New Chinese Dramas to watch in 2020

Check out the most exciting new Chinese dramas to watch in 2020. Discover the most anticipated Chinese dramas of 2020 you can already watch on Netlfix and Viki or will be able to watch online soon after their release.

We have a lot to be excited about this year too since there are plenty of thrilling action Chinese dramas, romantic comedy dramas, as well as fantasy and myth-inspired dramas coming our way.

If you’re new to the world of Chinese drama this list will help you find some of the greatest shows coming from Mainland China. And if you’re already a fan of these creative and engaging dramas you’ll be happy to see the wide variety of stories that are being released this year.

Most exciting New Chinese Dramas to watch in 2020

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21| Great Ruler (AKA The Great Lord) | 2020

Mu Chen is one of the brightest young boys in the Mu region. He has such great potentials, everyone is convinced he will once become a great warrior.

His father is the Mu Chief, however, his mother had to leave them. During his training, Chen swears to find his mother and become a whole family again.

As the boy with extraordinary capabilities becomes stronger and stronger, his departure is due soon. Chen saves the life of Luo Li, a beautiful girl, whom he grows to love more than anything instantly.

When his training ends, he sets out to find his mother to finally see his family as a whole again.

The Great Ruler is going to be one of the most exciting adventure Chinese dramas you’ll see in 2020.

20| Ashes of Love: Season 2 | 2020

We have included the first season of Ashes of Love in our best Chinese romantic dramas list. It is one of the most beautiful stories with great costumes and talented actors.

The love story of the Flower Goddess’ daughter Jing Mi (Yang Zi) and the Heavenly Emperor’s second son Xu Feng (Deng Lun) continues in 2020.

It has been announced to be aired this year, let’s hope to be able to watch sooner than later.

To catch you up, one of the most popular new Chinese dramas (2018) story begins with the Flower goddess giving birth to a girl. The goddess dies, but before that she feeds her daughter with a pill that numbs all her feelings.

The girl, Jing Mi is imprisoned in Shui Jing for ten thousand years. 4000 years later the Emperor’s son enters Shui Jing and Jing Mi saves him, to then slowly fall in love with each other.

Ashes of Love is one of the most beautiful romantic Chinese Fantasy Dramas with stunning visuals.

19| Detective Chinatown | 2020

Detective Chinatown was one of the most anticipated Chinese dramas of 2020 following the successful mystery movies in 2015 and 2018.

The twelve-episode short series is set mostly in Thailand, but the story takes us to Japan and Taiwan as well. We follow a dedicated investigator, Lin Mo (Roy Chiu), the student of Chinatown’s best detective and the victim’s widow, Ivy (Janine Chang).

There are references to the movies, for instance, Yetian Hao’er is Yetian Hao’s younger brother, whom we have seen in the movies.

The story is very exciting, with multiple cases going on, beautiful places on the screen, plenty of twists and loads of action.

Detective Chinatown is one of the best new Chinese crime dramas to watch on VIKI in 2020.

18| Love Me Don’t Think Too Much | 2020

Love Me Don’t Think Too Much is a very modern and eventful new romantic Chinese drama that will take you on a bumpy journey of love.

It is a story of how differences can be worked out, especially when there is an age gap that may make things very difficult.

The actors are doing a remarkable job making this romantic drama a memorable piece. Starred by Chen Jian Bin, the professor of the Central Academy of Drama for over 20 years and acclaimed actress Li Yi Tong, the Love Me Don’t Think Too Much cast is very strong.

It is the story of a middle-aged CEO falling in love with a young fashion designer and the two have plenty of burdens to overcome fulfilling their love.

Love Me Don’t Think Too Much is one of the most interesting new romantic Chinese dramas to watch in 2020.

17| Find Yourself

Find Yourself is one of the most interesting new Chinese dramas about a love triangle that is available on both Netflix and VIKI.

He Fan Xing is an accomplished businesswoman, who is under pressure by a larger firm that wants to purchase her company. There is pressure in her love life as well; she is in a relationship with a younger man, and society prefers to maintain traditions.

To make things even more complicated, He Fan’s new life coach, the somewhat older and confident Ye Lu Ming soon proves to be difficult to resist. She has to make a decision keeping all that is important in mind.

This is one of the Most Popular New Chinese Dramas you can watch on Netflix in 2020.

16| Haunted House Handbook | 2020

Haunted House Handbook is one of the most anticipated upcoming Chinese dramas in 2020. It is going to offer extraordinary visuals with a puzzling story and spooky moments.

This investigative Chinese drama is about a couple of friends trying to resell haunted houses. Businessman Jiang Shuo and the strange doctor Yi Heng think they are on top of everything.

But things seem to escalate to rather dangerous heights and without help they are unable to sustain.

Here comes police woman Yuan Mu Qing to help get to the end of the otherwordly mystery.

Haunted House Handbook is going to be one of the spookiest Chinese fantasy dramas to watch in 2020. It is announced to air in October.

15| Handsome Siblings | 2020

Handsome Siblings is a martial arts Chinese drama based on the South Korean movie released in 1992.

Twin brothers are separated at birth and are raised to hate each other. As time passes, nothing else is in their mind, but finding and killing the other.

One day, they get to meet and fight, but shortly they realize there is no need to be against each other. The two become friends and set out to uncover the secrets of their past.

The story has been adapted in Taiwan and Hong Kong, therefore we are certain it is going to quickly become one of the most popular Chinese dramas in 2020.

Twin Brothers is a beautiful comedy fantasy Chinese drama to watch on Netflix in 2020.

14| Spirit Realm | 2020

Spirit Realm is among the most exciting upcoming Chinese adventure dramas in 2020. It is hoped to be airing this summer, but nothing is confirmed yet.

It is based on the remarkable novel by Ni Cang Tian with the same title.

A descendant of gods begins his adventure to become a hero the world needs. He has lost all his memories, but not his values.

This Chinese drama is going to be set in beautiful locations and for the first glimpse, it will certainly be an exciting fantasy with fight scenes.

Spirit Realm cast includes Cheng Xiao, Adam Fan, and Ma Yue. The stunning costumes and visuals guarantee that we will get another pretty exciting and entertaining Chinese fantasy drama in 2020.

13| Fairyland Lovers | 2020

You are in for a magical treat by this soon to be the most popular new Chinese drama that takes us on an incredible journey.

It was based on the successful Chinese novel by Lu Han and it is definitely a series that will enchant you instantly.

Join spirit doctor Bai Qi on his journey around the country to help spirits get rid of their pains, courses, and troubles. During his travels, he meets a human girl, Lin Xia, whom he has already met before.

Their meeting changes both of their lives along with the spirit world.

Fairyland Lovers is one of the magnificent spiritual new romance Chinese dramas you can watch in 2020.

12| Airbenders | 2020

Airbenders is one of the most beautiful upcoming Chinese dramas in 2020 about friendship and music.

We follow a passionate aspiring musician, who has trouble attending a renowned music school as his family cannot afford it anymore.

To be able to pursue his dreams, he joins a music agency to be trained there.

Difficulties arise as he has to come to the realization; with current needs, he has very little chance to make a living out of his music.

Thanks to his new friends though, he is able to make the necessary changes and things become much brighter for him.

It is certainly going to be a beautiful and entertaining series, especially because Airbenders cast is looking promising. There are talented actors in the cast such as Wu Jia Cheng, Yang Hao Ming, Swan Xin, and Cai Zheng Jie.

Airbenders will be a heartwarming drama about friendship, determination, and music. It is certainly going to be one of the best Chinese drama to watch in 2020.

11| We Are Young | 2020

We Are Young is surely among the most anticipated Chinese dramas of 2020. It seems to be a very entertaining series with delightful humor and unlikely situations.

The story is about two newbie soldiers Xu Xiao Bin and Xu Xiao Bing who are often confused due to the similarity in their names.

Xu Xiao Bing decides to change her name after a while to make things easier.

As time passes, the two become very good friends and fall in love, even get married. Xu Xiao Bin wants to find a suitable life partner for his friend, but things become much more complicated than expected.

We look forward to the airing of this fun series around the end of 2020.

The lovely romantic comedy Chinese drama We Are Young is going to warm your heart and bring some smiles onto your face.

10| Forward Forever | 2020

This new favorite Chinese drama is quickly going to sweep the world with its rather dark pictures and eventful episodes. There are quite a lot of twists and struggles, that will make you want to binge-watch this series.

It is set in the quite messy Qing Dynasty, around the forming of the Chinese Republic.

We are following two enthusiastic patriots, who are willing to do anything for the country.

Ah Yi and Chong Li Ming form an unlikely friendship. Li Ming is part of the imperial family, sort of a royal.

Their friendship is put to the test in a time of struggles, where corruption is shadowing the development of the country. The two friends slowly drift apart as their values seem to differ.

Forward Forever is one of the best historical action Chinese dramas you can watch on VIKI in 2020.

9| The Killing of Three Thousand Crows | 2020

Shi Si Lang’s captivating Chinese novel has been brought to screen with perfection. This historical new Chinese drama is going to be so many viewers’ favorite straight away.

The Killing of Three Thousand Crows is a beautiful romance fantasy Chinese drama with plenty of love. The cinema photography is outstanding, the costumes are stunning, and the story is heartbreaking.

Great Yan is invaded amid the terrible mistake of an official. After saving the princess, Qin Chuan, Fu Jiuyun accompanies her on the quest of finding the spiritual lamp that could free Yan’s enslaved people.

The two fall in love, but a painful revelation faces them with a difficult decision.

This fantastic show is certainly going to be one of the most popular new Chinese dramas. The Killing of Three Thousand Crows’ gifted cast makes this melancholic drama even more touching and exciting.

8| Wait in Beijing | 2020

Following the success of the movie in 2018, we get to enjoy another 50 episodes of this lovely story.

Wait in Beijing is surely going to be one of the most popular new Chines dramas.

Xu Tian (Li Yi Feng) and Sheng Xia (Maggie Jiang) are living their lives in New York, not even knowing the other exists. Xu Tian wants to be a successful lawyer and he is doing his best to make his dream a reality. He is strong and seems to have what it takes to make it as a lawyer.

Sheng Xia owns a small clothing store in Manhattan, but she is determined to once run her own designer store on Fifth Avenue. Her boyfriend wants to marry her, but she refuses him every time with the excuse of wanting to focus on her career.

One day the two strong-willed protagonists’ paths cross, and nothing remains the same in their lives.

Wait in Beijing is a beautiful new Chinese romantic drama that will make you want to keep on looking for the one.

7| Miss S | 2020

Miss S Chinese drama is one of the most anticipated new Chinese dramas of 2020. The murder mystery, detective drama is yet to be released this year. There are some rumors about this show being based on the Australian detective series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Thanks to the promising Miss S cast, it is very likely to be amongst the most popular new mystery Chinese dramas this year produces.

It will be following Miss S, a detective lady who has to solve a thrilling puzzle.

If you are looking for a quality Chinese Drama, Ma Yi Li, Vengo Gao, Wu Hao Chen, and Michelle Dong along with many more great actors can ensure your entertainment.

6| iPartment Season 5 | 2020

IPartment season 5 is finally out and it is certainly blowing fans’ minds. This is for sure number one of the most anticipated Chinese dramas of 2020. After the entertaining and funny four seasons, and the hit movie in 2018, we finally get to enjoy more of these quaint couples.

This hilarious show follows a number of couples, and different people, who are not the most likely friends.

The fun continues in the Apartment of Love, where love birds get to live with free electricity and water thanks to the love lover building manager in Shanghai.

Who are going to get married in this season? Join in or catch up with the show for a good laugh.

iPartment is one of the best Chinese romance comedy-dramas of the decade. It was also among the most successful Chinese sitcoms as well. You can watch season 3 and 4 on Viki and surely season 5 will be available soon.

5| Jade Lovers | 2020

Jade Lovers will put you up for great entertainment once it is aired at the end of 2020. The story takes place in the 1930’s following the adventures of Shen Chen Xi (Zheng Shuang), the daughter of a once-successful industrialist.

Her family’s luck has turned and they have gone bankrupt.

Chen Xi’s life much more eventful and she has to gain her strength to overcome a number of difficulties. Over time, she becomes strong and inspirational. Bai Luo Han (Lee Jong Suk) is a man, who is difficult to trust.

He doesn’t shy away from being involved in shady businesses. Despite how he wants to be seen, he is very compassionate and Chen Xi is very important to him.

Jade Lovers is going to be one of the most engaging new Chinese romance fantasy dramas to watch in 2020.

4| Ever Night: Season 2 | 2020

The first season of Ever Night has brought a lot of action and terrifying surprises in 2019.

After the undeserved slaughter of his family, Ning Que goes on an adventure, no ordinary young boy would be able to survive. On his way, he finds a baby girl in a mass-grave.

The girl called Sang Sang and Ning Que rely on each other on their route to becoming key figures in the victory of either evil or good powers.

Ever Night season 2 was one of the most anticipated Chinese dramas of 2020 and it does not disappoint; it is still full of action, suspense, and terrific twists.

You are not going to be bored for a moment, because the exhilarating story and the beautiful pictures will keep you amazed.

It is certainly one of the best new Chinese dramas to watch on VIKI in 2020. Ever Night is a great fantasy romance Chinese drama with action.

3| New World | 2020

The New World Chinese drama is taking us to 1949, just before the People’s Republic of China was founded. We get to peek into three men’s lives, who are very close to each other. Jin Hai, Tie Lin, and Xu Tian would do anything for one another.

When policeman Xu Tian’s fiancee is murdered, he tirelessly investigates, which leads him to become part of something that may make history.

The three friends are quite different from each other and things change rapidly for each of them with the liberation of their home, the city of Beiping.

New World has quickly become a beloved historical action drama with romance and mysteries. It is one of the best new Chinese dramas in 2020.

2| Mr. Right | 2020

We are always in need of a little boost for the heart by a good old love story. Of course, it would be too easy if things just worked out straight away. Mr. Right Chinese drama is one romantic story that will get your heart going.

Hardworking Wang Wei An has to take on his responsibilities as the leader of his parent’s business at a young age. He is very focused and capable, still, there are plenty of difficulties to cope with.

We also follow Yang Hai Yi coming from a once-rich family now struggling with financial problems.

The two become part of each other’s life and after a rough start, they realize their love and never let go.

The Mr. Right cast makes us hopeful of another outstanding romantic series. By the end of 2020, we will be watching the love story brought to life by the talented Sunny Wang and Ji Chang Wook along with Zhang Ling Zhi and Andy Zhang.

This beautiful romance comedy is among the most anticipated Chinese dramas of 2020.

1| The Legend of Xiao Chuo | 2020

Out of all upcoming Chinese dramas in 2020, The Legend of Xiao Chuo is the best with a strong female lead. In the desperate times of the Liao Dynasty, Xiao Yanyan gains extraordinary powers by marrying with YelĂĽ Xian.

She plays her cards very well, gaining further power becoming the most respected woman in the country.

Following her husband’s death, she finally has the opportunity to seek her childhood love, Han Derang and fulfill her heart’s desire as well.

The Legend of Xiao Chuo is going to be one of the most exciting historical fantasy Chinese dramas in 2020. It has a strong female lead who doesn’t shy away from harsh politics.

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