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Guide To Special Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is one of the most satisfying and unique experiences you can have. There are many wonderful and fun places around Asia that are happy to accept volunteers from all over the world. We also like to volunteer and one of our most memorable experiences was with Save Elephant Foundation.

You can check out our post. You don’t even need to possess any special skills and no need to rob a bank either. Here we collected a wide range of options for you to get an idea what kind of projects are out there.

Save Elephant Foundation is a Thai non–profit organization dedicated to providing care and assistance to Asia’s captive elephant population through a multifaceted approach involving local community outreach, rescue and rehabilitation programs, and educational eco-tourism operations. Each of our flagship projects is aimed at accomplishing that mission, as well as working towards these goals:

To expand self-sustaining eco-tourism operations that benefit local communities and ecosystems. 

To better incorporate our efforts into local communities and to ensure their benefit through our continuing operation. 

To become a leader in the field of Asian elephant research through academic outreach and education programs. To create practical, positive reinforcement based elephant training and rehabilitation programs. 

To establish an international volunteer community that raises awareness to issues facing the Asian elephant. 

To more fully integrate with the global conservation community to facilitate dynamic cross-cultural networking.

Save Elephant Foundation

They have multiple options to visit their parks from 1-day visits to long term stays stretching to 2-3 months. You can visit their projects in Thailand and Cambodia. Prices start at $71.

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The founder Sangduen “Lek” Chailert (above). It depends on which project you visit you get to work and interact with elephants on different levels.

Save Elephant Foundation is a great way to experience the change that even only one person can make in the world. For people who are looking for internships this foundation also worth a try. They often accept interns from any corner of the world. For more information, email on their website.

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Reef Doctor offers volunteer opportunities for experienced and non-experienced divers and for professionals as well. Your stay can stretch from 3 weeks to 6 months and anywhere between that is comfortable for you.

Reef Doctor is a UK-based, non-profit, tropical marine conservation organisation working in southwest Madagascar. Our organisation adopts a holistic approach to undertake coral reef conservation, through the integration of marine research, management, education, and social development initiatives.

We work with local fishing communities to encourage the sustainable use of marine resources in order to protect ecologically valuable marine habitats and secure the future livelihoods of coastal communities.

We believe that by educating and involving local communities in the sustainable management of marine resources they can become successful stewards of their own environment; our core organisational objectives have been formulated with this in mind.

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You can experience the unique and breathtaking underwater world. If you want a challenging, but altogether fun and rewarding experience Reef Doctor is what you are looking for. The prices start at $1400 for noncertified PADI divers for 3 weeks. Which sounds a little pricey at first, however, only a PADI license would cost about $500.

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All in all the Reef Doctor is a great experience if you can afford to spend a little more on your volunteering.

A great opportunity to get to know better Asia’s wildlife while doing some rewarding work at the same time.

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Many of our animals have been abused and housed in horrible conditions for many years. You give them a better life. At our projects, you work to feed and care for our animals. You enrich their lives, clean their enclosures and provide for them. You give them the attention they never had. We encourage like minded people to come together and work hard and share ideas all to fight for the same cause.

You can visit their rescue centers in Thailand or Laos. They also offer a wide range of programs for professionals and for inexperienced travelers as well. 1-week participation starts at $455. You get to work with wide range of animals as close to nature as possible.

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We guess you heard this one before but it never gets too old or too hard to accomplish. There are millions of options you can choose from but choose wisely!

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Over the last 15 years, GVN and The Bamboo Project have placed 25,426 volunteers on projects around the world and opened the eyes of international travelers to new cultures and customs globally. They’ve raised almost $2.5 million in project donations and have generated tens of thousands of volunteer hours for needy and worthwhile projects.

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Make an unforgettable experience for yourself and for those as well you encounter on your journey.

We are bamboo in Cambodia offers great programs near to one of the world’s most fascinating destinations: Siem Reap & Angkor Wat. Prices start at, US$250 application fee + US$495 per week (1-4 weeks), and the US $200 per week after this. This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, and airport pick up.

If you feel like you haven’t found what you’re looking for visit these sites:
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