How to Start to Work Remotely & Remote Work Tools

This is our quick but detailed guide on how to start to work remotely with great remote work tools, courses, & other resources so you can find an entry level remote job or advance your remote career.

We’re here with this guide filled with useful tips and to show you where you can find the best remote websites and jobs. You’ll also learn about how to prepare for this new kind of working experience from getting the proper papers, to cv and creating the right cover letter for remote positions.

As well as inspirational and motivational videos and tools that can make this experience better.

How to start to work remotely

How to find remote jobs online?

We divided your options into two categories:

I. You can start working for a company that offers remote positions. 

There are plenty of local and global companies that offer entry level remote jobs as well as remote jobs that require experienced and tech-savvy employees. The numbers are growing and now it’s even easy to get a remote social media management job or to find remote jobs in marketing.

You can also work for a company as a remote freelancer or a remote contractor.

II. Start working as a self-employed remote worker or start your own remote business. You can even start your first remote company.

There are many ways and places where you can find work as a self-employed remote worker. We collected the most reliable remote job websites where you can apply for jobs. 

As well as a few remote business ideas, and places where you can start your own business and company to make money online remotely.

As a bonus, you’ll find here used and proven remote work tools and resources so you can get your remote career going faster.

Ready? Here is our ultimate guide to remote work.

How to find remote jobs online: for beginners & pros


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I. Work for a remote company or a company that offers remote jobs

It’s 2020 and you can easily find remote jobs on LinkedIn or decide to get one of the remote jobs with Amazon.

However, if you’re not sure which company to work with and looking for more opportunities and places where you can find good remote positions then you should check out these remote working websites.

Make sure your CV & cover letter is ready and it’s up to current standards. You can use Canva Pro to create amazing CVs, cover letters, or Media Kits fast that will look beautiful and professional.

You can read more tips and guides about this further down the post.

The best websites to find remote jobs:

Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is one of the best remote websites to find your dream remote job. Most of their jobs are tech-related but you can also find a great deal of remote writing, design, remote customer service or remote management jobs from all around the world. Here you can easily find high paying remote positions if you want to work from home or while traveling.

remote jobs has a great selection of remote customer service jobs, design jobs, remote developer jobs, recruiter and HR jobs, sales jobs, but there are other remote jobs for you such as remote writing gigs or management positions. is for sure one of the most reliable and popular remote work job sites that is loved by most digital nomads.

Skip The Drive

Skip The Drive has quite a collection of remote jobs. You can find here what you’re looking for! Skip the drive have a great vide range of remote jobs and is updated daily. If you want to become a location independent Skip The Drive is a good place to start your search to find a great company for your first or next remote position.

Remote Ok is a great remote work website because they have many listings but it is still easy to filter for just the type of listings you want. You can browse through jobs posted by remote work recruiters, select the jobs’ level, the type of job and even whether they’re a remote tech or non-tech positions.

Working Nomads also has a great collection of remote jobs from all fields and levels. You can also subscribe to a daily or weekly newsletter and let the remote jobs come to you!

Europe Remotely has everything we mentioned above with a little difference; to get these remote jobs you’ll have to be working in the European time zone. Just to be clear these remote jobs are not only for anyone who lives Europeans either temporary or as an expat. So, if you want to find a great remote job in the European time zone this is the site you want to take a closer look.

European Language Jobs  You find great remote jobs and work abroad positions on this site. The only requirement is that you speak fluent English and at least one more European language.

Flexjobs is a remote job site that’s good for those who want to work for a company as well as for those who are looking for a job as a remote working freelancers. They have a wide selection of part-time and full-time jobs as well.


Let Siimon & RemoteJobsClub do the work for you! You just sign up and you will get an email once in a week filled with the best remote jobs that aren’t restricted by commutes or a particular geographic area. The best part is that his service is absolutely Free.

II. Start working as a Self-employed remote freelancer or start a remote business

Upwork is a great place to start your remote working freelancer career. You can easily -and free of charge- register your profile here and start selling your skills on your terms. Upwork is also a perfect place if you’re not looking for full-time remote jobs. So, in case you’re struggling and not sure how to find a part-time remote work then UpWork is here to the rescue.

Fiverr it’s very similar to Upwork but Fiverr is not the place where you will build a huge remote career. The prices are usually lower here but you don’t need as much experience as you may need on Upwork. It’s the perfect place where you can list a few gigs and earn some income on the side. 

Guru Online Jobs is a well respected and known hub for remote employers and freelancers as well. With over 1.5 million users worldwide you can be sure you’ll find the perfect remote position. is advertised to be “The World’s Largest Outsourcing Marketplace”, and for sure is filled with thousands of remote freelancing jobs. With over 13 million users you just have to make a profile and start bidding then earning.

It’s one of the best places where you can find remote jobs as a freelancer and build up a nice portfolio to make a fruitful remote career. 

Start your own remote business / company

work from home is for creative types. If you can create ANYTHING that you think others would pay for you should totally go for it! You can sell shirts, mugs, jewels or pillows. You can easily register with Etsy and start selling your handmade, jewelry, notebooks, clothes, or whatever you have in mind. You name the price as well. is one of the best places to stat your Print on Demand business. You can easily open an online store and start selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy or on your website. You can just upload your design here with a few clicks and start selling shirts, hoodies, mugs or even blankets with your own design.

You can easily create awesome designs with Canva Pro. Canva can help you not only create amazing designs for t-shirts and mugs but also to create amazing promotional images for social media sites or to create great CVs.

Start selling on It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to start making money remotely. You can easily connect your Amazon seller account with your Prinful account and start selling your Print on Demand products. 

Start Your Own Website & work remotely

Starting your own website to finally be able to work remotely has never been easier. Companies made it super easy to sign up for website hosting, get a theme so you don’t have to worry about the design and start selling your products and/or start your blog.

Site Ground is by far the best WordPress website hosting service providers you can find. Their Go Geek Package offers everything you may need and at a friendly price. They’re safe, fast and their customer service is truly 24/7.

You can also by your domain with them. The best about Site Ground that you never have to worry about your tech skills. Their experienced tech team is always ready to not only give you step by step instructions but even help and quickly do some things for you.

You can not go wrong with Elegant Themes’ DIVI THEME. It’s super easy to use even if you have zero tech or design experience. This also comes handy if you do have experience but want to save time but still have a gorgeous design.

No matter if you want a beautiful and fast blog or a shop DIVI will be a perfect choice for you. You can choose from hundreds of gorgeous and userfriendly ready-made themes that you can start using in a few easy clicks.

Once your ready with your website’s setup and connected it with our Printful shop you can consider adding a few affiliate links to your blog to get an extra income. 

Two of the most popular and reliable affiliate sites are AWIN and ShareASale.

Best Remote Work Tools & Resources

Take Online Courses

Online Courses improved tremendously over the past few years. Now you can take a course online and get certificates from Harvard or MIT.

You can find amazing online classes created by the most successful business owners that can teach you things about business and entrepreneurship you could never learn elsewhere. has a fantastic and internationally acknowledged site where you can earn professional certificates, join micro masters programs or even start your journey and earn an online Master’s Degree.

You can choose from hundreds of courses created by some of the best universities around the world like Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley.

These courses not only useful if you want to start a career as a remote employee and want to advance your chances of getting hired but can be helpful if you want to start your own business.

MasterClass got famous because of its online classes and famous teachers. Now you can learn much more with these Masterclasses than to sing or direct a movie. 

There are various business owners and immensely successful entrepreneurs who also created their own Masterclass where they share their best tips and give guidance based on their personal experience. You can learn from Chriss Voss, Bob Iger, and Sara Blakely just to name a few. 

Consider spending less on accommodation while starting out with remote jobs or remote businesses

You should consider moving to a country where you can leave on less money and even if you stay in your home country you can try to find home sitting jobs so you can save money on rent.

Trusted House Sitters and Airbnb both offer great options on getting free or cheap accommodations.

On Trusted House Sitters you can find great house sitting opportunities where you can spend even months in one place completely free in exchange for looking after the house and usually pet. 

On Airbnb, you can find great rooms and flats at a really good price if you rent for the long term. It’s especially useful since it’s pretty much hustling free. You’ll also get $30 off your first trip if you use our link above.

Not a native English speaker? You must step up your game if you want to get a remote job.

Even if you want to get a remote job in the tech-filled your going to need to have advanced level English skills. You can check out our fun and detailed post on How to learn English online.  

Polish your Cv & Cover Letter

If you need help with your resume/CV, cover letter or need help how to perform better on interviews you should definitely check out these sites:

Canva Pro has an excellent selection of ready-made beautifully designed CVs and cover letters for remote positions. You can create your professional remote resume in a few minutes.
The Interview Guys

Need Extra Help?

Are you in a situation where starting your own business is just not an option? Do you have a great business idea and you can’t get a loan?

Try KIVA! It’s a fantastic platform for entrepreneurs around the world who need a loan starting up their business. You don’t need business experience or pay interest etc. Check out their site for more information.

Contact Another great company believing sustained employment and giving training and job to marginalized people around the world. If you’re not from a first world country and you feel like you need more help you should contact them! 

Some Inspiration & Motivation from the best

In case you need some extra inspiration/motivation is always there for you.
Check out 3 of our favorite talks on the subject.

Eduardo Briceño: How to get better at the things you care about
Jia Jiang: What I learned from 100 days of rejection
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Thank you for reading!