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Last Updated on November 16, 2021 by Jella Erhard

Overnight in a Real Life Rapunzel Tower

In the sleepy village of Hadlow you will find the world’s tallest Gothic folly that also looks like a real life Rapunzel Tower. Here you can make all your Tangled dreams come. You can tour this magical place during public open days but can also book it for a couple of truly magical nights.

How to visit the Hadlow Tower?

You can do a quick tour on Public Open Days (for $14 or 10 GBP) or if you want to stay for the night you can book for $1300/night for up to 6 people. While it sounds pricey you will get a whole tower for a night for $216/person. While it’s still a lot of money most high-end hotel prices start at $400 and go up real quick.

So, if you want something unique a whole tower for a night will be a more special experience than any of the fancy hotel rooms.

However, if you think it’s not something you can afford, you can still enter the Castle Competition and you only have to sign up to their mailing list to have the chance of winning free night stays. For $14 (10 GBP)  you can also buy a single entry ticket to win free stays and if there will be more than 800K entrances the owners are giving away the castle to a lucky winner. Visit the Hadlow Tower’s official Castle Competition page if you want to learn more. One quick tip: Take a good look at the puzzle because it’s not as easy to solve as you first might think!

No matter which country you’re from if you’re 18+ you can enter the competition. So, why not try… you’re maybe a mouse click away from owning your own gothic tower.

Since I was invited in exchange for my honest review I can’t enter the competition but I do hope that you don’t forget to invite me to your Towerwarming party when you win.

Where is Hadlow village & how to get to this magical Rapunzel Tower?

You can find Hadlow only an hour drive away from London and once you arrive at this charming village it’ll be impossible for you to miss this majestic tower.

Hop on a bus or a train in London and you’ll be there in less than two hours. If you want to travel by bus you can grab the cheapest tickets on National Express from $10 or if you choose to travel by train you can book tickets online on a good price if you click on The Train Line. Train ticket prices are from $15. 

The enchanted Hadlow Tower is not only interesting because it looks like a Disney Castle come to life. It’s also a place with fascinating history, one of kind architecture, and is one of the most unique accommodations in the world. Well, I think we can agree that a sleepover in a Castle Tower is more than an ordinary experience.

You’ll be welcomed by the old gates still waiting to be refurbished. Once you’ll enter you have to go down a mazy little driveway to get to the Hadlow Tower. Other than the tower itself you’ll also be able to enjoy a small pond and beautiful nature around the castle.

What it’s like to stay in a Rapunzel Tower & what will you find inside? 

It definitely feels like as if you fell down the rabbit hole and arrived at a Disney or Harry Potter movie set.

The tower has four floors with an office and a view point on the top(fifth and sixth floor). The first four floors can be accessed by stairs or a lift. Yes. You heard me right. There is a lift in the tower and you can enter the beautiful Rapunzel suite on the fourth floor in just a few seconds without breaking a sweat.

I think the lift is a huge plus and not only because I’m lazy but also because most historical towers and castles are not accessible. So, I was excited to see that most parts of the tower can be explored and experienced by disabled visitors as well.

Lumos ✨ Grab some sparklers after dark & create some magic on your own.

How accessible is the Hadlow Tower?

You can easily visit the Man Cave on the ground floor, the dining room, the living room, the Red Riding hood ensuite bedroom & bathroom, and the Rapunzel suite but not its bathroom. While the Rapunzel suite is an ensuite bedroom you have to walk up on a few stairs to enter its bathroom. I admit that the bathroom is a fun and only a short way from the bedroom but it’s still difficult to access it if you’re living with a physical disability.

Inside the lift.

The fully accessible Red Riding Hood Ensuite Double Bedroom.

Besides the lift the tower has two other smaller spiral staircases which are so exciting to explore that you’ll forget that you’re actually climbing hundreds of steps up and down. 

0| Chill & Have Fun in the Man Cave

Once you enter through the main entrance you’ll find the Man Cave a pretty chill room filled with cool stuff like Beatles memorabilia and other collectibles such as car models.

From there you can enter a small hallway where you will find a life-size, full suit of armour, a bathroom and the stairs. Or you can just step into the lift from the Man Cave and head upstairs.

1| Dine like a Royal

The beautifully designed dining room is completed with a pianino and can host up to eight people. However, it’s also a lovely place for romantic dinners and a perfect opportunity to play out any and all the fairytale dinner fantasies you have.

There is a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook your dream dish if you’re a natural Julia Child or Jamie Oliver. Or you can just stand there and yell at whoever is cooking if your go to chef is Ramsay. All jokes aside it’s a charming and funcioning kitchen which makes this tower feel more like home rather than a beautiful but cold piece of history.

2| Cozy up in front of the fire place & watch your favorite Netflix show

The living or drawing room if you like is the tower’s heart. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy some quiet time let it be reading or a fun movie night with friends or family. 

While the old fireplace is replaced by a smaller wood-bruning stove it’s still perfectly able to make sure you have magical nights in the castle.

3| What dreams may come…

On the third floor you’ll find two charming bedrooms and two bathrooms. While there is a bathroom on every floor the only accessible bathroom belongs to the beautiful Red Riding Hood ensuite room.

The charming Twin Snow White bedroom has it’s own private bedroom but since the tower has lovely but narrow doors and hallways it can be hard to access them. 

No matter which room you choose to sleep in, it will be a truly enchanted night.

4| Enjoy your perfect Tangled night in the Rapunzel Mezzanine bedroom 

While I myself would choose a Disney warrior like Mulan, Megara, Alice, or Moana over one of the official Disney Princesses I have to admit it was really something to wake up in a castle to the sound of birds chirping around the tower.

The Rapunzel Room is by far the most beautiful room in the tower and it also has the most beautiful bathroom where you can enjoy a nice bath after a long day.

5-6| Let’s get down to business with a view…

If you want to get to these last two floors you will have to climb more than a few stairs. But don’t worry it’s going to be worth it. 

It’s one of the most exciting parts of the castle where you can play and have fun in wondrous corners or learn more about the castle’s history if you like. 

And once you enter the top floor you can step out to a small balcony to have some fresh air and a nice view.

However, this area is not aways available so keep that in mind and ask about it before your visit. 

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