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91 Best Anime Gifts for Anime Lovers – Gift Ideas for Otakus

Finding the best gifts for anime lovers can be a difficult thing. However, with the help of our comprehensive anime gift guide, it will become easy and fun to find something amazing to your anime lover friend.

You will find some of our favorite finds from Amazon that are perfect anime gifts for Otakus and even for those who are not anime fans but enjoy being surrounded by cute and curious objects.

Most of these anime gifts deliver internationally and you can find here pretty cool things for less than $4. No matter what your budget is you can find something meaningful your loved one will be happy to use.

We wanted to create a huge selection of anime gift ideas to really help you and every one of our readers to find something they’re truly happy to gift to that special person. From books, clocks, gaming, and gardening to magical wireless chargers you will find all kinds of weird and cool products that would make any anime fan and Otaku happy.

No matter if you’re looking for a fun gift for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas you’ll find here unique gifts for weebs easily.

Disclaimer: Some links on are affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase we may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support, you’re awesome! =)

UPDATED on April 17, 2023, by Jella Erhard

Best Gifts For Weebs

best anime gifts


30| Anime Subscription Boxes

Why not give many gifts in one. You can get a yearly anime subscription or cancel anytime and order only one. There are so many amazing subscription boxes for anime lovers. From Kawaii, beauty, collectibles to snack boxes, and all kinds of subscription boxes for Otaku.

Kawaii Subscription Box from Japan

A perfect subscription box for Kawaii lovers. These boxes are always filled with high-quality cute plushies, tools, and accessories from Japan. It’s one of the best gifts for girls who love anime since the products are often anime themed too.

NomaKenoLife - Japanese & Korean Beauty Box Subscription

NomakenoLife is an amazing beauty subscription box for Japan lovers. Since it’s filled with all kinds of great quality unique and cute Japanese and Korean beaty items.

TokyoTreat - Snack box from Japan

The Tokyo Treat boxes are always filled with the most popular and fun Japanese snacks and drinks.

29| Anime Lunch Bags

A cool anime lunch bag is a really great gift idea for anime fans. They can show off their love of anime and enjoy their shool or work lunch in style. It’s also a unqiue and budget friendly anime gift idea that’s good for him and her.

Ripple Junction Naruto Shippuden lunch bag - best anime gifts for anime lovers

This cool Naruto lunch bag is a fun and budget friendly anime gift idea that’s a great choice for boyfirends and girlfriends.
from $19.95

Kiki's Delivery Service bento lunch box gift for girls who love anime

This cute Ghibli and Kiki’s Delivery Service inspired bento box is a great gifts for girls who love anime. It’s useful while also fun and portable.
From $11.19

JUST FUNKY Dragon Ball Z Goku Bento Lunchbox gift for anime lovers

JUST FUNKY has the perfect bento lunchbox for your Dragon Ball Z lover friend. This fun DBZ gift makes a fun gift for anime lovers of all ages.
From $19.99

28| Get Some Of The Best Functional Anime Swords

That’s right, you can get your own anime Samurai Swords and of course cool sword accessories. They even offer options so you can customize your own Katana. You can find great Katanas around and even under $100 that are perfect replicas from anime shows and movies.

One Piece Roronoa Zoro anime katana sword

Do you know an anime lover who’s into action anime and sword fights? Then this stunning One Piece katana replica is the right choice. It’s a stunning high-carbon steel sword with a roasted red blade designed in Japan. You can even contact the seller to customize it as you wish including blade lettering. From $119.00

Anime swords - Japanese katana

This stunning anime-inspired katana is a great choice for your anime lover girlfriend or boyfriend. It could make the perfect addition to epic cosplay and can make a beautiful addition to any anime home decor.
From $160.00

Metal engraved kunais sword set

Looking for a unique anime gift? Then check out this stunning metal engraved Kunai sword set. It’s the perfect gift for Naruto fans but also for any anime lover who loves action and sword fights and of course ninja swords.
From $64.04

27| Anime Bookmarks

A beautiful handmade anime bookmark is a great gift idea for weebs who are also bookworms. You can buy really beautiful and unique pieces that are also durable and can be good reading companions for many many years to come. You can find really beautiful bookmarks for anime lovers on My Bookmark Shop where all the bookmarks have a special design and are all handmade.

totoro and ghibli bookmark for anime lovers

This charming handmade Ghibli bookmark will surely be a big hit not only with Totoro fans and Studio Ghibli fans generally.
from $26.40

Pickachoo bookmark gift for weebs

A cute Pickachoo bookmark is a fun gift for anime lovers and both boys and girls love this yellow, furry creature.
From $25.59

26| Anime Coloring Books

Anime coloring books are the perfect gifts if your loved one is not only an anime but an art lover as well.

You can find beautiful anime coloring books for adults that not only boost creativity but has calming and relaxing effects as well.

You can choose from various designs and can find horror, kawaii, action, and fantasy anime and manga coloring books.

If you’re into coloring or thinking about picking up this creative and calming hobby you should also check out our guide to the best manga and anime coloring books.

best manga & anime coloring books for adults - pop manga coloring book for adults

Pop Manga Coloring Book
from $6.13

Traditional Japanese Pottery Set - anime gifts for anime lovers

Japanese Coloring Book: Over 300 Coloring Pages for Adults
From $14.76

Pop Manga Cute and Creepy Coloring Book by Camilla d'Errico - best manga coloring books for adults (Small)

Pop Manga Cute and Creepy Coloring Book
From $12.78

25| Japan Inspired & Anime Tea Sets

Most Otaku love tea a lot. A beauitufl anime tea set or a beautiful Japanese portable tea set might just be the right gift for your anime lover girlfriend or boyfriend. These tea sets are budget friendly and make a thoughtful and fun anime gift idea that’ll surely be enjoyed many times over the years.

Dragon Ball Super Stackable Tea Pot and Cup anime gift for boyfriend

This one set Dragon Ball tea set is a pretty fun anime gift idea that’ll make anime DBZ fans tea drinking experience that much more special.
from $35.99

Ceramic Kungfu travel Tea Set anime gift for girlfriend

This absolutely beautiful Japanese style travel tea set will surely steal any anime lovers heart. It’s a traditional tea set that makes picnics much more enjoyable.
From $28.99

Portable Porcelain Teapot Cups, Japanese made Ceramic gifts for anime lovers

If you’re looking for a cute anime gift for your girlfriend who also loves tea and everything Japanese you might want to consider this super cute portable porcelain teapot cups with charming sakura aka cherry blossom flowers.
From $40.49

24| Sake Sets

Anime lovers usually have a deep love and interest in Japanese culture. Sake drinking and traditions are important and one of the most interesting parts of Japan’s culture. You can find beautiful sake sets from Japan with various designs to make sure you give a thoughtful gift.

You can find online traditional sake sets, modern sake sets, or you can even give fun Dragon Ball Z gifts and buy a beautiful Dragon Ball Sake set.

Giving a sake set is a beautiful and affordable anime gift that can be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.

Dragon Ball Z Sake Set is one of the best gift you can give for adults. This ceramic sake set will surely make them happy.

Dragon Ball Z Sake Set
from $64.99

Japanese Wave Pattern Sake Set anime gifts for weebs

This beautiful handmade ceramic Japanese sake set is a beautiful gift idea for anime and Japan lovers. Both the bottle and the cups are hand-painted and is a traditinal gift idea that’s great for him and her too.
From $40.49

Kotobuki Four Seasons Sake Set from Japan - Anime Gifts for anime lovers

Kotobuki Four Seasons Sake Set from Japan (4 pieces). A beautiful sake gift set is a thoughtful and useful gift for weebs.
From $32.08

Panda Bamboo Sake Set from Japan

Looking for cute and beautiful anime gifts for her? Then check out this exquisite Panda and bamboo sake set from Japan. It’s handcrafted in Kyoto and the Tokkuri traditional bamboo inspired.
From $49.49

23| Anime Pins

It doesn’t get much easier. Anime pins are perfect gifts to any anime lover or Otaku. They don’t take up much space and if you put them on a bag or a coat it can go with you anywhere you go.

2-anime pins

These charming anime pins can be easily bought online and on a budget too. They can be further customized in shapes, colors, sizes to turn them into truly unique gifts. They’re also meaningful and useful gift ideas that any anime lover will appreciate. For best prices at GS-JJ.

Genshin Impact Xiao Enamel Pin

This stunning Genshin Impact Xiao Enamel Pin is a budget-friendly gift idea for weebs. It’s also unique and of good quality, so it can make a great birthday or anime Christmas gift too.
From $35.95

FiGPiN Mini Dragon Ball Super: Whis – Collectible Pin
from $18.42

Sailor Moon enamel pin gifts for anime lovers

These beautifully made Sailor Moon enamel pins are the perfect anime gifts for a real fan. It’s fun, useful, and is on a budget.
from $21.00

22| Subscription for Streaming or Gaming Services

Buying a subscription as a gift is the perfect gift that’s also great if you’re buying last minute. The more well-known streaming services like Amazon PrimeNetflix or a Hulu are all great choices. However, there are a couple of other anime streaming services on the market that will make your favorite anime lover’s anime watching even easier.

As mentioned above Amazon Prime is a great way to go. They offer a lot more than just anime streaming for almost the same price/month. You will get fast, FREE delivery on over 100 million items, Watch anime, movies, TV, live events, and more, Prime members read free mangas too. Prime rewards can also be collected.
from $12.99

21| Anime Food

No matter what type of anime a person’s watching they will agree at least in this one thing: food is king or queen if you prefer. Japan has such a unique selection of snacks and now you can easily order even the rarest ones online. Here are three of our favorite anime snacks that are also perfect as gifts.

52 PC Asian Snacks (Small)

This excellent Asian Snack Box is an excellent choice for anime lovers who love to try new and delicious treats and drinks. You’ll find in the box 25 to 52 new and classic snacks from Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries depending on your choice of the box size.
From $30.99

Kizuna Box from Japan - best anime and japanese subscribtion boxes

If you want more than snacks go with ‘Kizuna Box from Japan’ subscription box that promises to bring the culture of Japan directly to you. You’ll find all kinds of goodies in the box including ceramics, cloths, stationery, snacks, and more. All 100% Made-in-Japan.
from $32.49

20| Anime Gifts for Jewelry & Ghibli lovers

Jewelry is always a good choice for both men and women. You can easily find unique, beautiful, and fun pieces for a good price. Not to mention that if you have a bigger budget and want to surprise and anime superfan you can find some truly special jewels with just a few clicks.

However, if you’re ready to pop the big question or just want to surprise your partner with a beautiful anime-inspired ring then check out our list with the most unique engagement rings for nerds that include many beguiling anime rings as well.

This cute Kikis Delivery Service inspired necklace will be any Ghibli fan’s favorite. Not to mention that Jiji, the cat who’s hanging from the broom, is one of the most famous cats in the anime world.
from $15.99

This beauty – while it’s more pricey – is definitely worth it. It’s a Limited Hayao Miyazaki Baccarat from Castle in the sky LAPUTA. This beautiful levitation Stone (Sapphire Blue) pendant will surely be a special gift.
from $541.00

Full Metal Alchemist Ouroboros Symbol Earrings

If you’re looking for a really cool anime gift for your boyfriend on a budget you should check out this Fullmetal Alchemist earring. It’s also a great unisex gift so if your anime lover girlfriend is a fun of the Fullmetal Alchemist she’ll surely love this stylish necklace.
From $15.95

Your Name Pattern Custom Ring Handmade Sterling Silver

Are you looking for a beautiful gift for your anime lover girlfriend? Then you should check out this beautiful Your Name Pattern custom anime ring. It’s a handmade sterling silver ring that will make an excellent gift for anime girls.
From $69.95

19| Anime Art | Posters, Paintings, Illustrations

One of the best things about watching anime is its amazing art. It inspired millions of artists and hobbyists around the world and is one of the best anime gifts any anime lover would be happy to receive. 

Attack on Titan Eren Yeager Poster anime gifts for weebs

This stunning Attack On Titan poster would be a great gift for any fan. It’s simple yet pretty cool gifts that’s good for both boys and girls.
from $17.99

Howl's Moving Castle Poster

Looking for a romantic anime gift for your girfriend? This beautiful Howl’s Moving Castle Poster would make an amazing anime gift for Valentine’s day too.
from $25.31

Goku's Forms Poster

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a Dragon Ball or Goku fan? Etsy has some of the most unique posters for you too! Like this beautiful ‘Goku’s Forms Poster’ that’s one of the best gifts for weebs who love this epic anime.
from $17.99

18| Anime Board Games

Board games are one of the most fun anime gifts because this way the love can be shared and enjoyed with others.

This Death Note: Confrontation Strategy Board Game is a perfect gift to any serious anime fan. Death Note is one of the most beloved animes and this board game will give thrills to any fan.
from $21.99

A special edition of the Monopoly Based on The Popular Anime TV Show ‘Sailor Moon’.

This beautiful Collectible Monopoly Board Game features Custom Sailor Moon Tokens, Money and Game Board and is an Officially Licensed Sailor Moon Merchandise.
from $36.26

YOKA GAMES presents this gorgeous and pretty cool Naruto Shippuden Board Game. It’s a sure-fire way to make any anime fan’s day better.
from $54.97

17| Legos & Nano Blocks for Anime Fans & Otakus

Lego is always a great way to go. It’s fun for all ages and easy to find something new and special especially if you also try Nano Blocks. 

Lego’s Dimensions Powerpuff Girls are a great choice for Kawaii fans.
from $29.99

LEGO’s NINJAGO Legacy Monastery of Spinjitzu 70670 is a battle building Kit that includes Ninja Toy Weapons and Training Equipment (1,070 Pieces). It’s not only cool looking but pretty fun to play with. 
from $79.99

Nanoblock Tokyo Skyline Building Kit is another great gift for Otakus and anime lovers. Looks great and rare.
from $74.98

16| Anime Books & Mangas

While getting a simple manga may not seem the perfect gift for you there are also other gifts you can give your bookworm anime lover friend. You can get art books, rare mangas, or even books about the history of anime.

If you want to see more art books check out our guide to the best anime art books for otaku.

Anime: from Akira to Howl’s Moving Castle: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation by Susan J. Napier
from $7.11

The Art of Spirited Away Hardcover by Hayao Miyazaki
from $16.99
Vagabond, Vol. 1 by Takehiko Inoue
from $15.19

15| Anime Work Books & Note Books

If you love anime you probably also wish to have the skills to create them. With the help of these fun workbooks and notebooks, you can help your friends dream come true.

Mastering Manga with Mark Crilley: 30 drawing lessons from the creator of Akiko by Mark Crilley
from $11.89

The Manga Artist’s Workbook: Easy-to-Follow Lessons for Creating Your Own Characters Spiral-bound – October 13, 2009
by Christopher Hart
from $10.95
L-zonc 135 Pages Death Note Notebook with Feather Pen
from $9.97

14| Anime Gaming

PS4 is a great way to go if your anime friend is also a gamer. You can buy the newest editions or find lesser-known treasures, gaming chairs, video game storage tower or table or a gaming headset. It’s a safe and great gift for anime lovers.

Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset gift for weebs

A good quality Lossless wireless gaming headset like Arctis 7 can be an amazing anime gift for gamers. The elegant black design makes this headphone a great gift for boys and girls. While it’s a bit more pricey headset it’s of excellent quality and somenthing that can be enjoyed for many many years.
from: $138.99

Ergonomic gaming chair gift for anime lovers

Get a unique and good quality office or ergonomic gaming chair like this stunning and fun AutoFull pink gaming chair with lumbar support that’ll make an excellent gift for her. Gaming chairs also make teh most comfortable and fun office chairs so it can make a great gift idea even if someone is not a serious  gamer.


SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – World’s Fastest Mechanical Switches gifts for weebs

Another great anime gift idea for gamers is this incredible Apex Pro TKL mechanical gaming keyboard by SteelSeries. It has the world’s fastest mechanical switches  and looks super cool that’s why it would make an amazing gift for weebs.
from $179.95

13| Anime Puzzles

Puzzles are one of the most fun gifts for anime lovers. It’s gender-neutral and can give it to younger and older anime fans as well. It also doubles as an artwork if you grab a frame and hang it on the wall once it’s finished.

One Piece – 1000pcs Jigsaw Puzzle [Mosaic Art] by Ensky
from $36.79

Naruto Ramen Time 1,000 anime Piece Puzzle

Fun puzzle for anime lovers who are a fan of Naruto and ramen. – 1000 Pieces
from $29.00

japanese puzzle box anime gift

Looking for a beautiful anime gift for puzzle lovers? Then you should consider getting a Japanese puzzle box. This lovely 7 step puzzle box has a traditional design and is a tricky brain teaser that’s perfect for adults and teens.
from $39.99

12| Anime Lamps

These amazing night lamps are great gifts to all ages and genders and are also pretty unique. With their friendly pricing, they’re certainly one of the best gifts for anime lovers and Otakus.

KAKALIN Dragon Ball Z SON GOKU Super Spirit Bomb Genki Dama Led Light Lamp Action Figure
from $50.00

Kiki’s Delivery Service Cats Night Light
from $10.99
Wildforlife Anime One Piece Decoration Lamp, anime gifts for him

This unique One Piece night lamp is an amazing anime gift for him and her. It could be a beautiful addition to anime anime lovers bedroom or livingroom.
from $43.99

11| Anime Mugs & Bottles

Mugs and bottles are always a great choice. They not only look great but can actually use them every single day. Try to find something with your loved one’s favorite anime to make sure that your gift is truly personal and special. These are our three favorites.

you Fool This isn't even my final form - anime mug for anime lovers

One of the best Christmas gifts for anime lovers is a unique mug they can’t get in a normal shop. You can find all kinds of fun and cool anime mugs for her and him on Etsy that will make a special and thoughtful anime gift for birthdays and all special occasions as well.
From: $30

I like Anime Mug, Anime gift mug,

It’s no secret that one of our favorite places to go for hilarious and one-of-a-kind mugs is Etsy. You can find fantastic anime gifts there for anime lovers of al ages like this cute and fun anime mug for introverts with dark humor.
From: $30

cute anime gifts for girlfriend

If you’re looking for cute gifts for your girlfriend then check out this collectible Bandla Sailor Moon Luna and Artemis pair mugs. They of excellent quality and just lovely. It’s a bit more expensive but you get two unique mugs.
From: $99

mom anime mug, mom mug for anime lovers

Looking for fun anime gifts for mom? Then consider a cool anime mug that’ll not only make her smile every morning while she’s drinking her coffee but will also put a smile on her face for many years to come.
From: $30

cute anime gifts for couples

Looking for charming custom anime gifts for couples? Then check out this personalized mug for him and her. You just need to send the photo you’d like to transform into cute anime figures and you’re set. It can even be further personalized which also makes it a great anime gift for Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, or even weddings.
From: $22.00

10| Anime Clocks & Watches

Anime inspired clocks and watches are a perfect addition to any anime fan’s home or personal style. You can also find truly unique ones in a huge variety of designs.

Ghibli Studio, Vinyl Clock, Wall Decor,
from $34.93

ONE Piece Alarm Clock
from $30.61

Fullmetal Alchemist – Edward’s Pocket Watch
from $108.70

9| Anime Clothing & Shoes

Just because you’re going with the classics it doesn’t mean you can’t make them special. Make sure to choose an anime that’s close to your friend’s heart and then try to find something that has a special meaning or edge to it. Here are three of our favorite finds.

Women Japanese Kimono Cardigan - best anime gifts for girlfriends

Looking for a unique and beautiful anime gifts for girlfriend on a budget? Check out these stunning Women Japanese Kimono cardigan that’ll surely be your anime lover girfriends new favorite. You choose from differnt designs and colors. A nice kimono cardigan is also a good gift for boyfriends who love anime and all things Japanese.
from $20.99

Kimetsu no Yaiba Bikini Beach Swimsuit Anime Summer Suit Set - best anime gifts for her

This beautiful two piece Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba Bikini Swimsuit is one of the best anime gifts for her. It’s a beautiful and unique anime gift for girlfiends who love anime and the beach.
from $32.99

Funny Swim Trunks - anime gifts for boyfriend

This fun Naruto inspired swim trunk is a great anime gifts for boyfriends who love to show off their love of anime even on the beach.
From $15.00

8| Anime Bedding & Pillows

Other cozy and cool additions to anime lovers’ home. Getting beddings and pillows not only makes the home look better but also makes anime watching more comfortable. 

Dragon Ball Z Blanket Combo - best anime gifts for anime lovers

A comfy Dragon Ball Z throw blanket is always a great gift for the fans of this outstanding show. Even if they already have one or two a good quality and stylish new blanket will always be a good addition to the collection.
from $35.99

Demon Slayer blanket - cool gifts for anime lovers

This is a fun and cozy anime gift for Demon Slayer fans who can now watch their favorite anime in style.
from $29.99

My Hero Academia Beach Towel - best anime gifts for weebs

This is a really cool anime gift for girls and boys especially during summer time. A microfibre sand free towel comes in handy especially on the beach. Get thi My Hero Academia towel for MHA fans if you want to bring smile to their faces. It’s also a great gift for anime lovers of all ages and gender.
from $25.99

7| Anime Tea Maker & Other Kitchen Goods

As we established earlier close to every anime fan is a foodie as well so buying an anime or Japan-inspired gift for them is a pretty great choice. They not only great and unique products but also super useful. 

This cute and portable cat tail glass Tea Maker/Cup has a lid, a strainer and is also heat resistant.
from $14.99

These charming Sailor Moon inspired (Luna and Artemis Set) Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers are a perfect gift to any Otaku or Sailor Moon fun. 
from $14.99

Cute Panda Porcelain Bowl Gift for anime lovers

Looking for the perfect rice bowl for your anime lover friend? Then check out this super cute handmade porcelain gift set with a fun panda design and free chopsticks.

from $31.49

6| Anime Phone Accessory

Phone accessories are probably the most important accessories one can buy. Go the extra mile and try to find something special with your loved one’s favorite anime. These are some of our favorite finds.

Magic Array Wireless Charger, 10w Ultra-Thin Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Compatible for iPhone 11 pro MAX /X/XS/MAX/8/8 Plus/Galaxy Note 9/S9/S10e Plus Edge More
from $33.99

Demon Slayer / Kimetsu No Yaiba inspired pure clear phone case cover with Nezuko. Compatible with iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus.
from $19.95

5| Anime Home Decor

Let’s get back to home decor for a bit. You can easily find amazing gifts for anime lovers and Otakus that will be personal and special. From bookends to garden accessories you can find anything and everything on Amazon.

Katana Bookends, Samurai Ninja Sword Style
from $30.50

4 Pcs/lot Princess Mononoke Tree Elves Micro Landscape Gardening Gardening Accessories.
from $6.99

Ghibli inspired (Totoro Pattern) coat hooks/key holder wall mounted. 
from $16.99

4| Anime Beauty Products

Japan is famous for producing the cutest high-quality beauty products often even anime inspired ones. let it be skincare or makeup it’s sure you’ll find something unique and at a fantastic price too.

Coshine 8pcs Sailor Moon Makeup Brush Set With Pouch
from $12.99

Rude Cosmetics Manga Anime beauty palette

If you love makeup and have been looking for something anime inspired then you should check out Rude Cosmetics’ beautiful manga and anime palette. It’s perfect for girls (or boys) who love their anime just as much as their make up. It can also come in handy for anime cosplayers who want to have a unique makeup set.
from $22.00

pokemon anime Bath Bombs Gift Set for anime lovers

Super cute Pokemon inspired bath bomb set is a really fun gift for weebs. It’s also a nice self-care gift that most anime lovers will love. A bath bomb gift set is a great gift for girls who are into anime. However, if you know that you’re boyfriend loves taking long baths these fun bath bombs will be a great surprise. You can also find Sailor Moon inspired Luna or Pendant bath bombs on Amazon.

from $19.95

3| Anime Bags

Another useful and fun gift choice for your Otaku friend is an anime-inspired bag or purse. The online selection is huge and while the prices are friendly the quality of most of these products are great. Don’t forget to double-check the reviews before you buy them. These are three of our favorite finds. 

Gumstyle Anime One Piece Luminous Large Capacity School Bag - anime gift for anime lovers

This cool and comfy One Piece anime backpack is perfect for any otaku who’s into One Piece. It’s big and it also glows in the dark.
from $33.99

Abaddon Crossbody Bags Canvas bag - totoro bag, studio ghibli bag for anime lovers

Cute Ghibli inspired My Neighbor Totoro shoulder bag. Perfect anime gift for those who enjoy unique products.
from $12.99

Sailor Moon inspired Luna Cat Purse/shoulder bag. It’s a really cute anime purse that any Sailor fan would be happy with.
from $22.99

2| Anime Collectibles

You can’t go wrong with collectibles, it’s the perfect gift for anime lovers and otakus. Find a good quality or even rare collectible will be your friend’s favorite gift. 

Limited Son Goku Figure (Dragon Ball). If your loved one is a Dragon Ball fan then they will surely be happy with this figurine.
from $30.99

Rulercosplay Fairy Tail Lucy New Collection Set of 25 Golden Zodiac Keys and Chain
from $22.99

Sword Art Online SAO Steel Sword with Sheath-Kirito Elucidator, Asuna, Kirigaya
from $54.95

1| Anime Cosplay

Cosplay is not only a hobby but an artform and Anime conventions are high on any anime lover’s bucket list. You can buy an accessory of full cosplay costumes on a really great price on EZCosplay. Here are our favorite cosplay picks to give as gifts for anime lovers.

C-ZOFEK Womens Anime Cosplay Costume Kimono with Hairwear and Mouthpiece - bet anime gifts for her

This amazing Demon Slayer cosplay costume with kimono, hHairwear, and Mouthpiece is one of the bet anime gifts for her. It’s also a great gift because she can actually wear the kimono on everyday occasions.
From: $54.99

My Hero Academia - Bakugo Character Hat - Officially Licensed - anime gifts for boyfriend

A cool anime hat is a great gift for boyfriends and girfriends who love anime. You can buy licensed products under $30 like this amazing My Hero Academia – Bakugo Character Hat and it’ll make a really fun anime gift.
From: $24.99

Xiao Maomi Nekoma High School anime Haikyuu cosplay

A fun cosplay item that can be easily worn everyday and even for school. THis Xiao Maomi Nekoma High School anime Haikyuu cosplay is a great anime gift for girls and boys who are fans of sport animes.
from $21.50

Thank you for reading!