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Ultimate Guide To The Best Japanese Snacks You Can Buy Online

Luckily we live in a day and age where we can order the yummiest Japanese Snacks online and get delivered right to our doorstep. If you can’t choose or don’t know where to start with Japanese snacks don’t worry we got your back.

You’ll find here traditional and popular Japanese snacks, lesser-known yummy delights as well as the most popular sweets and salty products of Japan. You’ll also learn about biscuits and Japanese candies as well.

And since anime is an integral part of Japanese culture we decided to include some anime-inspired snacks too. You’ll find Japanese drinks and snack boxes on our list as well since they’re also a great way to bring the taste of Japan to your home and get to know Japanese culture a bit better through your tastebuds and stomach.

If you’re like us and enjoy tasting new snacks from around the world you’ll love these must-try Japanese snacks for sure.

Ultimate Guide To The Must-Try Japanese Snacks & Where To Buy Them Online

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top Japanese snacks to buy online

 Yummiest Sweet Japanese Snacks You Can Buy Online

Japan is famous for its sweet and unique snacks, desserts, and candies. Here are some of the best ones that have variations you can only find in Japan. From traditional sweet snacks to new and popular finds here are the best ones you want to try at least once. These sweets are so popular that you can see them feautred in most anime and Japanese movies or dramas.

Best places to buy Japanese snacks online

Bokksu Market is hands down the best place to buy all types of quality Japanese snacks online. Over the years they built strong relationships with various Japanese artisanal food makers all over the country. You can not only find the must-try traditional Japanese snacks, and the most popular snacks from Japan but can also find one-of-a-kind Japanese snacks at Bokksu Market that were created especially for their customers and can’t be bought anywhere else.

Japanese Kit Kat: Cheesecake

Kit Kat is super popular in Japan. They also make all kinds of special types you can only get in Japan or online like this delicisous Japanese Kit Kat: Cheesecake. But you can also buy all kinds of special Kit Kats like green tea and delicious strawberries. If you’re looking for a modern and popular Japanese snack then you should definitely try a few of these amazing treats if you get a Kit Kat variety Pack.

Glico Pocky Matcha Green Tea - best sweet Japanese snacks

Pocky is another brand that’s popular all over the world but in Japan you can get special versions of this beloved snacks. Glico Pocky’s Matcha Green Tea is one of the best but you can choose from all kinds of special flavors that are only available in Japan and online.

Kubota Daifuku Mochi Strawberry japanese snacks
Nakagami Mochi Monaka Matcha Green Tea - sweet Japanese snacks

Mochi is easily one of the most traditional and popular sweet Japanese snacks. You can buy delicious traditional and more modern mochi sets and try all kinds of versions including yummy strawberry mochi thanks to Bokksu Market.

This Nakagami Mochi Monaka Matcha Green Tea mochi is one of the best sweet Japanese snacks you should check out. You can even get a Mochi variety pack and try multiple of these yummy Japanese snacks.

Amanoya Kabuki Age Rice Crackers - sweet Japanese snacks

Amanoya Kabuki Age Rice Crackers is a must try Japanese snack. It might seem simple but it is truly addictive. It’s sweet, crunchy and makes a perfectly unque movie night snack.

Sakura Castella Cake White Peach sweet japanese snacks

While this popular Japanese treat was introduced to Japan by Portuguese merchants in the 1600s since then it has been one of the most popular sweet snacks in Japan. Naturally, there are all kinds of flavor conbinations you can only get in Japan and online like this delicious Sakura Castella Cake: White Peach.

Kracie Popin Cookin DIY Candy Sushi - best sweet Japanese snacks

One of the most popular and cutest Japanese snacks is no doubt the Popin Cooking sets. This charming Kracie Popin Cookin DIY Candy Sushi is one of the best Japanese snacks you can try and will have a whole lot of fun devouring them. You can also get a bento version that’s just as cute and declicious.

Ohkura Kumamon Candy Kokuto Brown Suger - best Japanese snacks

This sweet and fun Japanese snack is a must-try for anyone who loves sweet candy. Ohkura Kumamon Candy: Kokuto Brown Sugar is a hard candy and it is made with high-quality kokuto brown sugar and water from Kumamoto Japan. 

Thanks to its lovely Kumamoto mascot Kumamon! the candy also has a cute packaging. They add Japan-made kokuto brown sugar that has a complex deep sweetness and is rich in nutrients, so there is plenty to appreciate about this special Japanese candy!

Ribon Strawberry Hokkaido Milk Candy - must try Japanese snacks

Ribon Strawberry Hokkaido Milk Candy is another delicious must-try Japanese snack that has delicious Hokkaido milk. It’s made with real freeze-dried strawberries and milk from Hokkaido, this Japanese candy will melt in your mouth instantly.

Bokksu White Strawberry 6-Piece Box - best Japanese snacks

Bokksu White Strawberries is an Artisanal Japanese snack and will be one of the best and most delicious things you’ll ever put in your mouth. It’s one of the best Japanese snacks that might seem simple but it’s one of the most unique treats you can try.

Thanks to it’s high-quality and beautiful packaging it also makes a perfect gift for Christmas birthdays or any special occasions. It’s produced in Nagano, Japan and it has a perfect balance of smooth and rich flavors.

Meiji Kinoko no Yama Chocolate Wheat Biscuits - best Japanese snacks to buy online

Meiji Kinoko no Yama Chocolate Wheat Biscuits are one of the best Japanese snacks to buy online especially if you love crunchy sweets. These charming Mountain mushroom sweets can also make perfect gifts since they’re not only delicious but has a fun unique look.

Chaoby Bubble Milk Tea Boba Cake - top Japanese snacks

Thanks to Chaoby Bubble Milk Tea Boba Cake you can not only drink your favorite boba teas but can eat them too. This is one of the top Japanese snacks that’ll be a treat for not only boba tea lovers but anyone who loves unique sweet treats.

Shimizu Red Bean Dorayaki - best Japanese snacks

Shimizu Red Bean Dorayaki is one of the best tradtional Japanese snacks that’s also still super popular all around Japan. It’s a traditional wagashi with origins in the Edo period. It’s a delicious Japanese fluffy pancake sandwich with lightly sweet red bean filling.

 Yummiest Salty Japanese Snacks You Can Buy Online

There is a huge selection of salty Japnese snacks online and for a good reason. From traditional snacks to new exciting products we can all find a new favorite. From crunchy and soft to spicy and mild taste any foodie can experiment and taste something they never tried before.

Chung Hsiang Soda Cracker Green Onion - best salty japanese snacks

Chung Hsiang Soda Cracker Green Onion is one of the best salty japanese snacks you can buy online. It might seem simple but these savory and crunchy soda crackers are truly delicisou and unique.

Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi Puffs - best Japanese snacks

Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi Puffs are crucnhy, creamy, and superbly delicious. It’s one of the best Japanese snacks you can buy online that’s perfect for movie nights and can make a great foodie gift to anyone who likes to try new snacks or want to try a truly unique mochi.

Shirako Yama Wasabi Nori Seaweed - traditional Japanese snacks

Shirako Yama Wasabi Nori Seaweed is one of the healthiest traditional Japanese snacks you should try. It’s simple but delicous.

Ohgiya Noriten Seaweed Tempura Chips Wasabi - best salty Japanese snacks

Ohgiya Noriten Seaweed Tempura Chips Wasabi is one of the best salty Japanese snacks everyone should try. It is a savory, crispy-fried snack that will also give you a wasabi head-rush. It’s a must try for all snack lovers who love unique snacks.

Where to Buy Japanese Snacks Online

Trying out and ordering international snacks including Japanese snacks has never been easier. You can find the most popular and unique Japanese snack brands at Bokksu Market. You can not only find here traditional and popular Japanese snacks but also various smaller manufacturers that create Japanese gourmet snacks.

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Yummiest Japanese Drinks You Can Buy Online

Japan is famous for its drinks and Japanese people love to drink. You probably heard about Sake or Matcha tea and its various ceremonies, and types of these two drinks. However, there are plenty of amazing and just as popular Japanese soft drinks you might want to try.

Sangaria Ramune Soda Peach - best Japanese drinks

Ramune is, without a doubt, the most famous Japanese soft drink. It’s so popular that it has been featured by most of the animes and many movies and series in Japan. It’s pretty much an everyday drink in Japan but it’s surely a yummy one.

Ramune or Lemonade is one of the yummiest traditional Japanese drinks. It was invented way back in 1872 and its popularity only grew since then.

This yummy Sangaria Ramune Soda with peach flavour is one of the best Japanese drinks you can try.

Suntory BOSS Cold Cafe Au Lait is one of the most popular drinks in Japan. Coffee is just as huge in Japan as it is in western countries. And the most beloved and popular coffee brand is Boss Coffee. This Japan imported canned coffee is really yummy. Our favorite was the one with milk but of course, you find it in all kinds of flavors as you would usually do with other brands.

It’s in every grocery store and wending machine all over Japan and luckily we can also order it online.

Yummiest Japanese Snack Boxes You Can Buy Online

There are plenty of amazing Japanese snack and candy boxes online which is great but also makes it hard to choose. If you have a very peculiar taste or you rather prefer salty over sweet you should spend a bit more time on the descriptions to make sure you choose the right box. These Japanese snack assortment boxes are all filled with high quality, traditional, and popular Japanese snacks, candies, and drinks.

Bokksu – Authentic Japanese Snack & Candy Subscription

Bokksu offers a nice selection of quality and trendy Japanese snacks and their boxes are also fun. They have some of the most popular Japanese snacks but they also work together with artisan makers so they can send gourmet snacks in their boxes.

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