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Last Updated on March 3, 2023 by Jella Erhard

Best Places to Visit In Kuala Lumpur In One Day

KL is one of the most multicultural cities in Asia and these are the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur in one day to experience its magic. If you’re not sure where to go & you only have 24 hours on your first visit then check out our First-timers’ guide to Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysian capital is full of surprises. During your few days there, you are going to experience a little bit of the future, present, and past. People are as much open to the new as strictly keeping the traditional ways. Walking in the Sentral (That’s how KL people spell it.), you meet smiling people from all around the world.

How to get in the city center from Kuala Lumpur Airport

We highly recommend to book in advance, to avoid inconvenience. We booked with TAXI EXORA they will take you on a meter for around 110 MYR ($25), which is only 30 MYR more than taking the train for two. A reliable company, our flight was 1,5 hrs late and waited for us. Also, they’re always on time.

There are bus services for 10 MYR ($2) but when inquired where the bus drops off in the city, no one replied to our emails. But you can just hop on a public bus when you arrive at the airport if you’re tight on budget.

Let’s see the 7 most important things you have to do when visiting Kuala Lumpur  for the first time!
Since it’s fast and cheap to get around in the city – both by taxi or public transport – it should be manageable without a problem to visit all the 7 places even if you only have 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur.

1| The Famous Infinity Pool Photo with the Petronas Towers

If interested in recreating the moment featuring you, we are here to help! Booking your accommodation is advised to be done through Airbnb. Look for apartments in Regalia Residence ( copy-paste this into Airbnb search bar: Regalia Residence Jalan Sultan Ismail Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia) Prices are around $25/night and up for a one bedroom apartment.

Here you get to take a shot in the amazing pool with the known skyline in the background. You would think it is always crowded, but most of the time you will be swimming with a few people only. Even in “peak” times.

2| Batu Caves

One of the biggest Hindu shrines outside of India should be visited by everyone landing in the “Muddy Confluence”. Climbing the 272 steps is an experience itself (especially in the pouring rain!). The vibe welcoming you inside the caves will change your mood for the better.  Walking back down enjoy the view of Kuala Lumpur!

3| The Federal Territory Mosque or Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan

Malaysia being the home of most Muslims, you are very likely to find Mosques all over the country. The National Mosque of Malaysia is the most popular to visit, we, however, recommend to make a stop on the way back from Batu Caves at The Federal Territory Mosque (photo above) as well!

4| Selfie with the Petronas Towers

In the center, there is a nice park (KLCC park) with a great view of the iconic twin towers. Walk around, sit down in the park for a short picnic and enjoy the considerably fresh air! Compared to other big cities, the air quality is pretty good.

5 | Explore China town in Malay town
No surprise there is a China town in Kuala Lumpur. Have a nice walk, enjoy Chinese delights and bargain a little at the market! You can buy all kinds of souvenirs, and try the Chinese/Malaysian street food. But you will find Indian influences if you start trying out different dishes. You can also try out Jalan Alor Food Street or Imbi Market for yummy foodie finds! Or go on a treasure hunt on the Flea Market on Petaling Street.
6| Visit the Bird Park For Some Fun & Nature

Image C – Flickr

This huge, nearly 21-acre Bird Park homes about 200 different species giving its visitors an educational and fun experience. Entrance fee: 50 MYR ($21)
7 | Have A Nice Dinner & Enjoy The View In The Revolving Restaurant

Image C – Flickr

Dining in the Atmosphere360 is quite expensive if you’re on a budget – a dinner buffet is 230 MYR, $52 – so you might skip that one, there are plenty of great restaurants for the fraction of the price.
Observation deck entrance fee: 105 MYR ($24)
+ 1 Or A Must Do When In Malaysia – Go To Taman Negara

There are numerous ways to get up north from Kuala Lumpur to get in contact with nature. There are half day treks for the beginners, two-day treks with overnight-stay in the Jungle for the more experienced and even seven-day adventures for the advanced ones. If you’re interested, check out AJIP’s site, he is the best.

To sum up, Kuala Lumpur is not the cheapest South-east Asian city, but worth a visit to get to know the Malaysian every days better. Not to mention having a little taste of Muslim hospitality. In case you have a little more time on your hands do not miss the many malls and shopping opportunities and wonderful parks all around Kuala Lumpur!