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Ultimate Guide To The Best Japanese Snacks You Can Buy Online

Luckily we live in a day and age where we can order the yummiest Japanese Snacks online and get delivered right to our doorstep. If you can’t choose or don’t know where to start with Japanese snacks don’t worry we got your back.

You’ll find here traditional and popular Japanese snacks, lesser-known yummy delights as well as the most popular sweets and salty products of Japan. You’ll also learn about biscuits and Japanese candies as well.

And since anime is an integral part of Japanese culture we decided to include some anime-inspired snacks too. You’ll find Japanese drinks and snack boxes on our list as well since they’re also a great way to bring the taste of Japan to your home and get to know Japanese culture a bit better through your tastebuds and stomach.

If you’re like us and enjoy tasting new snacks from around the world you’ll love these must-try Japanese snacks for sure.

Ultimate Guide To The Must-Try Japanese Snacks & Where To Buy Them Online

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 Yummiest Sweet Japanese Snacks You Can Buy Online

Japan is famous for its sweet and unique snacks, desserts, and candies. Here are some of the best ones that have variations you can only find in Japan. From traditional sweet snacks to new and popular finds here are the best ones you want to try at least once. These sweets are so popular that you can see them feautred in most anime and Japanese movies or dramas.

Best places to buy Japanese snacks online

The two best places to buy good quality Japanese snacks online on Amazon or Dokodemo. While Amazon now have quiet a nice selection of international snacks including Japanese Dokodemo also has all other kinds of amazing and fun japanese products that are delivered to your door from Japan.

You can also check out Bokksu. They started out as one of the best Japanese snack box companies. However, over the years they built strong relationships with varius Japanese artisanal food makers all over the country. You can now find one of a kind Japanese snacks at Bokksu that were created espcially for their customers and can’t be bought anywhere else. You can try them if you order their snack box or you can order them separately as well in ther Market.

Kukkia Quatre yummiest Cookies from Japan

Kukkia is one of the yummiest sweet Japanese cookies. You can find them in various flavors such as chocolate, strawberry or matcha green tea.

Morinaga Hi-chew Japanese cady

You can find Morinaga Hi-chew in all the shops around Japan it’s one of the most popular candies in the country. It’s yummy and you can find a lot of flavors. This variety flavor pack is perfect for those who want to try them all.

Satoh’s Kirimochi Japanese Rice Cakes

One of the simple yet most delicious and most popular mochi rice cakes you can buy online is Satoh’s Kirimochi. You only have to microwave it for 2 minutes and then enjoy this nummy Japanese delight. If you like Senbei you’ll love these yummies.

MARUTA Konpeito Traditional Japanese Candy

Konpeito candy is probably the most famous traditional Japanese candy. It even appeared in various movies and animes including Ghibli’s acclaimed Spirited Away.

It’s a sweet hard candy with rough edges and yummy taste.

Shiroi Koibito Traditional Japanese Cookies

This white and dark chocolate filled cookie is nicely wrapped and will be a favorite of those who really love sweet snacks. It’s fairly popular around Japan and we haven’t seen it elsewhere so far.

Mochi Daifuku – Traditional Japanese rice cake

This yummy peanut-flavored delight is a traditional Japanese mochi with a little twist. If you love mochi or interested in trying a good one you should check out this one.

Pukupuku-Tai – Traditional Japanese fish-shaped cake

These waffle-like, fish-shaped delights are basically ready-made Taiyakis. It’s soft and sweet and is one of the most famous snack foods and street foods in Japan.

Shirakiku Dorayaki – Traditional Japanese confection

Dorayaki is another famous Japanese street food. It’s filled with sweet red bean paste and is very tasty. This packaged one is of course not as good as the fresh ones you can buy around Japan but they’re still pretty delicious and surely one that any Japanese snack lover should try.

Pocky – Popular Japanese Snack Food

There is no other Japanese snack that’s more famous than Pocky. While you can buy these yummy chocolaty sticks in most countries now there are few limited editions with unique tastes that you can only buy in Japan… and online.

52 PC Asian Snacks (Small)
Japanese Kit Kat selection - guide to the best Japanese snacks everyone should try

Japanese Kit Kat

Kit kat is HUGE in Japan and you can find it in any convenience stores or vending machines all around Japan. While the most popular tastes are matcha, sweet potato, strawberry, and sakura, you can actually find over 300 different types of Kit kat in Japan. You can also buy a tasting box with 16 different types so you can easily find your favorite. If you want to try something really yummy try their Green Tea Kit Kat.

Meiji Chocolate Milk - guide to the best Japanese snacks and where to buy them online

Meiji milk chocolate

Meiji is Japan’s biggest chocolate manufacturers their sweets are popular and beloved all around Japan. However, they sell more than just chocolate. Their Hello Panda, Kinoko no Yama, or  Yan Yan snacks are just as famous in Japan.

Hi-Chew - guide to the best japnese snacks and best Japanese candies online

Hi-Chew – Japanese Candy

Hi-Chew is easily Japan’s most popular candy. It’s manufactured by the Morinaga company since 1975 and they’re still the biggest manufacturers of Japanese candies. Hi-Chew has a fruity taste and a crunchy texture. This popular candy can be found in any convenience store in Japan.

 Yummiest Salty Japanese Snacks You Can Buy Online

There is a huge selection of salty Japnese snacks online and for a good reason. From traditional snacks to new exciting products we can all find a new favorite. From crunchy and soft to spicy and mild taste any foodie can experiment and taste something they never tried before.

Salt & Camembert – Japanese salty Cookies

It’s a salty delight from Hokkaido made with Hokkaido milk. Japan Import that’s a perfect choice for foodies who want to try a salty Japanese snack with a bit of French twist.

Riska Corn Potage Corn Puff – salty Japanese snack Food

It’s a popular Japanese snack or junk food if you like. It has a mild corn potage flavor it’s yummy but nothing out of the ordinary so it’s perfect for those who are interested in Japanese snacks but don’t want to try anything “wild”.

Wel-Pac – Saki Ika (dried squid, hot flavored) – Traditional salty Japanese snack

It’s a traditional Japanese snack that’s still very popular in Japan and around Asia. You can buy this in any grocery store. It’s not only yummy but healthy too. If you don’t like hot snacks you can buy Shirakiku Prepared Shredded Squid Dried Squid Plain Flavor instead.

Tokyo Premium – Nori – Japanese Chips

With its beautiful packaging, this snack could be a great gift too. You can find cod roe taste or wasabi Goma sesame taste. It’s mild but yummy.

Nori Maki Arare / Kaki No Tane – traditional salty Japanese snack

If you want to try a truly popular traditional Japanese snack you should definitely check out these rice crackers. It’s one of the most common snacks in Japan and is beloved by younger and older generations as well.

Calbee Japan jaga-pockle – Japanese potato snack

It’s a yummy potato snack from Hokkaido. It has a mild but savory taste perfect for chips lovers who want to try their favorite snacks in Japanese style.

Where to Buy Japanese Snacks Online

Trying out and ordering international snacks including Japanese snacks has never been easier. You can find the most popular brands on Amazon. We love Amazon because you can get almost any snack there at a good price and get it delivered quickly. They also have a nice selection of snack boxes.  If you love gourmet snacks you should check out Bokksu‘s snack box. Bokksu not only fills its boxes with popular Japanese snacks but works together with various smaller manufacturers that create Japanese gourmet snacks.

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 Yummiest Anime Inspired Japanese Snacks Online

If you watch anime you know that they love to display the most popular Japanese snacks, drinks, and dishes in movies and series. However, anime also inspired many companies in Japan to sell their products with an anime twist. Here are some of the most fun and yummy anime snacks.

My Hero Academia U.A. High School Hero Candy (Collectible) – Japanese anime candy

There are many candies and gums in Japan with anime packaging and you can even find awesome collectibles inside. It’s no surprise that one of the most successful is My Hero Academia candy.

This one is pretty good so if you love candy with sour strawberry and lemonade taste.

Get your Dagashi in an Anime Bag from Japan

Get the most popular Japanese candies and snacks in a fun anime bag. Most of these snacks and candies have been frequently featured in animes too.

Sanrio Hello Kitty – Sweet Japanese Snack Box

One of the sweetest and cutest snack boxes you can get is this yummy Hello Kitty one. It’s perfect for Kawaii fans but it’s a nice surprise to anyone who loves their anime cute.

Yummiest Japanese Drinks You Can Buy Online

Japan is famous for its drinks and Japanese people love to drink. You probably heard about Sake or Matcha tea and its various ceremonies, and types of these two drinks. However, there are plenty of amazing and just as popular Japanese soft drinks you might want to try.

Ramune – Japanese Drink, Soda

Ramune is, without a doubt, the most famous Japanese soft drink. It’s so popular that it has been featured by most of the animes and many movies and series in Japan. It’s pretty much an everyday drink in Japan but it’s surely a yummy one.

Ramune or Lemonade is one of the yummiest traditional Japanese drinks. It was invented way back in 1872 and its popularity only grew since then.

You can buy a pack or just one bottle.

Mitsuya Cider – Japanese drink

This carbonated Japanese drink tastes a bit like a mixture of ginger ale and sprite. It has a long history just like Ramune, the first few were sold in 1884.

Boss Coffee – Japanese Coffee

Coffee is just as huge in Japan as it is in western countries. And the most beloved and popular coffee brand is Boss Coffee. This Japan imported canned coffee is really yummy. Our favorite was the one with milk but of course, you find it in all kinds of flavors as you would usually do with other brands.

It’s in every grocery store and wending machine all over Japan and luckily we can also order it online.

Yummiest Japanese Snack Boxes You Can Buy Online

There are plenty of amazing Japanese snack and candy boxes online which is great but also makes it hard to choose. If you have a very peculiar taste or you rather prefer salty over sweet you should spend a bit more time on the descriptions to make sure you choose the right box. These Japanese snack assortment boxes are all filled with high quality, traditional, and popular Japanese snacks, candies, and drinks.

52 PC Asian Snacks (Small)

Japanese Candy & Snack POPIN COOKIN – Japanese box set

It’s the perfect box set if you want to try a wide variety of sweet and salty Japanese snacks. You can find in here the most popular and well-known Japanese snacks and junk foods. You’ll find other delights in this box too from Korea, Taiwan, and more Asian countries.

Bokksu – Authentic Japanese Snack & Candy Subscription

Bokksu offers a nice selection of quality and trendy Japanese snacks and their boxes are also fun. They have some of the most popular Japanese snacks but they also work together with artisan makers so they can send gourmet snacks in their boxes.

Sakura Box Premium Selection – Japanese snack box

We especially love Sakura boxes because they not only fill it with the best snacks but also include yummy drinks. They also have the cutest boxes.

Thank you for reading!