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Explore the best astronomy gifts for space lovers. You’ll find here everything from cool space gifts for kids and adults to classic vintage gifts for space nerds.

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Best Space Gifts For Him & Her

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Are you trying to find the perfect gift for a space lover friend? You’re at the right place. You’ll find here cool, educational, and thoughtful astronomy gifts for space lovers of all ages. From unique handmade pieces to fun and useful items there is something on our list for every space nerd.

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With the help of our astronomy gifts list, you’ll easily get a stunning space gift for him or for her. No matter if you’re looking for a special gift for dad for father’s day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or for galaxy room decor ideas because you’ll find here a unique and beguiling piece to make any moment more memorable.

Not sure what gifts to give someone who loves space?

Worry not. Our astronomy gift guide for space lovers covers everything. You’ll find here the most epic space-themed and astronomy gifts for kids and adults.

From toys to household items, model rockets, handmade jewelry with real meteorites and moondust, and vintage and modern astronomy items, to online astronomy courses you’ll find here a gift idea that’ll surely bring some happiness into your loved one’s life.

DIY Star paper lamp craft kit (waterproof and tear-resistant)

DIY Star paperlamp craft kit (Small)

Get It On Etsy

Looking for a stunning DIY space gift idea? Then go with this super fun star papercraft kit. It’s a beginner-friendly kit recommended for ages 10 and up. You can simply give the kit as a gift or assemble the lamps yourself.

The lamps can be assembled in many ways so you can create your own kinetic light sculptures if you wish. Everything you’ll need is included in this kit even the color-changing LED and of course, step-by-step video tutorials.

In the end, you’ll get beautiful, smooth, waterproof, and unique glowing stars you can decorate your home with.

Starry Night – The Original AirFort (Glow in the Dark)

Starry Night - The Original AirFort (Glow in the dark)

Buy It on Etsy

This super fun air-fort is the perfect choice if you love forts but not the mess that comes with it. It’s child safety tested and approved fort that’s super easy to inflate. You’ll only need about 30 seconds and an ordinary household fan before you get playing.

It’s also one of the best gifts for puzzle lovers who enjoy fun and unique puzzle boxes.

Functional Antique Sextant

An antique sextant that’s also functional is a fantastic gift for astronomy lovers who prefer elegant items and collectibles. This beautiful handmade piece can be used for celestial navigation by measuring the angle between an astronomical object and the horizon. However, it can make a stunning home decor or office decor item too.

It’s one of the most thoughtful and beautiful space gifts for dads for birthdays or Christmas. You can find sextants on Amazon but we prefer Etsy because of their handmade and unique items.

Brass Sextant w Wooden Box Vintage Solid Antique Nautical Sailing Maritime Marine Navy Functional Gift (Small)

Buy It Here

Space Jewelry / Solar System Jewelry

Some of the best gifts for space nerds are space-themed jewelry because they are tasteful and incredibly cool. If you want to sweep a friend or loved one off their feet, probably your best choice is cool space jewelry for sure. Thanks to Etsy you can find real gems, sort of literally, that are truly unique finds.

Planet Saturn Bracelet - astronomy gifts for space lovers (Small)

Buy It Here

One of our favorites is the stylish and classy Saturn bracelet, which would look great in both casual and formal settings. If you are thinking of superb quality space lover gifts, this minimalist bracelet is definitely going to win some points for you.

The silver planet is lined with cubic Zirconia creating an incredibly magical piece. If you are in search of quality space gifts for her, this is the perfect pick.

Petite Solar System Planet and Nebula Bracelet - Space Jewellery (Small)

Buy It Here

Another superb choice is this stacking bracelet, which allows you to collect planets, nebulas, and other beauties from out there.

It comes in gold and silver and you can order 36 designs, so you are definitely going to find something of your liking. It is certainly among the space gifts for kids and adults as it is a piece of remarkable solar system jewelry.


Astronomy Ring, space lover gifts (Small)

Buy It Here

Are your friends or loved ones into astronomy? Then surprise them with this classic ring that is also a foldable astronomical sphere. You can either wear it as a ring or a pendant on your necklace. Either way, it is definitely at the top of our best astronomy gifts for space lovers.

If you’re ready to pop the question you should consider buying one of the many unique meteorite engagement rings for nerds who love space.

Sterling Silver REAL Moon Dust Necklace (Small)

Buy It Here

Are there better space lover gifts for adults and kids than jewelry with a real piece of space in them? We don’t think so. You can now order a necklace with real Moondust in it.

Anyone, who appreciates the world beyond ours would love this amazing space jewelry. The box includes a certificate of authenticity, so your loved one can add a real piece of Moon to their collection.

Space Bracelet with Real Meteorites - Sterling Silver (Small)

Buy It Here

If you would like to take your space jewelry gifting game to the next level this Christmas or on birthdays, then check out this space bracelet with real meteorites.

The silver and meteorite bracelet is from Argentina, where the famous iron meteorites were found, space lovers will be familiar with the name Campo del Cielo. It is undoubtedly one of the best space gifts for her and him.

Moldavite Astronaut Space Pendant - Sterling Silver - Meteorite Necklace - Meteorite Pendant (Small)

Buy It Here

Looking for a more fun but still beautiful and quality item? Check out this sterling silver meteorite man with moldavite in the chest.

Moldavites have been shown to be about 14.7 million years old and the most popular explanation of their origin is that they were formed during the impact of a large meteorite, or comet nuclei, with the Earth’s surface.

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20| Star Projectors / Home Planetariums

Probably the best astronomy gifts for space lovers they be adults or kids, are quality home planetariums. With these clever machines, you can turn your ceiling into a starry sky, which will amaze everyone. One of the best star projectors is this SEGA piece, which would impress most Star Wars fans as well.

The home planetarium looks a bit like a small Death Star, so it would definitely look good in every Star Wars-themed collection.

On top of its sleek design, the stargazing experience is unmatchable. This remarkable machine is capable of projecting over 60K high-definition stars. That is a truly pro experience you might only enjoy upon visiting a public planetarium.

Furthermore, the projector comes with over 30 various star discs, so you can explore way beyond what you could imagine. Therefore, if you are looking for memorable space gifts for kids and adults, this is an absolute winner.

Home Planetarium Star ProjectorsBuy It Here

If you are not ready to make such an investment, this BlissLights star projector can create a pretty magical atmosphere in no time too.

These machines would be great space gifts for teens and adults, who love space and the magic stars bring to us every night. It can also function as a cool night light in kids’ rooms if they are afraid of the dark.

BlissLights Sky Lite - LED Laser Star Projector

Buy It Here

Space board games

You are not going to find more suitable gifts for space nerds than really cool board games. In case you are in search of space gifts for dads or for teens, Nemesis is a definite hit. This complex space-themed survival game is suitable for up to five players but can be played solo too.

When choosing your character, you’ll have to think about their skills, strengths, and weaknesses, because not all of them are the same. The game is fantastic when it comes to gameplay and the figures create a fantastic vibe. If you enjoy crafts, you can also paint the figures.

Rebel Nemesis - A Board Game for adults

Buy It Here

The reason this Mars colonizing board game is among the best space lover gifts is because every honorary space explorer imagined visiting the red planet. This space board game can be played solo as well, but it is better with friends and loved ones.

Indie Boards and Cards know how to create fun games, you can rest assured, any recipient of this awesome gift is going to enjoy the next game night.

Terraforming Mars Board Game

Buy It Here

What we love about space board games is the fact that most of them are cooperative games. That’s the reason we find these the best space gifts for Christmas.

The family can sit together or friends can gather to beat the elements and successfully complete missions. The Crew is a superb choice if you want to bring your peers together for a fun space board game night.

The Crew - Quest for Planet Nine

Buy It Here

Astronomy Books

When it comes to the best astronomy gifts for kids and adults, a space lexicon would be a great idea. Explore the universe through breathtaking photos and interesting facts about our solar system and far beyond. This majestic collection has everything cool gifts for space nerds need.

The foreword was written by the one and only Buzz Aldrin while James Trefil is a leading physicist,  who published over fifty books. Trefil had co-authored with Neil deGrasse Tyson and other remarkable scientists. This beauty would also be a great coffee table book for sure.

Space Atlas, Second Edition: Mapping The Universe And Beyond

Space Atlas, Second Edition Mapping The Universe And Beyond (Small)

Buy It Here

David Dickinson is the go-to author if you have any questions about space and planets. The US Air Force veteran had written a number of books that would be perfect space lover gifts, but The Backyard Astronomer’s Field Guide is a great choice for a space newbie.

If you are looking to surprise your friend or loved one with a cool telescope, you must include this superb guide in the package. Also, if your retired parents are looking for new hobbies and want to help them with cool space gifts for dad and mum, look no further!

The Backyard Astronomer’s Field Guide: How to Find the Best Objects the Night Sky Has to Offer

The Backyard Astronomer’s Field Guide How to Find the Best Objects the Night Sky has to Offer (Small)

Buy It Here

Other astronomy and space-themed books you should check out:

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Space Inspired Clothes

There are no complete lists of space lover gifts without cool clothes and this long sleeve NASA tee is a true fashion statement. You can order it in a number of different colors to make sure it is a good fit for your friend or loved one.

On our list, you can find many great space gifts for her, but you can never go wrong with a cool t-shirt. Everyone loves cool clothes and it doesn’t just look great, but also practical as it’s comfy and can be worn with various styles.

nasa shirt - best gifts for space lovers

Buy It Here

Cozy Glow in the Dark Constellation Blanket

Surprise your loved one with sheer magic. This one-of-a-kind space blanket is definitely among the best astronomy gifts for space lovers. Who doesn’t love to cozy in at home on rainy days? Actually, as far as we can tell, it doesn’t have to rain out there, a cozy blanket is always a must-have accessory for everyone’s home.

It is a fantastic space gift for kids and adults as well as for her and him, and we are certain one doesn’t have to be a space nerd to love this blanket. A great piece by day and a magical one by night; the constellations glow in the dark. It is definitely one of the astronomy gifts for Christmas.

Glow in The Dark Constellation Blanket

Buy It Here

Space puzzle – Fun Gifts For Space Lovers

A puzzle is always a great idea because it’s great for a night in alone or a gathering with friends. This fascinating 1000-piece round space puzzle is guaranteed fun for an evening at least.

If you are looking for superb space gifts for kids and adults, this great puzzle is going to be a winner for sure. It can be a little difficult, so probably more advanced puzzle fans are going to love it more.

Blue Sky Puzzles 1000 Piece Round Space Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults

Buy It Here

If you would like to surprise someone with a unique and elegant gift, this wooden jigsaw space puzzle is definitely a great idea. We think it is one of the best astronomy gifts for dad or mum because it is beautiful and fun at the same time.

The round jigsaw also has some hidden pieces, that will make completing it even more fun. The result is also going to be amazing; once completed it would make a great picture on the wall. Besides parents, we think it is among the coolest space gifts for kids and adults as well.

Wooden puzzles for adults Outer space Pink Shine Picture puzzle Astronomy gifts (Small)

Buy It Here

Astronomy Watches – Astronomy Gifts For Space Lovers

One doesn’t have to be an astronomy fan to truly appreciate this beautiful classic piece. It certainly deserves a spot on our list of space lover gifts. This beautiful astronomy pocket watch or table piece is a superb item that would be everyone’s favorite for sure.

We think it is among the best astronomy gifts for dads and adults in general. Probably not only space lovers but also steampunk fans are going to love this remarkable clock that can fit into your pocket.

Astronomy Watch with Fantasy Graphic (Small)

Buy It Here

Handmade Moondial – Astronomy Gifts For Space Lovers

We cannot have enough of this magnificent moondial. If you are in search of gifts for astronomy lovers, then it is certainly going on your shortlist. The beautiful art is only topped by the mechanism’s nearly 100% precision. You can keep track of the Moon’s cycles day by day.

Even if you don’t worry about when the next full Moon, this lovely gadget looks great in every room.  In our opinion, this handmade Moondial is among the most amazing astronomy gifts for kids and adults as well.

The Moondial Moon Phase Mechanical Astronomy Calendar (Small)

Buy It Here

Vintage Planetarium Poster

Do you have a friend or loved one who always talks about planetariums, sci-fi, or stargazing? The following cool astronomy gifts for space lovers will make all of them happy. This awesome print looks great no matter if you gift it to space lovers or sci-fi fans.

The blueprint is created based on a restored original patent drawing and you can order it in various sizes and colors, so the feel of it will be different as well. In case you would like it to look like an old drawing, you can order it with an aged paper design too.

Planetarium 1909 astronaut sky nasa mars rocket black hole galaxy ufo print wall art poster (Small)

Buy It Here

Subscription Box For Space Lovers

Would you prefer to surprise your friend or loved one with something more than a single present? In this case, a subscription box would be one of the best gifts for space nerds without a doubt.

This curious Space & Beyond quarterly subscription box is a great way to remind your giftee about how important and beloved they are.

The box contains fun and educational merchandise as well as a magazine with plenty of interesting articles about space which makes it one of the best subscription boxes for geeks and space nerds. Each box has a fun theme that will make every space lover nuts. We love it because it is definitely one of the best astronomy gifts for kids and adults alike.

Space & Beyond Box Quarterly Subscription from Astronomy Magazine

Buy It Here

Moon Lamp, Space Lamps, & Glowing Stickers

Other cool space gifts for kids and adults as well are simple, yet remarkably unique and fun space-themed home décor elements. The first and the best probably are lights that turn any room into the coolest place.

The first one is a superb little Moon lamp that brings magic into the room with a flick. It looks great on the desk or any shelf, even on the bedside table. The most popular choice might be the hanging Moon from the ceiling.

You can order it in five different colors and the light has two colors; white and bronze-ish. Furthermore, you don’t have to keep it plugged in at all times, it has a battery that lasts about eight hours with a 3-hour charge.

Mydethun Moon Lamp - best gifts for space lovers

Buy It Here

Another fantastic light is this small projector, which looks like a snowball but without the snow. This little ball of stars and planets is a great accessory for anyone who likes magical lights.

If you are looking for the best astronomy gift for her, we are sure it would be a great pick. Especially if you would like to create a romantic surprise. The light comes with three different types of projection to make sure everyone finds something of their liking.

Star Night Light for Kids - best astronomy gifts for space lovers

Buy It Here

Rocket model lamps also made pretty cool space gifts for nerds. You should go for a SpaceX starship prototype SN10 SN 11 or a vintage Apollo 11 Saturn V 5 rocket.

SpaceX Starship Launch Lamp Prototype SN10 SN11 - cool space gifts for nerds (Small)

SpaceX Starship Launch Lamp Prototype

Buy It Here

Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket Lamp (Small)

Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket Lamp

Buy It Here

Although these planet stickers sound very simple, they definitely make the best space lover gifts for kids. Every aspiring astronaut would love to start their exploration as soon as the sun goes down.

These glowing stickers will create a magnificent adventure for the little ones, while also serving as a night light. You can even use them to have a fun and educational DIY glow in the dark games night with your kids where they can learn about planets, stars, constellations, and the whole solar system.

Glow in The Dark Stars and Planets

Buy It Here

Space Themed Drink Wear – Cool Gifts for Space Lovers on a Budget

Practical gifts are often the best, but even if this flask wasn’t that useful, we would still love for its design. Thankfully, if someone enjoys coffee or tea on the go, this stainless steel flask is going to be an everyday companion. Are you planning a stargazing night out?

Better to go prepared in order to keep yourselves warm. The beautiful design is more than pretty; you can use it as a cheat sheet during your stargazing adventures. There is no doubt, this flask is among the best gifts for space nerds who love coffee or tea.

Astronomy Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask - cool gifts for space lovers (Small)

Buy It Here

One can never have enough mugs, especially cool mugs. These simple, yet imaginative astronaut and Yoda mugs are definitely great space lover gifts for teens and adults as well. The mugs are must-haves for those who often imagine taking the next rocket to space or love Star Wars.


Silver Buffalo Astronaut Helmet Ceramic 3D Sculpted Mug - best astronomy gifts for space lovers (Small)

Buy It Here

Space Pen – Cool Gifts for Space Lovers

If you are looking for cool gifts for space nerds, who take the game seriously, this space pen is going to leave its mark. Just from a collector’s point of view, this pen couldn’t be cooler. You can write from any angle with it, but most importantly, in zero gravity, in extreme temperatures (-30F to 250F), and even underwater.

You could never know when your space lover friend or loved one will be in desperate need of this feature. Even if you don’t anticipate them leaving Earth’s gravitational field, the pen looks super cool anyway.

fisher SPACE PEN 400B Space Bullet Space Pen - Matte Black - cool gifts for space lovers (Small)

Buy It Here

Space Themed Lego – Cool Space Gifts

Collectors and Lego fans who do not have enough space would definitely appreciate these space gifts for kids and adults. You can find all sorts of fun Lego sets, which guarantee a few hours of fun and also look amazing.

Surprise your family members, friends, or your other half with the International Space Station. This 864-piece set is surely going to entertain both adults and kids for several hours. Once completed, it would serve as a great conversation starter on display.

LEGO Ideas International Space Station - cool space gifts for dads

Buy It Here

In case your giftee in question prefers planet exploration, then these stunning pieces will be the best space lover gifts for Christmas or other special occasions. This Mars Research shuttle has some pretty remarkable items that will certainly be new in any collection. It is a bit smaller, you can find 273 pieces in this box.

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle 60226 Space Shuttle (Small)

Buy It Here

Last but not least, one of the cool space gifts for kids and adults who love Lego is this NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket. Every space nerd would love this cool rocket, even if they have never assembled or played with Lego. This 1969-piece set is tremendous fun for all honorary astronauts or space engineers.

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 92176 Outer Space Model Rocket for Kids and Adults (Small)

Buy It Here

Flying Model Rocket Kits ( Beginner & Intermediate Skill Level)

If you’re looking for a really cool gift for someone who is into rockets and crafting then you should go for a flying model rocket. You can get this cool space gift even for kids but adults will probably enjoy them just as much. If you buy these for someone who has no experience make sure to start with a beginner-level kit.

Estes Destination Mars Colonizer Model Rocket Starter Set - Includes Rocket Kit (Beginner Skill Level)

Estes Destination Mars Colonizer Model Rocket Starter Set

Buy It Here

Wizard Flying Model Rocket Bulk Pack (Pack of 12) Intermediate Rocket Kit (Small)

Estes – 1754 Wizard Flying Model Rocket Bulk Pack

Buy It Here

Give a piece of Space

Happy Land Gifts had a quite unique idea about surprising loved ones. From now on, when someone tells you “give me some space”, you know what they really mean. This thoughtful box contains a certificate of authenticity and ownership of a piece of meteorite that is in the giftee’s possession from now on.

When handling the little piece of space, you can read all the important information regarding this little rock. We think it is one of the best space lover gifts because it is personalized and contains fun and interesting information too. This is one of the most unique romantic gift ideas for him and her for any occasion.

Piece of Space - Real Iron Meteorite or Shooting Star Set with Certificate of Authenticity & Bag - NASA Space gift (Small)

Buy It Here

Space Themed Bags – Useful gifts for space lovers

Many people think of only practical items when it comes to finding the best gifts for space nerds and we are here to help. When it comes to useful and cool space lover gifts, our first guess was a good backpack.

Your friend or loved one can show off with it anywhere, while also using it on a daily basis. This quality backpack looks perfect and while it’s durable and comfortable, the bag is also officially licensed by NASA. You can take it to work, school, hike, and probably even to space.

Bioworld, the manufacturer, has many different designs. You can also find cool NASA lunch bags and a practical NASA laptop bag. All of these bags are great space gifts for her and him as well, as they are generally unisex.

NASA Roll-Top Backpack - Blue and Grey Backpack (Small)

Buy It Here

Solar System Models – Elegant gift for space lovers

Solar system models are great accessories to a space lover’s home, they look incredibly cool and they can also be educational. When it comes to finding really great models, you may have to spend a little more than most of the gifts on this list. Still, it is well worth the investment, because your friend or loved one is going to be extremely happy.

This Jules Verne-inspired model is a great example of how fun these things can look. If you are looking for truly special gifts for space nerds, then this one is an absolute winner. The model shows how Earth, the Moon, and the Sun circulate each other. We are sure that steampunk and space enthusiasts will fall in love with this creation at first sight.

Jules Verne Inspired Steampunk Orrery Solar System Planetarium Orbiter Space Travel (Small)

Buy It Here

Here is another fascinating model that would look great in every office, library, or bedroom. The classic design will also appeal to steampunk lovers too, but we are sure it is one of the best astronomy gifts for space lovers.

SALE Ready to Ship. Here There Be Dragons Solar System Model Orbiter Tellurian Orrery Planetarium Artist Made (Small)

Buy It Here

Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope

Are there better space lover gifts than telescopes? We don’t think so. Every space nerd child or adult would love to explore the sky as thoroughly as possible, and this gift is definitely worth the investment. You are gifting much more than a single item, this will create special memories for years to come.

This fantastic telescope can be connected to a cellphone to take photos as well. For a starter telescope, it is of outstandingly great quality, the 10mm eyepiece ensures remarkable close-ups of the Moon. No doubt, telescopes are definitely the most practical astronomy gifts for space lovers kids, and adults as well. This portable telescope also makes one of the best camping games for adults who enjoy exploring the night sky.

Mount Astronomical Refracting - best astronomy gifts for space lovers (Small)

Buy It Here

1| Online Space-Themed & Astronomy Courses

One of the most useful and cool gift ideas for space lovers is a fascinating astronomy course or a creative space-themed course. You can find thousands of thrilling astronomy courses online for all ages and for all interests. No matter if you’re looking for a beginner or advanced course you will find something that feels personal and mind-blowing.

One of the best places where you can look for quality space-themed and astronomy courses is where you’ll find university-level courses created by Harvard, Caltech, MIT, and many more excellent universities from around the world.

Space-Themed & Astronomy Courses Worth checking out on edX

  • The Evolving Universe by Caltech University – View Course
  • Super-Earths and Life by Harvard University – View Course
  • Relativity and Astrophysics by Cornell University – View Course
  • Astrophysics: The Violent Universe by Australian National University – View Course

Thank You For Reading!