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Last Updated on November 16, 2021 by Jella Erhard

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How To Learn High Valyrian & Other Fun Language Learning Resources

Learning High Valyrian is just as time-consuming as learning any other new language. However, it can be fun and undoubtedly useful of course! When you learn a new language many new doors open for you.

You can build new relationships, learn more about different cultures while you travel, you can also find your dream job you’re looking for and of course, you can learn how to command dragons just like Khaleesi in Game Of Thrones.

There is a new, fun and effortless way of learning languages let it be High Valyrian, English, Chinese, German, Thai, Italian, Japanese or any other language your heart desires. But of course, you still have to do more than just think about it or put a book under your pillow for a night or two. However, if you follow these steps, learn from these sites we promise you, You’ll learn your desired language in less than 3 months.

The number one rule is SPEAK. SPEAK. SPEAK.
And listen. Well, mostly speak. But do not worry about the grammar when you start out.

Use the language from day one.

Use any word you know and make your way up as you learn more and more words.

DUOLINGO is a superb and 100% FREE site to learn languages. They have only a few Asian language on their plates but they are growing rapidly. Super easy and fun to use it. They also have an easy-to-use mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows phones) so you can learn on the go.

You can also download a virtual language tutors app from the APP STORE. It’s regularly updated with new tutors and it’s also fun to use from day one to practice and actually speak your target language when you don’t feel ready to talk to people yet.

Learn the words!

RYPEAPP has a great email subscription option. It’s a completely FREE sign up and you only invest about 2,5 minutes/day of your time. Once you learn the first 1,000 most common words, you’ll be able to understand 90% of the oral language. So you can speak your target language in 100 days.

They will send you 10 new words every morning in your target language so by the 100th day you`ll be able to understand 85% of your desired language.

They also have a Free Masterclass covering the subjects of How to set the right goals that will 10x your learning speed (and why the way we’ve been taught to set goals are wrong) How to create more time in your busy schedule to learn anything How to learn 90%+ of any language in 100 days The only 8 sentences you need to understand grammar in any language.

How to remember 90% of everything you learn The secret weapon that Kobe Bryant and Bill Clinton use to achieve incredible results It is an easy to use language learning site with hand-picked professional language teachers you can choose from. You can set the time and date so it can be scheduled to fit your needs.

So with Rypeapp, you can start speaking your new language in seconds with a private teacher for 1/10th the price of a language school. Start NOW!


FREE LANGUAGE is a good to go place if you want to listen to some quality language podcasting. They also have a good selection of games, courses, and phrasebooks.


Readlang is a fantastic online reading app that translates words & phrases live on any web page. It has a free and a $5/month option. You get unlimited flashcard and word translation with the free version but only 10 phrase translation/day.

Listen and talk

My language exchange, Easy Language Exchange, & conversation exchange. Their website is not super fancy but if you give them a chance you`ll see they are both superb places to find people you can practice your skills with. You can: voice or text chat here. Be pen pals or even meet up face to face with your language bodies.

Find a blogger you like

We use Learn Italian with Lucrezia She’s fun and a great teacher who offers tons of free resources. Lucrecia is my personal favorite because she actually teaches you about the Italian culture and gives you an insight into an Italian person’s everyday life while teaching you the language as well… for free! It can’t get better!

Finding a good teacher can be crucial in hard times. The fun methods can help you through the periods when you’re not as motivated or may even want to quit learning altogether. You can also talk to other members, help each other out, and find new friends!

How did I find her? I googled the keywords: “Learn Italian free blog”.
Check out a couple of blogs and decided which one you like!

And last but not least a not Free but super place to learn:
visit Benny’s site, fluent in 3 months for $97 you get a lifetime membership to Fluent in 3 Months Premium.
If you follow his rules you’ll be able to speak at least on a basic level of your desired language. Is it possible, you may ask, or how does he do it?

Check out his TED talk here and find your answers:

If you need a little inspiration or motivation visit TED. They have the best talks on this subject. Here is one of our favorites, Patricia Ryan’s talk: Don’t insist on English!

Rember not to take yourself too seriously!

Enjoy the fun of learning a new language, making new connections and experiences.

Thank you for reading!