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Last Updated on October 12, 2020 by Jella Erhard

Korean Skin Care Morning Routine For A Healthy, Glowing Skin

Do you want to start doing the Korean skincare morning (or night) routine but don’t know where to start? Do you want to buy quality and fun Japanese or Korean skincare products but don’t know where or which one you should choose? Don’t worry! We got your back! Follow our step by step guide for healthier, glowing skin in just a month.

While many people in the west think that Asian women are born with their perfect skin. The truth is, they start to learn from a very young age how to take care of their skin. While we’re happy to bath under the sun they take serious precautions and use sunscreen from an early age.

And while in western countries women spend 70% of their money on makeup to cover up impurities, Asian women tend to spend that money on skincare products. Natural beauty is the most important thing, in skincare and also when it comes to makeup. Asian women truly believe in natural beauty and they are not afraid to spend money and time to reach for the best.

It’s perfect for men too. Korean products are not all about cute and not just for girls. In Asia, not just women care about their skin but men too! They take great pride in their skin, hair, and all-around personal hygiene. It’s not a secret that most western guys could learn a lot from them.

When I first heard about this routine I got overwhelmed. My beauty routine was about 3 steps at a time; 1. Wash face 2. Tone it 3. put some cream on it. The idea of doing a 10 step skincare routine every morning and evening sounded way too much to me. However, my skin is very sensitive, I have issues with acne and blackheads as well. And unfortunately, I’m not getting younger either. So after reading and hearing so many amazing things about this routine, I decided to give it a go.

I quickly fell in love with not just the routine but the products as well. It was 5 years ago and since then I only use products from Asia – mostly Korean and Japanese – and I do my routine as if my life would depend on it. My skin cleared out, it’s healthy and glowing. My dark circles brightened up and I just feel a lot better about my skin altogether. I’m not saying my skin is picture perfect. I still have breakouts from time to time and I still have issues with my pores. But my skin hasn’t been hurting since and even the meanest of acne disappears in 2-5 days.

One of my favorite brands; Hada Labo from Japan

The Korean skincare routine thought me how to pamper my skin but also how to pamper my soul. It gives me a good start for the day and a nice soothing ritual in the evenings. Not to mention the beautiful and fun products I found in Asia.

Also, if you feel like these 10 steps are a lot, don’t worry! You don’t actually have to do all 10 steps every day. For example, you don’t need to exfoliate daily and you can also switch up the steps based on your preferences. Before you buy a product, it’s important to know if you have normal, oily, combination or dry skin and buy them accordingly.

There are many sites from where you can make your safe order. One of our favorites sites and the easiest go-to sites we love is Amazon. You can safely order your Korean, Japanese or any other Asian skincare products at a really good price and you don’t even have to wait for weeks while it finally arrives. 

Here’s how to do your easy to follow 10 Step Korean skincare routine

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best 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine step by step
1| Remove your makeup with Oil Cleanser

You have to start with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, SPF, environmental dirt. This allows effortless cleansing to remove that last bit of mascara that usually sticks under your lashes. I love this product it clears my skin effortlessly, it’s natural, and it’s enough for 2-3 months. You will love this amazing Rice Water Oil Cleansing.

2| Cleanse with a water-based product

Double cleansing is the way to go! The second part is a water-based cleanser to wash off any residue from your oil cleanse and the remaining impurities. If you use warm water it also softens your skin and opens your pores so it’s easier to clean everything out from the roots. Hada Labo is the ultimate favorite! I fell in love with it after the first week. It feels wonderful on my skin. And it’s kinda like smashing marshmallows right into my skin! You can also check prices on Amazon.

3| Exfoliation – make the dead skin disappear

You only have to do this up to 2-3 times a week. Gently massage the exfoliator into your skin and slough off the dead skin to make a breeze for the new skin under. Please, consider, if you apply heavy make up every day you may have to exfoliate 3 or even 4 times a week. Important to consider your skin type when you choose your exfoliator. If you have sensitive skin don’t choose anything rough that could harm your skin. This black sugar scrub will quickly become your favorite.

4| Toner – Toning is important not just for your body but for your face too

The toner, hmmm. One of the best parts of my routine. This beauty is balancing your skin’s pH levels and prepares your skin for the following steps. You can actually feel how nicely moisturizes and helps your skin to better absorb the following products. You can use cotton pads or just simply sprinkle your hands and tap onto your skin, it’s up to you which one you like better. Sana’s Soy Milk Toner is by far the best I’ve tried. It works magically for me! You can buy this amazing Soy Milk Toner.


Essence has a dual purpose, it’s a kind of toner and serum hybrid made for hydrating and aiding skin repair and cell turnover. This one is enough for 2-3 months and it really helps tighten my pores. My skin drinks this up as if there was no tomorrow. Use Wonder Pore.

6| Serum, Booster, or Ampule – depending on your taste and skin

This is your skin-perfecting step, so choose your product wisely. And the price isn’t always everything. I recently found this Missha Ampoule in Bangkok and it works like a charm. I bought it in Beauty buffet Shop and since I love other products of Missha I decided to give this a try. Good choice! With this product, you can treat any problem you have, including acne, wrinkles, brightening, pore-refining or pigmentation. You apply these onto your face and just tap your problems away! Since I’m using this, even my acne scars started to disappear.

7| Sheet Masks – Ok, I lied earlier because this is my favorite step!

BIOAQUA Moisturizing Face Mask – Animal Mask MultiSet

Sheet masks are huge in Asia. I totally got sheet mask-crazy the first time I tried them. I usually travel with about 40 of them. And try to use at least 1 every day. You think this is crazy? Well, Bingbing Fan uses 2 every day and her skin is flawless! Sheet masks are often referred to as the soul of the Korean skincare routine. Why? Because it’s meditative for the soul & body and it has nourishing effects as well. Just put on your face 2-3 times per week and enjoy the 15-20 minutes of silence and peacefulness. Or get your cell phone ready and make a fun selfie with one of the cute animal sheet masks.

8| Eye Cream, Essence or Serum

Mizon ​Cosmetics Snail Repair Eye Cream


Mizon ​Cosmetics Snail Repair Eye Cream will help you take care the skin around your eyes. Since it’s the most delicate skin on your face you should treat it accordingly. This natural anti-aging eye cream can help with dark circles and wrinkles, crows feet, fine lines while fully hydrating your skin. Use your ring finger to gently tap (never rub) the eye cream around the entire orbital bone. It depends on your age which kind of eye cream, serum or essence you need, so please always check before ordering.  The creams are always too heavy for my very sensitive skin. So I always use essence version or serum but if you have normal skin go for the cream.

9| Moisturizer

Hydration, hydration, hydration. At night this is your last but important step. The moisturizer is a crucial step to keep your skin protect and hydrate for a fully revitalized, bouncy skin. I always use Hada Labo lotions and couldn’t be more satisfied with their products. 

10| Sun Protection

I always knew that the best thing I can do to prevent premature aging, dark spots, and dry skin is to use sunscreen. But I always hated the oily and sticky feeling they left on my skin. However, all my sunscreen problems disappeared when I found Biore’s UV aqua rich watery gel. I apply it every morning, and always drop it in my bag and re-apply it during the day to shield my skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Don’t be afraid to use it often. It makes your skin look healthy, bouncy, and helps you fight against the possibility of skin cancer! 

You should see the positive changes on your skin in a couple of days or so. However, you have to be patient. Everyone has a different skin and it may take time for yours to show its new healthier side.

In case you don’t know what to do while your sheet mask is on just read a good book or watch something fun!

Another important mention. If you have serious acne or any other skin problems visit a dermatologist. I had to go and get some help and it was totally worth it. I got Duac for my acne issues and it helped me clear them out in a couple of weeks. If your skin hurts, or you feel completely uncomfortable don’t be afraid to ask for professional help!

Have fun on your new skincare journey!

Do you have a favorite product or a secret tip that helps you? Let me know in the comment section!

Thank you for reading!