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Khao Yai & Its Hobbiton – Visit The Magical Hobbit Hotel in Thailand

For a geeky & magical holiday visit Baan Suan Noi or Hobbiton near Khao Yai National Park because you’ll find there the most magical Hobbit hotel in Thailand.

Khao Yai hides one of the most magical resorts in Thailand. Baan Suan Noi or Hobbiton is the most magical Resort in Thailand you never heard about. I have visited Thailand many times before. I even lived here and never heard about this place before. But when I saw the first photos I knew I have to visit this place. 2018 started with crossing this magical place off my bucket list.

I was lucky enough to spend 4 dreamy nights here and discover not just the resort but the surrounding areas of Khao Yai. This resort is definitely a geek travel dream come true. At this unique place, you can live out all your Hobbit dreams and fantasies amongst many other fun things.

Get ready because The Shire is calling for you!

How this “Hobbit Hotel” came to life?

Mr. Phonnarong the Resort’s owner fell in love with the hobbit hole’s coziness and warmness while watching The Lord Of The Rings. He decided to build the first hobbit holes for himself and his family. In 2013 the first houses were ready. The photos spread around Thailand and soon he received an overwhelming amount of requests from people who wanted to stay in the houses so he decided it’s time to buy more land and build more of them.

Mr. Phonnarong used his own fund from his other business named “SoftWare House” (worth about 10million baht) which sells accounting programs for business. He also used his artistic side to create more hobbit holes and the building of new houses and hobbit holes are non-stop since then.

Now they have 24 rooms opened and Mr. Phonnarong is extending the resort with more rooms every quarter of the year. The resort rests on an about 27 Rais (1Rai =1600sqm) of land so you’ll have plenty of space to walk around or play with the kids.  My absolute favorites are the two charming lakes in the resort one of them even has a small bridge over it. 

How to get to Hobbiton (WonderLand) in Thailand?

Baan Suan Noi is only about a three-hour ride from Bangkok. You can visit by bus, car or take a scooter if you like.  I took the bus from Mo Chit bus station in Bangkok to Sikhio for 130 baht which is about $4.  When you arrive at Sikhio you will see plenty of pickup trucks, and scooter taxis as well. They will drop you off at the resort for 200 baht ($6.50). Depending on your bargaining skills.

What kind of rooms & houses can you choose from?

You can book here hobbit holes and other fairytale themed houses, Game Of Thrones’ Iron Throne, a playground, and even a little Santorini. This resort is the perfect place to just chill and let your inner child come out to play. All the Hobbit and other fairytale homes have their ensuite baths and aircon so you get all the comfort you deserve even in Wonderland.

Even the interior has the owners’ special touch on them. It’s his special design furniture, he also picked out a special wooden color for the furniture and made sure that the style will be suitable not just for children but for all ages.

All the homes’ interiors designed differently so check them all before you book to make sure you get the one you like the most. My personal favorites were obviously the Hobbit Holes. But Santorini and every other room and house look magical and comfy. I couldn’t believe how comfortable the beds were and mixed with the sounds of nature I had a good night’s sleep every night.

You can have Hobbit-Hole from 1000 Baht ($32) a night/2person with a tasty breakfast. They all have different sizes and some of them can fit up to 10 people which makes this resort a good choice for bigger groups as well. You don’t have to worry about the prices going up anytime soon either! The owner wants everyone to be able to afford the rates at the resort and enjoy staying in his wonderland, spend their times cosplaying as one of the characters and just be happy.

What else can you do in Hobbiton?

There are plenty of activities for couples, friends, and families to enjoy. But it’s a whole lot of fun even if you travel here solo as I did. You can play with legos, stuffed animals, or do cosplay. Dress up as your favorite characters free of charge, of course, if you’re a guest of the resort, the costumes and props can be borrowed on the premises.

You can be a Hobbit, a Princess, or even a Wizard. I’m a Gryffindor but in every photo, I look like a shady Slytherin. The sorting hat maybe missed something… You can even dress up as an Elven and defend the resort with a bow and arrow, just like Legolas and get some cool photos for your Insta.

Have nice walks around the Lake House or visit the Dragon Inn and the Collectible room that has a nice collection of books, models, and many other collectibles of “The Lord of the Ring” and “The Hobbit”. The future plans is that this room will become a museum. You can also take photos with the beautiful Elvish-inscription Andúril sword.

Have a nice breakfast or a tea in the beautiful Hobbit-themed restaurant. The resort has a couple of farm animals, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and cows as well. If you walk a little further you will also find a big playground with Smurfs houses, Castles and other fun playhouses for kids and for whoever sits on the Iron Throne.

Every time I thought that I couldn’t possibly find anything new I found a charming little garden or a small pier hidden under the lush plants. Either you like cosplay or don’t  you can still make some beautiful memories and photos here. But you shouldn’t feel shy! This resort is visited by all ages and sizes and they are all here to have some fun. So let loose and enjoy your time!

The Wonderful Staff 

This resort and the whole Khao Yai area is visited by about 90% Thai tourists. Most of the staff speak limited English but their hospitality and kindness will be just enough to solve any problems.

Breakfast comes with the room but you can also order BBQ for dinner if you like. You will also find a couple of small shops, restaurants around the resort. On my first night here the staff invited me to have dinner with them and I even tried a couple of new Thai dishes.

If you want to know more about Thai Cuisine check out our post on what where to find the best dishes and places in Bangkok. They truly make your stay feel as if you arrived at a little village in Middle-earth.

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What else can you do in Khao Yai National Park?

And if all of this wouldn’t be enough you can also rent a scooter or get a tour to Khao Yai National Park and take a walk in Thailand’s third-largest national park. Visit one or two of the many waterfalls in the park and make friends with monkeys, alpacas, and deer on the way. And if you’re very lucky you can see elephants or even a tiger.

There are many amazing themed restaurants and parks around Khao Yai such as Neverland, The Bloom, Primo Piazza or the beautiful Palio Village. Thai people say Khao Yai is a little Europe in Thailand and they’re not wrong.
In a couple of days, I will also put on a post on Khao Yai and all the best things you can do around here, so check back soon for more!

Are you ready to book your magical stay?

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