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Explore the best subscription boxes for teens that will surely wow. Fun, unique, thoughtful, and educational boxes for girls & boys for all budgets.

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Best Subscription Boxes For Teens girls and boys (1)

Best subscription boxes for teen girls & boys

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Getting the perfect gift for a teen can be a challenging task. But worry not. With the help of our list of the most brilliant subscription boxes for teens, you’ll easily find the right choice for your kid. There are dozens of excellent subscription boxes that are filled with unique, and quality products and in some cases even collector’s items which fans can only get through these boxes.

These exciting boxes can boost curiosity and help learn a new or an old hobby deeper in a fun and organic way.

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You’ll find here thrilling, fun, and educational subscription boxes for teenage girls, boys, curious minds, artists, geeks, and everyone in between. No matter if your teenager loves science, to paint, read, do craft projects, bake, gardening, or into the world of magic and witchcraft, you’ll find here a subscription box that will make them wow.

If you’re looking for new epic game night ideas or a thoughtful and memorable birthday or Christmas present for teens then take a look around.

24| Bokksu – Japanese snack box for teens

bokksu japanese snack box for geeks

Looking for a subscription box for a foodie teen? Then go with Bokksu. Bokksu has an excellent selection of new, popular, and traditional Japanese snacks. Over the years Bokksu built up great relationships with various Japanese gourmet artists around Japan to make sure their boxes only contain the best of the best.

They also have various themes and you can buy your favorite snacks separately if you wish. With the help of their beautiful guide books, foodies can also learn more about the snacks in more detail as well as about the areas where the snacks arrive from.

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23| iBbeautiful Monthly Subscription Box for Teen Girls

iBbeautiful Monthly Subscription Box for Teen Girls

This lovely package is among the best subscription boxes for teenage girls because it is full of adorable goodies. One payment covers three months and you will get beauty products and useful items that make a teenage girl’s life easier.

The theme is girl power and the boxes always come with touching and supportive messages that aim to boost 13 to 15-year old girls’ confidence. Nothing is more important than loving yourself, and this teen subscription box offers a lot of help to get there.

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22| TheraBox – Self Care Subscription Box For Teens

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box For Teens

TheraBox prepares a monthly love box for you with organic and natural products that help you relax and remain healthy inside and out.

Usually, the value is at least three times the subscription fee, so prepare for unboxing some truly amazing treats. What makes this one of the best monthly subscription boxes for teens, is the fact that it was prepared by therapists. A teenager’s life can be stressful, dealing with changes and often a lot of pressure, it is important to find a way to find inner peace.

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21|BE KIND. Subscription Box

BE KIND. Subscription Box

The name speaks for itself. This superb box by the Ellen DeGeneres Show encourages everyone to be kind. Be kind to yourself, others and Earth, as seen on the box. Although many may think is only for girls, the package is among the best subscription boxes for teenage boys as well.

It is important to develop a mindset that focuses on kindness, no matter one’s gender. Men often think they don’t need pampering, only until they experience what being kind to yourself feels like. Every item in the boxes have some meaning, that will change your life for the better.

20| MEL Chemistry — Exciting Science Experiments Subscription Boxes for Teens & Kids

MEL Chemistry — Exciting Science Experiments Subscription Box for teens and kids

Besides being kind, being curious is another important personality trait teenagers should acquire. Once you grow up to be curious, it is also extremely important to feed that curiosity. If you are looking for the most engaging subscription boxes for tweens, then you should hit the subscribe button right now.

Young ones can set up their own chemistry lab and experiment with new topics every month. After the starter kit you are going to receive 2-3 new experiments with each box. It’s a great way to learn and have fun. Later these experiments could be awesome conversation starters too.

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19| Vintage Boudoir Mystery Box

Vintage Boudoir Mystery Box

Although it’s not a subscription box, you can think of it as one. There is no option (yet) to actually subscribe, however, it is pretty great to keep on ordering every month. The mystery boxes can be ordered in various sizes and they contain a number of beautiful and one-of-a-kind items.

Would definitely make a great birthday box for teenage girls who are into vintage items and classic movies. There are little treats for your home as well as yourself. Usually, there are handmade products in the boxes, which stand out from the crowd.

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18| Monthly Magickal Self Care Subscription Boxes For Teens

Monthly Magickal Self Care Subscription Box

Magic is all around us, but fortunately, there are always ways to make your life even more magical. This lovely box is certainly going to be every teenager’s new favorite. Even if someone isn’t a magic or witch fan, these items are still super cool. You can subscribe for a whole year or order a single box to see if it’s a good fit for you or your teen friend, relative.

Magic is great because it all comes from nature, which means these superb subscription boxes for teens contain all-natural products. Besides consumables there are treats for your soul as well; art, candles, and incenses.

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17| Herbal Subscription Box

Herbal Subscription Box

There is no better description of this lovely box, than a care package. Nothing is more appropriate for any special occasion than gifting healthy and natural products that treat the other well. Surprise your loved one with all organic ointments, balms, and tinctures.

The Herbal Cache collects their favorite products and includes home mode goodies as well. If you are looking for healthy and fun birthday boxes for teenage girls, then it is going to make you very popular. After the first box, your giftee is going to look forward to the 15th of each month when the box usually arrives.

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16| Blind Date With a Book Box

Blind Date With a Book Box

There is no doubt, you have just found one of the best subscription boxes for book lover teenagers. Of course, this magical box is not only for teenagers, but it surely helps an avid reader with the difficulties of the teenage years.

What makes this box even more amazing, are the choices of genres and favorite drinks. You can further personalize the box with the recipient’s age, favorite color and there are any allergies and sensitive topics. Who wouldn’t love such a beautiful package to arrive every month?

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15| The Coven Club Witch Box

The Coven Club Witch Box

If your teenage friend or loved one is into witchy things, you should definitely consider ordering this mysterious box. While it’s not a subscription box in the traditional sense, every box is different so you can reorder it every month.

Even more amazing is that you can request custom boxes as well, therefore it is undoubtedly among the best birthday boxes for teenage girls. Boxes come in three different sizes. Every box includes cool witchy accessories and useful items every teenager would love.

So if your teenager is into witchy movies and shows, or loves to read witchcraft books then you can go no wrong with this unique and magical subscription box.

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14| Star Wars Mystery Box | Smugglers Crate

Star Wars Mystery Box Smugglers Crate

Needless to say, receiving a piece of Star Wars every month is many teenager’s dream. Now you can be the coolest parent, aunt, or uncle by simply subscribing to this fun crate. When in search of subscription boxes for teenage boys or girls, you couldn’t find a better one if they like the franchise.

Most of the contents cannot be found in stores, so if your teenage friend or loved one is a true collector, they will appreciate this box more than anything. In every box, there are t-shirts, figurines and all sorts of accessories teens cannot get enough of.

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13| Paper Kitty Stationery Subscription Box

Paper Kitty Stationery Subscription Box (Small)

There is no better gift than love and this super cute box is going to fill every stationery lover’s heart with joy. Sometimes it is better to take it as easy as possible and teens need some release after school and all the pressure.

Paper Kitty has everything a teenager might need who craves cuteness and loves soothing hobbies. Every month you are going to receive a pack of cute art and accessories along with good wishes.

No doubt, it is amid the best art subscription boxes for tweens who cannot get enough of cute animals. This is also one of the cheapest monthly subscription boxes you can find online.

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12| Read, Relax & Recharge – By Introverts Retreat

Read, Relax & Recharge - By Introverts Retreat (Small)

Sometimes girls just wanna have fun at home curled up over a book and recharge after a long day surrounded by people. Introverts retreat know the recipe of a good night in. With this subscription box, you can rest assured, your introverted teenage friend or family member is going to be happy as a clam.

You can select the favorite genre as well as the most preferred beverage and the party can start soon. Besides all these every box contains something for the eye, soul, and taste buds creating a truly cozy and immersive atmosphere. It is also among CrateJoy’s best of 2020 products making one of the best subscription boxes for teenage girls.

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11| The Adults & Crafts Crate

The Adults & Crafts Crate (Small)

Despite being advertised as an adult arts and crafts subscription box, we are convinced teens and tweens would love it as well. Engaging with your creative and crafty side is extremely important at all ages. Therefore anyone would benefit from receiving these superb boxes.

Naturally, as there are some materials, for instance, glue and paint that wouldn’t be suitable for children, we advise ordering it only for twelve and over. Every month you can learn a new skill while creating a truly amazing item for your home. If someone struggles with giving gifts, nothing is better than an inspired handmade item. This crafty package is definitely amid the best art subscription boxes for tweens and teens.

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10| Escape the Crate: An escape room adventure shipped straight to your door

Escape the Crate An escape room adventure shipped straight to your door (Small)

There are no better subscription boxes for teenage boys and girls than those offering real-good adventures. Every month a new adventure awaits. Get new challenges, riddles, and puzzles that ensure fun for a couple of days.

Once you received the box, you can either play solo or invite friends over to escape together. Because of that, we think it is among the best subscription boxes for teens. No matter if they are introverts or extroverts, everyone is going to have fun. Not to mention the fact that each box helps teens develop deduction skills and improve critical thinking.

If your teenager is into escape room kits they can play at home to make game nights even more special then you should check out this box for sure.

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9| Finders Seekers – Escape Room Game

Finders Seekers - Escape Room Subscription Box (Medium)

Here is another superb puzzle box that will be delivered to you every month. We are sure both teenage girls and boys are going to love this fantastic escape room subscription box. If your teen friends or relatives love solving puzzles, unravel mysteries, and travel the world, then there are no better subscription boxes for teens.

Since every box is different, you can never know what to expect. Do you feel like a loner, who solves the puzzles alone, or would you prefer to embark on an epic adventure with your friends?

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8| Box of Matter – Science Subscription boxes for teens

Box of Matter - best subscription boxes for geeks who love science

Not sure where to start, because this monthly subscription box for curious minds has so many great features. First of all, its content is always educational and fun for all ages. Every month you are going to learn about interesting fossils, crystals, and remarkable inventions that drove humanity forward.

Second of all, the box is completely carbon neutral as each order contributes to planting a tree. Last but not least, besides the main items you can find helpful resources that help you learn easier and become a more interesting person among your peers.

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7| Book Club Box (Young Adult Edition) – Book Subscription boxes for teens

Book Club Box (Young Adult Edition) - subscription boxes for teens (Small)

Life would be so cool if we had the chance to read all the books the way Once Upon a Book Club imagined. This remarkably magical box delivers little gifts that are labeled with a certain page number of the enclosed book. As you read on, you just have to open the gifts once you are on the right page, and thanks to these items, readers can feel even more connected to the stories.

Such a great idea, we think it deserves a spot on the best birthday box for teenage girls and boys list without a doubt. If you are looking for gift ideas for a teen relative and envy the experience, they also have adult subscription boxes for book lovers.

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6| My Garden Box – Gardening subscription boxes for teens

My Garden Box, Gardening subscription boxes for teens (Small)

Outdoorsy and nature-loving teenagers are going to be extremely delighted when they open My Garden Box’s green packages. Every month a new plant awaits, with all the instructions and information you need to successfully plant and nourish.

Naturally, it is a good for all ages, but teenagers might love the idea to spend some time in the garden indoors or outdoors, depending on the box. We love how My Garden Box made gardening cool again.

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5| Hopebox – Self Care subscription boxes for teens

Hopebox - Self Care subscription boxes for teens

The last one to die is hope and thanks to this warm care package, you are never going to lose hope. The reason we think it is among the best subscription boxes for teens is the homey and loving vibe it gives.

Everyone needs a touch of positivity from time to time and we all know it can be extremely tough for teenagers. Each month there is an encouraging personal note and the 10+ items always reflect on the current season. Gift a little caring and love to your teenage loved one.

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4| Paletteful Packs – Art Subscription Boxes For Teens

Paletteful Packs - Art Subscription Boxes For Teens

Aspiring artists and those who would like to learn to paint couldn’t adore any other gifts more than this box. Drawing and painting is a great way to release some pressure, rest your mind and improve neuroplasticity. Not to mention, it is utterly fun and looks pretty cool.

If you are looking for the best art subscription boxes for tweens and teens, this one is an absolute favorite. You can pick from three different sizes and each month a new artistic challenge, new technique, and plenty of tips. You are going to find everything you need in the box.

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3| Mix Box – Baking kits & Subscription Boxes for Teens

Mix Box - Baking kits and Subscription Boxes for Teens (Small)

We covered almost all hobbies that aren’t just fun and helpful but also result in something great. Almost, except baking. This hobby is going to delight the whole family as each baking subscription box has a full recipe to bake from scratch and the necessary ingredients.

If you are looking for deliciously productive subscription boxes for teen girls and boys, this is surely a superb choice. Baking a tasty and good-looking cake or cookie fills everyone with satisfaction. On top of that, you end up with many toothsome bites made of fresh ingredients.

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2| Plant of the Month – Plant Subscription boxes for teens

Plant of the Month - Plant subscription boxes for teens (Small)

Gardening is a great hobby and as soon as teens receive their first Plant of the Month box they will realize it as well. This box specializes in house plants, so it is going to be great fun even if you don’t have a garden.

You are going to find all the necessary background information and tools you might need to turn your teen room into a fresh, green, and soothing place. Naturally, you won’t have to get rid of all the posters, but a few plants are certainly going to help you create a mindful environment.

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1| Smartass and Sass – sassy subscription boxes for teens

Smartass and Sass - sassy subscription boxes for teens

Not that all parents are encouraging their teen children to be sassier, but this fun subscription box for teens is surely amusing. Every month a new item of delightful sass will be at your doorstep. Gift a good laugh and a lot of joy to your friend or loved one. It is definitely a great birthday box for teenage girls and boys, who tend to be sassy.

In the box, you are going to find everyday items such as t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, and other accessories with a hint of funny sass on them. Subscribing to this box will make you the coolest parents on the block for sure.

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