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Dive into the captivating world of single dad romance books, where athlete, firefighter, actor, and billionaire fathers navigate love in big and small towns, with top picks available on Kindle Unlimited.

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top single dad romance books

Must-Read Single Dad Romance Books

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There’s something undeniably heartwarming about reading a tale where a single dad finds unexpected love. These books take readers on unforgettable adventures filled with ups and downs that have a unique narrative that offers a blend of romance and real-world stakes.

So it’s not a surprise that the single-dad romance genre became one of the most popular ones in the literary realm, that captivated the hearts of readers all over the globe.

These books weave emotional and spicy narratives around devoted dads who can melt hearts, and make readers swoon, all while handling their parenting duties. However, these heroes are not just hunks but also caring caregivers, which gives an extra layer of appeal to these compelling stories.

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So, if you’re a fan of steamy, hilarious, and feel-good romance novels with hot single dads, then you’re in the right place because we included some of the must-read single-dad romance books that check all those boxes and more.

You’ll also find here character-driven single dad romances with swoon-worthy heroes, engaging heroines, adorable kids, and heartwarming stories set in charming small towns and bustling cities in different countries and even continents.

So, get ready to embark on an emotionally rewarding journey of love, resilience, and second chances.

Coach by Devney Perry

Coach by Devney Perry - american football sports romance book

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Published: April 2023


Coach is a captivating single dad romance book that’s sure to steal your heart. Featuring Ford Ellis, a football star turned head coach, this novel explores a past love reignited amidst the intensity of Montana’s sports scene.

Perry’s adept weaving of past memories and present challenges give this narrative a unique sense of realism. It’s a bittersweet tale, blending the harsh realities of a past romance with the hope of a possible future.

This touching romance novel is also a great choice for readers who love sports romance books with well-crafted characters and heartwarming stories.

Coach is a must-read for those who love single dad romance novels with a good mix of sports, past connections, and the heartwarming struggles of a single dad.

Final Offer by Lauren Asher

Final Offer by Lauren Asher - billionare single dad romance book series

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Published: January 2023


Final Offer is a thrilling conclusion to the Dreamland Billionaires series that promises a potent mix of love, heartbreak, and redemption. It tells the story of Callahan Kane, a former athlete grappling with personal demons, and his childhood friend-turned-lover, Lana Castillo.

Their passionate past and present collide when they both claim ownership over a coveted lake house. Asher brilliantly captures the dynamics of a fiery relationship disrupted by past mistakes and future uncertainties.

Final Offer is a testament to the resilience of love amidst adversity, making it an absolute must-read for lovers of single-dad romance books.

In a Jam by Kate Canterbary

In a Jam by Kate Canterbary - funny single dad romance books

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Published: September 2022


In a Jam is a touching story of love, self-discovery, and homecoming. It revolves around Shay Zucconi, who is forced to move back to her small town and get married within a year to inherit a tulip farm, and Noah Barden, a single dad harboring a lifelong crush on Shay.

Their lives intertwine in a heartwarming tale of unspoken love, obligations, and second chances. Canterbary masterfully handles various social themes while creating a mesmerizing romance between the protagonists.

In a Jam has one of the most dedicated single dads who tries to navigate life’s challenges adding a deep layer of authenticity to the narrative, making this book a must-read in the single dad romance genre.

Heartless by Elsie Silver

Heartless by Elsie Silver - small town single dad romance book

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Published: October 2022


Heartless is a scintillating romance between a young city girl turned nanny and a gruff, single-dad rancher. Cade Eaton, despite his gruff exterior and rough edges, is an irresistible mix of strength, tenderness, and vulnerability that any romance reader will adore.

He’s a single father with a heart of gold that’s hidden behind his hardened exterior, and his transformation into a loving partner is utterly compelling.

Silver perfectly crafts the narrative to highlight the stark contrast between their city and ranch life, adding depth to their budding romance.

The protagonist’s struggle to resist their undeniable chemistry, coupled with the endearing relationship Cade has with his son, turns the book into an enchanting reading journey.

Heartless is an exhilarating tale of unexpected love, making it a standout among small-town single dad romance books.

The Confidence of Wildflowers by Micalea Smeltzer

The Confidence of Wildflowers by Micalea Smeltzer - book about single dads

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Published: March 2022


The Confidence of Wildflowers is an exceptional tale of an unexpected, age-gap romance between an 18-year-old girl and her grumpy, 31-year-old landscaper neighbor, Thayer Holmes. This single dad romance novel stands out for its heartfelt portrayal of their complex relationship dynamics.

Smeltzer beautifully balances the inevitable challenges arising from their age difference with the couple’s mutual fascination and growing affection, making readers root for their love story.

The protagonist’s youthful optimism combined with Thayer’s maturity and fatherly dedication offers a refreshing perspective on love and relationships. Furthermore, the portrayal of Thayer as a doting single dad adds an extra layer of charm.

The Confidence of Wildflowers serves as a testament to love’s unpredictability, making it a must-read for those who enjoy heart-tugging age-gap single dad romance books.

The Single Dad by Marni Mann

The Single Dad by Marni Mann

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Published: June 2022


The Single Dad is a refreshing and irresistible single dad romance book that stands out from the usual trope. The novel presents a tantalizing romance between Ford Dalton, a doting single dad, and his daughter’s potential nanny.

But it’s not just the typical ‘nanny falls for the dad’ story. The sparks fly before they even realize their roles in each other’s lives. The electrifying chemistry between the two main characters, combined with the surprise element of them ending up in a nanny-single dad situation, lends an exciting twist.

The Single Dad is a must-read for those seeking a single dad romance book with a twist and lots of secrets.

Broken French by Natasha Boyd

Broken French by Natasha Boyd - billionare single dad romance

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Published: April 2021


Broken French set against the breathtaking backdrop of the South of France, is a sumptuously written single dad romance novel that has the power to whisk readers away to a world of luxury, love, and emotional depth.

It narrates the tale of Josie, an accidental nanny, and Xavier Pascale, her wealthy, widowed boss who’s grappling with his isolation. Their electrifying connection is immediate, an inconvenient fire that threatens to consume them both in its intensity.

But Xavier’s emotional fortress is high, his past heartbreak creating a chasm that feels impossible to cross. The combination of Xavier’s grumpy demeanor, tender fatherly affection, and irresistible charm, alongside Josie’s resilience, gives the book a unique edge and is a great choice for readers who love cross-cultural romance books.

Broken French‘s story is filled with palpable sexual tension, witty dialogue, emotional turmoil, and scenes of tantalizing cuisine and stunning ocean views and is a must-read for those yearning for a heart-rending billionare single dad romance.

Ignite by Melanie Harlow

Ignite by Melanie Harlow - age gap single dad romance book

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Published: November 2021


Ignite is a sizzling, emotion-packed single dad romance that pairs a hunky firefighter and an equally captivating neighbor, Winnie MacAllister.

In this narrative, Winnie, a self-proclaimed romance junkie with a history of heartbreak, has decided to steer clear of men, but her resolve crumbles when she encounters Dex, her single-dad neighbor. Dex is everything she vowed to avoid: irresistibly handsome, ruggedly built, and an embodiment of temptation.

What’s more, he’s a father to two adorable little girls and grapples with his disbelief in love. Yet, when Dex kisses Winnie, her defenses, much like her underwear, drop, leading to an explosive, unquenchable fire between them.

Even as Dex warns her of his rough edges and urges her to pursue her dream job in another state, Winnie sees beyond his protestations. A twelve-year age difference doesn’t deter her as she strives to make him see the potential for their shared happily-ever-after.

Ignite is a must-read age-gap singe dad romance book that’s brimming with steamy scenes, heart-tugging moments, and the compelling chase of a love that refuses to be denied.

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All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata

All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata - slow-burn single dad romance book

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Published: April 2021


All Rhodes Lead Here is a soul-stirring, single dad romance novel that maps the journey of Aurora De La Torre, a woman returning to her roots to heal from her past.

Aurora’s heart is scarred from loss and a devastating divorce, and she hopes that returning to her childhood home nestled in the mountains might provide the solace she needs to start anew.

However, she didn’t anticipate her landlord, the captivating Tobias Rhodes, to be part of this process. As Aurora navigates her recovery, she can’t help but be drawn to Tobias, suggesting that maybe her heartache can be cured after all.

Zapata’s signature slow-burn romance style enhances the novel’s appeal, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in Aurora’s journey and the blossoming relationship between her and Tobias.

All Rhodes Lead Here is a poignant tale of healing, rediscovery, and unexpected love and is a must-read for fans of slow-burn single dad romance novels.

Sweet Temptation by Cora Reilly

Sweet Temptation by Cora Reilly - age-gap singel dad romance book

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Published: March 2020


Sweet Temptation is an enthralling single dad romance novel that explores an arranged marriage between two individuals from different generations, driven by duty and tradition.

After the loss of his wife, Cassio, now a ruler of Philadelphia, needs someone to warm his bed and mother his two young children. Bound by traditional norms, he finds himself engaged to Giulia, a girl barely of age.

This innocent yet vibrant woman is thrust into a world of motherhood, a realm she’s never navigated before. While Giulia grapples with this new reality, she quickly realizes that Cassio views their relationship as one-sided.

Her yearning for equality fuels her determination to fight for a family that aligns with her vision of happiness. Cassio, however, proves a sweet temptation she can’t resist.

Sweet Temptation is an engaging and complex age-gap, arranged marriage story and is a must-read for fans of steamy single dad romance books.

Happily Letter After by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

Happily Letter After by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward - single dad book with romance

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Published: October 2020


Happily Letter After is an enchanting tale that weaves together themes of love, chance, and the unexpected surprises life often brings.

The love story begins with a letter, but not from the man the protagonist would eventually fall for. Instead, it comes from his young, sweet daughter, Birdie Maxwell.

As an employee for a magazine that once a year fulfills wishes for readers, the protagonist decides to take it upon herself to fulfill some of Birdie’s wishes during the off-months. She deems it a harmless act until one day, her actions go a step further.

Catching a glimpse of Birdie’s irresistibly handsome and single father, she begins to question her actions. She knows she should cease playing the fairy godmother role, but her connection to Birdie prompts her to act irrationally, even turning up at their doorstep.

Happily Letter After is an emotionally stirring account of how an act of kindness can lead to a life-altering connection, making it a captivating read for fans of single dad romance books.

Irresistible by Melanie Harlow

Irresistible by Melanie Harlow - single dad books with romance

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Published: February 2019


Irresistible unfolds the story of a single dad and CFO who, amidst the chaos of running Cloverleigh Farms and raising his three daughters, finds himself inescapably attracted to the young and sweet, Frannie Sawyer.

Frannie, the boss’s daughter and the new part-time nanny, is strictly off-limits. But an intense yearning draws them together, challenging his resolve. As a former Marine, he thought he could resist, but their connection proves too strong.

The novel crafts a beautiful journey of a man torn between his personal desires and providing the life Frannie deserves. It’s a captivating tale of love, duty, and the strength to make difficult choices.

Irresistible is a must-read for single dad romance lover book lovers who love enthralling forbidden romances filled with tension.

Mr. Masters by T.L. Swan

Mr. Masters by T.L. Swan - romance book with single dad

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Published: May 2018


Mr. Masters is a steamy story of unexpected desires, mixing a dash of humor with intense chemistry, making it a must-read for fans of single dad romances.

This tantalizing tale of a seemingly mismatched pair — a powerful, widowed judge and a quirky nanny — cleverly explores the magnetic attraction between them, giving the reader a delightful experience akin to embarking on an unpredictable adventure filled with fun, tension, and passion.

Mr. Masters is one of the funniest single dad romance books that takes its readers on a thrilling and spicy adventure.

To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Mais

To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Mais - funny single dad romance book

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Published: June 2016


To Hate Adam Connor is an unmissable single dad romance for those who adore stories charged with humor, heart, and scorching tension. This novel features an Academy Award-winning actor and a single dad, Adam Connor, and his hilarious, heart-tugging, and maddening relationship with his nosy and quirky next-door neighbor.

Their journey is a delightful rollercoaster that highlights the irresistibility of forbidden attraction, the sweetness of unexpected love, and the magic of second chances, offering readers an experience akin to enjoying a deliciously scandalous and heartwarming rom-com movie.

To Hate Adam Connor is a laugh-out-loud funny but also steamy single dad romance book that’s a must-read for anyone who loves this genre.

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