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Best Taiwanese Dramas to watch on Netflix

Check out the best Taiwanese dramas to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video. While Taiwanese dramas use Mandarin Chinese language you’ll see that mainland China and Taiwan produce completely different shows.

You’ll find here some of the new Taiwanese dramas as well as popular ones form 2020, 2019, 2018 and a few great ones from before.

However, Taiwanese dramas are not completely different from other Asian dramas. You can find here great mystery shows, charming romance dramas, and comedies.

Most of the shows are fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. In case you’re interested in traveling or learning more about Taiwan you can watch a good slice of life drama to get a deeper understanding of the culture.

No matter what mood you’re in you’ll find here something you’ll enjoy streaming on your next night in.

Guide to the Best Taiwanese Dramas on Netflix & Amazon Prime Video in 2021

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16|The Victims’ Game, 2020, Taiwanese Drama, Thriller

The Victims' Game, 2020, Taiwanese Drama, Thriller (Small)

The Victims’ Game is a new popular Taiwanese drama that was a big hit with mystery and crime lover fans.

This 2020 Taiwanese show quickly became one of the most beloved Taiwanese Netflix original not only in its home country but all over the world.

It’s about a skilled forensic detective who has Asperger syndrome. He discovers that his daughter is somehow linked to a series of mysterious murders.

He then starts a journey into dark secrets and dangerous situations to help save her life.

The Victims’ Game is a suspenseful new Taiwanese Drama on Netflix. If you love crime shows and mysteries you should check it out.

15| A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities | 2018-2019

Life is full of surprises and adventures if we are open to stepping out of our comfort zone. When the opportunity comes to begin a new exciting chapter of our lives, it is up to us to either make the most out of it or simply shut it down.

This drama’s two leading ladies are willing to make a huge change to get the most out of their lives.

Josephine Huang (Peggy Tseng) is a Taiwanese girl raised in San Francisco, USA and Lee Nien-Nien (Tammy Chen) is living in Taipei. The two are very keen to get on an adventure and they end up swapping their homes with each other.

As Jo moves to the Taiwanese capital and Nien-Nien to the City by the Bay, they are heading the biggest adventures in their lives yet.

Both of them get to explore a foreign land with strange and curious people. Naturally, love doesn’t steer clear of them either; both of them get to meet handsome and passionate men.

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities is an entertaining and fun Taiwanese drama on Netflix.

14| The Ghost Bride | 2020

The Ghost Bride is definitely among the best Taiwanese dramas to watch on Netflix in 2020. The Malaysian-Taiwanese production is a Netflix original with stunning pictures and a spooky story.

It takes us to Colonial Malacca at the end of the 19th century, where Pan Li Lan sacrifices her freedom for family. By getting married to a wealthy family’s passed son, Li Lan’s family debt could be forgotten.

Being married to a spirit is not easy and it can get even quite scary.

What makes this series fascinating are the bone-chilling, dark scenes, along with the otherworldly struggles of the heart. The Ghost Bride cast is also very strong, packed with great actors, it is most likely to soon become one of the most popular Taiwanese dramas.

For a fun and spooky supernatural evening watch, You can watch The Ghost Bride on Netflix with English dub.

13| Someone Like You | 2015

Someone Like You is one of the most heartbreaking Taiwanese dramas you can watch on Netflix.

The story is about Fang Zhan Cheng who has lost his fiancé along with his sight in a horrible accident. Struggling by the loss of his love, Cheng is not willing to go under a procedure that would recover his sight.

His life is full of surprises; the day nurse, Wang Yu Xi who was hired to look after the blind man looks exactly like his soulmate. Another lady, Xu Ya Ti gets the deceased woman’s heart in a transplant and begins showing her characteristics.

Cheng is baffled by the events and torn between the two women; is going to be able to find love again or the loss of his love will never allow him to recover?

Someone Like You is still a very popular Taiwanese drama for a good reason; it is full of heartbreaking yet magical scenes.

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12| Autumn’s Concerto | 2009 – 2010

Autumn’s Concerto is a beautiful tale of love that is stronger than anything. 

Ren Guang Xi has great prospects ahead of his life, thanks to his family business he is bound to take over in the future. Studying law, where his mother is the dean, being a successful ice hockey player gives him extraordinary confidence.

One day life brings him together with Liang Mu Cheng, working at the canteen and after a rough start, they fall in love with each other.

Just when they thought the rough part is over, Guang Xi’s mother forbids him to see the girl. She tries to force him to agree to the arranged marriage with a doctor’s daughter.

When the handsome boy is diagnosed with a brain tumor, Guang Xi is still not willing to give in to her mother’s demand. Mu Cheng finds out what is delaying the life-saving procedure and leaves the city.

After the boy is saved, his memories are gone, but life once again brings the two soulmates together.

If you enjoy dramatic love stories, Autumn’s Concerto is definitely going to be one of your new favorites to watch this charming Taiwanese Series on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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11| Refresh Man | 2016

Refresh Man sends the important message. In school, the two friends Zhong Yu Tang and Ji Wen Kai performed quite differently.

Yu Tang looked very promising with all the good grades while Wen Kai was around or below average.

After graduating Yu Tang begins her career in the cosmetics industry and one day the new CEO of the company is announced. To her surprise, it’s her long acquaintance Wen Kai and she gets to be his assistant.

Refresh Man is going to take you to a lovely world, where awkwardness and funny moments are an everyday thing.

If you are looking for a fun, heartwarming Taiwanese series with romance and comedy, then Refresh man will certainly cheer you up. You can watch Refresh Man online on Amazon Prime Video.

10| Back to 1989 | 2016

Time travel has been a mystery with questions we all want to get the answers to.

Che Chen may have just been given an opportunity to answer one big question that doesn’t let him live completely happily.

He was raised well by her single mother, for which he is very grateful, still, not knowing his father always been unsettling for him.

Due to a strange accident, he is sent back to 1989, a year before he was born. Thanks to this turn of events, he stands the chance to find his father he’s never had a chance to meet.

You can imagine, what mess one can make in search of his own father the year before his birth. Chen has to be careful not to interfere with his parents otherwise he will have to deal with drastic changes in his life.

Back to 1989 is one of the best Taiwanese fantasy dramas on Netflix or buy the DVD on Amazon.

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9| The Prince Who Turns into a Frog |2005

How many times have you heard the story of the talking frog who was turned into a charming prince by a kiss?

Well, things are different in the story of Shan Jun Hao, CEO of a luxurious hotel chain. He is quite difficult to like as he is cold and not easily approachable.

It happens though that he is hit by a car and in the accident, Jun Hao loses all his memories. The cunning driver of the car, Tian Yu becomes the new desire of Jun Hao’s heart. Without memories, he is a really kind and caring person.

Turns out, the prince has a fiancee, Yun Xi, who fights hard for their love.

Thanks to the devious Tian Yu, Jun Hao thinks of his fiancee as a gold-digger and resents her.

The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog is a remarkable Taiwanese romantic comedy with plenty of twists. you can watch this cute Taiwanese Drama on Netflix.

8| Fated to Love You (AKAYou are my Destiny) | 2014

Sometimes love is a series of coincidences, sometimes the works of others, the point is, it doesn’t always happen because we are looking for it.

Xin Yi and Cun Xi both thought they have already found the one and both of them are planning to take their relationships to the next level.

Meet Xin Yi, a hardworking girl who is thinking of losing her virginity to her boyfriend, showing how much she loves him. In the hopes of a happy future together, she thinks is the appropriate next step. Xin Yi’s boyfriend invites her to a love cruise to make their lives more romantic.

On that same cruise is Cun Xi, their of a large family business, who planned to propose to his girlfriend, but she couldn’t make it.

Thanks to being drugged, the two end up crossing paths in Cun Xi’s cabin and have a one night stand.

Just when things couldn’t seem to get worse, Xin Yi gets pregnant and the two are suggested to get married.

As depressing as it sounds, the two may have actually found the right one. 

Fated to Love You/You are my Destiny is a touching Taiwanese romance drama on Netflix.

7| Material Queen | 2011

Material Queen Taiwanese drama is raising the big question of whether money is the key to happiness. Even if it is a debate that will not cut short after watching this romantic series, we certainly find a plausible answer.

Successful model Lin Chu Man has very low expectations towards men as long as they are rich. For her, the only important “quality” in a man is money.

She gets pretty close with Cai Jia Hao, however, when it turns out he is actually a poor musician, things go south quickly between them.

Their fate is not yet separated; after being dumped by her rich boyfriend and her career comes to an end, she is forced to move into a flatshare. Who else would be her new roommate than Jia Hao?

As time passes, she gets to know the man better and begins to question her values.

If you are looking for a popular Taiwanese drama to watch online, this teaching romance series will make your day.

6| Romantic Princess | 2007

Adopted girl Xiao Mai was raised in a loving middle-class family and has a secret dream of coming from a wealthy family.

Her wishes come true thanks to her biological grandfather, who has been tirelessly searching for her. Xiao Mai’s life changes from one day to another and becomes the heir of a rich family and everything becomes available for her.

Things are not as great and smooth as she initially thought; she doesn’t feel to be a good fit into the new family and world her grandfather introduced her to.

Romantic Princess is a magical Taiwanese drama you can only this one online but it’s worth checking out if you love cute romance stories.

5| Love You (AKA Drunken to Love You) | 2011

Love You or Drunken to Love You is a popular Taiwanese romantic drama that became one of the most beloved shows in Asia.

This hilarious show brings to us to disappointed people, who get into one of the most unimaginable situations. 

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru both proposed to their boy and girlfriend, but they were turned down. To aide their broken heart, they decide to get drunk as hell. On that night of drunkenness, the two meet and things become terribly complicated.

In the morning they are hit with a surprise; they went way too far. You may think they had a fling or something, but their deeds have much more serious consequences. They actually managed to get married.

As it turns out, Jie Xiu’s girlfriend didn’t end their relationship, so it is one of the worst kinds of ways to cheat on someone.

Still, she asks them to remain married as she is starring in a movie and such news would ruin things for her.

The two end up growing very fond of each other and they may not even choose to file for divorce.

Drunken to Love You is a hilarious comedy romance drama you can watch on Amazon Prime Video, even if the main characters are a little out of line sometimes.

4| Fall in Love With Me | 2014

Handsome, funny and successful advertising genius Lu Tian Xing baffles the professional world when announces to take a break.

Assuming a new personality to disguise his true self, he introduces himself as Xiao Lu.

Another advertising firm’s leader Le Si is doing her best to keep her promise to her dying brother to keep the firm alive. Things are not that easy though, she is under constant pressure by the big ones and she may have to sell to the company.

When she meets Xiao Lu, first she thinks it is Tian Xing, but the two are only similar by their looks. Once they speak, the two couldn’t be more different.

They get really close and the question arises, would Le Si be that fond of the man if she knew who he really is? Let this hilarious and adorable show take you on an emotional adventure.

Fall in Love With Me is one of the best Taiwanese romantic dramas on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as well.

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3| Murphy’s Law of Love | 2015

Life is always exciting thanks to Murphy’s law; anything that goes wrong will go wrong. It seems to apply in every field of life, why wouldn’t it love as well?

Guan Xiao Tong is one of the best matchmakers leading Meet and Match Online Dating Company. She is famous for being able to resolve all sorts of relationship issues of others, however, her love life just doesn’t seem to work as she would desire.

Life just begins to worsen when a divorce company’s office opens up opposite the matchmakers.

Xiao Tong’s life actually is on the verge to change for the better. Following the heartbreak of the divorce company’s owner, Jia Wei, the two are encouraged to organize a matchmaking event between the two firms.

There she finds a strange attraction to Jia Wei, and two engage in a rather hostile relationship that may just end with the two falling in love.

Murphy’s Law of Love is a very entertaining and funny Taiwanese romantic series on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

2| Just You | 2013 

The Just You popular Taiwanese drama is about office romance. It is a long debate whether it is appropriate to date with coworkers. Does it affect productivity and most importantly will create tension in case things don’t work out?

Qi Yi certainly thinks work is no place for romance to the disappointment of his subordinates. Since all the workers disagree with the harsh no-romance policy, they convince Liang Liang to work her magic and persuade the boss to change his mind.

It seems to be a tough wall to break, she goes after her boss and along the way Qi Yi may himself break his own rule.

Just You is one best Taiwanese dramas to watch on Amazon Prime Video in 2020.

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1| What is Love | 2012

What is Love is the ultimate drama of love. Unfortunately, people often compromise for temporary happiness thinking there is no perfection.

This drama sends us the message that it is important to stand firmly on what we want and never give up on finding the right person who brings happiness into our lives.

Yi Hua has a clear picture of what she wants; love, magical love that is giving and caring. When she meets the potential One, a quick disappointment shakes the core of her beliefs.

The handsome and charming Zong You turns out to be quite a player, who is just out on trophy hunting.

As they’re getting to know each other they both start to go through changes, but the big question is; which of them is going to give up on their lifestyle and expectations?

Will the womanizer Zong You be tamed to become the perfect husband or Yi Hua has to give up on her dream of true and pure love?

What is Love Taiwanese drama is certainly going to take you on a roller coaster when watching it online.

Thank you for reading!