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Best Ghost Anime Every Anime Fan Should Know

A fun guide to the best ghost anime and anime ghosts and spirits to help anime fans get their spook on. There’s nothing better than cozying up on the couch and enjoy a paranormal anime after a long day and get lost in a world full of supernatural creatures.

Death is a difficult topic however, some of the following animes, can help you process the thought of losing someone. But not all ghost stories have to be dark, or melancholic, an anime with ghosts can be fun and entertaining too. We also picked out some amazing anime stories with ghosts that are magical and full of fun.

These animes not only deserve a spot because of their storytelling but also because they all have beautiful artwork and unique characters.

Are you ready to watch the best animes with strange worlds and the ones that bring its ghosts & spirits into ours?

Then read on…

Best Ghost Anime & Spirit Anime

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22| Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs – Ghost/Spirit Anime

The once famed and posh hot spring inn now is only the shadow of the old Yuragi Inn. When young school girl’s body was found in the hot springs a ghost story starts that her soul is haunting the Yuragi inn.

The story is about the cute Fuyuzora, who is a homeless high-school boy comes across the Yuragi Manor. He could see ghosts ever since he was very young and learned that he had a roommate, Yuna. Yuna tells him that she was murdered when she was sixteen years old at the Inn and Fuyuzora pledges to help her figure out Yuna’s unfinished business that keeps her soul at the inn.

While it’s a fun and lighthearted anime it’s definitely one for adults since they do not hold back on boobies and other sexy parts and scenes. While you might want to think twice about watching this show in public it’s truly a delightful comedy anime with ghosts who’ll make you laugh.

Buy Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs on eBay.

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21| xxxHolic

Kimihiro Watanuki’s story is told through such a beautifully designed anime that it’d deserve a spot in art galleries. Kimihiro sees ghosts and all kinds of supernatural beings, which he is not at all happy with. However, he hates his ability so much that he wants to get rid of it.

One day, he meets Yuuko in a mysterious house and his life changes forever. Yuuki says that she is able to break Kimihiro’s curse but only if he will works for her in her shop and grant wishes to her customers.

xxxHolic is definitely one of the most beautiful ghost anime you’ll ever watch. It’s also good to know that for a spooky anime with ghosts, it has a lot of comedic scenes that nicely complements the mysterious dramatic elements.

You can watch xxxHolic anime online on Hulu with English Dub or on Amazon Prime Video.

xxxHolic is a stunning and unique ghost anime that’s perfect for adults who not only enjoy good anime stories but especially appreciate a delightful design.

20| Spiritpact

This one stands out a little as it is not an anime strictly speaking since Spiritpact is a Chinese anime series. It gives you a peek into how Chinese traditions treat death through this beautifully animated story. The story’s main characters, Yang and Duanmu are very well crafted, while there’s a lot of great action besides superb dialogues.

Spiritpact brings up serious feelings while smartly lifting the mood with sweet humor. It’s a perfect anime with ghosts & spirits for those who enjoy anime ghost stories about exorcists and ghosts who fight evil spirits.

You can buy Spirit Packt Blu-ray on Amazon.

19| Kaidan Restaurant

Being based on children’s books, Kaidan Restaurant is a really fun ghost anime that will surely make you laugh and feel better.

The sixth-grader Oku’s story is fun and which makes it the perfect anime ghost story for those who are looking for some chills but doesn’t want to dive too deep into the darkest spots of the human mind.

Kaidan Restaurant’s horror stories are light and served in three courses. Each of the episodes consists of three parts; first, second, and third “dish”. It’s a cute anime with ghosts that you can watch with your whole family without an issue.

Stream Kaidan Restaurant on Crunchyroll.

 18| The Young Spirit Master – Shounen Onmyouji

If you are looking for a good mythological anime with ghosts then you shouldn’t look further because The Young Spirit Master is here to fill all your needs. An incredible anime about ancient Japanese mythology and on top it also has stunning art.

The Young Spirit Master is the story of Masahiro, the grandson of the greatest Onmyouji, Abe no Seimei. Masahiro has lost his sixth sense, that’s why he is unable to step in the footsteps of his grandfather. He looses himself for a while and starts job he doesn’t really like.

However, one day a Mononoke shows that he has great powers within him. The Young Spirit Master then embarks on a journey you will never forget.

Buy the Young Spirit Master on eBay.

17| Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

Dive into the delightful ghost hunter anime of Muhyo and Roji’s story. This fun and action-packed anime takes you on an adventure of two magical law experts. Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation isn’t just an anime about ghosts, but all supernatural beings.

This ghost anime will give you a lot to smile about, while always keeping you on the edge of the seat. The beauty of the artwork alone is something you will be hooked on, not to mention the entertaining story and characters.

You can watch Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation anime online on Amazon Prime Video.

16| Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Let this romantic anime ghost story sweep you off your feet. Despite the young Hazuki living in an apartment full of flowers, he doesn’t care for nature. His only motivation is to be as close to the widowed Rokka, the flower shop keeper. Hazuki even gets a part-time job just to spend more time with his one true love.

While this may first seem an ordinary romance anime you’ll soon meet an unexpected ghost anime character because, for Hazuki’s misfortune, Rokka’s jealous husband is haunting the flower shop. Hazuki does not give up easy and does his best to free Rokka from the ghost.

In spite of the hopeless case of Hazuki, it is a very much enjoyable anime. Some would classify it as Josei anime, however, I feel it’s fun for the other gender who enjoy warm anime love stories.

You can buy Natsuyuki Rendezvous Complete DVD on Amazon.

15| Dusk maiden of Amnesia

There is no doubt that Dusk Maiden of Amnesia deserves a spot on our list since it’s one of the weirdest anime ghost stories out there.

You will learn about a ghost story of a girl who was left to die at Seikyō Academy sixty years ago and despite the fact that many years have passed since her story is still told by students.

One day Teiichi meets a girl called Yuko, who soon turns out to be the girl in the stories. However, Yuko has no recollection of who she is, or how she died. Teiichi decides to help her bring her memories back and help find out what happened to her.

Every person needs their soul to be caressed and this anime will do much more than that. Expect a romantic anime with ghosts and with a nice paranormal and comedy elements.

You can watch Dusk Maiden of Amnesia anime online on Amazon Prime Video.

14| Re-Kan!

After some rather dark anime on our list, it is time to cheer up. The fun story of Amami Hibiki will fill your day with smiles and laughter. Our protagonist sees ghosts and all sorts of supernatural beings and tries to resolve their problems.

It is a fun supernatural anime with ghosts and spirits, lovely characters, and funny moments. Re-Kan! is definitely a little breath of fresh for those who love their ghost stories light and with vim.

You can buy Re-Kan anime on a Blu-Ray on Amazon.

13| Natsume’s Book of Friends – Natsume yûjinchô 

Natsume’s Book of friends is one of the most interesting ghost anime series that has a new story to tell in every episode.

The story is about Natsume who inherited a book from his grandmother with all the names of ghosts she had controlled. Natsume is being chased by these spirits (Youkai) hoping to be set free.

Natsume’s Book of Friends is a complex series with Natsume himself being a very versatile character. The Youkai color every episode adding to the eye-catching art and soothing soundtrack. You will get on the roller coaster of emotions with Natsume.

Buy Natsume’s Book of Friends on DVD on Amazon.

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 12| Anohana: The Flower we Saw That Day – Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai

Anohana helps us all understand a little more about accepting, and understanding death and how important friendships are.

Anohana is about a small group of friends who drift apart the sudden death of one of their dearest friend, Monma. Years later her ghost appears for one of the members asking for help to fulfill her wish. Jinta gathers the group once again and tries to help Monma pass to the other world.

While the group is having a hard time with making Monma’s wish come true they’ll have to deal with their own burried feelings as well.

This ghost anime drama brings up a lot of struggles we tend to go through when losing someone. The gorgeous art, sad soundtrack, great characters, and deep emotions will not let you stand up from the screen.

You can watch Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day on Amazon Prime Video.

11| Nanana’s Buried Treasure (Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin)

The artificial island of Nanae is created to offer an outstanding education for children. After breaking free of his oppressive father, Jugo, joins the establishment to finally follow his dreams.

However, after his arrival, he finds out that the Ghost of Nanana Ryuugajou is bound to the island. Nanana has been murdered ten years ago and before her death, she hid powerful items around the island. She hoped that this will help her find out who is responsible for her death.

Juugo has to find Nanana’s Treasures to help her. This entertaining adventure anime with ghosts and treasures takes you on a scavenger hunt along with a little murder mystery. The adorable and funny characters often make you forget about the tragedy behind it all.

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10| Ga Rei: Zero

In Japan, people are protected from otherworldly creatures by the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division. Yomi and her step-sister, Kagura are agents of SDCD. Despite their strong bond, they drift apart following different paths. One of them stays and works with the division, while the other girl decides to go down a darker path.

Ga-Rei: Zero is one of the best scary ghost anime series and with two kick-ass female characters. After a very strong, eventful start, you are feeling engaged throughout the whole story. There isn’t one episode you feel should have been cut, while the end leaves you with your heart pounding.

You can watch Ga Rei Zero anime online on Amazon Prime Video.

9| Le Portrait De Petite Cossette – Cossette no shôzô

Art student Eiri works at an antique shop to support himself when he discovers a young girl’s image in a glass. Soon, he realizes it is not just an image but that the girl actually lives in the glass.

As they get to know each other, Eiri feelings grew towards Cossette, and finds out that she has been murdered by the artist Marcelo Orlando.

The ghost girl Cossette can only be free if a man is willing to take the punishment for the artist’s sins. Eiri’s and Cossette’s unique story is just as much of a romantic anime as a mystery drama anime series. The way you get to bond with the characters and the emotional thrill will make you love this show.

You can buy Le Portrait de Petit Cossette on DVD on Amazon.

8| Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt is about Taniyama Mai and her friends who are obsessed with ghost stories. It’s a great and spooky anime with ghosts for adults. A mysterious young man shows up, who is investigating the strange happenings at the haunted building on the school grounds.

Ghost Hunter is not a typical horror anime, nor a usual ghost hunter anime because while watching this series, you will encounter something really unique, not a super scary ghost anime but it is filled with spooky stories and characters.

You can watch Ghost Hunt anime online on Amazon Prime Video.

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7| Mushishi

Mushi are life forms that exist in many forms. However, most humans are not aware of their existence, so, there is very little information about them. Mushishi is about Geiko who wanders around the woods to find cases that could be related to Mushi.

The infinite world created by Yuki Urushibara (based on his Manga) sucks you in and never lets you go. It’s a visually stunning and thought-provoking anime perfect even for those who aren’t usually that into anime ghost stories.

You can buy Mushishi on DVD on Amazon.

6| Another

Another is a beautiful ghost anime story that takes us to Yomiyama North Middle school. Misaki, a young girl passes away in 1972 in mysterious circumstances, which clouds the whole town for decades. Twenty-six years later Kouichi joins the school who then makes an unlikely friend.

As the story unfolds viewers find out what actually happened to Misaki, the lovable ghost anime girl. Besides the touching story, the beautifully animated scenes and the heart-warming soundtracks will also make you fall in love with Another.

You can buy Another Blu-Ray on Amazon.

5| Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

corpse party ghost anime (Small)

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls is about a high-school farewell gathering, that includes summoning ghosts that turn into a real nightmare at Kisaragi Academy. Later turns out that the academy was built on the Heavenly Host School. 

Get ready for the scariest ghost anime series you’ll ever see. It is full of action and does not hold back when it comes to finishing off most of its lead characters. Only watch it if you’re not afraid of dark animes or if you have company.

You can buy Corpse Party on DVD on Amazon.

4| Gegege no Kitarou (2018)

“Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.”

The almost sixty-year-old anime has just been remade to pay respects to the original creation. While it’s a children rated anime you should check out even if you’re an adult because this is one of the best Japanese folklore ghost anime.

Getto know Japanese society and culture a bit better while slowly getting introduced to the Yokais. It has a moody and charming vibe as well as well-timed comic moments.

If you are into beautiful animes, Gegege No Kitaro will not disappoint.

3| Ghost Hound

After watching the Ghost Hound anime, you may not dare to switch off the lights at home anymore. Prepare for a tragic, creepy adventure, where your nerves are going to be tested.

We follow a young girl, who sees ghosts and three boys with an incredibly sad and moving story. The bone-chilling visions of Miyako, the guilt Masayuki struggles with, the scarring tragedy of Tarou (our main Character) and the sad finding of Makoto take you to an incredible journey.

Often seeing through our protagonists’ eye creates an even tenser and truly eerie experience. Ghost Hound is certainly one of the best anime with ghosts for adults.

You can buy Ghost Hound Blu-Ray on Amazon.

2| Blue Exorcist

Rin Okumura learns he is special the hard way. In a world, where good and evil are battling on a daily basis, Rin had to step up at an early age. Blue Exorcist is a fun action anime with spirits, great characters, and some awesome action scenes.

After a short misery of everyday struggles and of being a misfit, he quickly becomes a real threat to Gehenna, the dark world. The Blue Exorcist gives us hours of excitement while waiting for the result of the constant battle between the two sides.

You can watch Blue Exorcist online on Hulu.

1| Noragami

Meet Yato, the “Stray God”. Yato is certain he will be once a respected and beloved god, Once…

At the moment he is having trouble even seeing his first shrine to be established for him. Not so godly currently, he is doing favors for as little as 5 Yen to keep it going. Left alone, at his rock bottom a school girl saves his life. Hiyori Iki gets severely injured when saving Yato and her soul leaves her body.

Together they embark on an adventure helping each other, Hiyori to return to her body and Yato to find a new partner. Could you ask for more than a fun and strong ghost anime girl and an unlucky god? This fun and magical anime with ghosts and spirits will bring you joy and thrills for many hours.

You can watch Noragami online on Hulu with English dub or on Amazon Prime Video.

Thank you for reading!

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