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Stream the best Halloween movies on Netflix for kids and adults. You’ll find on our list fun and scary Halloween movies on Netflix to stream right now and have an epic Halloween movie night.

halloween movies on netflix for kids and adults

Looking for the best Halloween horror and family movies you can stream on Netflix on Halloween? Don’t worry we got your back.

As huge Halloween and Horror fans, we wanted to put together a quick, sweet, and bloody list you can use to pick out your spookiest Halloween movie night film.

You’ll find here classic horror films for adults, spooky family movies, fun horror comedies, and less scary but fun Halloween movies you can watch with smaller kids.

Halloween movies are a whole lot of fun and thankfully we still get something great we can add to our list every year. We always update our lists so don’t forget to check back before Halloween since Netflix is always coming out with new movies and gets the greatest classics for the Holiday seasons.

While Hocus Pocus or Practical Magic is not included in their list just yet, we hope they’ll be available by the time Halloween arrives.

Spooky & Fun Halloween movies for Families & Adults

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25| The Silence of the Lambs | 1991 | Thriller, Horror

the silence of the lambs halloween horror movies on Netflix us (Small)

This fascinating and utterly creepy classic is a perfect start for our list. It was based on Thomas Harris’s hot novel with the same name. Upon its release in 1991 everyone was fascinated by the vibe of the movie. It is dark and mysterious with plenty to raise the hair on your neck.

What makes this picture even more remarkable is the non-romantic chemistry between Jodie Forster and Anthony Hopkins. The scenes with them simply sitting on each side of the glass wall are just as exciting as any other.

Clarice Starling has just finished her training but already gets a huge case. There is a terrible serial killer on the loose and former psychiatrist cannibalistic killer Hannibal Lecter could be of help.

The Silence of the Lambs is undoubtedly among the best Halloween horror movies to watch on Netflix US.

24| Spirited Away | 2001 | Animation, Fantasy

Spirited Away 2001 Animation, Fantasy best halloween family movies (Small)

Spirited away could soon be considered as one of the classic Halloween movies because it has a very special vibe and is filled with spirits. The Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli animated film is stunningly entertaining.

It is also packed with odd creatures to give you ideas for this year’s costume.

If you have not seen Chihiro’s adventures in the abandoned amusement park, which turns out to be very much in use, then you are in for a great time.

But even if you have seen this Oscar-winning animated movie, there is something new to discover every time. Hayao Miyazaki the director of Spirited Away is considered an animated movie god by many and is a favorite director of millions of anime fans all over the world.

This lovely piece will now definitely put you in a Halloween mood if you aren’t fired up yet.

Spirited Away is surely amid the best Halloween adventure animated movies to watch on Netflix US for families.

23| Interview with the Vampire | 1994 | Horror, Romance

halloween horror movies - Interview with the Vampire horror, Romance

There couldn’t be a proper Halloween in the US without some undead bloodsuckers. Probably the first costume that pops into everyone’s mind is a vampire.

It’s pretty simple; you just have to get a pair of fangs and technically all done. You can take it to the next level depending on how much effort are you willing to put into it.

Is there a better way to find inspiration than watching Anne Rice’s hit story played by Pitt and Cruise? We definitely cannot think of better Halloween horror movies for adults.

A superb time is guaranteed while you can figure out the kind of vampire you want to be this year.

Interview With The vampire is one of the best scary films with vampires to prepare you for Halloween.

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22| The Babysitter | 2017 | Horror, Comedy

The Babysitter Horror, Comedy halloween movies

Cole thinks he is about to have the most fun ever when his babysitter winks at him. She is beautiful and seems to be very open-minded just so she can entertain the teenage boy.

Well, things are by far not as cool as they look. After bedtime, he realizes Bee has company over. At first, it seems to be a fun party. However, when one too many guys end up dead, Cole’s crush seems to fade away.

Bee turns out to be a little more than a hot babysitter, but can Cole stop her?

Prepare for gallons of blood and tons of laughter because this goofy horror movie offers plenty of both.

The Babysitter is hands down the best Halloween horror-comedy movies to watch on Netflix.

21| The Witches | 1990 | Family, Adventure

The Witches Family, Adventure - halloween family movies (Small)

This beloved family adventure movie is based on Roald Dahl’s witchy novel with the same title.

You may remember from your childhood (the 1990s so some may have not even been born at the time) as Luke accidentally listens into a witch convention. It is definitely topping every list of Halloween movies with witches.

The eight-year-old boy is very brave, trying to save the world, but is he really a match for them?

He seems to lose the first round, but never underestimate a little boy with a big heart.

The costumes and effects are really entertaining, even if we are used to 21st-century tech. If in need of Halloween costume ideas, then do make this you’re next at the coming movie night.

The Witches is surely one of the most entertaining classic Halloween horror movies for families.

20| Hostel | 2005 | Horror

halloween horror movies hostel

We all have different experiences with hostels. Some may love it and always stay in shared dorms while traveling. Others may have tried but never got convinced really.

After watching this movie, people in doubt will never even want to hear about the idea of sleeping in one.

Three friends taking a little time off from college tour Europe. In Amsterdam, they befriend someone, who convinces them to visit a hostel in Slovakia, because there are countless loose women.

Well, they will regret making this decision, because terrible times are ahead of three guys. They will surely remember to be more careful next time and not only think with their manly body part.

Also, Slovakia and Central Europe are not all slashing and torture.

Hostel is surely the bloodiest slasher Halloween films you can watch to prepare for the scary holiday.

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19| Spooky Stories (Shrek) | 2009 | Animation, Family

family halloween movies - Spooky Stories Shrek Animation, Family

Halloween doesn’t have to be all bloody and dark. It is usually tremendous fun so why not pick up the Halloween vibe with something for everyone in the family?

Shrek invites storytellers to spook the family. Whoever is the scariest, will be crowned as the king of Halloween.

It is adorably entertaining just as we got used to by the Shrek franchise.

You are going to see various stories that may not give you goosebumps but will bring a smile on everyone’s face.

A fun collection of short stories that will make you wish it was All Hallow’s day already

Spooky Stories is surely among the most entertaining animated Halloween horror movies for families.

18| In the Tall Grass | 2019 | Horror, Drama

In the Tall Grass Horror, Drama halloween horror movies

We love how rather usual things can turn into something pretty creepy. If you enjoy scary Halloween films, In the Tall Grass will perfectly fit your next movie night.

How many times have you passed by a lot with tall grass, all left neglected? And how many times have you thought it’s the creepies spot in town? Well, after watching this movie, you are going to think about it every time.

The picture is the result of Stephen King and Joe Hill’s cooperation. It was first a novella, but there was no question about adapting, only when.

Siblings Becky and Cal visit their aunt and a boy is crying for help in the tall grass by the church. When rushing to help him, they don’t know their life is about to change forever.

In the Tall Grass is one of the scariest Halloween horror movies for adults to prepare for the holiday.

17| Seed of Chucky | 2004 | Horror, Comedy

halloween horror movies - Seed of Chucky Horror, Comedy (Small)

Chucky’s name must ring a bell to all slasher fans. He has been creeping us all out for over thirty years. The bloodthirsty doll’s movies are classics now which turned every children’s game into something utterly creepy.

Because we cannot have enough, fortunately, we can still expect some movies to come in the future.

This one was released in 2004, however, there is a later movie in the franchise. Most of the Chucky movies are available on Netflix USA.

Just blood, the fun doesn’t elude viewers, the fifth installment is a delight to watch.

The Seed of Chucky is among the unmissable Halloween films that will creep and cheer at the same time.

16| Ouija | 2014 | Horror, Thriller

Ouija horror halloween movie on netflix usa (Small)

Looking for one of the most popular horror board games during Halloween in the USA? It is most likely to be Ouija, a real ghost summoning device.

Alright, that game is not for real, but you could never know who or what moves the planchette.

The first movie 2014 was welcomed with mixed feelings. Some said the story is a little dull, but the acting is very good. It is among the must-watch Halloween movies, so do not miss out on it!

If you weren’t satisfied, watch the second one, which is actually the prequel to the first. One of the two will definitely be of your liking.

Ouija and Ouija: Origin of Evil are among the best Halloween horror movies to watch on Netflix US.

15| The Ring | 2002 | Horror, Thriller

halloween thriller movies - The Ring Horror, Thriller (Small)

You didn’t think we would forget about the-soon-to-be-cult horror movie Ring? No way, it is pretty scary and a bit depressing as well. Naturally, we don’t want you to kick off your celebrations depressed, but this movie is worth it.

2002 was flooded with references to this horror because everyone was obsessed with the mysterious black haired girl.

The story is quite simple yet spine-chilling as journalist Rachel Keller investigates the curious death of two teenage girls.

As it turns out, a cursed video tape and a little girl’s tragedy is behind all. Is she going to survive after watching the tape?

Ring is very soon going to be mentioned with the best classic Halloween movies because it is terrifying.

14| Carrie | 2013 | Horror, Thriller

Carrie halloween teen horror movie (Small)

The first of the Carrie series was released in 1976, since then two more have been creeping us out. It is based on Stephen King’s novel with the same title.

No surprise it was highly regarded in the 70s, and still is demanded by horror lovers.

The modern spin on the classic story brings a little more tension and it unfolds a bit quicker. It is among the best Halloween movies to watch on Netflix US.

When Carrie was born, her religious mother was considering killing her but decided to raise her.

Growing up, she has always been rather quiet and introverted. Maybe because of her mother’s sheltering.

When her schoolmates pull an ugly prank on Carrie, she gets pretty mad and uses her extraordinary powers for revenge.

All the three Carrie films are classic Halloween movies you cannot miss before the big day.

13| Super Monsters Save Halloween | 2018 | Family

family halloween movies - Super Monsters Save Halloween

Let’s get cute a little! There is no need to be always so grim, Halloween is a cheerful holiday. If you forget about death and concentrate on life.

People tend to be a bit too serious but Super Monsters are here to the rescue.

When the neighborhood is in desperate need of a reminder to enjoy life. These cute little creatures do whatever it takes to make people fired up about the day of trick or treating.

They have superpowers and it couldn’t come handier than in such a desperate time.

It’s a lovely family animation everyone could use after a long day at work.

Super Monsters Save Halloween is one of the cutest Halloween animated movies for families to watch on Netflix.

12| Annabelle: creation | 2017 | Horror, Thriller

halloween horror movies

The 2017 American horror film Annabelle celebrated quite a success. It grossed well and critics praised the movie overall.

Dollmaker Samuel Mullins and his wife lose their daughter in an unfortunate accident. They try to move past the tragedy and years later they help out a few homeless orphans.

They warn the little ones not to open their daughter’s old room, but curiosity wins. Terrible things are about to happen, will the children survive?

While you are dying to learn about the mysterious room in the Mullins house, you also want things to remain sealed. You are in for a good scare as there are some rather unexpected scenes.

Annabelle: creation is among the scariest Halloween horror movies for adults the American film industry produced lately.

11| Scary Movie 2 | 2001 | Comedy, Horror

Scary Movie 2 comedy halloween movies (Small)

Created by the Wayans Brothers (Marlon, Shawn, and Craig) it is a guaranteed good time. You may think it was enough of the cheesy franchise, however, the second movie is an absolute delight.

Probably counting up to five was a little too much though. May have had a better reputation if the producing team stopped at 3. Still, they have brought tremendous joy to millions in the spread of 13 years.

Anyway, the 2001 parody did come around very well and it is mostly chucklesome with some rather obscene moments.

We definitely don’t recommend it for children, it is a horror-comedy for adults only.

Scary Movie 2 is one of those comedy scary films that will make you pick on all horror movies.

10| Eli | 2019 | Horror

ELI halloween horror movies on netflix usa (Small)

One of the most anticipated horror movies was Eli in 2019. It was all over the USA and fortunately didn’t disappoint upon its release. Now it is definitely one of the best Halloween horror movies to watch on Netflix in the US.

When little Eli Miller finally has the chance to embrace his parents without a protective suit his life brightens up. He has a rare disease, which requires him to always wear a bubble suit because his immune system cannot cope.

His parents take him to a treatment facility, an old house that was modernized. There, the happy moments are very brief since the house is haunted, but only Eli senses it.

Eli is a superb horror movie, which would definitely make a good addition to your collection of Halloween films.

9| Hotel Transylvania | 2012 | Family, Comedy

hotel transylvania 1 - halloween family movies on netflix usa (Small)

We all know and love the Dracula stories, but probably this one a completely new take on the bloody count.

First of all, he is rather lovable, and his famous hospitality that often turned into a horror story is adorable.

Yes, Dracula is not planning to hunt anyone down, instead, he runs the biggest retreat for monsters.

He is joggling work, friends and family with mixed success. First of all, the odd guests always make things a little more complicated than planned.

Secondly, the everyday struggles as a father of a blooming young girl (118 years) can be exhausting. When his daughter wants to explore the world beyond Transylvania, Dracula has some headaches.

The art is beautiful, while thanks to the remarkable Hotel Transylvania cast, the voices are great too.

Hotel Transylvania and all its three episodes are among the best Halloween horror movies to watch on Netflix US.

8| The Conjuring | 2013 | Horror, Thriller

the conjuring 1 halloween horror movies

The American horror movie Conjuring enjoys such popularity, it has grown to be a franchise since 2013. There has been a second film released and there are rumors about the third coming in 2021.

Because who can get enough of witch ghost movies? We certainly cannot.

The first film takes place in the early 70s when the Perron family moves into a farmhouse in Rhode Island. As the family of seven (five daughters) settles in, some strange occurrences disturb their peace.

First, the family dog is found dead, then one of the little girls sees a ghost.

It all turns out to be the aftermath of the terrible witch hunts from the 19th century.

The Conjuring is definitely among the creepiest Halloween movies with witches and ghosts. Good news; it’s available on Netflix US.

7| Goosebumps | 2015 | Horror, Fantasy

goosebumps family halloween movies on netflix usa (Small)

The R.L. Stine book series Goosebumps was a good companion to every young horror lover. Following the success of the books, it was just time to finally see it adapted to screen.

Zack and his mother move to Madison, Delaware following the passing of his father. After living in New York, they think it will be a quiet time, but couldn’t be more wrong.

Zack meets a girl, whom he is drawn to, but her overprotective father stands in the way. Her father is so protective, it seems something is wrong there.

But when Zack comes to the realization why the father is so cautious, it may already be too late. He turns out to be R.L. Stine himself and accidentally Zack releases his monsters.

Goosebumps is one of the most entertaining Halloween horror movies for families.

6| Friday the 13th | 1980 | Horror, Slasher

friday the 13th halloween horror movies

Besides Freddy Krueger, the most iconic horror character is hands down Jason Voorhees. His white hockey mask has been the most typical prop for a good scare.

Millions of Halloween costumes were inspired by the slasher horror movie over the four decades. There have been ten movies released since the first one, including the hit Freddy vs Jason crossover.

It is highly recommended to start your journey with this one (if haven’t been down the road yet) which was a pioneer in the genre.

The massacre at Camp Crystal Lake wasn’t simply scary, but it was disturbingly violent and graphic as well. So naturally, in 1980 it was welcomed with mixed feelings.

Friday the 13th is definitely one of the bloodiest classic Halloween movies. This slasher has gained world wide popularity in the past four decades.

5| Halloween | 1978 | Horror, Thriller

halloween movies 1 halloween horror movies (Small)

Here is another classic slasher that has been pretty unkind to viewers who don’t take thrillers easy. The Halloween movie franchise is many horror movie fans favorite.

The first of the franchise, which has produced eleven episodes was in cinemas in 1978. Good news, there are two more new Halloween films announced for 2021 and 2022.

In the movies, such great writers and directors worked as John Carpenter, Tommy Lee Wallace, or Rob Zombie. Have to add, the first one was the career-maker of Jamie Lee Curtis.

Michael Myers escapes from a sanitarium after fifteen years, where he was held for killing his sister as a child. He then stalks people and ruthlessly kills them on Halloween.

The first is a true classic, with hints of Hitchcockian tension.

Halloween is among the most disturbing classic scary films you can watch before the big day.

4| A Nightmare on Elm Street | 1984 | Horror, Mystery

A Nightmare on Elm Street halloween horror movies on netflix usa

We figured it would be disappointing to mention Jason without reserving a spot for Freddy. The extremely harrowing killer is surprising, even if you have heard so much about him, it feels like have already seen him.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is undoubtedly among the must watch classic Halloween movies. After watching the first, there is no stopping until the ninth film made in 2012.

This horror franchise has also plenty that contributed to pop culture. The theme song, Freddy with his hat and blade-fixed glove are all so iconic, no one could miss it.

The first movie in 1984 was Johnny Depp’s debut in the industry. So it is definitely a piece of history for many reasons.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is certainly among the scariest classic Halloween movies that will make you never want to fall asleep again.

3| Scream | 1996 | Horror, Mystery

Scream 1 netlfix us halloween horror movies

It is the time of franchises and Scream definitely gained enough acclaim to be included in our list. It is on the border line of classic and modern horror.

There are many elements that would be considered rather classic, while you can find modern plot points as well.

Nevertheless, it has shaped the movie industry significantly. Upon its release in 1996, the movie was welcomed with high praise and another iconic mask was born.

Everyone wanted to dress as the killer in this movie around that time. The white scream mask with the black cape has become a classic forever.

No wonder how it became so successful. It was created by Wes Craven, the same person who brought Freddy Krueger to us.

Scream is one of the most exciting Halloween horror movies for adults and teenagers.

2| IT | 2017 | Horror, Thriller

It netflix us halloween horror movies (Small)

Could you have imagined a more fitting piece in a Halloween films list than IT? The Stephen King story, which was first brought to screen in 1990 got a new spin in 2017.

This film actually took over from Sixth Sense as the highest-grossing horror. Due to its success, a chapter two was filmed in 2019, which is a bit closer to the one made in the 90s.

Another creepy clown was born, which most definitely inspired thousands of costumes in the following years.

The movies are perfectly creepy, suspenseful and considerably beautiful.

You are going to want to leave the lights on for sure, and probably never visit a circus with clowns. It surely ruined the whole thing forever.

The Pennywise movies are superb horror movies that will make you want to avoid clowns in the rest of your life. The new IT is available on Netflix US and it’s a great choice for Halloween night if you crave something really spooky.

1| The Addams Family | 1991 | Comedy, Family

The Addams Family netflix us family halloween movies

It all started with Charles Addams and his panel cartoons in the 1930s in The New Yorker. Since then it has become a true cult that is cherished by the whole world.

This American family is everything but ordinary. They are grotesque and death is their good friend.

Well, do not take them seriously, they are all for fun. This entertaining family comedy was televised several times and three movies have been released. There was an animated movie made and one more is coming in 2021.

The first movie (1991) is just delightful, even with millennial standards. You are going to love the unlikely family and their dysfunctional social skills. Each and every character is unique with something really fun to add to the dark mix.

The Addams Family is hands down among the best Halloween horror movies to watch on Netflix US for families.

halloween horror movies for families and adults

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