an, where Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen’s forbidden love is blossoming.

Xu is a physician and Bai happens to be a 1000-year old snake spirit in a woman’s form.

Naturally, most humans oppose their relationship, but love is stronger than everything.

Legend of The White Snake is one of the best Chinese shows on Netflix if you enjoy historic dramas.

18| Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain – 2019 – Fantasy Chinese Series

Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain - 2019 - Fantasy Chinese Series

One of 2019’s top-ranking Chinese dramas is definitely great for everyone. It has a little bit of everything; romance, comedy, action, martial arts, and breathtaking landscapes. What else do C-Drama fans and Netflix subscribers need?

In a fictive world, where sects gather people of certain talents, Wan Lu, a prodigy joins one of the leading sects. The Spirit Blade sect is known to offer an outstanding education for the worthy.

When he joins, a tutor is assigned, the beautiful and tough Wang Wu. She is wise beyond most and has an unpredictable temper.

The two are a good match for each other; both with their own eccentricities make a hilarious pair.

Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain is a perfectly entertaining fantasy show which makes it one of the best Chinese series on Netflix.

17| A Love is So beautiful – 2017 – Rom-Com Chinese Show

A Love is So beautiful - 2017 - Rom-Com Chinese Show

For Chinese drama fans, who are looking for a high spirited, fun show, A Love is So Beautiful is a great choice. You are not going to be disappointed; it has all a well-rounded rom-com requires.

Different characters with their unique personalities, a beautiful and cheerful girl and a handsome boy.

Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen are classmates and neighbors at the same time. Xiao Xi is very fond of the boy, who is a high achiever.

There is plenty of awkwardness in the girl’s life, while her friends are very supportive, but don’t make things less awkward.

A Love is So beautiful is a fun romantic comedy Chinese show with lovable characters.

16| The Princess Weiyoung – 2016 – Historical Fiction Chinese television series

The Princess Weiyoung - 2016 - Historical Fiction Chinese television series

C-drama fans shouldn’t go past this fascinating historical Chinese drama, because it is very exciting and also beautiful. The costumes and cinema photography definitely deserves praise, while the actors do a great job too.

Despite having only one season (so far), it is a captivating show. The good news, The Princess Weiyoung was announced in 2020, so if everything goes well, in 2021 we get to watch another 50 episodes. It is going to be the most exciting new Chinese Series on Netflix.

During a raid at the Northern Liang’s royal family, everyone was slain, but thanks to Weiyoung’s help Feng Xin’er survived. Unfortunately, Weiyoung is killed. That offers an opportunity to the only surviving member of the royal family to assume her identity and plot her revenge against their attackers.

Now as Weiyoung, Xin’er goes to the Prime Minister’s manor and works on her revenge.

The Princess Weiyoung is surely amid the best Chinese series on Netflix if you enjoy suspenseful historical dramas.

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15| Accidentally in Love | 2018

Accidentally in Love is an adorable Chinese drama 2018 indulged us with. It is a story many people may see themselves in. Chen Qing Qing has lost her parents and is about to get married as her rich family arranged a suitor, with whom she could have a comfortable life.

But she doesn’t want to live in a marriage she didn’t choose. She wants to find love and get married for that reason, nothing less. After fleeing her wedding, she enrolls at the same university her parents used to study.

She seems to kick off with difficulties, especially with her desk-mate, Si Tu Feng, who turns out to be a famous singer, who wanted to continue his studies.

Accidentally in Love is one of the best Chinese romantic comedy from 2018.

14| Eternal Love (Haijiao Youge Wudian Shi) | 2017

The fascinating story of Bai Qian (played by the talented Chinese actress Yang Mi) is a journey of a lifetime. 70.000 years following a devastating war and the sealing of a malicious ghost lord.

Their troubles surface again and in the attempt of resealing it, Bai, who is sent to the mortal world to then become a goddess, loses her powers and memories.

She meets Ye Hua (Mark Chao), with whom she soon falls in love. Their beautiful story of fulfilling their hearts’ desire, while being put to the test by higher forces and other people who are jealous of them.

Eternal Love is definitely a top Chinese drama 2017 offered. It is also one of the best romance Chinese dramas. Unfortunately, there is no season 2.

13| Meteor Garden | 2018

Dong Shan Cai (Shen Yue)’s dream came true; she got accepted to the best university in the country. Despite her family’s financial difficulties, she managed to beat the odds and get in.

She then gets to know the F4 (four richest, most popular and most powerful boys in the university), whom she isn’t fond of at the beginning as they are arrogant, spoiled and always want their ways.

The leader, Dao Ming Si, is the worst, he is even more conceited and doesn’t know the answer no.

Soon he falls in love with her and tries to win her over. Shortly Dong and the boys develop a friendship as she begins to see their good sides as well.

It is a delightful Chinese romantic comedy drama from 2018 that you are going to enjoy for sure.

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12| Love O2O | 2016

Love O2O is a superb Chinese romantic comedy drama showing how our social trends are changing as video games become more and more substantial in youngsters’ lives.
Meet university student Bei Weiwei, one of the brightest stars of the computing department.

She is aiming to become a game developer but also enjoys playing. She spends much of her spare time playing the popular role-playing game A Chinese ghost story.
Her husband in the game abandons her, so she becomes available for the partner seeking gamers.

Bei is courted by many and she finally makes a decision; her new game-husband is the best player called Yixiao Naihe. They get married in order to take part in a couple’s competition.

They have superb chemistry in the game, which turns out to be more than enough to fall in love in real life as well.

Love O2O is among the best Chinese romantic comedy dramas from 2016 that’s perfect for gamers.

11| The Prince of Tennis – Match! Tennis Juniors (Wang Qiu Shao Nian) | 2019

For teenagers feeling under a lot of pressure by their parents, this Chinese drama 2019 gave us is just perfect. Meet Lu Xia, who is a very talented tennis player trying to live up to his father’s expectations.

Lu is outstanding for his age, however, his father has set the standards high.
Lu feels the only way to win his father’s admiration and love, he has to be the best of the best.

Upon the family’s return to China from overseas, Lu begins training for the national championship. At the tennis club, he makes friends and learns the real values of life.

The Prince of Tennis is the best sports-themed Chinese drama from 2019.

10| Put Your Head on My Shoulder | 2019

Put your Head on My Shoulder is one of the most popular new Chinese dramas of 2019.

This funny and heart-warming series is based on the novel with the same title by Zhao Qianqian. It is a sure delight for everyone, as it is really entertaining while dealing with some serious questions we often ask ourselves on the bumpy road to happiness.

Situ Mo is worried about what the future holds as she just cannot see herself on any path that seems to be realistic. She has given thought and tries many times to do her best, but nothing seems to turn out well for her.

Things are about to be turned upside down when she ends up living with the physics genius Gu Weiyi. Everything is going to turn into an adorable chaos as the two try to work out their differences.

Put your Head on My Shoulder is one of the Best New Chinese Dramas of 2019 that will make you fall in love while enjoying good laughter.

9| Empresses in the Palace (Zhen Huan Zhuan) | 2011

Empresses in the Palace is one of the most interesting Chinese historical fantasy dramas we can think of. Without a doubt, the customs of various dynasties of China were one of the most beautiful and unique in the world’s history.

Empresses in the Palace is fictional, yet offers a great insight into what was going on behind the walls of the forbidden city.

Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing dynasty takes on the throne with the support of dukes Geng Yao and Ke Duo. The former’s sister becomes a member of the emperor’s harem as his favored person.

This Chinese drama from 2011 shows the politics, mechanics, and chemistry of the system and its cogs, allowing us to see how things worked at the time of the 18th century.

8| The Qin Empire II: Alliance (Da Qin Di Guo) | 2012

This is the second season of the series, The Qin Empire is a captivating historical Chinese drama. It is full of twists, emotions, and love. You are going to experience everything you maybe looking for when seeking a really entertaining show.

Not to mention, it is also beautiful. The costumes, buildings, and landscapes are just breathtaking.

Set in the 4th century BC, it is a fascinating and eventful introduction to the harsh politics of China.

We follow different storylines with various people in focus.
Death, struggles, love and plotting against each other. You are in for a treat.

The Qin Empire II: Alliance is often thought of as the best Chinese drama of 2012.

7| Take My Brother Away | 2018

If you are looking for a fun, easy to digest and adorable series, this is the best Chinese comedy drama to watch on Netflix. The story of Shi Miao and her brother, Shi Fen is quite eventful. Fen seems to always pick on his sister and annoy her any way he can.

It looks like Miao would rather be a single child than having a brother like him.

Without any parental support, they have to figure out most of their problems on their own.

Despite their differences, when the need comes, Fen becomes very supporting and loving.

It is a lovely series, mainly comedy, but we thought we would include this on our list as it is really fun while also covering topics that are important and could be useful to teenagers.

So if you are in need of a little soul boost, this fun Chinese drama 2018 added to our lives, will definitely lighten the mood.

6| Tientsin Mystic | 2017

In case you are a fan of out of the ordinary rather supernatural investigative dramas, then this is definitely one for you to get lost in.

Tientsin Mystic is set in the 1930s when deadly floods wreck the area of Tianjin. Guo Deyou is helping locals recover, part of the duties to retrieve bodies from the water.

Deyou has a strange ability; he can find out the truth by inhaling tobacco smoke. To his misfortune, his body does not take smoking well, so he has to limit his intake.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, he falls under the suspicion of murdering a highly regarded chairman.

The chairman’s son, who is a forensic investigator partners up with Deyou and his childhood friend, Ying, a daughter of a sorceress along with a journalist lady.

Their investigation leads them to a cult twenty years ago.

It is for sure amongst the best Chinese dramas of 2017 with mystery and suspense.

5| Day and Night |  2017

The Day and Night Chinese drama is just an outstanding crime drama you can watch on Netflix. This dark and mysterious series is going to leave you wondering at the end of each episode, ending up with a good binge-watch at home.

Guan Hong Fen is a dedicated team leader at the criminal investigation department. One day, his twin brother is accused of murder, and he wants to take charge in his case, however, because of the family relation, he is not allowed to be involved.

The department assigns Zhou Sho Tong, who asks for Fen’s help in the case and they uncover many crimes as they try to get to the end of Yu’s case.

There is another twist; Fen suffers from Nyctophobia, therefore the person meeting Tong at night is not him.

Day and Night is a great Chinese investigative drama from 2017 that’s quite a ride we are sure everyone is going to love.

4| Go Go Squid! | 2019

Go Go Squid! is easily competing for the Best New Chinese Drama of 2019 award, as it is full of beautiful thoughts, and it’s easy to watch while your heart is rooting for the two protagonists.

It was one of the Most Popular New Chinese Drama of 2019 for sure.

The charming story is an adaptation of the hit novel Stewed Squid with Honey by Mo Bao Fei Bao.

Tong Nian is an IT genius, who is also a talented singer. She is a pretty big hit online, gained quite a popularity with her singing. She falls in love for the first sight with the acclaimed esports gamer, Han Shang Yan.

See how their beautiful love develops and how the two’s abilities are compatible.

3| The King’s Avatar | 2019

This is definitely a top Chinese drama 2019 had made us excited about.
Ye Xiu is one of the best players of Glory, an online game.

Thanks to some unfortunate series of events, he is removed from the team and has to take a job at an internet cafe.

It is naturally by far below his capabilities, but at least he has the chance to get back in the game when Glory releases a new server.

Ye is ready to get back in the world, where he aims to become the best. Will his experience and smarts finally get him what the deserves?

The King’s Avatar is based on the Chinese anime with the same title.

We surely think The King’s Avatar is one of the best Chinese drama 2019 had given us, It is definitely a fun ride for teens and adults who love gaming as well and it’s just a plus that you can watch it on Netflix.

2| The Untamed (Chen qing ling) | 2019

Often regarded as the best new Chinese Drama of 2019, The Untamed has something to offer to every viewer. If you enjoy action and beautiful story telling, the free-spirited Wei Wuxian and the good-hearted Lan Wangji’s bromance will be your new favorite.

In the original novels, and in the anime they’re lovers, however, in the drama, they’re rather portrayed as very close friends.

It’s filled with thrilling action and fight scenes and there are some amazing scenes filled with well-choreographed combat scenes.

In case you just love traditional Chinese costumes, then you’ll see that The Untamed really went out to entertain you. It is overall beautiful and surprisingly engaging. The story of a world, where fighting is part of the everyday, one clan rules everything.

There are smaller families with some power, but they all fall under the Wen Clan. The protagonist couple finds out that the head of the Wen clan is plotting to bring darkness on the lands.

Wei stands up to protect people unrightfully persecuted by the clan, which leads to his disappearance.

Sixteen years later, he turns up again and tries to put the injustice to an end.

The Untamed is definitely one of the most fun and action-packed Chinese fantasy dramas to watch on Netflix.

1| The Rise of Phoenixes (Tian sheng chang ge) | 2018

Tianxia Guiyuan’s novel was brought to life (television) in 2018 to many people’s joy. It is like a piece of art; the costumes, landscapes and cinema photography are just outstanding.

This historic fantasy drama is full of action, love, betrayal and smart moves. We mainly follow Feng Zhi Wei, an illegitimate daughter of the Qiu Family. She was exiled from the clan after being accused of committing a crime.

She then has to be smart and strong to succeed in life. Pretending to be wealthy, she goes to the notable Qingming University, where she proves her knowledge and smarts.

Soon, she is told, the current kingdom is built on the many deaths of her family and she swears revenge.

The Rise of Phoenixes is definitely one of the best historical Chinese dramas.

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