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Explore the funniest and steamiest single mom romance books from new reads to must-read classics. Read heartwarming and suspenseful romance books with single moms from all walks of life.

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best single mom romance books

Classic & Modern Single Mom Romance Books

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Finding love as a single mother can be a unique and challenging journey. However, single mom romance books offer a delightful escape into a world where strong, resilient women find the love and happiness they deserve. These books not only entertain but also empower readers by showcasing the strength and courage of single mothers.

Single mom romance books are a subgenre of romance fiction that focuses on the romantic relationships of single mothers. These hilarious, spicy, and often heartbreaking stories often delve into the complexities of balancing motherhood, career, and love. These immersive stories offer readers an intimate look into the lives of single mothers.

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However, reading single mom romance books goes beyond pure entertainment. They provide several benefits that extend to readers’ personal lives and could help single-moms solve problems and navigate their lives easier in real life while also offering a sense of escapism, allowing readers to momentarily immerse themselves in a world where love conquers all.

Not to mention that single mom romance books are also an important source of inspiration and empowerment. Witnessing the protagonists overcome obstacles, develop as individuals, and find love can serve as a reminder that personal growth and happiness are achievable, regardless of one’s circumstances. These impactful stories instill hope and motivate readers to pursue their own dreams and desires.

Thankfully there are more and more inspiring, joyful, and steamy romance stories with single mothers out there so readers can choose from a wide variety of classic and new single mom romance novels that are set in small towns and big cities all around the globe.

All Inn Thyme by Erin Branscom

All Inn Thyme by Erin Branscom - new single mom romance book

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Published: March 2023


All Inn Thyme is the heartwarming third book in the Freedom Valley Series, featuring a charming single parent narrative wrapped in a mistaken identity subplot. This engaging tale introduces us to a humble housekeeper and her young son who, after escaping an abusive past, find solace in a picturesque New England inn.

Here, under assumed identities, they foster a serene life amongst a group of friends who become their new family. Their peaceful existence takes an exciting turn when they cross paths with Ty, a charismatic, protective mechanic known for fixing things.

As housemates, an unexpected relationship blossoms, leading them to repair each other’s hearts and understand the true meaning of family. However, secrets emerge, testing their bond. Will their rebuilt hearts withstand the truth?

It’s a great choice for readers who are looking for charming small-town contemporary romance books with single moms.

All Inn Thyme is a must-read new single mom romance book set in a small town that beautifully explores the themes of second chances, healing, and the resilience of love in the face of adversity.

Beyond the Thistles by Samantha Young

Beyond the Thistles by Samantha Young - single mom book with romance

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Published: May 2023


Beyond the Thistles is a heart-stirring Amazon Top 100 Bestseller that combines the brooding allure of a bodyguard with the resilience of a single mother.

Walker Ironside is a globe-trotting bodyguard who returns to his Scottish roots, working with an elite security team at the members-only club, Ardnoch Estate.

The enchanting newcomer, Sloane Harrow, however, is a distraction he didn’t anticipate. Sloane, a single mom since sixteen, has escaped California with her daughter, Callie, seeking refuge in the Scottish Highlands.

Safe and hidden from her daughter’s dangerous father, Sloane begins a fresh life, complete with a burgeoning baking business and a captivating crush on Walker. But when a threat arises, Walker must confront his own demons to safeguard Sloane and Callie from their pasts.

Beyond the Thistles is one of the most enthralling single mom romance books that intricately weaves themes of resilience, temptation, and protection into a captivating narrative about love, courage, and redemption.

Meet Me Halfway by Lilian T. James

Meet Me Halfway by Lilian T. James - contemporary single mom romance book

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Published: March 2022


Meet Me Halfway is an intimate exploration of a single mother’s journey toward rediscovering love amidst life’s trials. At sixteen, Madison found herself alone and pregnant, only to find false comfort in a man who promised her a future but instead led her into a personal nightmare.

Now twenty-five, Madison juggles single parenthood, three jobs, and online courses, leaving no room for romance. However, her handsome, broody neighbor in the duplex next door, with his dark hair and hints of dimples, sparks an unanticipated interest, despite his initial rudeness.

As Madison negotiates the complexities of her life, she also has to grapple with the question of whether she’s ready for love again.

Meet Me Halfway is an earnest single mom romance novel that dives deep into the challenges and triumphs of single parenthood and love.

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Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover - new adult single mom romance book

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Published: January 2022


Reminders of Him revolves around Kenna Rowan, a young woman grappling with the aftermath of a tragic mistake that led her to serve five years in prison.

Now out, she yearns for a second chance and to reunite with her four-year-old daughter in the town where it all went wrong.

However, her past actions have burnt bridges, making it tough for her to be accepted. Her only ray of hope is Ledger Ward, a local bar owner who is slowly becoming an integral part of her life.

Despite their growing connection and blossoming romance, they are constantly under pressure due to the looming risk of losing trust from those important to them. Kenna’s journey is one of seeking redemption and building a future on the foundations of hope and healing.

Reminders of Him is one of the most intense single mom romance books about guilt, redemption, and second chances.

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score - new fiction books to read (Small)

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Published: January 2022


Things We Never Got Over is a thrilling tale centered around Naomi, a runaway bride who lands in Knockemout, Virginia. She has come to help her estranged twin, but instead gets saddled with an unexpected responsibility: her 11-year-old niece.

Stranded without a car, job, or home, she finds herself stuck in a town known for its old-fashioned way of settling disputes. The bearded, bad-boy barber, Knox, is averse to drama and complications but finds himself helping Naomi out of her numerous jams.

Although he yearns for his peaceful, solitary life, plans change when Naomi’s troubles escalate into real danger.

This feel-good romance book is an exceptional blend of romance, suspense, and heartwarming familial bonds. It explores the themes of unexpected responsibilities, complex family dynamics, and the transformative power of love, making it a must-read for those seeking an emotionally rich, thrilling romantic journey.

Things We Never Got Over is an immersive single-mom romance novel that brings together a gruff, solitary man and a high-maintenance woman in an unexpected, pulse-racing journey.

The Mixtape by Brittainy C. Cherry

The Mixtape by Brittainy C. Cherry - single mom romance novel

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Published: July 2021


The Mixtape is a compelling tale of struggle, loss, and unexpected love. The narrative revolves around Emery, a hardworking single mother battling to sustain her life, and Oliver, a rock star mourning the death of his twin brother and bandmate.

Their paths cross in a bar, leading to a solace-filled connection that promises mutual healing. However, their relationship faces a challenging test—can it endure the relentless pressures of the world, including financial instability and the intrusive glare of the paparazzi?

It’s an absolute must-read for its poignant portrayal of resilient characters, their battles, and the soothing warmth of unexpected companionship.

The Mixtape is an extraordinary single mom romance novel that beautifully explores the depth of loss and the restorative power of love.

From the Embers by Aly Martinez

From the Embers by Aly Martinez - steamy single mom romance books

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Published: April 2021


From the Embers is an emotionally charged and heartrending story of love born from the ashes of tragedy. The narrative revolves around Bree and Eason, survivors of a devastating house fire that took away their respective partners.

Eason, now a single father, moves in with Bree, leading to a complex intertwining of grief, old tensions, and an unexpected sprouting of romance. As they begin to heal, their newfound love is tested by the emergence of secrets from the past, adding fuel to their already smoldering situation.

From the Embers is one of the steamiest single mom romance novels that masterfully combines tragedy, love, healing, and suspense.

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One Percent of You by Michelle Gross

One Percent of You by Michelle Gross - steamy romance book with single mom'

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Published: May 2019


One Percent of You is a captivating story of a young, single mother striving to balance work, parenting, and nursing school while withstanding the harsh judgment of others. Her neighbor, initially known as Judgmental Guy, regards her with disdain, further complicating her life.

However, an unexpected twist occurs as the rude stranger slowly transforms into a friend, Elijah, developing a close bond with her and her children, Lucy and baby Eli. Despite his seemingly harsh exterior, Elijah’s unexpected acts of kindness begin to unravel her defenses, sparking an intensely emotional journey.

Thanks to its compelling depiction of a single mom navigating life’s challenges while finding unexpected love makes it a must-read in the single mom romance genre.

One Percent of You is a slow-burn romance book that brilliantly portrays the strength, resilience, and transformative power of love in the face of adversity.

Ghosted by J.M. Darhower

Ghosted by J.M. Darhower - steamy single mom romance books

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Published: August 2017


Ghosted is a compelling second-chance romance about the divergent lives of a notorious Hollywood actor, Jonathan Cunningham, and a single mother, Kennedy Garfield.

Once high school sweethearts with dreams of stardom, their paths have drastically veered – Jonathan, entangled in scandals and addiction as he navigates his superstar status, and Kennedy, leading a monotonous life while working at a grocery store, raising their five-year-old daughter.

As Jonathan grapples with his demons, he seeks redemption and reconnection with the family he left behind. This poignant story encapsulates the roller coaster ride of fame, the struggle for redemption, and the healing power of love.

Ghosted skillfully intertwines the glamour and pitfalls of Hollywood with the relentless challenges of single parenthood, serving as a powerful testament to the enduring human capacity for love and redemption, even amidst life’s darkest trials, and is a must-read for single mom romance genre fans.

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Wait for It by Mariana Zapata

Wait for It by Mariana Zapata - steamy single mom romance book

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Published: December 2016


Wait for It unravels the messy yet beautiful journey of adulthood through the eyes of Diana Casillas. Suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar world of responsibilities, Diana has to navigate life as a caretaker of two young boys she inherited under heartrending circumstances, manage a demanding job, and cope with the ever-looming presence of a giant dog.

Amidst this whirlwind, she is sustained by her loving family and supportive friends. As she trudges through the complexities of her new life, she realizes that the only thing missing is romance.

Wait for It is one of the most beautiful single mom romance books with an exquisite narrative that epitomizes the roller coaster ride of adulthood and the myriad forms of love that anchor us.

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Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec - steamy single mom romance book

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Published: June 2012


Seduction and Snacks is an uproarious romantic comedy revolving around Claire, a single mother with an adorable four-year-old son, Gavin. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Carter, Gavin’s unsuspecting father.

They had shared a wild night during their college years, and Carter, ignorant of his role in Claire’s life, is hilariously confronted by the reality of fatherhood. On top of dealing with a child who has a strange obsession with the word ‘vagina’, Carter tries to win Claire’s heart all over again.

Seduction and Snacks is a must-read for anyone who enjoys laugh-out-loud funny single mom romance books.

Chocolat by Joanne Harris

Chocolat by Joanne Harris - classic single mom romance books

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Published: March 1999


Chocolat is a delightful and magical tale that blends romance, mysticism, and the transformative power of food. The story unfolds in a small French village where a mysterious woman named Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk set up a chocolate shop.

Their exotic confections bewitch the townspeople, altering their lives in profound ways. Vianne, who has the unusual ability to perceive her customers’ desires and satisfy them with her chocolates, challenges the town’s rigid morality and traditionalism, especially that of the local priest, Francis Reynaud.

The conflict between Vianne’s free-spirited ways and Reynaud’s dogmatic worldview creates a captivating narrative tension. As the plot develops, the reader discovers Vianne’s own inner turmoil and her struggle to settle down due to a nomadic childhood.

Chocolat is a captivating read, rich with sensuous details, compelling characters, and a little bit of magic which makes it a must-read single mom romance book.

Dream A Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Dream A Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips - classic single mom romance book

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Published: February 1998


Dream A Little Dream is a heartwarming tale of resilience, second chances, and unexpected love. The story centers on Rachel Stone, a desperate young widow who returns to her hometown with her son, seeking refuge and a fresh start.

Once a well-respected family, they are now outcasts after her late husband’s financial scandal. There, she crosses paths with Gabe Bonner, a man grieving his own tragic loss. Gabe is hardened by his sorrow, but finds himself reluctantly drawn to Rachel’s determination and her son’s innocence.

Despite their differences and the town’s disapproval, a deep bond forms between Rachel and Gabe, one that challenges them to heal and hope again. This novel beautifully explores themes of redemption, the power of love to heal, and the capacity for new beginnings.

Dream A Little Dream is an essential and emotionally charged single mom romance story that’s filled with relatable characters.

Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Nobody's Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips - funny single mom romance book

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Published: February 1997


Nobody’s Baby But Mine is a hilarious story of unexpected love and unconventional plans that go hilariously awry. Brilliant physicist Jane Darlington, tired of being alone on her 34th birthday, concocts a plan to have a baby by an unsuspecting man – someone who is not smart enough to pass on his genes.

She targets legendary quarterback Cal Bonner. However, Cal is far from the simple man she takes him for. The plot takes a comical turn when her plan misfires, and Cal insists on marriage.

The couple finds themselves navigating the tricky path of a relationship built on manipulation, stubbornness, and a lot of surprises. Amidst the chaos, they find a love neither expected.

This engaging romance novel combines humor, passion, and emotional depth, offering a compelling commentary on appearances and their deceptive nature.

Nobody’s Baby But Mine is a must-read for those who enjoy charming single-mom love stories with a dose of laughter.

Sweet Liar by Jude Deveraux

Sweet Liar by Jude Deveraux - classic single-mom romance book

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Published: September 1992


Sweet Liar is a mesmerizing tale of love, secrets, and the power of the past. It follows Samantha Elliot, a woman who arrives in New York City to search for her eccentric grandmother’s whereabouts and ends up falling for a charming, older man, Michael Taggert.

Known as a rogue charmer, Mike is captivated by Samantha’s youthful innocence and tenacity. As their relationship deepens, the mysteries surrounding Samantha’s family history gradually unfold, revealing a plethora of secrets.

Mike becomes her knight in shining armor, protecting her from the lurking dangers while helping her piece together the puzzle of her past. As they dig deeper, they discover a timeless love story within their own.

Sweet Liar is an unmissable classic single-mom romance book that artfully intertwines romance, mystery, and a dash of the supernatural making it a must-read for those who relish a love story with an enigmatic twist.

Public Secrets by Nora Roberts

Public Secrets by Nora Roberts - classic single mom romance book

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Published: January 1990


Public Secrets is a riveting tale of fame, love, and resilience. The story revolves around Emma McAvoy, the daughter of a British rock star and an estranged mother. Thrust into a life of glamour and scandal at a young age, Emma’s life takes a devastating turn when her half-brother is killed in a horrific crime.

As the years pass, Emma navigates the complexities of her dysfunctional family, the fame that comes with her father’s success, and the pain of a love gone sour.

Her chance encounter with the charming Michael Kesselring, however, brings hope and potential for a new beginning. But the shadows of Emma’s past refuse to let go, leading to a thrilling climax.

Public Secrets is a brilliant combination of suspense, romance, and rock ‘n roll and is a captivating page-turner that’s a must-read classic single-mom romance book.

The Promise by Danielle Steel

The Promise by Danielle Steel - classic single mom romance books

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Published: January 1977


The Promise is a heart-stirring tale of love, loss, and second chances. The narrative centers on young architect Michael Hillyard and artist Nancy McAllister, who are deeply in love and ready to marry.

However, their blissful world shatters when a car accident leaves Nancy with no memory of Michael or their love. Forced apart by a series of tragic circumstances and manipulative family members, both Michael and Nancy find themselves living separate lives.

Years later, fate steps in and they cross paths again. Battling the effects of time, distance, and Nancy’s amnesia, the flame of their love flickers again. With compassion, Steel explores the enduring power of love and the strength of the human spirit to heal and find hope.

The Promise is one of the most beautifully written classic single mom romance books that reminds readers that even in the face of adversity, love can triumph.

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