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26 Best Sci-fi & Space Board Games & Card Games

Explore the best sci-fi and space-themed board games that will let you travel through space and time from the comfort of your own home.

These space board games will feed your curiosity and even improve your knowledge about space and planets. So, if you’re interested in space travel and exploration then you probably want to take a closer look at these fascinating science fiction board games.

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We love travel board games that take us around the world and beyond. That’s why we collected fun space strategy board games and sci-fi board games based on movies and series as well as fun and educating outer space board games that will help you explore and go on otherworldly adventures.

Are you not a Trekkie or a Star Wars fan? Don’t worry any Universe lover will find here something to play either as a solo player, with friends or with family.

All in all, if you like space cowboys, space ships, and sci-fi shows then you’re at the right place.

Ready? Engage.

Amazing Sci-fi Board Games & Card Games that will take you out of this world

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26| Rick and Morty Total Rickall | Sci-fi Cooperative Card Game

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s animated sitcom has swept the world by storm because it is hilarious, creative, and has unique characters.

The unlikely adventures of the drunk genius and his sometimes challenged, sometimes kick ass grandson are funny and imaginative at the same time.

There is countless cool merchandise you can find in stores that would serve as great gifts for the lovers of the show.

Moreover, now you can surprise your fan friend or family member with a fun Rick and Morty themed card game.

Prepare to laugh out loud from time to time while trying to eliminate the parasites (as seen in one of the episodes) or trying to survive as a parasite coming from space and even another dimension.

Rick and Morty Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game is definitely on the top of the best card games for parties list.

However, if you’re a huge Rick and Morty fan you should also check out the Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Game and the MUNCHKIN: Rick And Morty Card Game.

USA | Number of players: 2-5 (Best:5) | Playing time: 30 minutes, Theme: Humor/Deduction | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 14+

25| Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks Board Game | Sci-fi Board Game

For those who love science fiction board games and of course Doctor Who, here is a fantastic game that will entertain for a good couple of hours.

This board game will take you to a dark time when the Daleks decide to rewrite history and rise above other races and species. It is now up to you, Doctor Who to stop the massacre and defeat these iconic creatures.

The game is pretty fun and if there is no one to play with, this board game can be played solo too. Generally, it is a semi-cooperative game where players are the Doctors and are playing against the Daleks. It is up to you if you want to work together or separately for the win and avoid extermination.

Get ready to travel through space and time with this fascinating game. Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks is surely among the best board games about space for Doctor Who fans especially.

UK/USA | Number of players: 1-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 110-130 minutes, Theme: TV show | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 14+

24| Star Wars: Armada | Sci-fi Board Game

There wouldn’t be a proper list of the best space board games without a great Star Wars themed board game. This award-winning game is pretty exciting and innovative, providing fun for at least two hours.

You can either become the commander of the Imperial Navy or the Rebel Alliance striving for the ultimate victory. The game is for two players, so it may not be the best for parties, but definitely a great board game for couples or besties during rainy days.

There are another couple of superb Star Wars board games such as Star Wars Rebellion or Star Wars: Imperial Assault so once you are hooked on the theme, you have a number of options to entertain your friends or family.

Star Wars: Armada is undoubtedly one of the best spaceship board games every tabletop game lover will be very fond of.

USA | Number of players: 2 | Playing time: 100-120 minutes, Theme: Star Wars| Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 14+

23| Firefly: The Game | Sci-fi Board Game

Joss Whedon’s amazing sci-fi show was cut short with only one but stunning season. It is very likely after the first two episodes everyone was certain about having to commit for a long time because the series was just great.

Well, at least we got a movie to tie up some loose ends.

Good news; you can live the fantasy for another few hours with one of the most exciting space-themed board games.

Assuming the role of Captain Mal Reynolds, each player will have to put the best crew together and travel from planet to planet.

Overcoming all the obstacles such a journey may impose, you have to be the first to finish the story goal in order to win the game. With this fun space cowboys board game, you can finally become one yourself.

Firefly: The Game is hands down amid the best sci-fi board games for single players and groups.

USA | Number of players: 1-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 150-250 minutes, Theme: TV Show | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 13+

22| Star Trek: Ascendancy | Sci-fi Board Game

The best space board games list cannot be without a Star Trek themed piece, that is for sure.

Even if you are not a Trekkie, Star Trek: Ascendancy is going to be great fun for you and your friends.

This pretty complex and thrilling game is for three players, so it may not be your first pick for parties. Still, there will be no better ideas coming to your mind about how to spend your afternoon when two friends pop over to your place.

You get to decide which path you wish to follow as the leader of a great civilization in your galaxy. You can either become a feared conqueror who steps over other species or be a peaceful explorer, who prefers diplomacy over wars.

If you enjoy outer space board games, then Star Trek: Ascendancy is a great choice for your next game night.

USA | Number of players: 3 | Playing time: 160-200 minutes, Theme: Star Trek | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 14+

21| Gaia Project | Space Colonisation & Development Board Game

For advanced gamers, here is one of the best board games about space for solo players as well as small groups. The game is sort of a newer version of the hit game Terra Mystica by the same developers.

Playing the game everyone begins on their home planet and will have to advance to become multi-planetary using their resources and of course, plan carefully to make sure they are keeping up with the others.

It is important to avoid growing too fast as well because then you will not be able to support the growth.

Overall it is a fairly complex game with a number of factors to keep in mind.

Gaia Project is rightfully mentioned amidst the best space strategy board games.

Germany | Number of players: 1-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 60-180 minutes, Theme: Sci-Fi strategy | Difficulty level 4/5 | Age: 12+

20| Tiny Epic Galaxies | Space Exploration Board Game

Out of all the space themed board games Tiny Epic Galaxies is surely one of the best for parties and gatherings.

Thanks to the pioneering gameplay that ensures fun and the considerably short game time, you can set it up in a party without having to worry about anyone being excluded or losing interest.

Each player is aiming to grow their empires in their respective galaxies and finally become the strongest to win the game.

There is quite a lot of tactics involved, you can act even during others’ turns, so you have to be alert all the time.

Tiny Epic Galaxies is a fun board game that has actually been awarded as the best solo board game in 2015.

USA | Number of players: 1-5 (Best:4) | Playing time: 45 minutes, Theme: Sci-Fi Strategy | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 14+

19| Terraforming Mars | Space Board Game

In 2018 Terraforming Mars stood out of all the best space board games with its intuitive gameplay, complexity, and overall gameplay experience. You are in for quite a treat if you are looking for space exploration board games.

We jump in the future; to the 25th century when space travel is fairly ordinary and the only question is: which company will be able to colonize Mars and utilize other parts of our solar system.

The game is definitely going to be fun for all players, there are a good number of factors to keep an eye on while your competition may just be ahead of you, so there is no time to rest.

Terraforming Mars is a great way to pass time with your friends or family, but even if you are alone.

Sweden | Number of players: 1-5 (Best:4) | Playing time: 100-150 minutes, Theme: Colonization | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 12+

18| Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration | Space Themed Board Game

Developed by a real Earth and Planetary scientist, Professor Dante Lauretta is a truly fun and educating one. This game should be added to your collection of space exploration board games for sure.

It is a bit simpler game, designed to offer a basic understanding of what is going on outside our atmosphere.

If you want your little ones to learn about space and our solar system, this a fantastic game to begin with. They won’t even notice that they are learning because of the tremendous fun they are having.

Every player is going on a space mission they picked from the deck. This card will define what sort of spacecraft is required and a number of other details.

Prepare for an epic journey in space with your friends or family.

Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration is unquestionably one of the best educational spaceship board games.

USA | Number of players: 2-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 45-75 minutes, Theme: Space Travel | Difficulty level 1/5 | Age: 7+

 17| Among the Stars | Space Board Game

In case you are looking for the best card-based board games about space, you may have just found your new favorite.

Among the Stars is relatively easy to play, yet the fun is guaranteed. Now, that a devastating intergalactic war has come to a pause, to better the chances of survival an alliance has been formed between a number of races.

The clock is ticking; you have four years to build a space station that is bigger and stronger than all of the others’.

To win the game you have to skillfully trade with others and play to your strengths.

Gain the most points and win the game to be the most prepared for a probable war.

Among the Stars is surely among the most entertaining science fiction board games for parties.

Greece | Number of players: 2-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 30-45 minutes, Theme: Sci-fi Strategy | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 12+

16| Osprey Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space: Ultimate Edition | Space Card Game

Here is one of the best horror space card games for parties. You are going to be the best host ever with this little spooky and hugely entertaining game.

It can be played with up to eight players, so even if you have around thirty guests over the course of two hours everyone gets to play one round.

You will either be a human on the broken-down spacecraft or a hungry alien trying to hunt the survivors down. You have to be smart about what you share with your fellow players, as you may never know who is going to cause your end.

Bluff your way through, move smartly and of course, you need luck on your side as well.

Osprey Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space: Ultimate Edition is definitely a great pick for teams.

Italy | Number of players: 2-8 (Best:6-8) | Playing time: 15-45 minutes, Theme: Sci-fi Horror | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 12+

15| The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine | Space Card Game

Speaking of outstanding space strategy card games for parties; The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine is a must-play at every gathering.

You will have to cooperate to complete the mission as astronauts in the dark and dangerous space. There is no “I” in team, everybody has to work for success while trying to clearly communicate, which is often more difficult than one might imagine. After all, you are in space.

There are fifty different quests, so the fun is guaranteed for a good while. Since completing a mission shouldn’t take longer than half an hour, you can rotate the players, and eventually, everyone gets to play at your party.

The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine is among the best cooperative sci-fi card games.

Germany | Number of players: 2-5 (Best:4) | Playing time: 20-30 minutes, Theme: Sci-fi Strategy | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 10+

14| Astro Trash | Space Themed Family Board Game

For quality family time filled with laughter, Astro Trash is certainly a good game to play. Despite being very simple, it is very likely that everyone is going to enjoy it regardless of their age.

We recommend this one for families with little ones mainly, but if you are in search of easy board games for parties, this one will curve a big grin on your friends’ faces.

The goal of the game is to get rid of your space trash even if it means smuggling pieces over to your neighboring planet.

Astro Trash is a fun and easy game for mainly little ones or parties, where you just need something to cheer everyone up.

USA | Number of players: 3-5 (Best:5) | Playing time: 10-15 minutes, Theme: Space | Difficulty level 1/5 | Age: 6+

13| Alien Frontiers | Competitive Outer Space Themed Board Game

Alien Frontiers is certainly one of the best deep space board games for two or up to four players.

For those who are feeling ready for an epic journey and a demanding task of colonizing an unknown planet, this game will be a new favorite.

As you set out to explore and grow on the new planet, unexpected difficulties arise. You will have to be one step ahead to make sure no unpleasant surprises set you back in your way to victory. Get the most out of the planet, utilize what you find in space, and gain control over the new planet.

If you enjoy complex strategy board games, Alien Frontiers is going to be your new go-to space themed tabletop game without a doubt.

USA | Number of players: 2-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 90-120 minutes, Theme: Sci-Fi | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 13+

12| Mission: Red Planet | Planetary Exploration Board Game

One of the best space themed steampunk board games is Mission: Red Planet without a doubt. We go back to the Victorian-era, where resources are running low and it is time to extract what the Red Planet contains.

Exploring and at some point colonizing Mars has long been planned by humanity. Despite we will still need another few decades to fulfill our ambitions, this outstanding game now takes us back in time for a journey to Mars.

As one of the leaders of the large corporations that race against each other to get their hands on the required resources, you have to be smart and sometimes fearless to beat the competition.

Mission: Red Planet is one of the most exciting steampunk space race board games.

France | Number of players: 2-6 (Best:5-6) | Playing time: 60-120 minutes, Theme: Steampunk Strategy | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 14+

11| Eclipse New Dawn for The Galaxy | Space Strategy Board Game

eclipse new dawn for the galaxy - space board game - asiana circus (Small)

Eclipse board game is a fascinatingly compounded game that requires various skills to ace. You find yourself in a time, when a space war has finally come to an end, but the frustrating tension suggests peace is not going to last long.

You are a leader of a species, which you have to delegate accordingly as each has their weaknesses and strengths.

Engage in politics, economics, and build a fleet that may be able to force all others to stand down to become the ultimate leader.

There are different ways to success; you can walk on the path of war or try a less violent way to come out on top.

Eclipse is an outstanding mixture of strategy and space battle board games all advanced gamers will enjoy.

Finland | Number of players: 2-6 (Best:4-6) | Playing time: 100-200 minutes, Theme: Sci-fi Strategy | Difficulty level 4/5 | Age: 14+

10| SpaceCorp: 2025 – 2300 AD | Space Themed Board Game

As the name suggests you are going to be part of history over three centuries. It is going to be your task to be a leading figure in humanity’s advancement towards space.

Are you smart and brave enough to take radical steps in order to be among the first ones to send ships out in the unknown?

There are three eras as you advance, the first is called Mariners, where the goal is to get out onto Mars. The second is Planeteers, which takes us on planets outside the Solar system.

You end your journey in the Starfarers era when you establish interstellar colonies and travel between solar systems like we commute between countries nowadays.

Each era has its own board, making it one of the best and most entertaining space board games.

SpaceCorp: 2025 – 2300 AD is definitely going to be a new favorite to all board game lovers.

USA | Number of players: 1-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 60-240 minutes, Theme: Sci-fi Strategy | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 14+

9| Race To Space | Space Themed Educational STEM Board Game

Here is another one of the best educational board games about space that offers useful knowledge about space to both children and adults.

This competitive game is a great way to have fun while keeping adults sharp and help children learn.

It is actually a teacher favorite as it helps young ones develop problem-solving, improve memory, and competitive peer-to-peer interaction skills.

In addition to having fun, children will become better at reasoning, literacy, and decision making without even noticing that their parents or teachers wanted to teach them something.

Race To Space is an entertaining space board game for kids and families and is a must-have for parents and teachers who find having fun while leaning important.

USA | Number of players: 2-4 | Playing time: 10-15 minutes, Theme: Strategy | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 8+

8| Twilight Imperium | Space Themed Strategy Board Game

We recommend Twilight Imperium for hardcore gamers, who do not shy away from a good four-hour race for ultimate domination of the galaxy.

Players are placed in different factions that offer a different gameplay experience.

Furthermore, there are seventeen factions, so a different experience guaranteed every time you play.

There are a number of factors you have to keep in mind and to become the number one in the galaxy you have to possess a number of skills. Be good at politics, economics, and be a fearless commander.

Twilight Imperium is undoubtedly among the best space war board games that ensure a fun game night to advanced players.

USA | Number of players: 3-6 (Best:6) | Playing time: 120-240 minutes, Theme: Sci-fi Strategy | Difficulty level 5/5 | Age: 14+

7| Roll for the Galaxy | Space Themed Dice Game

If you enjoy dice games, Roll for the Galaxy is going to make your collection of the best space board games.

This game is fun for all ages and levels of players, with in mind that this strategic game is most enjoyable if all the players are around the same level.

You have to build your empires and grow as fast as you can to become the strongest one of all.

The ones growing best can become the most prosperous empires, therefore the strongest. So you can win the game by managing your builders right.

Roll for the Galaxy is one of the most exciting dice science fiction board games.

USA | Number of players: 2-5 (Best:4) | Playing time: 45-60 minutes, Theme: Strategy | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 13+

6| Clank! In! Space! | Space Themed Board Game

This fantastic piece is surely amid the best space rebels board games for parties.

You and your friends are thieves, who are risking their lives to screw with the new emperor of the galaxy, Lord Eradikus. You will have to push the others, use your wits, and be fearless because you are on the line of losing or winning it all.

It is a fun strategy game, where everyone is going to push their luck because being smart alone doesn’t win this game. To sum up is surely a cool game for gatherings as every player or observer will have tremendous fun.

Clank! In! Space! is certainly a great science fiction board game offering fun for all ages.

USA | Number of players: 2-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 45-90 minutes, Theme: Travel | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 12+

5| Galaxy Trucker | Science-fiction Spaceship Board Game

For those, who love tile-laying space themed board games Galaxy Trucker will be a superb addition to the collection.

Let’s jump into a universe, or time, where and when space transportation of goods is a very important but dangerous task.

Only for good money do “truckers” take on on jobs and now you have to build your own spaceship to beat the competition.

You can build a ship, however, you have to make sure it is strong, big and armed well enough to be able to fend off all the harm that may come your way.

Galaxy Trucker is a fun sci-fi themed board game that is huge fun for everyone in the family.

Czech Republic | Number of players: 2-4 (Best:4) | Playing time: 60 minutes, Theme: Transportation | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 10+

4| Space Hulk | Space Themed Board Game

If you have the big green Marvel creature floating in your mind, then you would be a little disappointed. However, if you are a fan of the Warhammer 40000 universe or love vintage spaceship board games, then it is your lucky day.

Space Hulk is a quite engaging game, where you are going to play as either Space Marines or Aliens.

What makes this board game remarkable are the cool figurines, which you may have already seen in Warhammer circles.

Marines are stuck in the corridors of the ancient ship, where ruthless aliens roam and hunt humans to gain more and more strength.

Space Hulk is a fun game with many versions in addition to the original, which can be considered a vintage piece now.

USA | Number of players: 2 | Playing time: 45 minutes, Theme: Survival/fight | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 12+

3| Space Base | Space Themed Board Game

Another one of the fun science fiction board games that would make a great addition to your party game repertoire.

As it is easy to understand and learn, families with little ones can play it as well, however, we rather recommend it to teenagers and adults to get the most out of the game.

It is a card and dice board game, where you are the commander of a growing fleet. How big and how fast it grows depends on you.

You can negotiate, spread your influence, and establish new colonies to became the strongest and most influential to eventually come out as a winner from the space race.

Space Base is surely among the easiest, still most enjoyable sci-fi themed board games.

USA | Number of players: 2-5 (Best:4) | Playing time: 60 minutes, Theme: Sci-fi/dice | Difficulty level 2/5 | Age: 14+

2| Cosmic Encounter | Sci-fi Strategy Board Game

What makes a successful interplanetary species? Well, it definitely needs a strong leader in addition to using their resources right.

But how else could everything work out well, then having someone worthy in the driver’s seat?

You can be the person to write history everyone in the galaxy is going to talk about.

Be good at economics, politics, and don’t be shy when it comes to drastic moves.

To take over the whole galaxy you will sometimes have to negotiate your way out but there will be moments when a good bluff takes you further.

Cosmic Encounter is one of the best space strategy board games ensuring amusement for every participant.

USA | Number of players: 3-5 (Best:5) | Playing time: 60-120 minutes, Theme: Sci-fi strategy | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 12+

1| Battlestar Galactica | sci-fi Themed Board Game

The name sounds familiar we hope, it was a huge hit in geek circles in 2004, but unfortunately, the cool TV series was canceled after only four seasons. However, Battlestar Galactica is still considered a cult sci-fi series.

There is a bright side; there are talks about a reboot, furthermore, until then we get to play with the Battlestar Galactica inspired board game.

The players will find themselves in the shoes of one of the ten main characters from the show and have to work together for the survival of humanity.

You cannot trust everyone though; some of the players secretly sided with the Cylons. You all have to be careful to avoid defeat, bluff your way around to keep your identity secret, and eventually win.

Battlestar Galactica is without a doubt amid the best TV show inspired space board games.

USA | Number of players: 3-6 (Best:6) | Playing time: 120-180 minutes, Theme: Survival/Deduction | Difficulty level 3/5 | Age: 14+

sci-fi and space themed board games

Thank you for reading!