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Last Updated on June 26, 2019 by Jella Erhard

The 10 best travel videos about Asia

Asia is a wondrous continent filled with new culture, new smells, new places, new feelings, new people. Every visit in this colorful continent is going to take you to a new adventure. Here, we collected our TOP 10 list of #1 videos made about Asia. Every single one of these videos is unique on their own and will take you to places you dreamed about. Believe us, after watching these videos you’ll be ready to pack your bag and start crossing these countries off your bucket list.

#1 Travel video – ASIA

Zacharie Turgeon’s beautiful 2.5-minute long video about his travels in Asia. Through his collected photos and videos he’ll show you what it really feels like traveling through Asia with all the ugly and wonderful things.
Looking for more? You should check out his website ZACTURGEON.COM!

#1 Travel video – VIETNAM

This video perfectly captures the rhythm and the feel of Vietnam. The cities just as well as the rural areas. Watching this video you’ll also get a glimpse into the locals’ life. You’ll also get a great introduction to the world-class Vietnamese cuisine since this 3-minute video was made after two weeks exploring the Vietnamese food. This video was created by THE PERENNIAL PLATE if you fancy some extra taste, visit their site!

#1 Travel video – JAPAN

Christoph Gelep is an accomplished Freelance Filmmaker and it took him only 5 days to shoot this 3.30 mins of pure beauty. You’ll see Tokyo in a way you’ve never seen it before.
For more visit his site, CGELEP.

#1 Travel video – INDIA

If there is a country famous for its extremes that has to be India and this 3-minute video captures it all. People either love it or hate it but one thing is for sure. Once visiting this breathtaking country you’ll be a changed man/woman. This is good or bad, decide for yourself, Namaste India by burning Flag Films is here to help you with that.
If you want more from these unbelievably talented artists, visit their site BURNINGFLAG.

#1 Travel video – THAILAND

Here is a 3.30-min video from WOWtapes. Their name really tells you all. Thailand is one of the world’s #1 spot for holidays and expats. By watching this video you’ll be the next fan in the line. Want more WOW in your life? Visit their site WOWTAPES, to bring wonder back to life! We must talk about that 2sec part in the video when people are riding elephants. We are not going to lie to you. It does look great but not so much for the elephant. We do not support elephant riding. Why? Check out our article on that.
If you want a real & memorable experience then visit Elephant Nature Park.

#1 Travel video – CHINA

Meet Brandon Li a world traveler, filmmaker and beauty seeker. Get to know the city of Hong Kong through his eyes with all the lights and all the darkness. Hong Kong is kind of like a Wong Kar-wai movie came to life and this video will show you all the colors and all the moods.
For more visit UNSCRIPTED.

#1 Travel video – PHILIPPINES

Sabrina Iovino and her partner Güçlü Kamberler Kamberović created this 2.53 mins video during their trip to the Philippines. The nature, the waterfalls, the crystal clear waters, and the white sandy beaches will convince you to visit these beautiful islands. Oh, and did we mention how cheap it is?

Sabrina is a well-known travel blogger and an all around inspirational LadyBoss.
If you’re looking for more stunning videos/photos or looking for something fun to read, visit her site JUSTONEWAYTICKET.

#1 Travel video – BANGLADESH

Bangladesh may not be the first country to pop into your mind when thinking about your next trip. But!
Here comes this 2.30 mins video by Vitùc, who is “Telling poetry through the filmmaker’s lens” to change that.

He shows you true moments/fragments of life and takes you out of your chair right in the middle of Bangladesh with your eyes wide open.

You can follow him on his VIMEO site for more visual poetry.

#1 Travel video – NEPAL

NAMASTE, Nepal is ready to take you to Nepal after it’s deadly earthquake in 2015. It is very important, especially in times like this to pull together and help each other. This 2.30 mins video will show you that the earthquake may have shaken Nepal but not people’s beliefs. If you’re wondering whether you should visit Nepal, the answer is YES. Yes, yes and yes! Go, Visit! Be inspired and motivated by the beauty and strength of the people, who live there and make their country the unique wonder it is. #visitnepal You can follow Black Pencil on VIMEO.

#1 Travel video – CAMBODIA

Cambodia. I know what you’re thinking of Angkor Wat. And you’re right, sort of… Marco Santi’s 4.50 mins video will show you why you should spend more time in Cambodia and not just visit Angkor Wat. Backpackers – chapter II: Cambodia will remind you why we travel. To explore new places, new people and to explore ourselves over and over again.
For more adventures visit his profile on VIMEO.
Again, do not ride those elephants, people! If you want a real & memorable experience then visit Elephant Nature Park.

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