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Wanderlusty Animated Movies & Series On Netflix For Adults

If you love adventures, folklore, myths, or visiting futuristic cities then you’ll love watching these wanderlusty animated movies and series on Netflix for adults.

We wanted to create a sweet and quick movie/series list that will feed your wanderlust by letting you travel around the world and even beyond. These shows are filled with amazing and well-crafted characters, unique stories, and unforgettable adventures.

You’ll find here thrilling movies and shows from around the world. Some are mainly for adult viewers but you can find some excellent ones if you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy.

Explore inspiring dramas, adventure fantasies, family movies, and horror shows to dark comedy series. Just sit back and enjoy exploring the world’s most exciting spots while learning about mythological creatures, folklore, and get dazzled by stunning art.

Or just grab some yummy snacks and have fun with a light-hearted and fun movie. No matter what you’re in the mood for you’ll find something weird and wonderful here.

Stunning Animated Movies & Series on Netflix For Adults Who Love To Travel

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15| Your Name – Japanese animated romantic fantasy movie released in 2016

Your Name -Top 10 Sad Anime Movies on Netflix for Adults

Anime fans are very fond of this beautiful story. Although there are funny moments that will make you smile, the movie overall is quite sad. Because of that, Your Name is considered to be among the saddest anime movies of all time.

The story follows Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl living in the Japanese countryside who wishes for a more exciting life in a big city. One day she wakes up in Taki Tachibana’s body in Tokyo and they keep on switching bodies for short periods. This sudden change will make a big difference not only in their lives but thousands of others’ as well.

Your Name‘s animation is stunning, the story is compelling and is perfect for adults and younger viewers as well. Furthermore, the animation is so lifelike you can actually recognize certain places in Tokyo. You can even go and take images or re-create scenes from the movie.

Your Name is one of the most touching romantic animated movies on Netflix for adults. It’s perfect for those who would love to visit Japan.

14| The Breadwinner – War drama animated movie released in 2017, Co-production between Canada, Ireland, and Luxembourg

The Breadwinner - best wanderlusty animated movies on netflix for Adults (Small)

This beautiful and heartbreaking movie is based on Deborah Ellis’ bestselling book with the same title. The story takes place in Kabul, 2001 when the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital.

It was an incredibly difficult time for locals and by watching this animated movie on Netflix, viewers get a better understanding of what and how happened. 

This is a gorgeously animated movie with a meaningful and touching story. It’s perfect for adults and older teens who enjoy movies with deeper meaning and with a complex story.

The Breadwinner is a sad but empowering story, which is surely among the best animated movies for adults on Netflix. It will help you learn more about Afghan culture and its beautiful capital city, Kabul.

13| I Lost My Body – French adult animated drama fantasy animated movie released in 2019

I Lost My Body - best animated movie on Netflix For Adults who love to travel (Small)

An extremely moving French animated movie, which is definitely going to make everyone melancholic for a little while. There are many beautiful scenes, however, prepare a few tissues, because it is also a sad animated movie.

It follows the adventures of the young adult Naoufel and his severed hand trying to find its way back to him in the streets of Paris. As we learn more and more about the boy, there are some tragic moments, which will make everyone all teary.

This is an interesting psychological animated movie for adults or older teens.

I Lost My Body is deservedly on the top of many lists of the best animated movies for adults on Netflix who wish to visit France and Paris.

12| Song Of The Sea – animated fantasy movie released in 2014. Co-production between Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, France, and Luxembourg

song of the sea - wanderlusty animated movies on Netflix for adults (Small)

If you enjoy adventure animated movies that are full of surprises and interesting characters, Song Of The Sea is definitely for you.

It kicks off on a rather sad note as viewers get to learn about the two heroes. A young boy called Ben and his little sister Saoirse are not on the best terms. Ben blames her for their mother’s disappearance.

As you explore the world with the two children, it turns out to be a fantastic universe, where anything could happen. Packed with mythical creatures, this is a beautiful cooperation between talented artists from all over Europe.

This magical animated movie is perfect for adults and younger kids as well and will take you around Ireland.

Song Of The Sea is a lovely, feel-good animated movie on Netflix for adults who want to learn more about Ireland and Irish folklore.

11| Castlevania – US adult animated series, First episode released in 2017

Castlevania, US adult animated series, released in 2017 (Small)

If you love Dracula stories, this new, very imaginative take on the vampire lord is for you. It gets a little dark as he swears revenge on all humanity following his wife’s death. Still, the story is very well thought through and anime lovers will love the art of the series too.

The show was a hit right after its release and fans are always hoping for more to come. There are many intriguing characters, who keep the series always exciting while viewers are taken around the world.

The art of the show is just stunning so much so that a beautiful Castlevania art book was just released. Now fans can enjoy and travel through Transylvania and enjoy a new, dark, and exciting Dracula story.

Castlevania is among the most interesting vampire animated series for adults on Netflix who want to explore eastern Europe especially, Romania.

10| The Hollow – Canadian fantasy animated series, First episode released in 2018

The Hollow - best animated series on Netflix For Adults

This superb animated series on Netflix is great for the whole family, but adults will be able to appreciate it more. Three teens find themselves in a fantasy world, where completely new challenges arise. On their journey, they encounter all sorts of magical creatures and see unimaginable places.

It is a great adventure drama for animated series lovers. The main characters are very inspiring and every creature they meet is remarkably interesting.

If you love adventure stories and enjoy exploring haunted houses, and spooky dark tourism spots you should check out this show.

The Hollow is one of the best adventure animated series on Netflix for adults who love spooky adventures.

9| Disenchantment – US Dark comedy, historical fantasy animated series, First episode released in 2018

Disenchantment - US Dark comedy, historical fantasy animated series, released in 2018 (Small)

The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening decided to look into the past this time. We follow Princess Tiabeanie, Bean for her friends and loved ones, who struggles with being a proper royalty.

As fans got used to Groening’s works, this one is also hilarious with many absurd creatures and twists. In this series, the plot actually develops, so it’s recommended to start with episode one. You are about to embark on an unlikely adventure with even less likely heroes to various magical lands.

Travelers who enjoy learning about history, mythical creatures, and love exploring castles will love this adventurous and fun show.

Disenchantment is a feel-good comedy-adventure animated series for adults on Netflix. It’s perfect for those who would love to explore a medieval fantasy kingdom.

8| Hotel Transylvania – US Comedy, family animated movie, released in 2012

Hotel Transylvania - US Comedy, family animated movie, released in 2012

After the first Hotel Transylvania movie in 2012, a couple more followed and fans anticipate at least another three movies. Thanks to its really fun premise of Dracula running a hotel for monsters, the options are infinite for more joyful movies.

There are many great characters and the voice actors are doing a superb job. Hotel Transylvania cast includes great actors such as Adam Sandler, Steve Buschemi, Selena Gomez, and Andy Samberg. Even comedy legend Mel Brooks has a small but important part in the movie. The animation is also very lovely and while it is suitable for children, there are many jokes only adults would get.

The Hotel Transylvania franchise made some of the most entertaining feel-good animated movies for adults on Netflix.

7| The Dragon Prince – US fantasy computer-animated series, First episode released in 2018

The Dragon Prince - US fantasy computer-animated series released in 2018

Magic lovers are certainly going to fall in love with this superb animated series on Netflix. When there is a terrible war between Humanity and Xadia for magical resources, three little kids set out on an epic adventure to end the war.

This inspiring series is full of breathtaking magical places and viewers are going to sit on the edge of their seats throughout.

Although it is a family-friendly animated series, we think adults will enjoy it more as some struggles are easier to understand for them.

If you love to visit adventurous destinations and countries with rich and magical folklore you should give this show a try.

The Dragon Prince is a really motivating animated series for adults showing that we should never give up.

6| Rick & Morty – US animated comedy sci-fi series, First episode released in 2013

Rick & Morty - US animated comedy sci-fi series, released in 2013 (Small)

Without a doubt, Rick and Morty are only for mature audiences. There are rather disturbing scenes from time to time, therefore children must be kept far away from the screen.

The mad scientist grandpa Rick and his quite slow grandson Morty get into incredible situations thanks to Rick’s portal to other universes. It is definitely among the biggest hits on Netflix. It’s a hilarious show that makes everyone wonder whether this type of space or time travel could ever become reality. Viewers are going to explore the whole world and far beyond.

Travelers who love to travel to futuristic and modern cities and can’t wait for space tourism to become a natural part of everyday life this show will be a fun ride.

Rick and Morty is undoubtedly among the most humorous animated series for adults on Netflix and is a must-watch for future space travelers.

5| Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse – US action animated movie, released in 2018

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse - US action animated movie, released in 2018 (Small)

Probably every Marvel and Spider-Man fans wish the same could happen to them as what went down with Miles Morales. The teenage boy living in Brooklyn gains special abilities thanks to a spider bite and he even meets Peter Parker.

You are going to explore New York like no one else; flying up high and jumping off tall buildings’ roofs. The adventure animated movie is great for switching off after a long day at work.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse is among the most imaginative spinoffs of the Spider-Man movie. It’s perfect for those travelers who can’t wait to visit New York.

4| Carmen Sandiego – Canadian-US mystery animated series, First episode released in 2019

Carmen Sandiego - Canadian-US mystery animated series, released in 2019

This series is a quite remarkable concept as it started as an educational video game with the same name. The titular heroine is sort of a modern-day Robin Hood, who travels around the world and gives away all that she stole from the wealthy.

If you are looking to travel around the whole world from the comfort of your couch, this series is definitely a great pick. The show is full of fun moments, the main character is amazing, who makes everyone smile, while also educating viewers.

It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for a series that adults and kids can both equally enjoy.

Carmen Sandiego is among the most hilarious educational animated series for adults that take you around the world.

3| Avatar: The Last Airbender – US fantasy animated series, First episode released in 2008

Avatar The Last Airbender - US fantasy animated series, First episode released in 2008 (Small)

The Last Airbender was a huge fan favorite around the world as it had a very unique vibe. Although the premise is pretty dark, the release humor and the characters perfectly balanced it out.

When Southern Water Tribe member Katara and her brother Sokka find the frozen Aang, the world finally can see a little hope.

But for the twelve-year-old Avatar, who was frozen for a hundred years, there is a lot to learn to restore peace on Earth. The series is going to take you on an incredible adventure around a fascinating world.

It’s the perfect show for adults and families who love to go on big adventures, explore other cultures, and learn about mythology and folklore.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is the perfect animated series for adults who enjoy traveling to ancient sights.

2| Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts – US Dystopian Animated series, First episode released in 2020

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts - US Dystopian Animated series, First episode released in 2020 (Small)

Two hundred years from now life is going to be completely different, but probably in a different way as Kipo’s creators anticipate. Most of humanity is living underground as animals have mutated into gigantic creatures.

While most of the creatures are peaceful, life is no piece of cake for a human on the surface. When an attack forces thirteen-year-old Kipo out from the burrow, she explores a whole new world.

The show is spectacular with loads of interesting characters and plenty of teachings for everyone. Kipo’s bravery and faith in others is very inspiring while she is also amazingly funny.

It’s a super fun show for adults and kids and will not only feed your wanderlust but also gives comfort and motivation.

If you enjoy visiting abandoned cities and explore strange places, Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeasts is the best animated series on Netflix for you.

1| Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia – US fantasy animated series, First episode released in 2016

Trollhunters Tales of Arcadia - US fantasy animated series, First episode released in 2016 (Small)

Guillermo Del Toro is sort of a guarantee to a fantastic time in front of the screen. He has a great imagination and he proved to be a fantasy genius. The Arcadia Tales franchise started as a book series and thanks to Del Toro’s hard work, his book got turned into a magical show.

We follow Jim Lake Jr. who was living his ordinary life in the small town of Arcadia. However, one day he stumbles upon a mysterious amulet that changes his life forever.

Animated movie fans, who love visiting magical places on Earth and beneath are going to love this superb show.

While the series starts out in a small US town the characters soon visit mysterious and wonderful places and meet many amazing creatures. Trollhunters‘ stunning art is also noteworthy and was inspired by steampunk and the middle ages.

Trollhunters is one of the most captivating adventure fantasy anime series on Netflix for adults. It’s the perfect show for those who want to explore enchanting places and enjoy learning about mythical creatures.

best animated movies and series on Netflix for Adults

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