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26 Best Chinese Romance Series Online

Best Chinese romance dramas to watch online in 2020 to spice up your date nights or when you want to watch a show with good romance stories.

While Chinese dramas are a bit harder to come around than Hollywood blockbusters we thankfully do live in an age when we can easily access most of these shows.

Amazon Prime, and Netflix are three of the best places where you can watch not only Chinese dramas online but also dramas and movies from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.

We collected the best and most exciting Chinese romance dramas that will not only make you want to travel to China but help you get to know this beautiful country’s culture, legends, myths, past, and present through thrilling stories.

From warm and classic love stories through comedy, action, and crime, to periodic romance dramas, you’ll find here everything.

Best Chinese Romance Dramas to Watch Online in the USA

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26| A Love So Beautiful, 2017

A Love so Beautiful is one of the most successful and beloved Chinese romantic comedies. You are in for a treat you will surely carry in your heart for long.

The lovable story of Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen, neighbors, who then become school mates as well, is just something you will wish there was more of.

Xiao Xi is a very positive, happy girl, who is not that so enthusiastic when it comes to studying. She is also pretty open about her feelings towards the handsome, popular and studious Chen.

They embark on the journey of growing up with loyal friends, going to university and adulthood.

A Love so Beautiful cast and songs really stand out from the modern Chinese romantic comedy dramas as they are just adorable and lovable.

This funny and warm series came out in 2017 and three years later it is still one of the best Chinese romance dramas to watch online.

25| The Rise of Phoenixes, 2018

This superb drama is already included in our Chinese dramas to watch on Netflix list. The drama is based on the Rise of Phoenixes, an ongoing Chinese novel series.

This historical fantasy is like a beautiful piece of art. Besides the outstanding story, it is also a treat to the senses. It isn’t just visually memorable, but the sounds are great as well.

The Rise of Phoenixes ending struck almost all fans, it was quite a finish to this fantastic Chinese drama.

Ning Yi, the sixth prince is hiding his true nature perfectly. He is cunning and well prepared, wanting to clear her mother’s name, who is charged with treason.

We are all hoping for a The Rise of Phoenixes Season 2 soon. Unfortunately, nothing is confirmed yet.

You can watch The Rise of Phoenixes periodic Chinese romance drama online on Netflix.

24| Listening Snow Tower, 2019

The Listening Snow Tower is a 2019 Chinese drama based on the novel of the same name by Cang Yue.

The story starts with the evil Bai Yue sect who plans to bring suffering upon the world but three brave martial arts masters (Xue Gu, “Blood Demon”, Shu Xuewei) and the master of Listening Snow Towe plan to stop them. However, their win didn’t come without sacrifice.

While they could stop the evil forces for a while, they couldn’t before the head of the Bai Yue Sect, Hua Lian ensnares the Blood Demon’s mind, forcing him to murder his wife before killing himself.

Their orphaned daughter, Shu Jingrong is taken in and raised and trained just like the master’s other disciples. This is when the story becomes a beautiful tale about two martial arts masters who fight to stop the spreading of evil.

The Listening Snow Tower is a beautiful action Chinese romance drama you can watch online.

23| Sound of the Desert, 2014

The Sound of the Desert kiss scene probably is one of the most famous romantic scenes in drama history. This colorful and seductive historical Chinese romance drama has taken many hostages. Only in the good sense; almost everyone fell in love with the series.

Jump into the incredible adventures of Yu Jin, who was raised by the desert tribes of Xiong Nu. Not many knew, her father is a royal in the Han dynasty.

She has to flee one day and her adventures take her to a path crossing Mo Xun’s (the ninth master, Jiu Ye) and Wei Wu Ji’s. She falls in love, but it is a great question whom she ends up with.

The Sound of the Desert cast worth mentioning. They do an amazing job perfecting this superb Chinese drama and creating truly memorable characters.

22| Love Me, If You Dare, 2015

Love Me, If You Dare Chinese drama is going to bring some suspense into your lives. This drama follows criminal psychologist Bo Jinyan, Simon who is able to get into the minds of terrible criminals.

Thanks to his outstanding skills and knowledge, the former professor of The University of Maryland now works as an advisor for the police.

With her eager and young assistant, Jenny Jian Yao they work on cases that would easily drive every people insane. Simon gets a lot of help from his assistant to process all those terrible events, but he does not open up quickly.

This is a great but kind of dark detective psychological Chinese romance drama we only recommend for adults.

21| My Huckleberry Friends, 2017

The beautiful novel Hello, Old Times by Ba Yue Chang An inspired this great Chinese romantic web series.

Yu Zhou Zhou happens to find a new friend on her first day at school on a pretty unconventional way. She falls into the hands of Lin Yang, who helps her settle in the school and make the first days much easier.

Soon things become complicated as the boy’s parents do not like the two being so close. Not long after they drift apart as things between them are very difficult and both of them are struggling.

Later, Zhou Zhou gains admission to the senior high school, where she meets Lin Yang again. They both have mixed feelings about the other and things may just not be so easy as they expected.

You can watch My Huckleberry Friends online on Rakuten Viki.

20| Whirlwind Girl, 2015

This cute Chinese teen drama is a perfect series for viewers looking to cheer up while not wanting to compromise on their needs of a good drama.

An Yang town is the proud home of the martial arts Yuan Wu Dao. It happened ten years ago that world champion Qu Xiang Nan was accused of doping and his title was taken from him. The town thought it’s so shameful that they forever wiped his name from the history books of the cherished martial arts.

Now a Yuan Wu Dao star is on the rise. A young adopted girl, Qi Bai Cao, who is tirelessly training to become the greatest of all. Building on her talents she wants to prove her teacher’s innocence.

She makes loving friends, with whom she learns about the most important values of life.

You can watch Whirlwind Girl online.

19| Novoland: Eagle Flag, 2019

The Novoland Chinese historical action drama series is a breathtaking ride no one will be able to stop watching after a few episodes in. Novoland The Castle in the Sky drama and game were sweeping the world in 2016.

Thanks to its popularity, Novoland Eagle Flag continued to bring excitement in our lives and Novoland Castle in the Sky 2 will make your 2020 even better.

Lui Gui Chen, the heir of the nomadic Qingyang tribe is taken to the Eastern Land as a hostage. He meets two people, Ji Ye, an illegitimate son and aspiring warrior, and the Winged tribe’s princess, Yu Ran. They all become friends and Gui Chen falls in love with Yu Ran.

They set out to fight the powerful warlord Ying Wu Yi to end his crushing control over the emperor and injustice on their land.

They wouldn’t have thought that their fight against evil will just uncover even darker conspiracies.

Novoland: Eagle Flag is surely one of the most suspenseful Chinese action fantasy dramas.

18| Memory Lost, 2016

This fantastic and mysterious Chinese investigative drama is going to make your days for sure. The story is perfectly well thought through and there are also plenty of surprises and captivating inner struggles.

Not to mention the superb Memory Lost cast; they really make the characters live and breathe.

An outstanding police officer Ha Chen is searching for his true love, whom he somehow vaguely remembers despite his amnesia. Everyone around him tries to convince him of the nonexistence of his love. He does not give up and he finds someone, who maybe the one of his dreams.

Bai Jin Xi is a detective with her own secrets and mysteries. Memory Lost also has a strong, kick-ass female lead that makes the drama even more complex.

Are they meant to be together? What secrets will be uncovered on their journey?

There is also a Memory Lost web novel to get more of the imaginative story.

17| Lost Love in Times, 2017

Lost Love in Times ending may need to be explained as it is quite a mess, but we do not want to spoil anything.

Step into an amazing world of historical fantasy, where Feng Qing Chen, the strong sorceress of Mingyi Tower is protecting the royal family. She meets an enchanting prince from the Western Lei, Yuan Ling. She soon grows fond of the “untamed wolf” who seems to have similar feelings towards the lady.

Qing Chen helps Ling to become more powerful and reach the heights his talent deserves.

During their journey, they fall deeply in love and plan to get married with the opposition of the court because she wields dark magic.

Later terribly dark events unfold, but Qin Chen is powerful enough to prevent bloodshed from happening.

Lost Love in Times cast and stunning costumes make this incredibly beautiful Chinese drama even more enjoyable.

16| Addicted, 2016

The 2016 web series Addicted is taking its viewers to an emotional roller coaster. Based on Chai Jidan’s Are You Addicted?, this is one of the best Boy Love (BL) or gay love Chinese drama.

Bai Luo Yin grew up with his negligent father, who loves his son. His grandmother lives with them, who is very sick. His mother remarried to an important official, Gu Wei Ting.

Following the death of his mother, Wei Ting’s son and his stepbrother, Luo Yin end up in the same high school. Both with strong emotional difficulties, they find strength by getting close and soon their friendship becomes much more than that.

It is a heartwarming, often very sad gay romance series we think everyone would find a reason to love.

15| Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, 2018

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is a very important piece that shows, women can have their saying in a world, where they have always been oppressed and forced to refrain from politics.

Ruyi remains strong despite the endless attacks on her power and reputation by men. She is fierce and keeps her chin up to become Empress. Getting there was not easy, however keeping the position may even be more difficult.

This is a great Chinese historical drama, which fortunately has over 80 episodes to guarantee long lasting fun.

It is adapted from the novel Hou Gong Ru Yi Zhuan by Liu Lianzi. There was a very successful and admired drama titled Empresses in the Palace in 2011, which is considered the prequel of Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace.

14| Moonshine and Valentine, 2018

Moonshine and Valentine is one of the best Chinese fantasy dramas 2018 brought us joy with. It is definitely a great romance drama to switch off after a long day at work.

Guan Pi Pi is a beautiful and kind lady in her early reporter career. She is trying to get by, while also finding a way to rid all those feelings of loneliness.

Despite all her positive traits, she is just unable to settle. Soon she has to realize, there is a course on her, making it impossible to finally find the right track.

Only until she meets He Lan Jing Ting, who is in fact a god living in solitude.

His new quest is to make Pi Pi believe in love again and find happiness.

13| Legend of Yunxi, 2018

In the time of the big land’s split into three kingdoms, Tian Ning, Western Zhou and Northern Li and the ruler of Tian Ning is a devious and suspicious person fearing his subordinate, Long Feiye.

He thinks that an arranged marriage of Feiye to a less attractive woman would discourage the otherwise highly motivated man.

The chosen lady is very smart and capable and someone who comes from a medical family. She has a great understanding of poisons. In the beginning, she is only namely the royal consort until the day she can actually show her talents and gain her husband’s respect.

It is surely a stunning drama, that everyone who loves period romance stories is going to enjoy. There are plenty of surprises, the Legend of Yunxi ending is quite a slap on the face.

You can watch Legend of Yunxi online on Amazon Prime.

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12| Sweet Combat, 2018

As the title suggests, there is going to be a little bit of fighting. This martial arts youth Chinese drama is just as fun to watch as it can be motivating for aspiring sportswomen.

The Fang family is running a successful conglomerate and the eldest daughter was trained in her all life to take over. Fang Yu, however, has completely different plans. She wants to become a professional boxer despite the opposition of the whole family.

She has even won the championship title at the age of 18 showing her talents and dedication to the sport.

She meets Ming Tian coming from a poor family, who applied for a sports scholarship.

The two grow fond of each other and embark on a journey of courage and love.

It is a captivating drama with so many great features; we love the Sweet Combat cast, everyone fits greatly in the series, making it one of the best Chinese romantic comedy-dramas in 2018.

11| My Amazing Boyfriend, 2016-2019

My Amazing Boyfriend is surely a fresh breath of air in the Chinese romantic comedy scene. Or actually world-widely as we are fairly certain there is no similar storyline to this one.

Struggling actress Tian Jing Zhi awakens a mutant who has been dormant for centuries in a car accident. Xue Ling Qiao, the superhuman is not nearly familiar with current social trends and etiquette creating some really funny moments.

He pressures Jing Zhi to take him in and they end up living together. As miserable as they are at the beginning, they soon realize they actually like each other very much.

The My Amazing Boyfriend cast is superb, it is like the series was written for these actors exactly. Just so we get more of this amusing series, My Amazing Boyfriend season 2 aired in 2019.

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10| The Fox’s Summer, 2017-2018

9| Under The Power, 2019 – 2020

Under the Power is one of the best Chinese historical dramas 2019-2020 have produced. It quickly gained popularity as it is full of surprises, conspiracy and interesting characters.

The scenes are all beautiful thanks to the authentic costumes and great design.

It takes place in the Ming Dynasty. We are in the last year of Jiajing Emperor’s reign.

Lu Yi of the Jing Yi Wei is assigned to the case of missing reserves for river repairs.

As he sets out on the investigation, he gets mixed up in a conspiracy.

There are many different lines crossing throughout the story, making this a great drama for viewers of all interests.

There is romance, politics, betrayal, and action that will surely keep you entertained for a good 55 episodes. Under The Power is still being aired until February 2020.

8| Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book 2019-2020

This magnificent 2000-year history of two souls being bound together is just so beautiful, we cannot have enough of it. Fortunately, the Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book drama release date for season 2 is official, it will be continued in 2020.

Feng Jiu, the queen of Qing Qiu, is the only red nine-tailed fox in the kingdom. She is living a distinguished life, being adored and cared for by everyone. One day, when she is in the mountains, a beast attacks her.

As fortune is on her side, the former Emperor of Heaven Dong Hua is nearby to come to her rescue.

The queen wants to express her gratitude and follows him to the fight against the rebelling Demon Lord.

Soon, her admiration grows into love, however, her heart’s desire has forgotten how to love.

It is an absolutely amazing Chinese drama, we are sure everyone who enjoys classic romance stories will surely enjoy. Three Lives Three Worlds the Pillow Book air dates were 2019 and will be 2020.

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7| The Brightest Star in the Sky, 2019

The Brightest Star in the Sky drama is surely one of the most interesting Chinese romantic comedies 2019 brought to us. It is about the lives and struggles of pop artists.

You can think of it as a sort of documentary on how one kicks off their career and how they maintain success, what forms their career and of course, how they balance music with their lives.

This Chinese drama filled with love and humor is about various figures in the pop industry; we follow Zhen Zhen, a young, talented girl aspiring to become a successful singer, her arrogant (at first) manager, Bo Xu, and Du Wan Quing, one of the biggest talent managers helping Yu Zi Rui.

The Brightest Star in the Sky cast is surely a superb match to the story and the characters.

If you are looking for a fun series, where everyone learns a lesson while focusing on their goals, it is definitely one of the best Chinese Romantic dramas.

6| Ashes of Love, 2018 – 2020

This stunning Chinese romantic drama is definitely among the best series you can indulge in. There are so many great twists and surprises throughout the 63 episodes, you will surely be gripping on the edge of your seat while watching it.

It is the tale of the daughter of the Flower Goddess, who was fed the Unfeeling Pill by her mother before she passed away. Left alone at birth, Jin Mi is imprisoned in Shui Jing for 10000 years.

Not even halfway through her imprisonment, Xu Feng, the Heavenly Emperor’s son also falls in captivity of Shui Jing.

He is saved by Jin Mi and develops feelings towards the beautiful girl after a hundred years.

Ashes of Love is full of awesome characters played by a talented cast making this series a superb Chinese drama with releasing humor and beautiful scenes.

You can watch Ashes of Love online.

Will there be a season 2 for Ashes of Love?
Yes, Ashes of Love season 2 is confirmed and will air in 2020.

5| Meteor Garden, 2018

Meteor Garden is one of the best Chinese dramas from 2018. Check out our article on the best Chinese dramas to watch on Netflix.

This superb young adult romantic series follows Shan Cai, an 18-year old girl coming from a rather poor family. Despite their financial struggles, Shan manages to earn admission to a school for the elite.

There, she crosses paths with the F4, the four richest and most influential boys, who are terribly arrogant and spoiled. The worst of them all is the leader, Dao Ming Si, who constantly bullies her.

Over time, one of the F4 Hua Zua Lei is always helping her and slowly all four begin to appreciate Shan.

We love the whole Meteor Garden cast and OST, they are all superbly matching the mood and story and will become your new favorites after a few episodes.

4| Goodbye My Princess, 2019

This historical Chinese drama is a beautiful yet tragic story of the 9th princess of Western Liang.

She has to leave for the Central Plains to make an alliance with the Crown Prince.

All Goodbye my Princess episodes are full of surprises, drama, and excitement.

Xiao Feng’s new life as the crown princess is much more eventful at her new home which is much more dangerous then what she was used to.

It is a great series with a lot of action, politics, and love. The Goodbye my Princess cast also deserves a few words, the actors are doing a great job at bringing this fascinating story to life.

It will be difficult to find English dubbed series, therefore Goodbye my Princess with English subtitles will be the only way to watch it.

3| Love and Destiny, 2019

One of the most beautiful and intense Chinese romance dramas 2019 made us fall in love with. Love and Destiny is a beautiful story of the God of War who has just fought off a ghost lord.

In his exhaustion, he falls deep asleep. Awaken by an innocent young maiden Ling Xi, they find a romantic connection that feels stronger than anything in the world.

It turns out, the girl is born to be an accessory to the demon lord and she could be the key to free it.

Jiu Chen, the God of War refuses to harm his love and tries to find a way to change her destiny.

Over time, the naive, weak girl becomes strong and one of the greatest leaders against evil forces.

Love and Destiny cast is certainly among the best of all Chinese romance dramas. All the actors are naturally fitting into the world, while the feelings, struggles, and emotions seem very real.

We are sorry to see the suspenseful and dramatic 60 episodes finish so quickly. For a treat of a lifetime, we are sure your heart will be pounding at the Love and Destiny ending.

You can watch Love and Destiny online.

2| Le Coup de Foudre, 2019

Le coup de Foudre is one of the best Chinese dramas in 2019. It was very highly regarded by viewers and critics as well. There are so many touching moments, you are going to cheer for Qiao Yi and Yan Mao throughout the 35 episodes to find each other again.

The two are classmates sitting at the same desk. They are completely different, sort of each other’s opposite. Despite the differences, they become very good friends even the flames of love seem to erupt between them. They agree to study abroad together, but Qiao Yi has a family issue she has to cancel her plans for.

As time goes on, they drift apart and lose touch to then four years later reunite, but things are not as easy as they sound.

Speaking of sound, Le Coup de Foudre OST is simply beautiful. After watching the series, you are going to load the soundtrack on your phone to listen to it all the time.

It was turned into a drama series after the Le Coup de Foundre novel gained popularity with the title “I Don’t Like This World, I Only Like You” by Qiao Yi.

Le Coup de Foudre cast is also amazing; each and every actor fits in the picture perfectly.

You can watch Le Coup de Foudre online.

1| Bloody Romance, 2018

Bloody Romance Chinese drama is going to fly you to an incredible fantasy world. Amid the falling of the Tang dynasty, life became hectic until the new rules take on the throne.

We follow the young daughter of a herbalist who has been deceived and sold as a prostitute.

She manages to escape ending up in a city of female assassins. In the process of finding herself, she takes the name Wan Mei and begins training with Chang An, her young guide.

Over time, they develop feelings for each other while the group of assassins is plotting against Wan Mei and her love.

It is an exciting Chinese romance drama with beautiful costumes, fights scenes and great actors. The story is really well flowing while there is always an exciting development.

The series is based on the Bloody Romance novel by Banming Banmei. If you are in search of the best Chinese dramas 2018 had to offer, this is one of the most exciting ones.

Thank you for reading!