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Explore the most fun ways you can learn about Japanese culture and traditions from home. Try the most popular Japanese activities, and hobbies, as well as delicious Japanese food and snacks.

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best ways to learn about Japanese culture and traditions

Learn About Japanese Culture & Traditions At Home

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While there are definitely so many amazing reasons to visit Japan and explore this fascinating country, you can also learn about its rich culture and traditions in the comfort of your own home.

You can explore some of the most entertaining and educational Japanese activities and learn new relaxing and useful skills. No matter if you’re a foodie, a film buff, or someone who prefers to spend their time exploring cities and the wilderness because you’ll find here something great for you.

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We not only included Japanese activities and hobbies that will help you get to know traditional Japanese art but also ones that’ll give you a deeper understanding of what modern-day life is like in Japan.

So, even if you can’t travel to Japan you can have rewarding experiences that will deepen not just your understanding but also your appreciation of Japanese culture.

Learn About Japanese Snacks

fun ways to learn about Japanese Culture and Traditions

Get Your TokyoTreat Box

Trying out new delicious Japanese snacks is certainly one of the most delicious ways to learn about Japanese culture and traditions. One of our favorite foodie partners is TokyoTreat because their snack boxes are not only always delicious but help foodies get to know Japan’s most iconic snacks and culture better.

They also have themed boxes so you can also learn about Japanese festivals and celebrations and try traditional and modern snacks you could only find in Japan. For example one of Japan’s most beloved festivals is Hanami aka the cherry blossom viewing.

Thanks to TokyoTreat you can try Hanami-themed snacks and celebrate the cherry blossom season at home with your friends and family. However, they also offer various themed boxes throughout the year so you’ll always have a new chance to try new and yummy snacks as well as learn about Japanese culture and traditions.

Every TokyoTreat box has 15 to 20 full-size Japanese snacks including Japanese instant ramen, Japanese drinks, cakes, cookies, candies, chocolate, as well as chips, and all kinds of traditional, popular, and limited-edition Japanese snacks to your door each month.

TokyoTreat Vs SakuraCo Snack Boxes

Review TokyoTreat & Sakuraco Snack Boxes From Japan

Tokyo Treat’s sister company is SakuraCo and their snacks are also delicious. You can also check out our detailed review and compensation to figure out which Japanese snack box is the best choice for you. Just go and check out our TokyoTreat VS SakuraCo article.

Learn How to Cook Japanese Food

Japanese cuisine - fun ways to learn about Japanese Culture and Traditions

No matter if you’re a foodie or not because learning how to make Japanese food will be fun. You can easily learn how to make your favorite Japanese dishes including ramen, onigiri, mochi, katsu, and of course, sushi while also learning about these delicious dishes’ history and the part they play in Japanese culture.

Japanese food is well known for its unique flavors and presentation and thanks to talented food bloggers you can just watch a video and learn how to make traditional Japanese dishes or can try out more modern versions of your favorites.

One of our favorite Japanese food blogs is Just One Cookbook where you’ll be able to explore authentic and modern Japanese recipes.

If you love foodie videos and mouthwatering dishes then you should also check out MOGUMOGU on Youtube because their videos about Japan’s most famous and popular restaurants, as well as niche shops and learn how they make their dishes.

Cultural Online Tours & Experiences In Japan

learn about kimono and yukata - best japanese hobbies

Taking a virtual tour is one of the most fun ways you can learn about Japanese culture and traditions. While you can enjoy most tours alone too it’s also one of the greatest date night ideas for couples who love to try new things. 

You can also try online experiences and check out a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, origami, geisha, and calligraphy online experiences or can learn about Japanese literature and theatre.

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However, you can also take live online tours all around Japan and get to know the lesser-known towns and parts of Japan with the help of a local guide.

There are so many brilliant instructors and guides with brilliant experiences and tours that’ll surely be entertaining and educational.

Learn the Japanese Language

Learning the Japanese language can help you better understand Japanese culture and of course, make your travel experiences in Japan much more enjoyable and memorable.

You can take can find so many great online instructors on Youtube so you can get started immediately and for free.  One of our favorite youtube channels for Japanese language learning is Learn Japanese with Tanaka San. Thanks to Tanaka Sa – a tiny sushi who teaches Japanese – you’ll be able to learn Japanese in a fun way by watching cute and informative videos.

Naturally, you can also check out plenty of brilliant books for Japanese learners that will help you learn the Japanese language faster and easier.

Read A Book About Japan

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One of the most relaxing and fun ways to get to know Japanese culture and traditions is through literature. You can go on epic adventures, and travel back in time and around Japan with the best books about Japan while sitting in your favorite reading chair.

You can choose from so many amazing Japanese novels or pick up travel books or essays and learn about Japan and its customs in budget-friendly but highly entertaining ways.

Watch A Japanese Drama, Documentary, or Movies About Japan

Japanese films - fun ways to learn about Japanese Culture and Traditions

Watching Japanese films, dramas, and documentaries is not only highly entertaining but can give you a glimpse into the country’s culture, history, and society. There are so many amazing Japanese dramas on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video so you don’t need to subscribe to a new streamer to watch them.

You can also find Japanese films and documentaries on both those streaming platforms and you can choose from dubbed and subbed films and dramas too.

Read Manga & Watch Anime

 If you’re not familiar with manga and anime yet then you should check out guides to the best anime food as well as the best animes for beginners because while watching hilarious, thrilling, and beautiful anime shows you can also learn about Japanese history and traditions as well as Japanese culture and society.

You can find plenty of amazing dubbed and subbed animes on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video too so you don’t have to subscribe to a new streamer to get started.

A few of the animes we recommend that are great for adults who are interested in Japanese culture, history, & traditions:

  • Mitsuwano
  • Barakamon
  • Joshiraku
  • Hanasaku Iroha
  • March Comes In Like A Lion
  • Golden Kamuy
  • Grave Of The Fireflies

Try A Japanese Hobby

kintsugi kit - japanese culture

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Picking up one of the traditional Japanese hobbies will not only help you get to know Japanese culture better but can help you become healthier and more relaxed.

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Japan has a rich cultural heritage of traditional art forms such as ikebana (flower arrangement), kintsugi, and origami (paper folding). However, you can also pick up more active hobbies like Forest Bathing or Kendo and enjoy these unique Japanese hobbies alone or with your friends and family.

Try Japanese Board Games

Best Japanese Board Games in English

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Playing Japanese board games is one of the most fun and engaging ways to learn about Japanese culture and traditions while also improving your cognitive and strategic thinking skills.

It’s also an educational way to learn about Japanese culture and traditions and can also expose you to the social etiquette of the country. While Shogi is the most popular traditional board game in Japan you can also find more modern Japanese board games that’ll be fun and educational for players of all ages and levels.

Check Out Local Youtube Creators

If you’re interested in Japanese culture and traditions you probably already know that there are so many amazing Youtube creators who’ll help you get to know Japan. You can also connect with others who share your interests and learn from their experiences since the commenters often have great insight into some of the most popular subjects related to all things Japanese.

Two of our favorite Youtube creators are Mrs. Eats and TAKASHii From Japan s

Mrs. Eats will give you a Japanese perspective on the world in an absolutely hilarious but also informative way.

TAKASHii From Japan is another great place where you can learn about life in Japan and can even get dating tips and he is proud to show you a Japan that the media fails to capture.

‘Why You’ll HATE living in JAPAN’ – Mrs. Eats

‘What do Japanese Hate about Japan?’ – TAKASHii from Japan

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fun ways to Learn About Japanese Culture & Traditions