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Best Places to Stay in Tokyo, Japan

Explore some of the best places to stay in Tokyo, Japan for all types of travelers. Discover the best themed hotels in Tokyo, capsule hostels, boutique hotels, the best luxury and budget places to stay in Tokyo.

Our list also contains some of the coolest and weirdest stays that will truly make your Japan holiday memorable. You’ll also find here futuristic capsule hotels, fun hotels for families, traditional Ryokans and great budget stays.

Tokyo is also a perfect city if you want to try Japanese onsen or Japanese style private bathing experiences and lucky for you, some of these unique accommodations on this list offer these options.

Before you read our Tokyo hotel & accommodation guide here are a few popular questions answered that will help you plan your Tokyo Itinerary and choose the best accommodation in this wondrous city.

What is the best location/area to stay in Tokyo?

it depends if you’re a Tokyo first timer or not. However, downtown Tokyo is always a good idea. It’s safe and you’ll be close to all the attractions, cool areas, and restaurants you want to visit.

The 3 most popular Tokyo downtown areas are Shinjuku, Shibuya, & Ginza. All three are excellent areas in Tokyo for travelers. These are also the best areas to stay in Tokyo if you want to enjoy the nightlife.

Tokyo is generally a clean and safe city so it’s perfectly fine to stay in downtown Tokyo with kids as well.

How many days should I spend in Tokyo?

It depends on how many days you have in Japan. If you only plan to stay for a week in Japan we would recommend a 2-3 day Tokyo itinerary so you would have time to visit other beautiful cities and areas like Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara.

Is Japan LGBT+Friendly?

Yes. Homosexuality is legal in Japan and especially in Tokyo people are open and are supportive of the LGBT+ community.

However, be careful when it comes to PDA (public display of affection). While Tokyo is a huge metropolitan city many Japanese people are still traditional and do not display affection publicly.

It’s something that’s worth keeping in mind both for LGBT+ and heterosexual couples especially when visiting smaller Japanese cities or villages.

Best Places to Stay in Tokyo, Japan for couples, families, groups & solo travelers

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Best Places to stay in Tokyo

Best Boutique Hotels in Tokyo

There are plenty of amazing boutique hotels in Tokyo some can even be booked at a very good price.

We collected some of the most beautifully designed boutique hotels that are a great choice for solo travelers, couples, families and bigger groups as well.

3| Hotel New Otani Tokyo Garden Tower – Accessible Hotel

Not far from the imperial palace Hotel New Otani Tokyo Garden Tower is one of the best boutique hotels in downtown Tokyo. It is a really stylish, high-end boutique hotel which provides a great service, while all their rooms are comfortably designed.

New Otani is also quite large, therefore you can choose from a number of different room types. Thanks to its green surroundings, New Otani is among the best boutique hotels in Tokyo for families as well. There is a huge fairy tale like garden with its own waterfall right next to the building.

You can easily get away from the busy streets of the magnificent city of Tokyo to have a walk in the lush park right next to Hotel New Otani Tokyo.

If you like nature and prefer to stay in a quieter neighborhood, Akasaka and its proximity are one of the best areas to stay in Tokyo. You can remain close to the central sights, yet you are going to feel like staying outside the city.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo Garden Tower boutique hotel is also wheelchair friendly.

2| The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon – Wheelchair Friendly Hotel

Near Asakusa station, you can find one of the coolest boutique hotels Tokyo has to offer. It is a chic hotel with a remarkable design with relaxing colors and comfortable furniture. There are rooms offering a fantastic view of the Tokyo Skytree.

Its restaurant offers unforgettable decadent dishes while enjoying live piano music and the beautiful view from the 13th floor.

The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by Hulic is surely one of the best places to eat in Tokyo if you are looking to impress your date. With its romantic views, it is surely one of the best hotels in Tokyo for couples.

The Gate Hotel is certainly among the best wheelchair-friendly hotel in Tokyo; besides accessible rooms, you can even borrow a wheelchair for your stay. You have to contact them prior to your arrival to make sure there is one available for you.

It is difficult to find a truly cheap boutique hotel in Tokyo, still, if you consider the quality of this hotel, the $130 nightly rate as a start isn’t too bad.

1| ONE@Tokyo

Right next to Tokyo Skytree you can stay in one of the best affordable hotels in Tokyo. This fantastically designed boutique hotel is going to indulge your senses while sparing your wallet.

You won’t believe it, but One@Tokyo is actually a cheap boutique hotel Tokyo visitors can book for as low as $60 a night. Of course, it depends on the dates, but still, it is quite a bargain considering how great that hotel looks and how well located.

This unique hotel in Tokyo has a theme for each room types such as “an artist’s home” or “book lovers’ room” making it a great place to stay for art and book lovers.

If you are looking for an artsy and cheap Tokyo accommodation, then you should check One@Tokyo out first, because it is a superb value boutique hotel.

Where to Stay in Tokyo | Best Tokyo Apartments For Short Term

3| Modern Apartment Near Shinjuku, Tokyo

This comfortable and bright apartment is certainly one of the best places to stay in Shinjuku. You get all the comfort one might need in this studio, while the neighborhood is a bit less touristy so you can try real local restaurants.

If you are staying for at least two weeks, it is a great idea to rent a small flat instead of staying in a hotel. You get the feeling of actually living there, while also saving some money on accommodation.

For about $70/night, you can rent this lovely place with its own balcony where you can enjoy a good morning coffee.

2| EAST ONE Higashishinjuku

A stone throw away from the famous electronics quarter, Akihabara, you can stay in a place you are definitely going to remember.

If you are in search of cool places to stay in Tokyo.

Thanks to its location, if you are planning to fit everything into a 2-3-day itinerary, you can easily get around from here.

1| cyashitsu ryokan asakusa

You can rent your very own apartment in this beautiful traditional Japanese Ryokan that’s one of the best hotel alternatives for larger groups and families. It can host up to ten people and is located well in Asakusa, which is among the best areas to stay in Tokyo for sightseeing.

You can easily visit most of the best places to visit in Tokyo by public transport or on foot.

We recommend only booking this place if you are staying for at least 3-4 nights as with all the extra charges it can be a little too expensive for only one night.

The interior is remarkable; it is all designed to remain authentic and comfortable. You get all the luxury while relaxing the traditional Japanese setting.

You can rent this fantastic house for around $400/night.

Best Hostels in Tokyo

Tokyo is possibly the best city on earth to try the hostel experience at least for a night.

Why? Because they have an excellent selection fo themed and uniquely designed hostels that truly offer one of a kind experiences.

These Tokyo hostels are also safe, clean, and of course, help you stay in your budget while getting a good night’s sleep in a fun environment.

Here are 3 of the best hostels in Tokyo that are also perfect for solo female travelers.

3| Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge

Toei Oedo Line Kuramae Station is one of the best places to stay in Tokyo because it is less busy, still conveniently close to downtown Tokyo.

Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge is an amazing place with so much to offer. You can either stay in a shared dorm or private room with different features to choose from.

There are river view double rooms as well, which are definitely ideal for couples on a romantic budget getaway in Tokyo.

Nui. also has a quiet library to enjoy reading or a little me time. If you are ready to socialize, then visit the lively bar lounge where you can always find someone to spark up a conversation.

If you are wondering where to stay in Tokyo on a budget, but with style, Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge is a great option for solo travelers and couples as well.

You can stay in a private twin room for as low as $50 a night.

2| Sadou Hostel Tokyo Ueno

Sadou Hostel is quite a remarkable accommodation if you are looking for unusual places to stay in Tokyo. It is much more than just a hostel.

You can participate in all sorts of cultural activities such as sushi making, pottery, calligraphy and tea making ceremonies thanks to the help of the dedicated staff.

It is perfectly located at Ueno station, which is among the best areas to stay in Tokyo if you would like to explore lively neighborhoods in the city.

While it is a busy hostel with visitors from all around the world, the management did their best to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves.

It is clean, neatly designed and most importantly, safe for solo female travelers as well. You can socialize if you prefer, or just enjoy solitude.

Spending a night here is around $30.

1| Hostel Chapter Two Tokyo

Hostel Chapter Two at Asakusa station is one of the best places to stay in Tokyo on a budget. The owners have poured their hearts into designing and running this homey place. You can either book a pod-like hostel bed or private rooms (twins or group rooms with bunk beds).

There is also a co-working space for business travelers or bloggers on the road. When in search of quirky places to stay this hostel should be on your shortlist as it is perfectly designed for book lovers.

You can take off a book from the shelf and get lost in the pages of our new favorite read.

Chapter Two is definitely a great and cheap Tokyo accommodation for quirky travelers looking for a fun hostel. What makes it one of the coolest places in Tokyo is the rooftop terrace with an amazing view of this buzzing city. It is a superb spot for solo and group travelers as well.

You can book a private room with a shared bathroom from $80/night or a single pod starting at $25.

Where to Stay in Tokyo with Family

We collected some of the most elegant, comfy, and coolest hotels in Tokyo for families. These places all offer spacious rooms and exceptional service for family travelers.

3| Park Hotel Tokyo

Right next to Shimbashi station Park Hotel is located in a very family friendly area. If you are wondering where to stay in Tokyo with kids, then this hotel may just be the answer for you.

In the neighborhood of the hotel, you can find the beautiful Hamarikyu gardens and enjoy the fresh air with the little ones.

While staying in a quirky hotel, you can switch off after a long day of sightseeing in Tokyo. On the artist floor, you can stay in individually designed gorgeous rooms that guarantee sweet dreams.

If you prefer unusual places to stay while traveling, Park Hotel Tokyo is a great pick.

Room rates start at $160/night.

2| JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku

This stylish hotel offers fantastic views of the city through its large windows. JR Kyushu Hotel is beloved by families visiting Tokyo, it is very comfortable and the service is fantastic.

You can pick from various room types fitting various budgets as well, so make sure you call up ahead to make sure you get the one most suitable for you.

As it’s very close to the main station, JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom is among the best places to stay in Shinjuku.

If you are a foodie, then you can find some of the best places to eat in Tokyo in this neighborhood.

We also find JR Kyushu one of the best hotels in Tokyo for sightseeing especially if you have to fit everything into a 2-3-day itinerary.

1| Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

At the Tokyo Teleport train station, you’ll find Grand Nikko, one of the best hotels for families in Tokyo. If you do not want to compromise on your luxurious lifestyle while out with the family, then you are going to love this place.

Grand Nikko’s rooms are opulent with a breathtaking view of Tokyo Bay and the rainbow bridge.

You can book a triple or a quadruple room or two rooms next to each other. With so much to do nearby, it is for sure one of the best areas to stay in Tokyo for families and couples as well.

Rooms start at the rate of $150/night based on double occupancy.

Best Luxury Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo has some of the finest luxury hotels in the world which makes it considerably easy to find a truly luxurious hotel in the city.

Other than artworks, stunning service, and sumptuous rooms you can even enjoy unique experiences in these beautiful hotels.

These three are some of the best places to stay in Toko if you’re looking for a luxurious experience.

3| Park Hyatt Tokyo – 5 star

Between Hatsudai and Shinjuku stations you can find Bill Murray’s favorite hotel in the city, Park Hyatt Tokyo.

The brand itself suggests something extraordinary and if you add Japanese perfectionism, then you know why it’s among the best luxury hotels in Tokyo.

You get whatever you have in mind, fine dining, comfortable rooms, and a beautiful large pool. Everything is given to enjoy yourself in the best possible setting.

If you want to indulge your loved one, Park Hyatt is most definitely among the best luxury hotels in Tokyo for couples.

Rates start at $500/night.

2| Aman Tokyo – 5 star

A stone throw away from Tokyo station you can find another famously sumptuous hotel, Aman. It has one of the best rooftop pools with a city view in Tokyo for sure. While having a great swim you can indulge in a fascinating view.

Its perfect location makes it one of the best luxury hotels in Tokyo for sightseeing as you can also find some of the best places to visit in Tokyo withing a few minutes.

There is so much to do and see in this huge city, you need a base that guarantees a good rest and makes you feel like at home.

All that greatness comes for a price, starting at $800 a night.

1| HOSHINOYA Tokyo – 5 star

For those who would like to experience traditional Japanese hospitality, but want to do it at the highest standards, Hoshinoya is certainly among the best choices for a luxurious stay in Tokyo.

Hoshinoya one of the few luxury hotels in Tokyo with private onsen. Besides the indulging hot spring bath, you can enjoy the stylish rooms which are tastefully designed to be modern and classic at the same time.

Hoshinoya is found near Tokyo station, just a few steps away from the lovely east gardens of the Imperial Palace.

If you want to stay at one of the best onsen hotels in Tokyo, you will have to set your budget high; rates start at $700/night.

Coolest & Weirdest Themed Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is certainly one of the best places on earth for those who love to stay in weird and unique places while they travel.

We already added some pretty unique and unusual accommodations to our list but these four hotels offer some of the coolest and weirdest hotel rooms in Tokyo.

No matter if you travel solo, with friends or family one of these four themed Tokyo hotels will surely steal your curious little heart.

4| Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza

Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza is not only one of the coolest hotels in Tokyo but it’s also the most futuristic one.

They have a fully robotized staff. You’ll find here human-shaped robots but also dinosaur robots and even robot arms to help you store your luggage.

They even got into the Guinness record book as the first hotel to employ robots.

The rooms are normal but their communal places are also comfy and well designed with a dinosaur theme.

You can find this hotel a bit further from Tokyo center but in a nice area close to Tokyo Disneyland. Their prices are mid-ranged around $100 for a night but on some days you can stay here for as low as $60/night.

So, if you want to peak into the future and have a little bit of fun stay at Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza.

3| Keio Plaza Hotel – Hello Kitty & other Kawaii hotel rooms

Keio Plaza Hotel doesn’t seem to be a quirky accommodation. However, if you search a little deeper, it shortly turns out to be a kawaii lover’s dream.

Surprisingly, Keio Plaza is among the few anime-themed hotels in Tokyo.

You can book Hello Kitty, My Melody or Little Twin Stars themed rooms while not giving up on the luxury of what this hotel offers.

The colorful rooms would make a great surprise for the little ones as well, so it is most definitely among the best hotels for families in Tokyo too.

So if you don’t know where to stay in Tokyo with kids, just book Keio Plaza Hotel’s Hello Kitty or any kawaii hotel room.

2| Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

One of the coolest hotels Tokyo has to offer for families is the Disneyland Hotel. Naturally, it is not just about staying in this themed hotel, but getting out there to Disneyland, where the magic happens.

When looking for unique accommodations that would make the little ones or animation fans happy, this cannot be left off the shortlist.

Found at the Tokyo Disney Resort, you can get out to enjoy what this enchanting land has to offer. Stay in an opulent hotel with a classic design with a Disney twist.

When is the hunt for superb quirky hotels in Tokyo, Disney hotel is going to make everyone happy in the family. It is surely among the coolest hotels in Tokyo if you want to be the best parent in the world.

1| Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

When browsing through weird hotels Tokyo can creep you out with, Hotel Gracery may not look any different from other accommodation in the city.

Wait until you look out the window and the gigantic water creature, Godzilla’s menacing eye looks back at you.

There is a giant replica of the famous monster outside the hotel and some of the rooms are also decorated to be Godzilla themed, it is a fun quirk you are going to love.

They even offer Godzilla themed dishes in their restaurant for ultimate fans.

You can pick a Godzilla view room to be creeped out every morning.

Shinjuku is the best area to stay in Tokyo for nightlife, why not make the mornings exciting as well.

Hotel Gracery offers one of the weirdest hotel rooms in Tokyo for sure.

Best Hotels Near Tokyo Station

If your Tokyo itinerary only leaves you a day or two in the city, then you should stay close to the station. You’ll be both close to every main attraction but also have good access to all the public transportation in Tokyo.

Here are three of the best places to stay in Tokyo if you want to be near the station but want to enjoy a comfortable hotel room and want to be close to all the Tokyo hot spots.

3| The Tokyo Station Hotel – Accessible  Hotel

Right in the station, you can find a unique hotel Tokyo will always regard as one of the finest.

This classic and luxurious hotel has everything a memorable stay requires; spa, shops, restaurants, and bars. There are different cuisines represented by talented and passionate chefs.

You can stay in a room overlooking the station, so if you are a train enthusiast really everything is handed to you on a silver platter.

It is an accessible hotel, you can book a wheelchair friendly hotel room as well.

The Tokyo Station Hotel is definitely among the best hotels in Tokyo for sightseeing.

2| Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo – Wheelchair Friendly Hotel

During your tiring travels convenience comes first and thanks to being so closely located to Tokyo Station, Ascott Marunouchi is a good choice.

You can rent a luxurious apartment overlooking the greens of the Imperial Palace garden.

Guests can book small apartments for two or larger ones for up to seven people, making it one of the best hotels for families near Tokyo Station.

Take a short walk in the friendly neighborhood, which only a step away from the buzzing Tokyo Station.

1| An/Other Tokyo

This chic hotel is utilizing the practicality brought by capsule hotels and spins it with a little luxury and style. The result is a unique hotel near Tokyo Station, where you can forget about the noise and running for a while.

There are three different sizes of rooms, small, medium and yes you guessed, large. You can book rooms with private baths and shared and while it is a rather budget hotel, it is surely one of the quirky places to stay in Tokyo.

As a solo female traveler, this is a great pick for a rest near the station.

Best Budget Hotels in Tokyo

Just because you’re on the budget it doesn’t mean you have to give up on quality accommodation.

Here are three excellent Tokyo budget hotels that are safe, clean, comfortable and will help you stay in your budget.

3| Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo Kudanshita

North of the Imperial Palace near Suidobashi station Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo Kudanshita is one of the best affordable hotel alternatives in the city.

Its location is ideal for visits of all lengths as everything is in close proximity.

For the quality of service and level of comfort, the nightly rates of $80 is not a high cost at all. Hotel Villa Fontaine is definitely one of the best budget hotels in Tokyo.

You get to stay in a chic hotel at a budget accommodation price, which is a great bargain in Tokyo.

2| Hotel Mystays Premier Omori

Mystays Premier is a bit further outside of Tokyo city center, about 30 minutes away by public transport. The Shinagawa city area is actually a great choice to stay.

If you are wondering where to stay in Tokyo with kids on a budget, Mystays could be a good answer too.

As it is close to some great parks and activities, you can keep the little ones busy and still get into the center if you would like to explore.

When it comes to cozy budget hotels, Mystays is among the best affordable hotels in Tokyo.

Oi Wharf offers a number of great free-time activities, such as the Oi Wharf Central Bayside Park and there are even some hot springs to indulge the grown-ups.

For such a low rate of $60/night, you can stay in a quality hotel not far from the center.

1| Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

Just a short stroll away from the science museum, Sakura Hotel is found in the best area to stay in Tokyo for nightlife and sightseeing.

With some of the best places to visit in Tokyo nearby, you can save a lot of money on transportation as well.

Sakura Hotel is certainly among the best places to stay in Tokyo on a budget. We recommend this place to younger travelers, who are open to meet new people and enjoy going out into the night.

You can book a room from as low as $60 for a night, which is pretty low keeping the location in mind.

Als you can walk around to try a few of the best places to eat in Tokyo.

Best Downtown Hotels in Tokyo

While downtown Tokyo is not the cheapest area in the city it’s surely one that’s worth paying the extra to stay close to everything this magical city has to offer.

We collected three of the best places to stay in Tokyo downtown with different styles and price ranges. However, all three of them offer excellent service and will make sure you’ll have a good night’s sleep.

3| Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten

If your budget can allow, a remarkable hotel awaits to pamper you all day. Besides the opulent design of the Edo period blended with contemporary simplicity, the giant baths are going to take you to your happy place.

You can also enjoy some of the finest teas Japan has to offer. If you want to explore Japanese culture with a luxurious twist, it is definitely among the best places to stay in Tokyo

North of downtown Tokyo, you can find this lovely place at Akihabara station, which famous for its electronics quarter.

2| Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier

Enjoy a luxurious stay at one of the best places to stay in Ginza. You can book a number of different rooms depending on your budget and preferences. Most of the rooms come with a breathtaking view of the city and some of the Tokyo Tower.

The neat contemporary design will suit modern art lovers’ taste while the professional service of the dedicated staff helps you to switch off after all the hassle and bustle in the city.

It is set in one of the best areas to stay in Tokyo for nightlife and sightseeing.

You can book a room starting at around $150 for a night depending on the period of the year.

1| The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

If you are looking for a luxurious stay in downtown Tokyo, then The Prince Park Tower has all one might need. With a large number of different suites and rooms, you are definitely going to be tempted to book a room there.

It is at the higher end, starting at $300/night, still, for the quality and location, it is a fairly good rate.

Near to Akabanebashi, it is set in the perfect environment for those who are in need of a little nature and quiet. It is certainly among the best hotels in Tokyo for sightseeing as everything is within easy reach. And you also can relax after a long day here.

Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Capsule hotels are a big hit in Japan and now they’re more and more well known in other countries as well around the world.

The first few were opened in Tokyo and this city still offers the most comfortable, coolest, and safest capsule hotels in Japan.

We collected three of the best Tokyo capsule hotels that will surely make you want to spend a night or two exploring them.

3| Book and Bed Tokyo

Book lovers, your question of where to stay in Tokyo has just been answered. If you are a bookworm and want to find a cool place to stay in Tokyo, Book and Bed is the best choice for you.

An adventurous book lover is always in search of quirky places to stay and you are at luck.

Right next to Shinjuku station, you can find a neatly designed capsule hotel that offers a memorable stay and a book for every day.

They have a vast collection of books, so it is very likely you are going to find something of your liking that you haven’t yet read.

They also have a great superior room for double occupancy with a fantastic view making it a great capsule hotel for couples in Tokyo.

2| The Millennials Shibuya

Shibuya is known to be the best area to stay in Tokyo for nightlife and if you need a place to lay down after a long night, Millennials is a perfect choice.

If you want to stay in the best capsule hotels in Tokyo, then you should check this one out as well. It is most certainly among the best places to stay in Shibuya.

There are pods with a large projection screen to make the experience even more memorable. All single pods are clean ad safe, there are mixed rooms as well as female or male-only.

You can share your stories with fellow travelers in the cool bar before going for a good sleep.

The Millennials is one of the best affordable hotels in Tokyo for solo travelers.

1| Nine Hours Shinjuku-North

When looking for hotel alternatives in Tokyo, Nine Hours is among the best capsule hotels in Tokyo near Okubo station. What is really amazing about this place is the different ways you can enjoy the services of this hotel.

You can rent a pod for a night or just for the afternoon if you re in need of a nap. On a hot and busy day, you can even pay in just for a shower if you are in the neighborhood and there are no other options.

It also offers workspace, where you can sit down comfortably and focus on your work.

If you are in need of quality but cheap Tokyo accommodation, Nine Hours Hotel with its futuristic design is surely the perfect choice.

To people struggling with the question of where to sleep in Tokyo cheap between flights or train rides, here is the answer.

Best Ryokans in Tokyo

When visiting Japan there are some must-see places and experiences that will make your time truly memorable in Tokyo.

Staying in a Ryokan in Tokyo is one of them as they represent the vast history and traditions of Japanese hospitality.

So if you’re looking for a traditional ryokan in Tokyo, a Japanese private bath or an onsen experience these are the best places to stay in Tokyo.

3| Sukeroku no Yado Sadachiyo

Great news for budget travelers, Sukeroku no Yado Sadachiyo is one of the best affordable traditional ryokans in Tokyo which offers an outstanding service.

You can enjoy the authentic design while you are well looked after for considerably low costs. A room starts at $150/ night, which is not at all bad for a stay like this.

Soak in the beautiful Japanese culture while staying in the tatami-floored rooms and enjoy some traditional dishes.

Located conveniently in the proximity of Asakusa station, you can set out a good sightseeing tour from here.

And after a long day, you can relax in a beautiful bath.

With it has to offer, it is among the best hotels in Tokyo for couples and families.

2| The Edo Sakura

The Edo Sakura is among the places to stay in Tokyo on a budget if you would like to enjoy traditional Japanese hospitality.

This beautiful ryokan is just a few steps away from Iriya Station near Ueno Park, where you can find such great sights as the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

It is certainly a great place for families and couples to stay in Tokyo. The hotel also has a tea room, where you can get a feel of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

So, if you have doubts about where to stay in Tokyo, The Edo Sakura has the answer for you.

1| Asakusa Shigetsu Ryokan Tokyo

A short walk away from the famous shopping street, Nakamise (Orange Street), you can stay in a lovely traditional ryokan. Asakusa Shigetsu Ryokan has been maintaining traditions for over 80 years and hopefully for a very long time.

Have a soothing bath on the sixth floor while enjoying the stunning view of the iconic Tokyo Sky tree. A hearty traditional Japanese breakfast is offered every morning.

It is among the best hotels in Tokyo for sightseeing as there are such superb places within walking distance as the Senso-ji Temple. And the neighborhood is also worthy of a nice walk and photos.

best places to stay in tokyo, japan

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